Part 3: Rice Pilaf

Update: 2017-06-301


Chris Lighty meets Warren G. It’s a story of East Coast beats, West Coast grooves, steak dinners and wild parties. Plus, a stand-off with one of hip-hop’s most infamous figures.

CREDITS: Mogul is hosted by Reggie Ossé. This episode was produced by Eric Eddings and Meg Driscoll, with help from Isabella Kulkarni, Peter Bresnan, and Jonathan Mena. Our senior producer is Matthew Nelson. Our editors are Lynn Levy, Caitlin Kenney and Chris Morrow. Fact checking by Michelle Harris. Sound design and mixing by Haley Shaw. Music direction by Matthew Boll. This episode was scored by Prince Paul & Don Newkirk, with additional music by Open Mike Eagle, Haley Shaw, Matthew Boll, and Nana Kwabena. Special thanks to Victoria Barner and Caitlin DiLena.

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this episode mogul is bordered by stone house so most of the smart system a while the speakers with solos you can stream all your favorite music and podcasts any room and every room I love Saturday mornings when I use my so sweet that my family I'll put on James Brown's funky drummer parts one into the driving bass the driving beat gets my kids and we clean the house and we have a lot of fun parties like a cleaning party so much that you control everything using this all set so you can enjoy all the cells you love in any room every room and wants to learn more go to salsa com slash mobile s Anna West Ott Come Flash Mobile hey internet so there's a new park as often given media and is called a pitch and it's a show or real entrepreneurs pitch really invests is for real money I mean they're they're in the room with these people have poured their hearts and souls into their businesses and you hear them pitch their big idea so a panel of investors who just pick them apart and Sheldon one if it could actually be a viable success and then sometimes the investors going with the money tens of thousands sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars into the pot you gotta check out the pitch wherever you get your podcasts and stay tuned after the show to hit a trailer for the pitch in the beginning was the school's hip hop and East Coast hip hop sound like New York City the always the always honest always fun to simply pass he's now this frantic has some weak link of course honking and people yelling and I'm talking about New York back when he started telling me it was its most New Yorkers most credits most of the music some elected to take the quintessential New York artist L O J in nineteen eighty five with the police I can't live without show The New York said the all the way God the the people you want to back and the the stop and listen well ma'am I mean that trouble of its rapid fire rhymes with rapid fire B L is trying to kill you and be as hardcore New York you had to be holy the the the grass the sound is deafening and ran for a long time itself was he was on top of the world the the the radio the coast they are deaf or have the uh victory here part moved out west when he got to the west coast really started to change in the West Coast got this one consistent summer weather palm trees sun is out women are beautiful and you try the car culture travel with the top down he spoke in a good weed man that's what comes out in the news perfect example I could raise enough to But a G the fact the room like it so we'd like to feed still there but it's more based sola fide the Korean music sounded like someone ever some things in my getting to they can early nineteen ninety that with school so stunned dominate every pea Salad Fresh is what people want the the and as great if you make a nose for us Cosby but it's not so great a few deaf Jam and a signature sound is starting to guess they'll live coal will Barry Cole a law to the same go to Austin was still hot it was to make a good racket but a lot of other artists that we developed that were not a new nose moment we were at risk the company Russell Simmons one of the co founders of the few companies going to survive they needed some new sounds and luckily Chris Lai had just been hired by deaf Jam and he has the the original sin and this is mortal life and of course like the production of loud speakers Network The The and the flight and the way with his big break was not about his new employer goes that meant finding a store for the deaf impact on top sometimes saviors come in the most unlikely forms a staff table my glasses because they will break could I didn't know didn't get no scrolls and you know back then they once L A schools in the stores you know and never did get to the eye doctor to give them a glass of the fixes so I will put a banana on tape down there like an hour just to keep my and leftists were wonderful was a producer from Long Beach California He made some beef or other artists from a few other rappers reckons back in early nineteen nineties he was unsigned and he was broke and met with my sister and just just produce and try to know citywide my MPC sixty equator records and turntables a mixer and samples together and drum drum tracks bass pretty much what I and that's how he'd spend his days sitting on assists for his shit piled up around him dirty socks vinyl taped together glasses and he digs through his recollection looking for beats and samples pulling his signature sound his worn explaining