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Moguls, meet your new favorite podcast. It's called The Nod.

Luther Vandross ballads. Oil sheen spray. ‘Twice as good.’ What do these things have in common? They are each, in their own way, essential to some facet of the Black experience. In The Nod, a new podcast from Gimlet Media, co-hosts Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings gleefully explore all the beautiful, complicated dimensions of Black life. It is a fun, yet poignant examination of both the biggest moments and most underexplored corners of Black art, media, and culture.

Eric’s always had an affinity for Polo Ralph Lauren. But he discovers a group of boosters in Brooklyn that took their love for Polo to another level.

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the it's it's it's Reggie are going to do some completely different are they going to co sign this new podcast from Guillen media is called a nod is hosted by Eric Adams was held with the production a mogul and his best friend Brittany loose it's amazing because it's about the biggest moments of some of the most under explored aspects of black culture and it's great because you know you don't hear these conversations particularly of people from the culture and from people of the culture to play one of my favorite night of souls right now it's about the low life crew on this legendary like crew from from Brooklyn from New York back in nineties and after this I want you to stick around because after the episode I'm going to talk to Eric about the not so stay tuned The The The The The Media death is but that they're getting high and bring us So I've been a huge pall of and for longtime understatement year is actually AM a problem for wow who would erupt so like for example in middle school we had this like B bus trip I know you do like the overnight trip I big deal of ferment this to DC and my mom gave me some money for my lunches of near this house was last me throughout the whole time what did you do with them and see what happened was I I have an outlet store on the way A and had a pool shaped like a polo outlet yet crazy and ISB every last dime of my money but like I want to come back with as many different pieces as possible so look like that like really high value own ok that only a four T shirts I slyly by like six or seven polity shirts and blue nominee to the point where a teacher had actually loan me money for the rest of the trip to be able to like I I I give you a path of this only because you were thirty yeah needless to say polo drove me to do some crazy things and the reason why also in Apollo actually start on my eye when I was that age I will google to find like images and websites for like polo inspiration Los po if you believe in Graham my oh my Gad but in these searches I guess until I noticed one thing you know it was like the same people actually popping up image after image is like candy aids like folks to be in the club on the corner it looked like the early nineties it was a group of people literally in awe of polo like polo from the top down hat jacket Sar Sar over a scarf you know about the life of polo is like a really preppy brand new nose may flag like wife OCD like Ru she like them but the way they wore it was I It was different felt like the oversize everyone's had his turn to back like rip down like Dann hat this is a big deal for me as a kid like scenes of all my computer home they were just so fresh like in this way I wasn't and I wanted that you know like I want to look just like that so like me who are these facts while they were like an official group the squat yet like Apollo squat than a name yet and they yes the lights The The The The the other day I was thinking about the lives and I start to look into them in the more I realize they put a poll on the map for a lot of kids like me and the story of how they did that blew my mind heard all about it for one of the low lifes founders were told we can still be in the low light Jenna who GV Grand will they miss a pall over again aye aye accurate though so the story of how polo win from the streets in New York to Memphis that's what this can in nineteen eighty eight Carson was a teenager going by the name vehicle out he is free as we trek from Brownsville Brooklyn into Manhattan and their crew was massive Matt forte who hang out partying and they link up with another sixty two and they start hanging together one night our main spot was Time Square went Time Square was considered the new swing was grimy and dirty and it was tense and prostitutes and pushes and he knows that there was a whole different environment feels pretty dangerous person and his friends were from the Marcus Garvey projects in Brownsville but the inner eye blinking out with another crew from Crown Heights to form like a super crew you know and I are in this survey would go into department stores and just like swarm the place folks everywhere grabbing everything that they could talk and shirts sweaters pains even scarfs definitely hats they just snatch everything and bawled out the door trying to avoid every single cop on the way the the listening to this it was riveting the feedback I thi woh see why all these kids from different parts of Brooklyn and Queens decided to join together and form a massive crew and together they found this mutual love for looking really fresh sticking up terrorists and shoplifting designer brands you know and of course Brandon brought them on together was Apollo obviously yes Paula was a favorite brand because they had super bright colors and prints and they said the name the low lifes is the only other option would have been like the polite crew and the like to close out this aspirational exactly so the little eyes became a family and like any family there was a little sibling