Part 2: Not Just Me and Snakes

Update: 2017-06-234


Chris is headed for the big time. Meeting Russell Simmons, landing a job at Def Jam, getting into Queen Latifah’s birthday party—the future looks bright. But before he can get there, he’ll have to prove himself by squeezing eight dudes into a Chevy Corsica that smells like White Castle and farts. 

CREDITS: Mogul is hosted by Reggie Ossé. This episode was produced by Eric Eddings and Meg Driscoll, with help from Isabella Kulkarni, Peter Bresnan, and Jonathan Mena. Our senior producer is Matthew Nelson. Our editors are Lynn Levy, Caitlin Kenney and Chris Morrow. Sound design and mixing by Haley Shaw. Music direction by Matthew Boll. This episode was scored by Prince Paul & Don Newkirk, with additional music by Open Mike Eagle, Haley Shaw, and Bobby Lord. Special thanks to Victoria Barner, Caitlin DiLena, and Tuma Basa. 

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this episode mobiles book to buy some soul to stream all your favorite music a podcast any room and every room of one person like all kinds of music in the sky like a hip hop rap confession hash tag read confession I love listening to Abba on its own like Baby G's Home Fleetwood Mac's I love like the album rumours you know people are combat ready for release yet like it's good music to let Obi Obi are hard and listens to Abba on the soles to learn more about souls go to Seoul stock cars less mobile esto no es dot com slash mobile LG you know my nephew he always say yo man for whom a career woman to wreck it how can I really take him to shoot for the nephews that have closed you going to mow she you know you in school and everyday you you know I'm a part of So You Want To join not knowing that your cities that's the legendary Kool DJ Red alert you heard him in the last episode if you haven't heard that story go back and listen now the conversation he's talking about here and have him back in the late nineteen eighties and even after Redd said no because if you kept sweating him kept insisting that him and his friends wanted to make a record finally I was like fuck it ok see what you got any found a place for them to go and cut a few tracks Studios way out in Cali our offer Neptune Avenue right behind projects and um Das really of the cotton and a Kamal of a song down I was saying that mode will be shall we say if he can pass key from Proust in class key allies he talk him out of no no's down in a situation you know the mill the Mill's member yet know is in general schedule ASCII you know XIV as light as that can of one lady I don't have to be polite ok well you know at least that way so the rescue was was was called for penis right thank you for the loan is the the the the Mike who is my nephew he took that idea for what the mom loved to do anything just going through records and left many became a group known as the jungle of the stand we have a very kind to her is that makes mouth the thing still be in either you love all of the matter has now become gay buffed the so they came out this target high as two different gigs in different places so now the whole you think the pick who did you pick Chris light in media and allow the network bridge you'll say this is mobile life and death The The The The The for four with the violated the weekend according to PJ entourage that meant that they have to carry Reds gear flaps any push to promoters trying to step return Kristen his friends got to the call for free they could impress girls love the live and in nineteen eighty eight dollars off a cliff this road manager good even though his only prior experience was carrying other people's records and stealing other people's girls that said something about Chris from his characters you know about how he come of course the business since Evan talk I listen to his lingo and listen to his mango is like his kayak on Sunday morning which is Becky he khakis as again he will go ahead and put his hands up in a day behind a distant no fussy about whom I have come face to an awfully high not see what he does he know it at the time this is a big moment for Chris he going to become one the most powerful man in hip but that would not have been possible without paying his dues as a road manager Chris had a lot to learn right now he still a kid the kid who had no idea how to take his first act on the road in the Jungle Brothers they were just kids to meditation technique and agitation rock'n'roll right to displace it was that bragged and boasted that my jie and this is Afrika Baby BAM on the MC on the mike who saw the chase on the ace in the place kicking drives in your face together with DJ Sammy B They were the Jungle Brothers was a lot more to them than rhymes about the Beau Zac that JB is one of the first round groups of fused jazz and house music with hip hop this it was eclectic but they were street to pee potty came up with in a fig if I was at my dad's house he lived in please laugh track city like as though knows lot of gangs there was a lot of drug gangs in Queens at that time and where I live that out of fewer avenues I mean back forth like you know we got to get a name with some aim to be Yahoo lists dichotomy was pandemonium in the street I look out the windows like ghost like a jungle out here right now so I got while in the streets they'll cite concrete jungle jungle posse was move the season on the kind of played out like jungle something like As I said same Brothers is because we brothers and that was it from that day the the the the the euro's increase in the group in the same time the neighborhoods they were all young all and vicious they all says the hip hop to take the place where they weren't exactly sure but they didn't care as long as it contributes to the coast it didn't hurt that they can