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NoSleep Podcast S9E14

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It's episode 14 of Season 9. On this week's show we have five tales about those things which hide in the dark and abscond with what we hold most precious.

'The Missing Radio Hosts' written by T. Weaver and performed by Elie Hirschman & Addison Peacock & Peter Lewis & Eden. (Story starts around 00:06:00)

'Beware the Sunnyside Retirement Center' written by S.A. Newman and performed by Dan Zappulla & Erin Lillis. (Story starts around 00:15:20)

'A Forgotten Curio Shop' written by C.M. Scandreth and performed by Erika Sanderson & Nikolle Doolin. (Story starts around 00:36:00)

'They Stalk the Thicket' written by Michael Marks and performed by Mike DelGaudio & Jesse Cornett & Alexis Bristowe & Atticus Jackson. (Story starts around 01:07:30)

'Old Maggie's Pool' written by Michael Whitehouse and performed by David Ault & Erika Sanderson & Andy Cresswell. (Story starts around 01:31:00)

Please visit for full show notes and links to learn more about our authors, voice actors, and producers.

Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement‡

'They Stalk the Thicket' illustration courtesy of Jörn Heidrath

Audio program ©2017 - Creative Reason Media Inc. - All Rights Reserved - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

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the is terrified that I knew I had to find out what was happening in the morgue the pushed open the door the morgue was dark but suddenly I could see the the history we need to make sure no sleep body was as clean as possible what's making the choice isn't stomach noise I'm hearing it too yeah probably are you hungry take a break and try some nature walks no hits none wait did you see nature box yeah a new box just arrived I made sure to get some sourdough cheddar pretzels for their savory saying hand of course some whole wheat chocolate chip cookie bites for a sweet and healthy treat goods choices I love how nature boxes over a hundred snacks that taste good and are actually better for us feel good about what I'm eating my snack on nature box is high quality simple ingredients nothing artificial about them when even order your own box Nicole it so simple just go to Nature Box dot calm slash no sleep choose this next you want and nature box will deliver them right to your door be sure to do that because there's no risk right if there's a snack I don't lie nature box will replace it for free You Got It sounds great but let's get the story recorded first hand eye yes the more it was dark in here I was making noise Thatcher and cracking you don't understand it's not me trying not to make noise so we can get this done look now that I found my new snack obsession it nature box I can't wait to enjoy them they add new snacks every month inspired by the latest food trends and professional chefs so what do you say let's finish up in the I'm trying but the action were morn was dark the white world is happening in there as your flesh melting off it's not me that's falling apart dummy is this good diver you insist on keeping in the recording booth I have a decaying body in there when we are trying to record the atmosphere and authenticity muna to the one to save even more nature boxes offering no sleep fans free free snacks with your first order when you go to a nature boxed are called slash no sleep or storytelling podcast The Power Taylor and disturbing intended to shake you up listen at your own race the day there will be no lead the the the the brace yourself for the podcast The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The it's the no sleep podcast I'm David Cummings thanks for joining us on this week's show five tales those things which heighten the dark depths gone with what we hold most precious it's always exciting when friends of the show have new projects coming out we have an audio book and a collection of tales to bring to your attention first up is a new book from author William he has published a collection of his best stories titled Don't Look Away thirty five terrifying tales from the darkest corners it not only features spine tales you've come to from Will but also this book is wonderfully illustrated by Emily Holt it's available in both paperback and e book formats so make sure you treat yourself to this excellent collection and book just released is from author Karin August called Dawn Hill and it's narrated very own Jessica McAvoy it's a paranormal story looking to make a fresh start in her favorite childhood vacation but returning Hill awakens more than nostalgia she regains psychic ability to talk to the dead and the Poltergeist haunting her apartment is desperate to make or use that gift to find the killer it's a great a captivating story so let Jessica transport you of Dawn's Hill check to show notes for links to both of these books and give your of chilling ghosts of horror and one final note this is Episode fourteen of season nine that means for those of you using our rent to own program if you've already purchased the first thirteen episodes this season you can contact us after you buy this fourteenth episode for your free upgrade to a season