rivalry who was the freshest was that you are everybody in life see we then see was me of Linus most fun not only our border region everybody was black in life that this book being Puerto Rican or the black girls love us on to say I have anything about that ok so the jury is still out who is the freshness in the crew like their sin had the South you know he became like one of the leaders of the low lifes especially on the boosting sprees they would take whatever they could grab and bring it back to Brooklyn they keep some of the pieces for themselves but the rest they resell to the neighborhood for like much cheaper than retail price all this it was exciting for them like every new boost was an adventure the the the boys got it all in we all ride in the training nor will we told people was so anxious to meet our guide next to you when the train was little to no end but the drinks to the school to get in this race you to try to take more than you could take one now with more than the next person this was the cost of everything that I was so fast that I'm just trying to think of what it takes and how can people walk into our main store in just like Rush town literally would have out in the first one caught eye coordination yes so they were boosting and it was legal but it helped them make homemade bread making is me and my fil little better about life in the pj's wheel will pull which like you see me on the street out potty water refreshes the soul in your life when you came to my home I need to have furniture cribs fucked up you know what will bring a girl home to my house just like that she would never complain about how my house that already have furniture and shit like that because I was kind of got this new one I was all of us well life's like that on the early eighties early nineties decade boosting making serious money off it and soon falls outside New York wanted an all boy Boston Billy had ventured out to Philadelphia in the late eighties and he sprayed the whole church family for a travel with different state and I will be hold down some ideas for staying with me Oh you're that low might not even on one family and those that like to hear somebody tell you about your own shit I like to bring them back to weed was legal to maniac that time as well so that she was just holding Eagle there was no home no we did at the car so like now the boosting costs is starting to pop outside the city and left a polo itself is a sprain like wow factor and actually wasn't just the boost to see a lot of folks refer to the late eighties as the golden age hip and the low lifes in the thick of it we were with the Rapids was if you look at music videos from eighty nine he seen a lot of rappers get with the culture of Paul was well massive wrappers were shouting this out in this all goes a long list the rat was actually the first rap group out there that was right in the show when the coach of the live while the recon was ready than it has the eye makes always pick this up the ATV was up in the Newsweek poll the rest of your hope the hip hop was always about being fresh but these guys they were the freshest are the rappers take notice and you did you guys know them personally like he was a just use our each other in a club and they like what you are doing you like what they were door I mean Oh thousand fringe is watching all the stuff on TV the after the break our sin has an epiphany in his jail cell the Ann The The welcome back so like the thing about crime is busy going to get caught with Ursula find themselves in an adage A O at the same time it turned out that was the flip side to getting famous more more people knew about the low lifes and that was cool like you see stuff in magazines and rap songs but the casting care and more lifes guy like that you will invite his oven in the same form and manner in wearing or that poll in jail that solidified a lot of us ensure we will know in this really helped to establish the respect we have from prison to the street actually ending up in jail was one of the better scenarios see being alone like me you constantly had a target on your back just hanging on your old folk in Block is murder and mayhem every day people still on the locals bringing National Mall the focus was common to take from us don't like the neighborhood was coming fall and they know we don't this on a daily basis it became dangerous like people die die yeah so basically they would stay on this earth and come back in there with some real fresh hand like you know hundreds of dollars of designer and my foes in what months and the lag I wore what you get right and yeah they were losing the ball over the place like numbers are getting paid out by the cops and rival crews and even Carson ran a leg he wanted down violent crime charges things are looking pretty dire in jail looking at life and then not being good life so of like I'm not going to get the shot again I got another shot I got to do something had to put that shit to this I had to stop in all my life was going to be oh I was going to be imprisoned for and that's when things change for the person he went out with some people imprison a totem even if he gave up boosting like it did mean his life was over they started pointing at them like a man there other ways you can get burials it doesn't have to be a legal person he'd always love one thing wrapping and we heard that he was like oh lo maybe that could be a legal way for me to make money plus still get that thing feel an awful right in the console and then that's when the Koreans began the one the the night when the deal to the the window with the nurses release from jail and decides to leave boosting behind he's having the time of his life as an artist it was then he realise like if he could get his shit together the rest of the low lights could do the same