meet chicks make a few dollars wherever they'd be going the journey would not be glamorous to get from venue to venue there was no private jet no beds no limo not even a tour bus all they had was Chris's hope the course of a Chevy Corsica I never forget it all fits eight people in the course of Crystal Lite Brite were How to dismantle man who knows I like arse arse the arbitration of Baylor's smell like after like eight due to rolling up in a couple of White Castle's Ah Wu from far far too soon Amen to you the fun at the bottom for real Chris was at this moment people like to fantasize about tune with the band away off the road cross the channel to babysit and got to bring the menu should and not too hot to go straight for the bag it back into the promoters put all kinds of shit to forgive you your cache sometimes a flat out refused to hand over the fact of the times big pay you to send somebody over to the Holt overlaid on at night try to stick you could version Max or some shit Chris had to figure out how to handle most of the Fun Zone there was for the sheep known training was making it up as he went along one of the first things he learned was a simple lesson in economics wash old equals more money back up the weekend to show New York Philly New Jersey saturation patrols to Georgia and came back and did the junior D C South Carolina the foul line a bit of Florida foisted you know upstate New York The these trips he broke some records for Ru these road trips with Chris with the inspiration for the song Gee bees coming through and if you listen closely to actually hear Chris getting a shower there might be Baby bamboo Grove added to Chris the opt out and bloom in white the sound system stated on the chapel the most the the big city is basically describe in my case the roll call or sms get in the CAW and who's going to love to do the show and this is what it sounds like a big five thousand two hundred West you know so is the story was telling you about the night JB is coming through we go there because that's what we was always everywhere every week or so that I got a shout out on that record The The The The The and that was how offers her markers like the job of the second album done by the forces of nature is one my favorite albums back then I heard them shouting out this guy called Baby Chris there were pictures of him in the land in those two hours like if he's down with the Jungle Brothers This cat was no what he's doing was right not long after the start of road managing the J B's Chris took on his next act was a group of young rapper from Queens maybe you've heard of them called A Tribe called Quest inning gave Lily a shout out their songs to the he was in such a baby the didn't say maybe I doubt try blew up in nineteen ninety when he dropped their debut album People's instinctive travels And The paths Of rhythm going cold look like Chris's career was going in the same direction was a jazz fans The Tribe In The Jungle Brothers that were becoming familiar with the name Chris Lai de he was getting mentioned at the offices of deaf Jam records too they wanted to talk to Chris about joining a team it's hard to overstate how big a deal that would have been at the time Chris and I were coming up the words deaf Jam with the gold standard and help out I was such a fan that I used to go to record stores and by help ease simply because they have a deaf Jam logo on them regardless of what I heard the music or not and that's because deaf Jam always stayed true to the streets and that meant everything me to understand their points for the culture you've gotta understand what the first early breakout rap record sounded like back in nineteen seventy before deaf Jam existed the the the the ears wonder my yang the energy the Sugar Hill The The The The The Last breath be home when he's the the summit fake to me like I grew up on and on the real stuff for her and sees spitting in the park you know say spitting like in the projects like real emcees like Graham massive cast the mill email and when I first arrived as light innovative sound is so squeaky clean so sanitized that was figure had none of the ground I mean imagine somebody being a punk family so my grown up on the Sex pistols Sid vicious and they hear Billy Idol and I'm a fan of Billy Idol but hearing Billy Idol so my tongue like this is the epitome of punk rock show was fake I prefer that Broadway pops out and I wasn't the only one there was this upstart party promoter from Queens we decided to start a record label dedicated to amp up the wreckage I made just right I thought they sounded like love the posts sound like the rackets and in the club we play break beats a lot and the break easily make it through wonder Apple so why would making records that we're after Lauren B Russell Simmons together with his co founder and NYU student named Rick Rubin they created the Cham Rick Ross wanted to make the kind of music is like we wanted to hear we heated up in RB Michael Jackson print all of reading carefully hated them because we were all tired of in nature we had to do something of our own Bethlehem PA was about was a rebellion to what was given to us as black people left him dismantle everything acts like this for the whole gang represented God would call any rise in the glossy production their motto was to reduce not produce chicken bus wanted to be the anti rap is the light just listen to the difference between that to the the true rap classic Cool J's rocked the uh the uh the uh the uh well with the intention to give people what they wanted versus what everybody's polish was you know and that's make some stuff that really represents the streets that we come from a sound that we liked the the the game was the first authentic and partly created by a cool trick for