pass just be sure us at admin at the no sleep broadcast on Kong and address you use for your memberships we will get you set up as quickly as we can so we've got her stories for you hand someone should make a show where horror stories can be extra Smokey to hear creepy tales form and you know what's even creepier when what you're hearing comes from an unexpected source like for instance have you ever heard about the strangest radio broadcast never transmit it was recorded sure and those involved seemed damned positive somewhere but it certainly wasn't anywhere it shouldn't be all the local listeners reported nothing but crackling and hissing input number after being automatically kicked off the station's frequency for whatever reason midway through their show they lost connection you know what all play the audio from it for you and let you know when the strange breaks happen this is definitely a weird recording when the radio station cuts out people were still calling in people who shouldn't have been able to hear the hosts I don't have an explanation so I'll share it with you to see what you think the radio broadcast begins normally enough the sounds of a few swoosh is incorporating a powerfully pleasant voice announced what station the audience was tuned into after a few moments of silence a perky host spot don't do the show welcome back to JJ and Jesse the only local radio station bringing the local news and music I'm JJ and next to me as always is Jesse I got asked Jess what do you think of the supernatural in and like ghost stories well like anything you have those demons evil spirits things that'll suck the blood from your veins well I think people definitely think they see things that's for sure but you don't believe them well not really my friends all have stories but I guess those things just aren't attracted to me the uh we'll see about that J is I've actually got some fun stuff and for tonight's game and I mean I've got details about something truly evil lurking around these parts like a monster we have our own little big but walking around nope try something a little more sinister and what could that they hunted phone number it supposedly dial straight down to help the eye of God seriously the time Jess wears or how low in spirit it's April I left my loins bare back in October you must be fun at parties here's an insider tip she's not the top NJ then prove me wrong dial the number and let's take this puppy for a ride RI it wants the number would see its eight four five three five four one two that's not even a local area code and just call it our right and dialing and know what is it that said Your call cannot be completed as dialed I feel good when the are the The The The okay now everything after this point was off air the laughing subsided in both the hosts return to normal as if nothing had happened well that's a bust but good ol' JJ never comes unprepared we've got local legends paranormal pasts and creepy crawly the lineup for tonight's show and for any non believers out there like a new strap yourselves and indulge J J's imagination for a while I know to be rough but hang tight we do have some cool stories first things first before we take our break we challenge all of you out there to dial up that number and tell us what you heard that number once again ages eight four five three five four nine nine one two now enjoy the music while we take a quick break for several minutes silence is recorded I have to specify the oddity of this fact all the microphones at the stations were never switched off yet there are no sounds for several long minutes note shares covering the floor no drinks being moved on the wooden table nothing it's almost like everything just stopped for a moments and then it cuts back in welcome back time JJ and I just lay down Jesse I heard you stepped out your car during our break and something happened well now I wouldn't say something happened I just felt weird I know it's late at night and it's supposed to be dark outside of the sides are parking lots lights and the lit windows of our building I couldn't see anything else out there even the suburbs a few miles down a completely dark which sounds spoon ghee I'm sure is does the power outage luckily for us our station doesn't seem to be affected so all you listeners at home or in your cars can continue to hear my beautiful voice knowledge I was the main man I know it's just a feeling I felt like the air was wrong not jeans Dale everything just felt dead The stories are going to give me a panic attack perfect that's just what I wanted to hear I've actually got some callers on the line ready to go all of these names are listed as unknown so I'd like to give a shout out to our technical support guy Ryan for really going above and beyond for these calls screenings held a job Ryan I know you can hear me in the back room anyway let's get started with Scola number one welcome to J D and Jesse what stories have you got for us are you close your radio will lead you to step away from it in order to hear you well alright then been halved and that call their weird stuff was dry unknown caller number to welcome unknown caller how they walk into the shower or a colleague on how I knew her I'm sorry what