Part 6: August 30, 2012

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August 30th, 2012. A day that shook hip hop. Chris Lighty was discovered dead in his Bronx home. The official cause of death: a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. In this episode, we talk to people close to Chris to and try understand what exactly happened that day.NOTE: In this episode, we talk about suicide. Please take caution when listening to the show.  If you’re feeling depressed or you just want to talk to someone, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at  1-800-273-8255.

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the mogul is what you buy so know of so knows all your favorite music and podcasts any room and every room at once by using the solid South for your phone so easy to switch which are listening to song also has this new speaker play bass sings with a TV now I know there's a lot of great TV shows are right now though my TV lately is with a lot of NBA two K happening to the plate again my fifteen yo son all the time and on the play bass it really feels like you're in a game like in real game he always wins I hate that to learn more about soul sort of subtle stuck on slash mobile S O N O S dot com slash mobile LG you today we're going to be talking about suicide please take caution when listening to the show if you fill in the press we just want to talk to someone in the US you can call the National suicide Prevention lifeline one hundred to seven three eight two five five Chris Latham twenty four hours before he died I'm very very specific memories of the day there are certain days you never forget all the details of carved into a memory what you saw what you heard what you felt no matter how many years drift by it's all still there crystal clear for Sophia Chang calls for an across Lite be one of those days is August twenty nine two thousand and twelve high and as telling him about about an apartment I was thinking of renting he just had his hair cut this case to come to his office says a Purdue or two or three times a week and found her walking surface on sixteenth Street just west of air in place he said so come on what made a sandwich spot and go to satisfy he was wearing a black DK cotton polo shirt and a little bit of powder on his shoulder on his right shoulder I dusted off my saying You got your haircut today said yes and then he sent to me come see me tomorrow so everything seemed totally normal at that often attacks the day after Sophia does that of course the shoulder was found dead at his Bronx home the official cause of death the self inflicted gunshot wound to the head no one saw this coming in the news broke there were many who refuse to believe in the end even now years later a strong powerful successful of the people close to Kristen that is marriage is falling apart he was drowning in debt at a huge role has come due there was a warrant out for his arrest for despite it together On this episode we look back slide the iOS eight mobile life and death of Chris led the a given media and allow the network the August thirty of two thousand and twelve Labor Day weekend Tiffany lighting for his oldest daughter was leaving her father's house in the Bronx to catch a flight to Toronto she was only one who was leaving Veronica kept saying it like all week like okay Tiffany's leaving on the thirtieth ago to try no lycra this year leaving also on the thirtieth year getting kick that ass like you need to go and figure it out or something things have been rocky between Chris and his wife Veronica for a long time with the affairs and then as we know from the police report we told you about earlier was the abuse and now after a decade of marriage look like things were coming to an end there where there were boxes in the car I remember members putting my hands like bloggin like this on lion like leaning and saying Dad like Look there's boxes in the car like she's serious she's packing yeah he just say I you know decide it was like Cigna said Tiffany had spent the summer after college graduation living with Chris and Veronica in the Bronx it had not been a good summer was a tumultuous time Chris and Veronica fighting a lot she told us about one of the fight she witnessed they were fighting since she was dating him and I was there and I saw Diane and me pulling her off of him and then just like kind of like threatening to like hit me then you it's that he was like whoa Veronica Lake in right now where I didn't then they stop by and then be going into my room texting her niece who I was close to him telling her like I can be in this house anymore even though I just graduated college and I was in the you know you go home and as you graduate and living at home for bed figuring out where you can do way to live and where you can do for living in so well I can't do that here I wanted to talk to Veronica about this but she declined to be interviewed on August thirtieth we packed up her suitcase walked out the door this is before over so he put me and a car service by gay hand like someone ask me like Iowa like when he gave you that hug like to feel like the last hug and I was like not at all you know when you hug someone with one arm versus two it was the one arm hug it was like AC later hug it was normal in bag on the car and then I the taxing hand I say I got to the airport got to my gate I remember opening said me and he said I'm sorry for how everything turned out the I really for it I read that and I took it as OK he's apologizing for the chaos and mayhem