the quarter also the first label of you take to pop back seriously as artists for kids like me they define what readings of was what could be after being mauled by Rick and Russell in nineteen eighty four within the next several years the label will go wonderfully some of the most important tracks in hip hop history nineteen eighty six The Beastie boys' No Sleep til Brooklyn the the the nineteen eighty eight with three children story the the nineteen named Public enemy Fight the Power the MSU went deaf Jam the biggest name in the game notice Chris Lai de coming up after the break Chris meets Russell but their first meeting isn't your typical business introduction this the snakes yes real live snakes and cocaine are involved keep listening to mobiles but you by Bud Light going to crack open a spot light and lifeless get into it we deserve it today I'm in the studio my guy Chris Morrow added a little and my co founder and partner blouse because network that Chris and I were friends before we became business partners who've been so busy lately with mogul with kids life that even though the seat of a lot of minutes we sat down and chopped it up Chris is in New York an output of originally he's from Philadelphia we are talking about one of Philly's greatest of all Will Smith is just a master entertainer people forget like people look at Will Smith now and look at him and established artists prac that he was one of the most dangerous and seize on them I will Smith was the first double time rapper who was the first rapper who would actually speed up his rhymes jazzy Jeff was probably the greater the play this great change in the air and hit the trade the transformer the first that it ran for what it's like scratching a record so it actually sounds like the sound effect of a trailer covered car transforming into a robot like deconstruct this crap exactly and you know hip hop is competitive and you know here's this guy Will Smith who has a smooth this position this week loons got the big years he's deftly not threatens not talking about shooting up your house alone what it could be the movie Remember the start of the TV show What's so the big bullies a tough time picking them up spinning around and throwing them across the playground rappers don't remember that other people to pick them up spin around and toss the always had the sense of I'm not the hardest guy like you guys will be from the girls like me right but you know like a precursor to what would rake is doing right now in the south I feel more comfortable in his contract if you think isn't on until Will Smith appreciation you know people the Bud Light famous among France's the early days of hip hop enjoy responsibly welcome back to Mobile the Most powerful Minutes deaf camp was this cat coach was Russell's right hand man and he wanted to be troopers were called out to start the music business road managing late nineteen eighties he'd established himself as the Number two guy it after yours is tall Israeli American guy kinda looks like votes from Adam's family he had a fierce reputation for being cutthroat here sip of water then try to explain your email and tell me that their he was always chewing on something like depends on the guest towel and sewed those jaws always and that's an image of your It's really constructive he had this insatiable hunger and that even when there was nothing to gain by hunger he would still consume your thought life would be a great get for deaf Jam he heard about the work he dealt with the tribe the job runs and he figured he'd be a perfect fit so I invited Chris to meet Russell Simmons the most powerful man in hip hop at the time but this meeting did not go as planned then try this again when you want to be in Russia you go to where Russell is in us is not in the office grosses of the clumsy Dixon else and Chrissy lot of things in his life he seen guns he's seen I've seen fights he's seen the Brock's but he's never seen anything like what he's seeing it nails the the second one flies when you have to be somebody knows somebody or stand up again and I use to get it but only because Atta flour go to the late Chris lighting tell address of the story from here and I gotta say I'm so high few years for Kristin gave many recorded interviews in his life we managed to get our hands on an archive recording of him telling longtime deaf Jam publicist Bill Adler about the time he first met Russell Simmons and nails now bear with me here because the tape is a little distorted in places ok here's Chris Lai de I love the way it is crazy to think oh it's been an eye to eye with the old Lou the viewers oh and the Roxy and I weigh a thousand be no fun uh or regions and a few people the people in the way people will fill the holes of the times that they know the team is that the the the the little people at the O to the the the maid knows the limits with highs from what I remember Russell Simmons again lot of industry people hung their toes not just me and snakes so you the community all not me of snakes is me and had a fuckin Sony back it's you know ahead of whoever my partner is wired whoever to future partners about on this would be goes with the snake to human ratio was Chris looked around at all of this in the sun at the scene was definitely not for him so he basically tells us on the fucking with you and walks out naturally that Russell off so I don't know what you know what made him say that but I can tell you that that's out imagine says I like to celebrate as much as possible I can say that that's a trait that I would be you know what they managed to exude to be loose and not fuck with you because white people as they can enroll because of you know that we had a place that was odd to him his job to go in every room open every door and