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NoSleep Podcast S9E15

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It's episode 15 of Season 9. On this week's show we have five tales about recorded relics, professorial prototypes, and the abandoned abyss.

'Groundskeeper To A Ghost Town'‡ written by S.H. Cooper and performed by Erin Lillis & Addison Peacock & Elie Hirschman. (Story starts around 00:05:30)

'Play It Again'‡ written by Michael Whitehouse and performed by Peter Lewis & Dan Zappulla & Jesse Cornett. (Story starts around 00:23:30)

'I Bought a Murder House'† written by Edwin Crowe and performed by David Ault & Brian Mansi & Andy Cresswell & James Cleveland & Erika Sanderson. (Story starts around 00:47:40)

'My First Student'† written by Luke Hoehn and performed by Kyle Akers & Addison Peacock & Peter Lewis & Jessica McEvoy & Elie Hirschman. (Story starts around 01:13:15)

'To Secrets Forgotten'† written by Alex Baran and performed by Mike DelGaudio & Eden & Nichole Goodnight. (Story starts around 01:40:40)

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement‡

'To Secrets Forgotten' illustration courtesy of Naomi Ronke

Audio program ©2017 - Creative Reason Media Inc. - All Rights Reserved - No reproduction or use of this content is permitted without the express written consent of Creative Reason Media Inc. The copyrights for each story are held by the respective authors.

