DiscoverUp and VanishedQ&A with Dr. Maurice Godwin 01.19.17

Q&A with Dr. Maurice Godwin 01.19.17

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Dr. Maurice Godwin answers your questions from our Voicemail line. Have a question? Call us at 770-545-6411.

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she said God Joe you're the one that went over on Monday one of the first day of or use of the glove in the yard what color was too late a school of Joe responded it was yellow light yellow grass and is it a bright yellow on Joe responded he said no com the doctors would use not a dishwashing glove he said it was our lot yelling more like the flesh top color of love the and the result of the canyon and I think that is Marcus a boyfriend and I think that he's really caught kinds of covering up my car feeling like about the job as the GBI is sad no one in this case has been totally cleared or rule out there's a lot of issues with the law Harper's autumn statements and actions that night that need to be further addressed also compared to some of the others who have not come out and given a statement Marcus has given one interview to a great event session back in oh five as you know the fall of the podcasting stuff that he only took a private polygraph which is not accepted by the GBI like I said although no one has been cleared in this case so was he different remains one of the armed persons of interest in this case Catherine calling our own midst again in Royal Oak are we able to see the screenshot of the messages were exchanged using your ears and everyone else and the US and why the aso it on because we're going to happen in regards to the screenshots there's been a number of screenshots o In regards to George Harrison interaction has been oh so postponed to vanish discussion group in regards to the podcast in the quietness of it you have to understand a lot of these podcast that's out today are actually covering cases it's already been adjudicated going to trial so they have the case follows all the case fouls Dawkins and if they sit in front of them and so you can plan out months months ahead of time Weston be discussed here in this case this is a missing person case and how likely a murder case the case fouls and not available from the GBI so what has to be done is individuals have to be contacted that were previously interviewed by the GBI and you have to make contact with them day you have to wait for them to respond if they don't respond you have to move on to someone else you have to seek out information so that is difficult to draw to do this things in a timely manner hi this is if they call the I been listening to up and vanished and I absolutely love this park is very well done I wanted to make the comments one is with regard to Maurice Godwin comment about the oldest trick in the book concerning the business card left at the door the cat hair great that how naturally a police officer would know in order to take attention away from itself easily their car he died he had a relationship with character and that he probably was unaware that terror would share this with her mother perhaps she may have even costs and her daughter in ending a particular relationship here with her eighty four I'm just curious I haven't heard you mention anything about the father figure in her life thank you for the question in reference to the toxin and leave in the business card in what I had previously mentioned another podcast about reverse psychology I mean the typical question from your average person Woods when asked if somebody is guilty why would they placed himself at a missing person's house at crime scenes as me and especially why would they leave her business card oh that's actually the question that the person won't you the ass because he just makes sense but actually in reality he could make sense what they have to understand about the S O it was awe actually are Carol's mother who placed Mr. Dykes and at the scene because it's highly unlikely highly unlikely that he would have traveled to a sila from Perry Georgia without Miss Faye asking him to does so because she asked him to do and he went on that placed in there so it just was on his own you have to remember that in regards to home Tara saw father his name is Billy his mare to awe been married to her and her stepmother for years they did Leo Venus for wow and Tara did live with the arm when she finished in temperature taken before they moved to Alabama and awe she moved into the parse tree house Mrs. Johnson the listener from Raleigh North Carolina had a quick question about the teacher George here i dun e forensic analysis on it so you can try to pull the MIT metadata or GPS coordinates from the image the image was taken with Mike and I found something that allowed BP and corn is to be attached to the image and that may give you a tip as to where this person may live metadata usually doesn't have much information yet that but I thought why not give it try on things for less than on from Raleigh North Carolina just sixty miles from my home family moved around warily of family and the question about George Harrison to fake Facebook profile picture yes we did several searches now all we downloaded it and looked at the details of that there was no GPS data and very little metadata our own that we