it to my producer Matthew Nelson not biology the boy was she when cool strain we bring melody SG from re live instrumentation and melodies warmest or rotted defensive back in those days was a fun manly Parliament funk of Delhi also forecasts like Pete Seeger and Michael McDonald for example war love to spin this track I keep forgetting the The The The The The so there he was making beats coming up all of these ideas for getting recognition of the the to make matters worse it seemed like everyone else is making moves one step brother this cat named Andre has just launched the hottest label on the west coast deaf roll records and one of his best friends this dude named Calvin was signed there to those names also familiar it's probably because you know them is Doctor Gray and Snoop Dogg that's right the dead were taped together glasses listen to Michael McDonald's stepbrother one of the biggest names in hip out Doctor Trey and his childhood friends with Snoop Dogg anywhere with them he supplied bees would raise the chronic and sleeves doggy style still known was checking for warrants he was a name in the creative and if they did know and probably for the skit right here at the start of one of Doctor J's tracks the sun the eye and skin and they did it was inane get out yesterday the evening I got one so when this album came out like the biggest thing we do we call people prank them and have mass a question about somebody we respond with peas nuts while Warren G was that these nuts guy was kind of awkward bodies obviously got talent he's got connections he's making these for today for as big as artists but his was fucked up the phone never tried the signing area feelings yeah hey oh yeah you know a main line lesbian with soup and rice you know Santa so being separated from which he was separated like that it has now been on the same and working together like we were just a distant this was not cool for me you know because as a family chat right one thing I can say is my brother was like You should go out and b own and Bill Joan outside of his cologne to get into no bullish it an opportunity for Warren to be his own man arrived when he met a record executive named Paul Stewart Paul was working as a music supervisor for the film director John Singleton he hired me to help him music supervise the poetic justice film and so I was in the studio Death Row Studios Paul is that it collects soundtrack songs from some of the label's biggest artists it took a lot of time hanging out around those guys to kind of get the song delivered Ryan day when pressed about it they wanted to do it because it was John Singleton his you know not that kind of stuff but they were they were super pressed about in so I hung out at the studio I was hanging out at the Studios lot to notice Paul can sense an opportunity it was pretty unusual for noww i gotta come in like ten miles as we like to know if he's in he must be somebody aren't talking about soundtracks and a look of soulful soundtracks he crafted the kind of like pull me to the side say I remember specifically said no cuz I got most of the glass eyes in the Carmel playfully the track was the song warned corn to produce for another rapper cat call Mr. Grimm one popped up on a couple of verses but he was pitching himself as a producer here warned came out I really got into the truck and yet was deftly like a handwritten kind a cassette type of thing he was Mr. Graham Indo smoke the same unknown the the the plate to the First Light verse rejected he says that it only paid like forty five seconds he looked at me crazy I just take it is like What the fuck is the no line was at and like you like to shit so I felt a certain kind of weighed in but he let me take the tape so when he said Let me take that as well o sian go way it was an incredibly funky Warren G funk trash you know a lie I mean that loop is just a monster you like you know and the way I was wrapping was different from everybody else plus I roll smoke you know so the slight warmth of the money to for the bitches really get ready info to hit the switch is just a wrong one I I hate not double but the Indo smoke pass me the do is select a good tok one tuff to puff creep of him wait a minute Well let's wait a minute it got clear what though one tube of cream puff or puff five until am leaning to this album of the focus with the ol' GJ the world know inhale exhale with my love in the death and the the income reinvested the the the my career defining certain kits and things I can remember certain moments better than others to me but I distinctly remember just like him easily knowing this is fire were doing this I'm fucking which you the whole conversation was pretty short Paul knew that the track was hot but at the time he saw guy produce to help big name artists make its the sign is next to getting work with the label to promote war and Paul said this on all of the influential people in his Rolodex this is the nineties people still use Rolodex of my insider A list you're in a rage is to get these kind of thing you know I'm easily just these are your industry insiders they might work in another but they're in the industry they're unimportant right person they might be a DJ that my work at the source you know I mean we mailed out like about thirty of these and this is where Chris Lyons is the story and I remember