do all we had in them to be every way possible the one you know that everybody was mostly force to be gangsta the issue because of the environments we will let you know what everybody had senses at the same time and smart intelligence to know that this wasn't going to be the way forever he made his mission to get the last to go legit and that wasn't always easy sometimes their son had to get a little blind listen most fun you like this you ain't comin' round the door that bullshit when I started alr actual dishes you know I've got thirty ml the fuckin want to call me to see me before and I lead a body no yo wrong body when we called the spot for not enough and if you go look and feel shame we don't get you it's like the conversations we have everytime we go in this ever before every live so you're always telling me Make sure I'll rob anybody anybody that I appreciate this moment though that person is like saying example saying his boundaries but still being very authentically himself like his rap career is blowing up and meanwhile he's trying to turn around lifes image needed to do promotions and needed to do different being an engineer and you know a lot of life found the stuff to look anxious I can get money the Yanks the Mullah for the moon in like its administrative work in on things like that everybody was too focused on being a gangsta gangsta have been a big part of what made the low lies low lifes but there's someone around the globe touring he siao people of the low life culture he got an idea as me in all these oval hole in one hour see how they would embrace me like I was in the water's not too many people will bow with the new well will the Nouveau me as a mold for what I was on the streets and things like that so these people will gravitate to me but sincerity and things like that and one being to the The The The The folk to D who needed to be mixed up with the gangsta do like they all had something to learn from each of the kind of balances out a little better and that's exactly what happened after that like it was even about the boost the low lifes expanded to include all sorts of members people that never stole a day in their life I'm takin official of life chapters in places like Toronto Tokyo Zealand New Zealand yes kiddies the low key we were there but they lie they wear and they have these like meet ups where a DJ will spin records post trade rare poll of pieces like the boost it was in their rearview and being alive it became something more a means Holton that is involved in all cultures and right around when legit polo went public and the IPO was huge like over seven hundred million dollars huge you know who's to say if the lovelies were responsible for that but you gotta wonder either way they're still obsessed with polo and they're still wrapping the culture here in Brooklyn heavy producer James he met with some news the other day the low lifes were having a BBQ here in Brooklyn where top again how did you even feel it was by the promise of Christmas morning I sewed on this like super high Saturday morning I went to Island Park in Brooklyn in like what I saw the white the the uh the the the globe on the nose rub on the the standings the Imagine the fly as black and brown fabrics and all and once they were all there just decked out from head to toe in polo grounds were anti now a coach is not about the post and what we can never forget that this will come from that scene she's there to where the original O lives his name's rack love when I caught up with her she just put a couple bars in the grey Oh she explained how the pigment get started initially I was soon does get a couple of friends together because you like the law so fast and by having his and you know we really have a place in a Tom the get togethers that we said once a year you know what to buy off brands feed them Bring and Buy together and you know just do something special this is what the low lifes to now a cook out and meet ups there sis so wrapping but he's also running a low life clothing line and they told me they do a lot of charity work now to light back to school drives giving away turkeys at Thanksgiving in raising money for scholarships it's like a herd Rotary Club but at the end of the day no one forgives that the low lifes changed hip hop fashion Forever Farm is one of history's or history is all hip hop thing and everyone I talked to brought it up like this one k Rams is nice to read about you know having people hai magazines how these two no boost in and go crazy for these low gaming on saying to me was different but you know now to be together and show love to spread bread and to all this is all alone I forever and that's a part of what's so amazing about this like the last one is crazy journey like the kinds of them hiphop is different what we wear is different like how funding ideas like me as a kid like I'm different but even though their lives have changed so much in the crew has gotten so big the original low lifes they're just as tight as they were an eighties star sitting all alone like family the film of them recall the success and you know people moving around you'll never change the family with my best friend for thirty years ago is really family is really loving the more you know like that's where ya know you've heard the terminal on the home the bacon Biffle was no watch love every bite back a mile through life love between two thousand and seventeen rebels in that lovely moment he calls the the the I wasn't with us but we would still be the The knot is produced at me Erica with pretty loose Cape Argus A Morgan and James T great singer producer Sarah after I read about Jorge just any roast wrestles with editing help from the odour of engineers from Matthew Ball said it was the music is back in few other regional music in the show back of the