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make sure you listen to the top of the show for two very important announcements the horror storytelling podcast The Our tails and disturbing intended to shake you up listen at your own race the are all the way there will be no lead the the the brace yourself for the podcast The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The it's the no sleep podcast David Cummings thanks for joining us on this week's show five tales about recorded relics Prophet saw real prototypes in the abandoned pets I have to import announcements to share with you this week the first is about next weekend you see it's the middle of the summer we've done fifteen weekly episodes in a row and the truth is it's time for a break so we're not putting episode next week and instead will feature a couple of stories from past seasons return with Season Episode sixteen on August twenty seven it's kind of our last fling of the summer before school starts again so that some classic stories next week and Episode sixteen of August and the second announcement very exciting it's well how can this you see what's happening is we're going to be will be the How can I put this the right way oh I know why not just listen to this eye for the six years and has the night Mall or storytelling the the lie David coming Jessica McAvoy Ault Nicole good night Clement Mathieu Bradford featuring a live musical score by special Toronto tickets yes that so much more effective way to let you know about I hope all train plane distance of Toronto will join us that night will be featuring a number of short stories along with a very special script by Michael Whitehouse and here's the coolest park will be producing a studio version of that script for the Halloween episode coming out two days after on how we so you'll get to hear that story dun of time will have special merchandise T shirts will be giving away prizes of course all of us will hang out after the show to meet and greet everyone tickets will go on sale this Friday August eighteen but there will be a special presale of tickets on Thursday the seventeenth will be announcing that pre sale sites so make sure you check those out to get a jump on tickets this is a great venue but we anticipate the show selling out quickly so make plans to join us on Sunday October twenty nine in Toronto so a bit of a holiday after that exciting announcement but we're always spirit here at the no sleep podcasts so let's keep the horror going and kick off this week's show who we where in our first tale we meet two sisters with an interesting hobby they enjoy visiting and photographing ghost towns but as we learn from author S H Cooper sometimes it's not just the state of being abandoned and decrepit which qualifies a location as being a ghost town we are performing this tale are air inlets Addison peacock and Shelley Hirsch been so explore but pay heed to what you're told the grounds keeper to a ghost The Ghost towns aren't exactly uncommon out west massive population explosion of the Gold Rush era dotted the landscape with little pop up mining camps that were abandoned the riches ran out leaving only the skeletons of their buildings behind sometimes if you're lucky you'll find small tools or other everyday artifacts that the miners used but mostly they sit empty and forgotten in the scrub land my sister and I made a hobby of finding these towns and photographing them it was exactly like urban exploration just with Scorpions instead of rats wrist got me started on it after we take a short road trip through some desert back roads and came across a small settlement of age buildings they were weather and near constant sun but still sturdy and my sister convinced me to go and some of them it was a bit spooky but exciting and entirely fine we were hooked after that first time every few weekends became dedicated to finding ghost towns and driving out to them to spend a few hours going through whatever had been left behind Mercer on them before we went to fill me in on the history during the drive over and I try to find things to photograph that matched up with what she told me to post a few pictures of the corresponding facts to an online blogger but mostly we just did it for our own entertainment I found of duty out of the Yap about two hours out the much about um I guess it was inactive for very long the worth checking out the My sister rolled her eyes and slow exaggeration happy free Saturday but you'd never ask and so our next adventure was born we met at my apartment early Saturday morning armed with only my camera a GPS and a cooler full of snacks and water we set out the really isn't much to see it's a vast expanse scrub lands topped off by the mountains off on the horizon can be pretty but even they start to lose their appeal out the window I knew we'd be getting close when Marissa pulled off the highway onto two lane us closer should be keeping an eye out for help from what I read you just kind in typical Melissa fashion she turned and apparently the quiet and narrowed were essential to her being able to find to be I think I see something over there she pointed off to our left or I could just make out the dark silhouettes of buildings against blue sky the had to take to get over them was bumpy and I clung to my door to keep from being jostled around to catch as we near the town those outlines we'd seen from a distance solidified into old faded would at least half a dozen buildings were scattered about and surprisingly each seem to be in pretty fair condition the person cried suddenly and she wrenched the wheel the one side while slamming see Cut copy sharply across the front as I was thrown forward and I let out a surprised Yelp we skied to a stop a black cat when slinky way from our car to vanish behind the nearest building he casts to catch can't after we take a moment to settle we shared a little giggle and grab the camera from the back seat to begin our exploration the saloon was first a little more than a plywood bar stretched across the back wall with some tables and shares spread around the room I was busy taking pictures of some students left in the corner called me over the bar hence she gestured beneath the countertop where rows of beer bottles were lined up oh cool the Nel to set up a shot but Marissa jostled my shoulder now so these are in their clean no dust a quick inspection proved her right and I lowered my camera it occurred to me that the boots hadn't been particularly dirty either in fact a look around the room showed that it was all pretty clean usually there are layers of dust and sand and spider webs not even the windows had the typical cracks of you think someone comes out here and uses this as a bar now it's pretty far out in the middle of nowhere for a quick drink let's check out the others and see what they're like We walked from building to building doing boxers of each and they were all in a similar cared for condition We had just finished going through the small upstairs of one of the bunk houses and were descending the stairs when a voice from the front door almost had a stumbling another what are you doing here Asian of being elderly was standing in the entryway he was glaring up at us from beneath the brim of the steam kept one hand still on the door knob and the other clutching a baseball bat just looking I shyly held up my camera to help confirm her words although his dark eyes remain suspicious he seemed to relax slightly you shouldn't be sorry we'll go grab him or his we scurried down the steps and out past the man being out of the open seam to embolden my sister she turned back to him and put her hands on her hips her favorite pose for when she was about to offer some attitude the why should we have to leave who even are you entering the grounds keeper for a ghost town she ignored my pleading towns towards the car and stood her ground even if that's true or not doing anything wrong and we came a long way to get here so we're not going to leave until we're ready for ISU I this isn't a playground young lady and we're not playing or just taking pictures you shouldn't be doing that either Marissa scoffed Why not they don't like it my sister and I exchanged a glance mind on certain person clearly asking if this guy was for real it wasn't lost on him and he shut the door firmly behind him with a sigh The you'll have no idea what this place is do you he spoke slowly as if addressing small children of course we do we came here because of what it is then you know you're standing in a graveyard to graveyard I peeked over Mercer shoulder at him yet so show some respect and leave he walked around the side of the building and despite my whispered urges to go from Orissa followed him doggedly we found him putting the bat back in his truck which was parked behind the bunk houses and we saw we hadn't been so easily shaken he slammed his door and crossed his arm over his chest there's nothing on mind that says that of course my history nerd wouldn't be able to just go without demanding there wouldn't be it was just some good things to them after all nobody gave a shit then nobody gives a shit now this was a Chinese mining camp Marissa perked up slightly in her genuine interest seemed to soften Henry just a bad back in the eighteen fifties yet they called it gold after they actually managed to strike some gold but the tunnel collapse killed almost all of them and the few women took the keys and ran good thing too because it was found out later that the collapse was intentionally set up