had a witness really awsome air law was there I called like you have to apologize me that hottest me clearly see it's not you uses quite on the phone and I really know to say when you say to like your dad who's getting kicked out I felt so bad leaving but I just didn't fifth he was in the Air Force's assistant Barker was on his way into the Violet offices I was owned and trained an Leo was assistant core meanwhile was you know has a good friend of a session was was going where rang on work and why we give these costs and increase her new self I now know some of Leo's lose as as I said Chris hurt himself meaning it has now jumped off on Canal Street to stop before had to get off ran from Canal Street to over time I guess all of this in my colleagues you know of assistance the downstairs one last day as my wife was killed himself walks out into the crowded Manhattan streets he's known in today's can't believe we just heard must be some kind of mistakes and errors Chris kill themself not packed or slightly not his personality I started screaming screaming eighth Avenue sixth century when someone is I think is a bomb threat or people around me from the Starbucks turned around looking at me but I know what they feel that I know what happen meanwhile Tiffany had just landed in Toronto return a phone wouldn't stop ringing or calling and texting with the same message come home Tiffany you have to give back to New York was all they'd say because no one wanted to be the one to tell her that her father was dead one of the First Cause is actually my little sister and in between me getting calls I was trying to call my dad and so in he wasn't picking up then I get a call from Veronica is Sister St if you need to come home to me becoming common among why what happened my car the fighting would happen I just kept asking like what happened then Veronica from briefly she's like um unique a moment here like she's kind of like of said in an identical Tiffany Hsu like someone I know the sailor was up and he's likely to come home and then I just was like alright like what's going on guys like he did tell me I just landed here and isn't just like learning things out like trying to guess what happened as I did this happen to that happened in the first I was asking why do they hurt each other like did something I love the ad slogans are on because I knew that she was obviously still alive is flying out on hearing that is forming just to make on a plane and she said to me did my dad do anything to himself and then he said yes in my mind I still thought like maybe he was still alive Mike is in the hospital like what's happening like I can't remember if I guess said or is he told me I'm pretty sore I guessed it like is eleven I didn't tell me like how our he did Tony know back in the Bronx family and friends will soon arrive to Chris's house well Hadley that will bust the drums and they drove to Chris's place together when they pulled up we found a chaotic scene outside the reality once we got up that house Daryl Thompson Chris's friend and one of the original arrive around the same time and into the house course Ali is their boss to his wife his day with her family my husband is there some police officers and detectives started out to caress Ali zero in the family was for some reason was an MP for now so why not talk that Reagan won in so I went right to everybody Ann Wright who now does walk in the house so mighty there was just trying to piece stuff together the house looks regular till you get down to the way everything happened downstairs we saw Chris's body is not a medical examiner's report describes the scene the deceit was found on the basement level outside the patio entrance of the house his fall clothes lying in the subprime position between web or in the patio doors there were two open wounds found on temporal areas and expelled clotted blood no other injuries were noted the tools in Chris's head from the bullet one where it went in and when we came out to outsource the body was too heavy for the medical examiner the lift so he is Chris's brother Mike stepped in and help carry Chris up the narrow staircase here's Mike you know but it was a big ah you know is nano little guy two hundred pound dude left him and get him into the truck so they actually somebody to help them assisted by Sam yup just a pic of my brother and a black bag and a four minute run it was a spy like the most crazy is hardest experiences of my life what was going to my eye honestly I wanted to unzip her and say I was okay though I couldn't believe it if you believe that there was what happened you know people that buy up the eruption eruption Boston falls as it has bones of spaghetti he falls how I don't know my legs these cute if he's walking around with his pockets not seen often in your body needs out fucking fail why those words the cute have screamed into the afternoon sky don't fucking feel right he wasn't alone in thinking that so many people who heard about Chris's death that they didn't accept couldn't accept what they were being told by police Chris had taken his own life his Chris's mother Jessica and they immediately I had laid out that it happened the way they said I do not believe that my son killed himself I just did NOT just doesn't make sense Scott Lehman he's an attorney from New York worker Chris represented some of his artists tell me in any other situation which is a death like this that is not even a cursory investigation something stinks almost every time we interviewed someone they would share some