did multiple o Google picture search is to use another cough or five other different op programs other than Google we did find the picture of the Hispanic female is that when there we found out the Spanish side but as far as the picture of the individual with a beard and hey it's a At Lucky was at a ballgame or whatever we found no other pitchers on the internet of these individuals use and the facial image and programs that we tried the other part of a psychologist in state he said a question of Is it ever her fault that I can't believe all the walks are that the also responded to the Marriott in that second video where does that corroborate whether market was through the ride along during that thank you Paul it was the kind of blows his alibi of water they can doubt that the mare and stuff was originally sure Farm County Sheriff Deputy Cao oftentimes in cases causes a small geographic area this LAPD in the sure farm work hand in hand with each other on some calls are actually the original call was to Deputy the backup officers were all home Fletcher and in his right lung partner awe at that time was Harper accord to the GBI they interviewed line and individuals associated with that whole route alone time right not really interested in the time gaps during that brutal home because they're supposed to be an alibi so he won't that be solid what you really need to look at his word was he before he went to the white porcelain could be accounted for and why horse alone the entire time sure little interest tip with you shop around because prices vary a lot of companies to check out his Mercury Insurance in saving people money on auto and home insurance for nearly fifty five years customers seem to love them all the reviews were outstanding pitching by yourself Mercury Insurance Doc Ong you get a free quote minutes you can probably save several hundred bucks a shot over to Mercury Insurance Dakar on with the apostles for the five tests really enjoy listening doing great and the amount it is actually related to the football game Saturday October twenty five verses of We interviewed the former Georgia football flair was really weird in this are that he kept saying oh so long ago I remember what year it was his inner was when he saw her and obviously remember and that was rather fortunate thing he said he specifically remembers getting from her saying I'm cold when he was in this kind of the bargain of the night games only on this chair was leaving the BBQ walking out the door with that guy taller tax the Georgia football player I'm told but the game was actually twelve thirty p m and a game and the Georgia Arkansas game on a Saturday was a night game in reference to the gym he and his comments on the podcast he was totally wrong about the timeframe of the football game that the Georgia game he was at in Athens was on a noon game probably ever before Tara to get to the bbq after eight pm that knot in it was only after eight pm she sent the text to him so he was at the Ball Game during that time he acknowledged he owned a condo in Athens area and was likely there I don't know if it's just a memory problem for memory problem I mean I don't know that he definitely needs to be re contacted in to try to clarify that the listener from Jeff in Georgia I just wondering has the known that maybe somebody could have been hired to flip Murray in her training at the BBQ and then her not be in her right mind and maybe go with somebody who's not even know I don't think that this possible that somebody is sick or Mickey or gate fee or refer all or anything about that she was fine at the BBQ and all after several people phone conversation with people so I don't think there was any anything that was altered her state of mind or anything like that and I just don't think it's possible my name is Margaret I'm a listener from other how they met I just finished listening to the entire podcast have couple days my question has to do with a latex glove found in Harris' yard thing is the police found DNA on the glass but no match to to think what could've possibly been planted to send police on a different track or just kind of as a red herring and I were to that clinic so I use latex was literally every single day and they don't just flip off your hands there's a possibility that was planted I mean a lot of people or are generally people are not up to speed on just how many crime scenes people try to stage in factors numerous books that come our last two or three years and journal records his focus in on stage crime scenes and I'm presently include a whole chapter on only in my day to hunt so predators book but thought there's been no match it's a complete fool proof are of a white male DNA profile has been entered the code has been entered into the Georgia DNA database and there's been on a match could be a plant yes the one problem with the plan is that the DNA that you actually put on their Trident or investigation you they would have to know for fact that the person did have a crumb or after the the listening guys sure it will one day produce evidence to see all the screenshots of George Harrison's Facebook messages could use or website discussion board up in Ghana Stock on class discussion the guys the
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Q&A with Dr. Maurice Godwin 01.19.17