you are and and a goat Hall well that's enough to let go learn J This is starting to freak me out remove onto a different topic we've got one more color and then we can move on well don't call or you don't have enough kind time for what it is not enough kind of tying the was chanting something just broke a window good call the cops The Dave Ryan what's going on out there sis play in the book away from that window Brian what's wrong with you Jesus for what the hell with it I pulled the hang of the vote on the roof now and fit under the end of the woods just to do with the curbs the user has the landline I hope cannot be completed and I'll use the landline the inserts are quick to judge with the window that time the the noise signal the end of the broadcast seventy six hours of impossible silence followed the recording the police investigated the station and turned off all the equipment less than twenty four hours after JJ and Jessie's disappearance besides this audio clip nothing else was out of the ordinary all the intact and no signs of forced entry and the parking lot cameras revealed nothing except that Jesse had never left the building to check her car the fact remains Ryan Stevens James Jackson and Jesse Walters all disappeared at night without a trace woo hoo so like a sound or audio form can be creepy he I want to thank T Weaver for sharing that with me glad I could pass so why don't we keep going with some audio core on this week the the one of the most difficult transitions we can make in life is moving care facility as we learn from off her ass a new man it's not only tough on the elderly but also their children who want to ensure their parents get the best care possible we are performing are Danza Pool A and Karen for a residence be where the The The The choice to put my Dad home was one of the hardest decisions ever handed the I tried to put it off as long as possible dad's health had been on a steady decline since we lost Mom a couple years back he was a stubborn fiercely independent who has spent a tough life growing up in farm country and the thought of spending just one night in an old folks' homes he would put made him speak with a special kind of thing but I rarely got to witness shocking way that would be response in his old grouchy voice just before he'd spit saliva on the ground in front of my shoes and Dad with bouts of shortness of breath anxiety it was trip to the hospital that seem to convince him to flip his decision about the whole thing I got the call at work in the middle of my shift my supervisor was gracious enough to let me clock out early thanks to me speeding I was there twenty minutes the social worker at the hospital came in to talk to us about getting support at home for dad she wasn't the usual from dad's previous visits she and like before to blurt response while he was struggling to breathe with a nasal cannula tube in the snow is the same I was expecting the social to respond to my dad spoke up again surprising both of us with what he said next it was like a switch had been flipped I don't want to go back all I can honestly say were in shock this been fighting me tooth and nail for two years about getting some kind any kind of assistance just to clear that he was surrendering dad that this last incident was an eye opener for but he later with tears forming above all else the was lonely he tried to fill the void that moment left when she passed with drinking and spending time with all his tractors in the end couldn't make it work he was too proud to admit just how lonely he come he was after all I knew how hard this out was for the social worker at the hospital gave us a brochure for a new place that opened in the area Sunnyside Retirement Center better in hell I was a bit taken aback by the slogan I had to admit though it was bold and the pictures in the brochure looked incredible showed today he stared at for the longest time before saying he spoke again without swearing is ok I'll give it a chance I silently thanking God the social worker said that she would work on setting up a torrent start the admission paperwork right away the study the dad took a nap I recognize I passed every to work I realize that I'd anything there before it hit me is strange was that always an empty open field no structure of any kind for years it was basically a empty concrete la NIE no construction jobs go alot quicker these days but not that fast write something about this trouble and I suddenly of questions but the social worker had disappeared before I could ask nine You Dad sell about being placed anyway re done it for mom in a nursing and tell the dude been the only place taking missions at the time I always hated going there and smelled like piss in the door in the staff didn't seem anything besides the yapping and playing on their phones and mom she had been diagnosed with dementia two of them just couldn't make it work at home so we felt we had no shorts sometimes seemed recognize this so you can imagine my surprise when the social worker at the hospital gave for a new place that opened in the area my surprise to Dad's reaction after helping get I've made sure to pack some of his clothes and farming that he like to look at some of the bad mother think