version of this feeling something stinks something's off we don't know hold true for Chris's family feel so strongly about this that they hired Lehman do an independent investigation into is that as we are working on a story we've looked at some of the concerns that people have about what happened that day first how fast that was labeled a suicide the medical examiner's report tells us that Chris was pronounced dead at eleven forty three am around six p m Detective the clear the death a suicide reported no foul play my conclusion was reached in less than seven hours again Chris's mother Jessica declaring my son a suicide in less than twenty four hours to mean this is purely a matter of its holiday weekend they fill already got plans and he's just a black man and they don't care then is the way the scene was handled like we heard earlier a lot of people came into the house after Chris died Daryl Thompson of my clitoris to carry the body up the stairs here's my producer Matt asking Scott Lehman about that a lot of people where they are and they weren't just a site that hosts they they were inside the house they were walking around does that mean the crime scene was was compromised and technically in this situation was no crime scene said they didn't cordon off like a crime scene so there was nothing in their view to be compromised wasn't compromised in a pursuit if anyone is really looking for evidence absolutely but the problem is from jump street when the cops got there they didn't treat this like a crime whoever had initial conversations with the police and I believe Veronica at the initial ones and whoever else was there convinced NYPD said it was a suicide an NYPD took that for gospel needs to be said that a lot of suspicious people have focused on Veronica she was there when it happened she was the one who reported it people knew they had a volatile relationship and frankly a lot of people already dislike her but let's be clear all the speculation and rumor we haven't seen any evidence suggests that Veronica had any hand Chris is that there were two autopsies done on Chris's body first was done by the New York City medical examiner's office confirmed what the police thought suicide the second was part of Scott Lehman's investigation was done by Doctor Michael Baden a forensic pathologist whose work on some high profile cases if you will give us a probability that this was a suicide when you say was fifty percent seventy percent I would say that the evidence thus far points to suicide except I'm a bit concerned that the family hasn't been able to get the results of additional tests that were requested by the medical exam the additional test he's referring to is the gunshot residue test if there was residue or Chris's hands suggests he was holding the gun went off we know from the medical examiners report the gunshot residue samples were taken from Chris's hands but we don't know if those samples were ever tested if they were the results were never share with the Lai family aka Bon couldn't get access and information but here's what he could tell us based on his autopsy according to Barton are two things a point or suicide number one the gunshot wound that time and this judge the muzzle a weapon was against the side of the head and it was actually a horizontal wound in a city the other side of the head in other words that gun was pressed right up against Chris's temple he was a shot from a distance number two there were no signs of struggle that was on the questions you may there was no evidence come to a cop see that it was lighted suffered any kind of other injuries no struggling kind injuries no como Cesar no black eyes no bruises no scrapes or so there was no evidence of a struggle this is the guy who was hired by Chris's family to challenge the city's conclusion that Chris killed himself but instead everything he told the scene consistent with the NYPD is version of events we reached out to the NYPD on multiple occasions but he declined to comment on the case Scott Lehman is still urging him to reopen the investigation coming up after the break a closer look it was going on Chris lady's head this episode of mobiles what to buy talk space online therapy company believes that there be should be affordable confidential and convenient talk space you can work with an experienced licensed therapist for as little as thirty two dollars a week you can see a therapist text audio and video messages whenever you want is also an option to live video chat now I know that mental health and access to mental health to carry a stigma in my community and talking about mental health can be difficult I know that going into office talking face to face with somebody about difficult topics can make people feel uncomfortable talk spaces in the sensible way to just ride out on your own terms Internet's also point to take care yourself especially a mental health to learn more go to talk space dot com slash mobile and as a special offer the mobile listeners you can sign up and use code mobile LG will get thirty dollars off your first month that stalks race dot com slash mobile promo code Mobile for thirty dollars off your first month before we get back to the show I got somebody here to talk about this new show from the media he use to work on mobile and I guess he boss top I let him tell you they're getting what you do sir now I'm the host of a new show called The Napa not congratulations thanks Eric Olson aka Brittany loose and each episode takes a look at a different facet of black life in all its