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NoSleep Podcast - Summer Vacation

Update: 2017-08-2011


It's our Summer Vacation episode. We're taking the week off but please enjoy two classic stories from Season 8.

'The Ringing in My Ear'† written by S.H. Cooper and performed by David Ault & Erika Sanderson & James Cleveland. (Story starts around 00:01:45)

'The Black Tree'† written by Jacob Healey and performed by Mike DelGaudio & Matthew Bradford & Elie Hirschman & Nikolle Doolin & Addison Peacock. (Story starts around 00:15:55)

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings

Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone

Audio adaptations produced by: Phil Michalski† & Jeff Clement‡

'The Black Tree' illustration courtesy of Jörn Heidrath

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the horror storytelling podcast The Power Taylor and disturbing intended to shake you up listen at your own race the the day there will be no lead the the the brace yourself for the podcast The The The The The The The The it's the no sleep podcast summer vacation episode time David Cummings were down at the beach this week but we still have two Tales to chill you faster than an unexpected waves splashing regions just a reminder be back with Season Episode sixteen next week ohh and tickets for our in Toronto go to Live dot Kong or Ticketmaster dot CA and search for no sleep to get your tickets so enjoy the stories see a back here next week I better go that boogie board going to surf itself we in our first meet a family in turmoil when a parent their child suffering it can shake their character to its core as author S H Cooper shares the effects can sometimes be more than sometimes other performing this tale are David old Erica Sanderson and James Cleveland so when the pain is too much you just might say you hear the ringing in my The ahem I remember the day I started to lose my hearing I remember it because two things that happened the day before I received a particularly painful numbing at the dentist's office prior to having somewhat done by my daughter was attacked and left for dead in a dumpster just outside a college campus we got the cold at four am and being woken like that by a shrill the otherwise still and quiet stock is something no one should have to experience you know before you pick up that something has happened that something life changing is about to be dropped in your lap and only you can do is silence just past the all never forget those words of the icy way they wrapped around my heart I told my baby go I looked at my wife she looked back at me and she knew if I never again hear the sound she made then I will consider myself blessed in the flurry of packing and finding a flight to get to Emily and all of the gut wrenching worry I didn't even notice it at first the It wasn't until we and Helena was whispering present her breath beside me that I heard high pitched keep my left ear that came in bought I can only describe as short as it reminded me of hearing test I stuck my finger in my ear and we build it around trying to lessen the sound to remain steady and irritating and be the it was pushed to the back of my mind the moment we landed however and we raced from the airport to the hospital Emily was lying unconscious with a row of machines standing vigil at her bedside I'd seen them countless times before they each did and why they were attached but in that moment the strange mechanical monstrosities that made her look so small tray of the As we sat there stroking her and telling left I had a flashback to the only other time Emily Heather Bean asked the shipping six maybe seven and it was bedtime she wanted to stab longer like older brother but I told her to stop jumping on her bed and to settle down for sleep I turned my back for just a minute I don't even remember and she slipped blood was pouring out of a nasty gash over her eye when she struck the headboard and she was screaming after we come to down and got a look at the wound we agreed she'd need stitches while Helena got her dressed I called the hospital where I worked as an ace the test and got a hold of one of my doctor buddies to let him know I was coming in the Helena stayed home with the sun well I took Emily in the the she was staring at me in the rearview mirror one eye covered by the cloth she was pressing against her for the all make sure it doesn't help my little girl ever the skeptic remember how we talked about how Daddy makes people go to sleep for his job to become something of a joke in our house to behave or Daddy will put you to sleep forever sometimes i really make a pot of a person fall asleep that way the nice doctors can make them better and they don't even feel it to me yet stay with me the whole time of course she barely winced when I injected the local anesthetic and then fell asleep during the actual stitches the family was a tough little girl she was a tough a young woman it took us three days to wake up in that time left ear had started to fade until the only thing I could hate with absolute clarity was that high pitched ringing I'd first noticed on the plane the mm I couldn't worry about a just and not when my family needed me so badly and I didn't mention it to any family's recovery was a