attacks are in Bible or additional sound elements provided by Christopher Piper special thank you to fear somehow that they are for sharing his music with us as well and because we are new show where Lovett rate and review as Apple can smoke inside and stole second up is the fourth straight the mayhem and chaos this goal with Boston Brahmin the city let me know she did not being in the form of the sales drop pump play in the like um is the and metres in total from head to toe with a button missing from our cottage and have a great day Georgia I thought we would love that I I I uh where where where coincidence is raging again and I'm really grab me cuz my home we are getting is this here he's co hosts and these were going on Mobile Summit thank you so much gravity appreciate that make a Mormon this is the sky like a an extension of what really tonight is right we always look out for each other and you go exactly so we're talking about the life right now and Thurston Howell in this whole phenomena of Ralph Lauren and how it inspired a lot of kids in Brooklyn and New York City from the late eighties and early nineties I mean it was crazy like growing up I heard of the lies I never knew how deep story wise you know like actually never knew they boosted me ask you this because I know how crazy low heads can get they have like with like some of the barbecue utensils like Ralph Lauren they have the BBQ utensils were rather more but they did have like membership card physical membership cause i love and loyalty right yes as like eleven though it looks like a black car and has like a fish alive member printed on it and lie I was shocked that they also have these like crazy yeah kind of medallion chains not quite like not like a bleed out chain or something like that but I'd like has like these cool crests like they made a crass yeah what is it about a poem for me like Agra of the coin take it you know I'm a little bit of square but polo felt like the perfect inbetween of lag Iraq with lag the cool kids you know like the fuss was little more the I also like if I need to pull my pants up and look more quote unquote respectively for like my mom and stuff like that it was a psycho right in between and helped them like Yusuf posting videos I wear polo you know like in a magazine as I just felt like this iconic sound than black and brown foe specifically to like flip and take it and my crack in their home where it was aspirational yeah so like even though I call these in the seekers knew nothing about the actual polo Sport they could aspire or felt like they were included into that whole thing or you're skiing or wat water polo this aspirational and its understated man yeah it's like the closest I can get to the country club act without needing to be like we're focusing Country Club exactly exactly add Eric may like it's funny because when I talked to my friends that aren't of black culture like I find myself a lot explaining to them you know it or not it may come from like the Negro na libro na yea is where the bases like it to black people they see each other in a space in dishes like that is psych a super quick acknowledgment quick subtle yes you have fifty people in the room and they would notice that you guys made a connection and is like that link and in that moment you know lah guess I got U S ally with with with the show than I did what we try to do is like take a deeper dive into looking like aspects of black culture they like people might think of is like mundane you know that they have like kind of a deeper meaning in which I like after that deeper meaning some of the other things because the school and so on a first episode we actually talk about how black sexuality and there is also so theirs is social media star name is Graham is anti owe me an Amazon tie uhm yes I got to check around Etsy does these like you to tutorials literally lag you know she was listen and to be as drunk in Love and Light be as lax airport and so with our boy is a like a sex position she actually breaks that down to show you how to do it how to surf board yeah exactly and a witty with the Port Hardy she wants to make it accessible so is doing an AB is also making accessible to the black community like you can actually see ourselves in erotic situations so we connected to this this author Zane who has my same yet has a massive history of the biggest book addicted addicted okay you guys having fun we have so much fun man is crazy is really it's it's is awesome i was talkin to my mom the other day she asked what I was working on as I yam work on a story about doo rags she was like what i say i was like as I gave workers to say about doo rags but yeah Ms Ms Ms be really fine making the show I think we ask them some cool topping sent than I can imagine so fun working in Britain yeah I mean yes incense she seems so fun to be my jie she's been my friend for like twelve years so like at this point you know it's I it's I work with the assembling its light is great and terrible Oz I can imagine but no brings awesome like I mean it's cool to be a bridge is five with somebody like I was like in the same way that you would not end with somebody like I can look at her and I'm actually kind of know what she's thinking and his domain he said OK playing the area already did use only on this man how to get to listen to this amazing show called What a great thing about podcasts that is they are available many platforms so you can check us out anywhere anywhere you listen to podcasts you can find on Apple podcast modify the state's or night so floats out clouded their incidents you know what to do re subscribed and kind let's make this the how to show other than gold this week the show into whether the regulations will face they flagged us appreciate the
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