ill be make out look at the building took my breath away a the landscaping was Immaculate small shrubs and trees outside with a large water fountain position near the front entrance we pulled up under a huge on a double sliding glass door it's the no dat hadn't sworn in so I was taking this as a good son I know we were met by a representative the facility CSU's she was dressed very professionally wearing a gray skirt and blouse with matching grey jacket on her perfectly white teeth shown smiles we went on that or the apartments the exercise room they couldn't quite was taking in everything but the hell I was so old that was bright lighting laminate floors in fully furnished private apartments in the end dad and we ended the day moving into Room two hundred and fifteen never a chance to ask about how the place and seemingly gone up over the next few days were pretty uneventful I talked to Dad for a bit on the phone each day he would tell me the transition was going pretty well so far hearing all of this made me so happy like I I really wanted this to work for dead soon after though conversations began to shift to a darker tell the first time was on was when I called Dad to talk we have set day so for my call when asked how he was doing sounded to me as he studied the The The The The The The The The need to go on the answer perplexed me completely the debt is something wrong I thought everything was going good so far for a long there was nothing but silence I could hear Dad's breathing getting heavier the better you there when he responded that the this time it seemed like he was whispering into the fall the I shut the phone they might feel the dread asking Who but all he was that I needed to get up here so we could talk more the so I to work when I got Dad's had the door locked finally after convincing he quickly shut the door redoing the lock over the next hour in his living room I listened spilled out he told me that strange things have been happening since his third night here the dead said that he'd been hearing people sculpting outside his apartment door at night and that they were communicating in some bizarre now I knew was still pretty sharp for his age so I didn't instantly believe it was some kind of dilution as for the unknown I summarize that some of the staff who work here at night before hadn't quite picked up English is yes the dad he won't he dismissed that notion he said they made when they spoke were unlike anything he'd ever heard before almost animal life he said I looked at him and I could see how scared he was by this the He also told flashing outside at night not that you might expect at a retirement center to seemingly lights and the didn't ask if he ever pee through the to see what they actually were expression of fear on his face told me I left later after Daddy got ready for bed and told him I would look into what he told me but honestly I didn't to believe this could all trauma from the move so maybe Dad just needed more time to make the adjustment I had to get up early for work the next day so I just put the last few hours in the back of my mind as I drifted off to sleep next morning while ready for work I saw from death I kept the phone on silent so I never heard it ring instantly to the voicemail what I heard was maybe the most horrific thing that ever expose my ears too I wish I'd taken Dad more seriously the the this is quite broad they came and by the high today here in Beijing oh oh the sunlight I bought jor the year the A the I replayed the message that in love several times was forced to hold the phone away from my like he was screaming and I didn't know what to do if I was going to call up working with it would have to be now dad mental breakdown I would have thought someone from Sunnyside would have called in the end I decided stop by to at the whole day I felt like an awful son knew with the transition even the worker from the hospital told us it would take time the check my phone a few times no messages from Dad no messages from Sonny's my guess was that Dad probably come to his senses and see him to hear all about it so I left work I arrived at Sunnyside dinner time I went to dad's room Room two hundred and fifteen but that wasn't fair in fact his whole apartment had been cleaned out furniture and no I went to the dining room he was in fairy dust this point my heart was beginning to pound my chest we went station by Dad's room if he had been moved to another room the nurse smiled and said she didn't know who I was talking about he demanded see my father was pounding my clenched fist on the desk counter and then heard a voice from behind me I recognized it is Susan's the woman that we had met on I hadn't heard her walk up behind me and she at me with those pearly whites wearing exact outfit as before the race cars the rage at the L A John to feel again can I help you with something where the fuck is my dad I got a voicemail from him he sounded absolutely terrified now it's like he's banished where is he I stepped towards her as several of the faculties employees had already begun to step towards me the encircling me in fact come with me John Walsh you Daddy if we way towards the main
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