slow process she claims not remember attacked her inside she couldn't offer any description a statement to the police she was tight lipped about what happened even with a mother with whom she shed everything my carefree forever smiling daughter was now home to the and everytime she looked at me that was such pain etched deeply into her eyes I've never felt so helpless so holla the after she was released from the hospital she quietly withdrew from school and moved back in with me and a mother she spent most of it a shot away and have read all the while the deafness and It continues to be still I put off going to get it checked out I figured it was some kind of screw up from the dentist's injection and I wouldn't be much that could be done about it anyway it would be almost impossible to prove my focus was entirely on Emilie and helping her in any way I could my own issues began we got her into therapy we researched healing techniques we devote ourselves entirely to have physical and mental health in every way she would allow it took months but she started to smile again tonight Tyra started to recede and piece by piece wow Emily started to come back to us the I just started discussing whether she felt comfortable enough to return to school when things began to unravel Emily had come to the hospital why were to have lunch with me we were sitting in the cafeteria trays of food untouched in front of us while we talked about what courses she might like to take she was in the middle of telling me about a genealogy class she was interested in when she froze mid sentence and the color drained from her face the U K I followed her fixed and back to the register line where a trio of people waiting to pay for the food and then looked back to any chance she practically ran out of the cafeteria I turned back to the three at the register two I recognize the chief of Edson and an oncologist for the third I didn't know he was a young Emily's age and the passing resemblance he bore the chief led me to believe he was a relative of some sort probably a grandson longer I looked at him the louder the ringing in my It became Ah Ah but I got home at night Emily was sitting on the back porch staring off a complete law dogs wandered about the island she jumped when I opened the slider into the sea the UK yet the silence that fell between us was a heavy one of them today picture I didn't say anything afraid to interrupt and cause such a shutdown again he goes to the same university we had a biology class together every word sounded like it was being torn forcibly after we found out who from the same area so we talked a few times but Paul says in a year in his rumpled but the same place and then be traded pictures and stuff the stuff was clearly things that no father ever wants to think of his door to do I just nodded to each stone Shwe told him I just wanted to be friends again like that tell me if I didn't do what he wanted to shed pictures I sent him a voice cracked and she turned away from the ego note faces though he said I'd make sure you into trouble he got angry hand corner tower outside the club and tried to get it to go home with him when she refused he became violent he dragged into an alleyway attacked he said if I have a cold shiver the people with the chicks and he'd make sure you buy it and that your career would be a family was shaken with soaps the day the Sheik the sun made the the book are in close and held her while she cried no matter how much I tried to tell her that we needed to call the police she refused to because texts and makeshift know the way the the next day when I went into work I went straight to the chief of medicines office I didn't know what I was going to do was say I just had to do something I barely knocked on the door when he called me in before I could speak don't glance looked up though coat muffin found you I wanted to talk to about my grandson Vick is having surgery this afternoon or nothing too serious but I'd like you to be his own Methodist I'd ask Teo but he's already showed you will I almost said no I almost shouted that is damn grandson with a monster I almost told him I'd sooner see him de instead I took a deep breath school's good it's at two fer deal with Doctor Leah as I turn to leave the ringing in my left it seemed so loud that it was almost tore open two thirty as promised I was seated at the head of the surgery table behind the screen Victor a good looking kid with a cock sure attitude about him was lying in front of the Victor he wasn't a total nervous which told me he didn't know once didn't surprise me not many people bother to learn the statist Name Is this your first surgery so you know how anesthesia works and yes I made small talk while I set up asking him about why he went to school in what he was majoring in when it came time to put on his mosque in countdown I asked him one more question the I think you might normally go to the the set was in the sticks she ever tell you what I do for living poll The The The beading especially that it was accurate I looked up it is hot mama to sitting not too far hand maybe in time the surgery went until Victor experienced a sudden drop in blood pressure his system sent him into a violent season for the surgeon was barking orders demanding