complicated beautiful dimensions would take sometimes little sometimes sometimes bigger things and just try to take a deeper dive on black culture you know we do an episode on youtube conspiracy theories between beyond say and Jay Z as online Illuminati yeah exactly it's big right that's a big thing aka mean that's a big thing it doesn't help that Jay Z's leave the Psalms four four four numerology like if you turn to for is upside down and sick sick sick since like what you want Theo both go crazy when it bit me and Eric take you through this whole Beyonce a Jay Z Salon Illuminati conspiracy and I listened to it in this hilarious and it's fantastic check out the full episode right now by downloading and subscribing to The nod where ever you get a podcast I'm telling you in finance at the show is definitely raising the bar right let's get back to Mobile welcome back to Mobile before the break we talked about the aspects of Chris ladies that led many people to question if he committed suicide a lot of people still don't accept the official cause of death is still convinced that Chris lady did not take himself out and you can see why the man they saw a guy was so much charisma and ambition the man behind so many the guy just kept winning is the King of Kings and at himself Blackmon will kill themselves hell no way I can say for what reason we don't know remember the things we talk about Kristen previous episodes about his marriage and his finances the truth is that most people didn't know that stuff I think you parse out the information the Sophia Chang again I don't think you told any one person everything he wasn't really wasn't really allowed to be a chink in the armor but by the same token he didn't really he wouldn't show it right but yeah I think once we all started talking to each other different things were revealed I just feel like he will tie it sometimes seem to notice that the shady Thursday at day he was disappearing a lot he wasn't talking to people the way he was so happy now or you know like you is very absent even when he was too absent he wasn't being the talkative person that he always used to be CFO had a purpose and the like everything was always attached to it a like is bigger than his fame has like his life was attached to his clients and the success of his clients which is dangerous right I've learned how to see finest people I can come see the weight I can see the home body language to some Chinese Kobayashi having a song maybe the person came closest to understand just how bad things were Chris's friend the knife in the center of a text message in awe said to him was in this mess is Are you OK and his response to me was no wow ed in the fourth hole of the hole the one saying Wow is because you know you know you haven't you've had a different more intimate release of the most people were slightly but the consistent story with regard to Chris's that you know he's he always had this as guard or his arm up and he's always is committing or so even some of the closest people to know what he was going for but for him to say that two U S really that speaks volumes just because I didn't want anything from an write only what is friendship so in that moment of light when he said to me when asked that question he said No I'm the elite assassin to come out and have dinner with them you know I will forget we went to we went to Amore Restaurant New York City called catch and we had dinner we talked to in the dinner we left and we went to with a Q tip DJ and then after we left we were both in attacks as a Gold's drop you off and you know he shared with me he's like You know I'm beyond stressed you know leagues sometimes I just wanna jump off the villain O at the time I didn't know what it was like to lay was a friend or to recognize the signs was a difficult thing I felt like it was my boy crying out for a little the you know in even though I did help in the way that I knew how to make myself available those things were foreign to I wish I had a better instead go through ups downs you know things will eventually get better device might have seen that Chris was struggling the summer before he died but it didn't start this summer through our reporting we learn that Chris had been battling depression for some time in two thousand eleven a year before he died he checked himself into a psychiatric facility called Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut we obtain a copy of Chris is this our summary one section reads quote has been feeling increasingly depressed would increase energy desire and mission of interest in usual activities social withdrawal and impaired will has affected the relationship with his wife and kids he started experiencing suicidal creation with thoughts of jumping office building this is more stress more than a bad day or two this was clinical depression Chris was mentally ill and this kind of sickness it's not something people actually like to talk about Chris' second self in and disappear from the scene he played it off like it was high blood pressure or problem with his heart because I was a lot easier for them to except it was a lot easier for him to share feeling like you have to hide a mental health issues that something Chris's client and friend Fat Joe can relate to when I sat down with them open about his own battle with depression battle he had for many years I was depressed for two years seems like I'd choose an antidote to kill him on some unknown S S R on Friday
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Part 6: August 30, 2012