clearly Chris Lai de call me back after he got his and he said Hey who's the guy in the third verse rapping and I said Oh Jess Warren G d wanted to know who the unknown wrap and the third verse was because he saw any heard something that all of the industry execs and even war zone brother had Miss unknown producer with the broken glasses could be a star I think Chris was me I think he was really smart to recognize that you know the sky could be a big artist you know and I got to give more credit that like I said Me and John him didn't even have the vision I know I didn't so I just think Chris was such a visionary you know what a big artists work could be he saw a good looking young calf from the West Coast to have flows they had a personality that can produce that was affiliated with Reince new I mean what wasn't to see you know I mean I I smacked my head a million times afterwards going man Chris was thinking about it before me in some regards enemy coming up after the break Chris turns on the charm and Travis The sub so the mogul What's it like cracking open a crack in it or any of this is a collective perfect after coming down on his ninety five degree weather no one is a friend of mine n he's a prolific producer and his work with some of the best in the business Photo Mark II West Drake J Cole future please also expanded his scope beyond hip hop working with Hollywood Disney and Broadway I started following Lind on Twitter follow me back and then and each other and and we just kind of bill from Marysville OH MY GOD live resolute Manuel creator the hit Broadway show Hamilton though at that point I became heavily involved with the Hamilton mixtape and are producing five songs on a mean well just like really form this really cool bond he would call me like out of the blue sometimes I'm in the studio is actually doing and so he called me one day he's a case on like working on this a Disney project and I'm wondering if you want to be involved and of course I said maybe the fact that so absolutely right so then told me it was of you know this this movie called Wanda and were doing the song called You're welcome and we have the rock on in the one you like revamp it into all the stuff that's how I was sort of able to kind of tap into that world thanks to all again when made well and for marriages it's kind of been taking off in this business you never know when a new connection or new friend to bring your next big opportunity Bud Light famous among friends enjoy responsibly welcome back to mogul was Chris decided that he wanted to sow Warren G he probably knew that it wasn't going to be as simple as collecting a signature back then west coast was really sunny east coast labels and vice versa ward she would have to be convinced that he should break tradition and had the deaf Jam and was Chris Lai his job to do the convincing Chris came they tell me me like you know so you know we'll see abt an hour so he misses you so stop back and remember everything he said You know I just know everything we did was was it was laid out known I'd never been treated to dinner or a no show that i'm like dead back and super chic in Beverly on big steaks I'd before sifu just different things that never headlined like sauteed shrimps and stuff like that I head for him you know and my neighbor it was different you know rice pilaf and just just different shit you know and somebody to the table in the ship was it was love we did the latter that evening the boss and left the founder of rice pilaf was increased ladies only method of persuasion he has other tricks up his sleeve when it came to impressing Warren G They flew to New York I've never airplane a minute why is it winds all day was one of my groups tell my buddy ya come with me the first night I stayed at was I was you know just chill enjoy able to order stay whatever liquor in ma in Atlanta was lifted we went down in Times Square was a forty second and forty seven to seven straight at the Embassy suites so the next morning I got a phone call and I was like hello i was like hey this is L L Cool J M on here downstairs though took a mere sounds like a son hung the phone mostly call bag as I go to Zazzle and come downstairs man come down on one of you know when I'll let you saw said okay so I called it when call me downstairs some do not be telling me a little Cool J let me see the book to see it so her back day you get on the plane with guns had lack enough so we went downstairs and sure enough it was L L Cool J jumped in the car waiting I am with you yeah he didn't know it cozy probably in the car but we went to queensway shopping at the Maw hated me too as to his house show me how he started with his unit had all his clothes laid just really laid the laid out to me how you know his his story he built himself a high you know what to and I thought that was like the greatest shit ever because owls I am still and I was a humongous fan of L L Cool J you know so I looming just a medium and be in the fucking car with all that came from Chris Lai demand warrants and adapt to the Michael McDonald truck he was fucking around with an assist script War transformed into this in the the when that gets into full the the became a massive hit wasn't broken when I first wrapped and you can go anywhere without hearing that song as for Warren G What do you do when you go from