this from the ego over cases be such stop struggle to revive him and rhythm of the first day was pronounced dead at three o two pm and the same time the heart monitor was turned off the ringing in my ears ceased and sound returned to it and allowed almost painful bust I was glad for the surgical mask than this they covered Victor with a white sheet no one could see that I was smiling the it the the the the uh the the the the the the the the the the the the the he in our final trail we visited small town with a local legend which stretches back many as shared author Jacob Healy we learn game led to an encounter with the past and how pervasive terminal the curse of evil can be performing this tale are Mike Delgado Matthew Bradford L E Hirsch Nicole dueling and Addison peacock so remember this some legends have warnings and you'd best pay attention otherwise end up at the black tree the the the reception I to sixth grade boys walked into the school bathroom and turned off the lights the three of us along with what seems to be have the school waited outside with bated breath the strange way I think everyone wanted it to go wrong the sea these two youngsters were taking part again which to this day astounds me with its stupidity they were to stand in the darkness before me or they would repeat in Cannes patient three times then all went as desired a malevolent being from the unseen would come through the mirror I'm not sure what the plan was supposed to be at that point the course again never actually works the since learned that it goes by many names bloody Mary the candy man at our school was known as skeleton Jack legend has it that over three hundred a pirate named Jack washed up on the shores of our Massachusetts for town after Jack committed some unspeakable crime or another the townspeople sentenced him to death by scanning the lady in the square one day and God will screen the screen even after all his skin was gone the townspeople for sure what to do after all no one had ever survived an entire flame before the show started cutting away his mom saw this fat cartilage tendons he's got everything but his bones the end when they were down to the bare skeleton Jack was still screaming mob the Jack was eventually able to escape fleeing into the hundred acre forest at the outskirts of our town he said the If you're alone woods at night and you listen carefully you can still hear him screaming in agony and prowling for revenge it's not a very believable story to say the least our count never skinned people alive for one thing if they had nobody could possibly screen with their throat ripped out a great school or it had the desired effect that's why the deafening hush fell over the crowd outside when those two boys begin their seance in the bath for the Jack Jack skeleton Jack the Jack Jack skeleton Jack Jack Jack skeleton Jack then nothing but silence a wave of relief seems to wash over the crowd of students waiting outside we had all resigned ourselves to disappointment when the wall of a sudden the most frightful scream I had ever heard reverberating throughout the halls it was coming from inside the bathroom things after all the crowd dissolved into pandemonium the screams from the bathroom got louder more intense more agonized people suddenly wanted to get as far away as possible the I'm not sure what the plan to be in the event of this game success skeleton Jack was first to that door any second T beard in a pony and ready to separate every precious there were some I've never forgotten the sound my first car me when it fifty miles I've never forgotten the look of my wife's face when she got the news that her mother had died and until that day that I remember those two boys tripping over each scramble out the clothes torn flesh covered the bleeding us like Jackie they were still screaming let's go you J Goss session I stumbled through the thick brush struggling to keep up Jimmy was faster than us in fact he would become a very good distance runner someday and he was growing impatient we were at least a mile away from the Frontier Road which is where our town ended the last person we'd but Billings who threw us a friendly wave from his porch as we walked that has been about thirty minutes prior to this point grass and bushes to our waists around us lots of them quickly pour sash decided to wear shorts on this adventure and I can see a couple of drops of blood already trickling down his leg another hundred yards in front of us was our destination for the day the forest oppressed for breaking even with Sacha on the sooner we get there the sooner we can go back this is bullshit man we've been walking for two hours straight sets was right none of us would be old enough to drive for another seven years we had to walk the whole way we practically staggered into Jimmy who was waiting for us at the edge of the forest champ in Christ you guys are slow Jimmy was a nice guy but he couldn't stand being second best at anything you could tell him it only took you fifteen minutes to finish your homework and Jimmy would do his again do his homework again just so he could say he did it faster sad cz on the other hand was a slow kid truth be told I probably could've kept up with Jimmy but I was better friends with Sacha and want to