work and every person who can help Evie Addis despite the meeting going south Leo was still determined to bring light and deft am the young manager was wrong for sure he needs to be polished up but the kid knew how to make money and all of his acts of blowing slowly or keep sweating him hoping he'll change his mind they are way and the all for the leaf layer and create three don't know what the the the loosely as you senses I mean they were the end of the Dallas fans of the fan in a few years Chris has gone from home increase for bread to driving the Jonas Brothers all over America who would be to getting a job with deaf Jam Harvard or hip hop he's playing the game on now which made Chris had the play by different rules Afrika Baby BAM told me the story to guess the heart of a push and pull between Chris's old world and his new one between the violators and the executives Chris now rub shoulders with between the Bronx in the boardroom this story went down in nineteen eighty nine was queen of his birthday party and the tea for She huge at the time so this isn't any ordinary birthday party if this glamorous red carpet industry event anyone who's anyone happen to be there including Chris lighting and deaf Jam higher the after crystalline about size and is a big crowd waiting get in and light he asked about the guest lists that was standing behind with the clipboard christened after his name are not this and like aw come on this is Jo Brothers he got a little pushy other people waiting to get it would not impress a group of Gaza particularly like the fuck is this guy in a show of lights and any push them back and then Siang came about like a legacy was that the skin was cut was bleeding he turned to me and he looked at me and said Oh shit I might cut you cut but it's a little with just a little slit them bleed and I think it is just a little bit and he just looked at me and we backed up he just reacted like What the fuck did you do you know he was pissed and then all hell broke the cut might have been small but the Lobos pouring down one's face he was out for revenge three rounds of his old friends the Fae leaders or just through security and chases down the guy who slashed and runs into the club that supports this huge brawl the offensive plays from inside his big ass aquarium lighting crabs the guy who cut him he throws in the face for the Africa was left behind in all the confusion a minute or so later we got into the club he told me it looked like a cowboy saloon broken glass of water and fish going across the flaw A and people scream it out to be gone Mrs. Mom Party Kit duties and Bobbi Brown's over there Wesley Snipes over there in the fire marshals in there with the black and yellow jacket saw it in have axes in Delphi extinguish is in people screaming on the floor above down the third floor and is that the I was like wow this nice in here but it looks looks fucked up now Chris was responsible for big industry event and drooling queen to his birthday not smart be making more crafts and a couple of ways then shown us again and this was of very sobering moment for crafts because he's a beautiful guy I mean physically beautiful guy and he is vanity has now been shaken by the fact that he's going to have this scar right how bad is going to be that that's hard to belive try the other part is the chaos that he created it was after this that Lee Orr took Chris society says you have to decide you want to be a sky that guy you want to be the guy who is the businessman who sits in the office who goes out on tour who handles things and makes money in that way or do you want to be still involved in the street life in Haiti street fights that mean nothing in get you nothing and Chris decided he wanted to be this guy this guy the guy was all about being an executive not thrown people to Fairfax so we started the process of reinvention God has always and his old calls his Afrika Baby BAM again completely changed up the dress code like if you look on the back of the twelve as cover for what you waiting for ladies got red black and gray and forty below symbols on Lake Street uniform then he transitioned into suits and frescoes cha shirts shoes he reinvented himself a bit one of the hardest things Chris had the change was all relationships if he really wanted to be this guy things would have to be differ with the violators will be friends but they could be accruing more it became clear one of the divisional violators Chris Ali came into someone he wanted to take that money also quarter of a million dollars and go into business with life the official legal so we just all Bali this is why I was at that point like Gosnell many of the vessel money like dolphin Project vessel money for me for money for me we said it's always like that kind of took me back Lee Dong said don't talk about at that point when it happens a whole lot to do some yoga it's all business will blow this off as pissed off he said to me said the money is not as long as Russell's deal was money gradually Chris began to pull away from all of his old freed Associates he couldn't be this guy if he can run with those guys you know back Paul II it is a point where in the mall and eye disease of this in a whirlwind of a friend's house whatever but I do this and that he even knows that the I will when that ball is already fifteen employees and whenever when role wiki that would a down day in a place in the game question of why the the bad the seasonally The week on mall will that loyalty is tested the you the the episodes a mobile come up every Friday mobile is a production limit media and the loudspeakers network this episode was produced by Eric settings and make it risky to help them
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Part 2: Not Just Me and Snakes