by American minus one to the land and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have looked kindly upon a couple with those fabulous babies hanging even with proof of their involvement laws favor the Americans that's what the mood rug the Chinese families weren't allowed to try and dig out the bodies snuggled right up gold in Beijing was scratched from the records as he talked he went back around the bunk house and we followed him as he cleaned and swept down the line of buildings and set out beers and jerky along the bar top in the saloon we learned he was a descendant of one of the murdered minors and he had taken up keeping the town clean and stocked after his mother who had done the same passed away those left without a proper burial the spirits come dressed to our rituals that have to be performed so that they can cross over without it is impossible for that up and saw the existing of tortured state that's why I come here to try and offer some relief to them with offerings of food and drinks and new clothing when I can it's little comfort after what they've been forced to become but it's something you that the ghost of your great grandpa was wandering please forgive my sister she can be annoyingly blunt Henry just nodded his expression as grave as his voice oh yes I've seen them they're visible to the living at night but you had best pray don't see you to the facts to know what a hungry ghost is when we shook our heads he continued air driven by anger or want and a constant and feel of a late in the race is what poem and so they are poor ghosts too unable to purchase any relief in the afterlife they always looking for a way to ease the pain they can take other forms like a beautiful woman or a cat they'll try to lure you outside with some will hurt you if they can and others will try to possess your hair on the back of my neck rose slightly when he mentioned cats know I was reminded of the one we almost hit on Marissa wasn't the least bit bothered and continued to pepper Henry with questions about the town which she answered more often than not he remained a gruff and busy but it was also fairly obvious that he enjoyed passing of what happened there by the time any of us realize how late it had gotten the sun was starting to slip behind leading a bright red streak across the sky overhead we should get going the Henry shook his head his glance out the window beside us was an anxious one and I followed his gaze to the black cap perched on the railing just outside it stared back on blinking know if we leave now they will come for us we should have been gone already I should not lead to distract me so much come on you don't really believe in all that stuff to you Marisa cocked her head to one side and snorted they went back and forth each insisting they were right and all the while darkness crept over the town Mercer was when the crying the it was soft and coming from the door and caught in my chest and I a vase had lost all color Henry motioned for us to be quiet and to follow him quickly behind the bar where we all ducked down all had vanished and the crying faded into a heavy until the only thing we could hear was our own breathing can make it in I squeaked the port's out the on all of the buildings that should keep them out if the doors closed but they are very something scratched the door like and kept him out from the other side unopened the scratching became more fervent no more desperate and them the of the piercing me down to my bones ache right key growing pressing still and with the noises faded again he dared to lift himself just enough to peer over the top of the bar should be terrified curiosity took hold that and Maria said I couldn't help but look at whatever had caused him to swear faces were pressed against every held up on him possibly thin heel like Max sum had tiny that opened and closed while the tongues lapping at the air others had bright flames burning in the back of their throats their bellies were and the flesh loft away as the in contorted their eyes bulging and burning with fever ish would want all fixed on us we I was unable to look away from the swarm of the windows we and hope hope we can make a run for it our car isn't that far wall phone like this none of it works we can just hear all the state of Orissa sank back behind the bar step outside that hit the road to Wood accompanied his words we all popped up again to see the door started to bow in words pushed by the frenzied flying hungry ghosts this is another field goal come on as we scurried beneath the windows those outside wheel then pushed and thrashed we had only just managed to kick the upstairs door shut behind us when the one below splintered and gave way there were no footsteps on the stairs to tell us of the Spirit's descent no telltale creaking of floorboards only a cold darkness that filled the entire space beneath the door the hushed whispers filled the small room and I could feel their despair and desperation twisting its clogging the air until it was almost hard to breathe Marissa embraced each other against the opposite Henry sat cross legged pressed his hands together and began to murmur in what I assumed was the the whispers the paint against the wood still trying in which none of us slept at all the ghosts wouldn't let at some points we each had to take turns to keep one of us from giving into the cloud of hopelessness that the ghosts cast over and running out Henry remain the most composed and if it hadn't been for him I wasn't sure my sister I would need it at the first light of dawn all of their cries and we were immediately off that anguish that had plagued us for so we waited for a bit until the sun was streaming brightly through every window the we hurry down the steps now to the saloon thank you for keeping us safe even though I was rude to you he just nodded we wasted no time and even us go we put that ghost town and its grounds keeper in as fast as we could and although sail out both of us instinctively knew that it would be the last one visit The The The the we being told a creepy tale often involves offense from the distant past in the days but shared by author Michael Whitehouse some day unfolding things such as a rock band looking for its first big break performing Peter Lewis Danza so when do what they and and throw another log on the that'll keep us warm for awhile keep the darkness at bay perhaps we should pass the time with another story by the campfire just long enough to see us through past midnight I could tell you stories evils lurking in the woods which surround a reaches out from the distant past to touch us here in the present but we needn't delve history of vengeful spirits or aberrant monstrosities to find that these words contain their cache of secret aim of karma may make itself known technologically modern times take for example what happened not far from here just three ago or fame and fortune which fuels the creative heart and at no time that desire the crowd audience more potent than during teenage years many take the drums keyboard but whatever the chosen instrument music provides an intoxicating creative outlet for the part of us which craves attention the skills we learn surely to stardom glory in our as our right It is only of time before we see before special we are twin those teenage pass and fame and fortune of proven elusive than once on the many quiet desperation slowly him the fervent desire to hold on you hoping your band your all your talent will receive that magical piece of good fortune which will propel you towards your dreams the twenty roll by but you still feel to be snapped up by a record company jobs partners hobbies just distractions from what you were put on earth to do than thirty scum age begins to present a problem for the music industry is littered with talented acts but most of them come to fruition teenagers or in their twenty s Of course there are exceptions to this rule but they only proved that it exists sleepless nights and growing wash over you is the voice inside wish for time is running out a few towns over from one such band was struggling with this fact of life the honorary fellow of time the lead called Mac he talk big to the other three members of the group and had managed to keep them hopeful of record deal complete with adoring mountains of cash the Tommy was on base Jackson on the drums and Freddie on the up until that time seemed so simple so right when they were teenagers playing gigs their friends and a small fan base would cheer to unavoidable great heady but in the fruit of their The replaced only doubt and failure which clawed within the good times were truly over but man was not quite ready to let the dream at thirty five he still felt he had something relevant to say to the world and believed of his beam that he and would soon reach their goal a goal which he had continuously pledged to the other members for twenty years being just around the corner money problem to keep the band until they made it big for a long had decent local following so could play gigs make just enough to scrape by but even faithful followers have now other things to other chapters and the music the band played enjoyable was in the fashions of two decades previews the future was looking bleak for that was until one received a letter read as follows earmark a fan of your band for some time and have been to several of your live shows sure you've noticed however your fan base has dwindled recently luckily I found in a river
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