feel that his dad was an absolutely hulking black guy who nearly became a pro baseball player and he wanted his boys and after the great satchel Paige to follow in his footsteps I have had as my image he was about as athletic as a clot as I watched him take a poll from his inhaler couldn't help but feel sorry for the kid would always feel like a disappointment to his old man in the three of us stood on the edge of the forest the cusp of legend this was the last place with the bones of Jack the Pirate were ever seen me this is Jimmy's hands were on his hips as he surveyed the imposing woods before keys in their skeleton Jack ninety eight how would even move without any muscles Jimmy gave him a dismissive wave of the hand the Get bent man I want to see for myself and with that Jamie took his first step forward into the shadows I look that sad reluctantly and he looked at me the same and neither of us wanted to follow Jimmy we followed him anyway of course none of us were really expecting to find skeleton Jack the day after the bathroom incident at school the principal went around to all the classrooms and explain the blood those boys were covered in from the bathroom wasn't really glad it all in good ole been an elaborate prank and neither of those boys would be returning to school for the rest of the Week for the week after myself I thought the prank was brilliantly effective so did snatch but when the principal visited our classroom Jimmy just looked put out the rest of us had merely been thrilled by the prank Jimmy had actually been excited I suppose it was at least a little exciting to be part of something like that and I suppose that's what caught me and Sacha out into the woods that day two months later struggling to keep up with Jimmy on his undying quest to scare the shit out of himself the kid was an adrenaline junkie and it was the beginning of summer he needed an adventure so it fell on us his two best friends in the world to help him find one this was all for fun actually believed in skeleton Jack but the moment i stepped into that forced the moment I began to feel that dank in suffocating air within I believed little bit more I look that Sacha despite our rapidly darkening surroundings to see on his face that he wasn't ruling out an encounter with skeleton Jack either she was only fifty feet in front of us but we could barely see him there was no path to speak of in those warts just wild untamed growth boulders to climb over roots to trip on and the darkness cast a gray tint on even the greenest of leaves it was little wonder that everyone in the town seems to avoid this place I gazed nervously airport it affects healing of foliage through which the sun was just barely visible behind a weight that I look behind me we had been in the forest for mere two minutes and already the world outside seems like a memory I wonder how far Jimmy intended to go let's catch up we need to stay together I picked up the pace and SATs reluctantly followed suit by the time we reached Jimmy Savage was at the very end of his very short row due to its creepiest didn't hear about walking for half a goddamn secondly you Jimmy stopped there were no birds chirping no crickets cricketing nothing except the sound and the crunch of our foot falls we were alone surrounded and the earring this was almost palpable maybe we didn't think this through there's nobody out here that skeleton Jack not anyone which means that if we can't last then there won't be anyone to help us you really want to spend the out here maybe to me turned and pointed back the way we came and will get out of here his tone was half indignant half pleading I'll slow down no skeleton Jack comes for you he looked pointedly at Sacha I got your back pain scared man such marched ahead Jimmy smiling followed I didn't speak but I should have I should've told them to turn around that something was wrong that we weren't supposed to be here I should've told them that despite our parents solitude I felt like was watching us but I didn't walked behind Jimmy eyes trained on the ground willing myself not to what's out there some shame and nine year old just can't recover from we walked for what felt like another hour before I had the guts to speak up again I finally became more scared of dying out in that forest and of receiving a disapproving glare from my friend looked pointedly at Jimmy hoping I sounded much braver than I felt we've gone far enough we're not even supposed to be out here in the first place if we don't make it back before dark then we'll really be in shit to me paused contemplating the wisdom of my argument he seemed almost ready to give up on our adventure in his eye caught something in the distance the fuck is that he walked past me I turned around to see looking at a tangle of jet black branches soften the distance on Sacha looked almost delirious from exhaustion a minute later the three of us stood before a tree that was unlike any in contrast to the Grand Oaks which surround us this one was short frail and with Bruno leaves that would have been unthinkable it was black throughout a dark black if there is such a thing I learned from science class a few years later that black it's not actually a color rather
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