sleeping on your sister's floor to the penthouse party fucking party hard and that's exactly what Chris Warren did we party together that I got to got to say we but we read the you know like out in W and wow this is division in the uh the bikini shorts the summit and that was the mold the uh the Lia when we add shadows to know people will park bring up to the mansion which was started by the way you know from movies get out and music they do we started at me and Chris like everybody else filed show so that's how we to everyday was you come to the what the pain of love we can beef steaks what everyone up again today the cards and Jess is the hundreds of people a show the Chris was in the the the the the the who the trip about the whole thing the beautiful ladies from New York to the west coast always say man Chris look light brown everywhere went they use to date with his brother he'd love that has allowed probably only because of me the littles are good you know him say it because Chris was a coup for somebody to say that we look alike that was cool to listen to Warren G Harding was never been worn to death row she ever even eighties rap music everything's planned shit because it was it was one kill blacks whites Mexicans Asians the Dominicans everything played played all types of the the the poll that was that was a mob free and and buff that's how we do have fun in the the G's first album sold over three million copies went triple platinum album a store and all of the money brought in managed to saved after the show in a deadly going so it was a very special moment for us because it gave us little breathing room a game is free of Davis billing May the company that they were thirty two million dollars in debt before Warren G and awards he came out they were thirty of thirty million surplus right so good job Chris light i e get damn right it probably would this I would have been better to a just a part of history you know and like us Chris Lai open that door lead or cone open the door a door Chris was the God who did the ground the chairman of the most of its second chance and the second half of the nineteen nineties the label golden era acts like da max method Man ludicrous Foxy Brown and Jay Z but the deal than just change the course of history and change life too what does one take a no shit backed and I was really dinner he know everyone for that Chris lighting in the van situation I probably be in jail we know probably for the shoot somebody you really know it and so they pretty much saved me from going to jail and I saved it from crumbling as a company by mid nineteen nineties Chris Lai had established himself as a force of deaf Jam was promoted to vice president and it seemed like he become the God of your colon wanted him to be the executive businessman corporate cross lighting not violate Accra slightly so it's true that Kristen come along way but he hadn't entirely leftist reason behind not because he didn't want to because he couldn't let me break something down that I know from personal experience in hip hop is no clear way to differentiate between the streets in the boardroom matter how high you rise up the corporate ladder most of the music still comes from the street and a lot of people that you work with our St this is the ethical zone between both worlds in a street exploded back into Chris's life from the Warren G deal let him on a collision course with the most feared man in hip out there for Records co founder should know the few things the first of all is not to be fuckin he was a huge guy like an NFL player in fact he was warned to play two games eighty case was busy Sir Graham Afro like to get the better reputation industry from using tactics to get what they want that road and just use lawyers to negotiate they use baseball bats and guns the years this famous story should dangle Vanilla Ice by his ankles off a fifteen floor balcony to get to his racket Ice Ice Baby now it's a bit of a tall tale serve denies that ever happen still it's a big part soul not the kind of man or label you want to clash with but that's the position Chris found himself in Healy or when Los Angeles de la Soul concert the uh should his entourage were there too Chris explain what went down in an interview he gave deaf Jam biographer Bill have the colors of the show the soup was pissed that worn that she never minded inside peacefully Norton the matter was that Chrissy got into some nice backyard and taken some without permission don't do that another Christian on death row terms should different style negotiating lice or trouble brewing Holy your head for the this one along the soft violin return the the day to the see saw me so Leo Leo Leo leftists only saw me why he was just protecting his mentor here is protecting the reputation of deaf can get play by Should night the label move was the lead or why God would the U of I don't know what happened night that I might be okay it smacks so here's Chris toe to toe we should night light is a big guy six foot plus he's not the same week last week showed Crist did have a friend with him though and this friend was packing the last one the days cool to me if I was holding the the the problem showing him the day you could use the at home with Shu the way you have to the your next
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Part 3: Rice Pilaf