DiscoverUp and VanishedQ&A with Dr. Maurice Godwin 02.16.17

Q&A with Dr. Maurice Godwin 02.16.17

Update: 2017-02-171


Dr. Maurice Godwin answers your questions from our Voicemail line. Have a question? Call us at 770-545-6411.

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the the episode with us all the snow line yet but you'd like to the number is seven seven zero five four five six four one one guys get in the last episode are currently holding a contest giving away five framed up in vintage posters from frame bridge the car to enter this contest all you have to do is read the podcast on iTunes in Riverview we're always looking five people from the reviews on iTunes to get one of these fancy framed up in vans posters from Cambridge Dakar so if you own one just re write a review on iTunes will automatically be entered in contests in other good news now completely funded for season two on Kickstarter personally think everybody of all their support will be announcing details on season two as they come along there's still twenty four hours left in the kick starter castles of those cool rewards you still can do so as good a UAV season to the UAV season to Dakar sort of like ass logical other pod casters to expand my podcast listening when you pluck as I like to recommend is called remarkable lives tragic deaths is informative entertaining podcast is a closer look at prominent figures who changed history and then died tragically because sometimes it's not we thought to take my word for a remarkable lives tragic deaths I tunes best debuts of two thousand sixteen list remarkable lives tragic death is different the staff of screenwriters work together with an ensemble of voice actors are talented digital production team together the owner of these incredible individuals are bringing their stories to life within the narratives provide little known facts post mortem analysis like Harry Houdini had an imaginary child actors pirate career only lasted two years in Socrates last words concerned the rooster thing out of the life and tragic death of Napoleon Amelia Earhart John Lennon Alexander Hamilton Mill in a row something you like on every wednesday remarkable lives tragic gas is available on i tunes Google Play stitcher or any river park assets this episode of the search bar type an unremarkable lives comma tragic deaths again that's remarkable lives tragic deaths or you can visit forecast Ah Kong flag flies that forecast da or da Estes Park after the last lives and we are in Maryland with a few questions and my biggest question is well with the explanation given by the owner of the expedition that was burned et-cetera It was the explanation for having a vehicle parked there when he wasn't there at the time the another question I have is about the health care and now I know they know look he thinks calling it the message is another Texas businesses throughout the night but you know what was her last call to someone cause you know after to meet up with and more I was there with more information on herself and you know where I was hanging around in a call that she was receiving working on that thing finally something that other guy when I Q and A was he mentioned that Joe the neighbor had her heart be healed on Wednesday after she went missing unless I heard that incorrectly why would somebody have Harvey jailed after she went missing that seems so bizarre and I wonder why that was the decision made by Joe Hill for who You Coming Back For Season Snow thank you though nothing happen to suffer in my investigation back in OCS and today I don't have access to case fouls the nose to the bomb he said that he was house that now there's been some postings on various top of wimps I saw say in that he was a that is why laugh was had had a key or something to do a little plain in my understanding that he was Prez be how satin for the lady who owned the place who lived in Florida they older lady in regards to the cell phone records as far as the pains and official records of the GBI has those sob never been able to get her arm I was told I would be given the records back in March of us it's never happen on never was given the records which would help me where terrorists records I was told that nine warehouses that would have me immensely but there were never given to me are in regards to our job washing the car after that Monday are honest and that is some reason was is about the fingerprint powder Tara had a very very expensive sports car and it was white and sue the city had it cleaned washed because they find a pair of power is in is my understanding but love people and it is viewed as suspicious of U S suspicions to thank very much for the question of the camera from our unless you hunt Hansen actually had to listen to all the episodes again and something really struck me in episode five about the black truck and just about on terror in you know I was kind of approach in it and be a possible male suspect she can be romantically linked with Also I have a listen more and reviewed the audio it just appears to me that there's a female involvement in on was a person broken necklace and her hone her better and it does appear like a shovel happen he is very possible happen if you know would have went to go make an order to kind of stays around as if to show the National had occurred and that lecture kind of hit and two because I was thinking about the fact that it could've been the wife or girlfriend of someone that Erin and then possibly romantically involved with Orman will merge to be involved with jealousy to play a part in air and he had been on a par and in a sense of helping clean up and see nor anti here's my assess what happened to me and the overall feel of it is that this was perpetrated by female and I don't know if y'all have pursued it and it sure was highly involved in pageants and they can be a possibility that there was someone who is jealous and wishing to assist in particular had general and in that general one can be found at so you know it if you have the inclination if you would mind taking a look at the the women take us around Tara think it might be worth their while thank you for a possible scene there could be involved but there's no evidence to suggest that the DNA on a glove RI is a full profile of a white male if a marrow is involved than there are accomplished the male accomplice we do not know that he as in regards to this of this saint and that in the bedroom and a necklace our mail to the zoo pool or neck to solve this as a female could really him like that rug which I am to one day found the information about the blight drone I don't see a blight from BN only two females as much as eight or email so the army warned could be in the background of the house but I'm just not convinced because if they was our USA and we don't know who the male accomplice is because so far there's been no DNA match for much femininity and listening from Boston that my question is if you guys have ever considered or thought about her theory on how many people might be involved in one or multiple my theory is that might've been one person with multiple people covering of snow if there is a theory that either on the second thing would be if we know anything about the connection between Dyke and the police department sila if there was a positive relationship or are no relationship or maybe even a bad relationship between those two think you appreciate the cast think it s a good question GBI is swab many people in the main persons of interest they polygraph the law are around my eyes with no DNA match with no fingerprint matched a partial plant am passing the polygraph doesn't seem to be able to clear in one so it may be that thinking well the DNA one of these persons of interest to be involved but they had accomplice so I don't know who that person is so that might be the DNA of the white male in its own the glove accomplice that might be one of the reasons why some of these other people has never been cleared again thankful list of podcasts writer Cory from Fayetteville Arkansas I'm wondering in one of the first episode there was mention of what I think it was a pearl necklace that was scattered on the floor terrace house and I'm wondering if it was confirmed by anyone if she was wearing that necklace that night at the cookout she was obviously that would place or in the house and give credence to any service couple that might happen things like good work it's always been reported that the necklace to Tara had known you in there's a picture of it that she had on and on the pageant and that she had Om nom at the BBQ this necklace she had made she had gone to the arts crafts store and got some supplies and that she had made a necklace are out of four one that was ur room for our family members that had been passed down to her and that was the part of the necklace that was found on before the next day after she went missing I think was found on Tuesday own scattered on the floor so yes saw this I was been reported and the media that are sending necklace and gnaw it was found in parts of it was from the floor and I also found now don't don't know if it's related to this particular necklace but dear my search of her bedroom I found a class awe that you the necklace and that would have been pulled apart and there's a picture on my blog about that show in that classroom that was turned over it was Clayton bag and turned over to GBI in the march of our six thanks for to question the war you stamp the simpler life the actually can't remember the last post good thing the I used the com for up in Venice to communicate the mostly use it in the foyer Award from the Kickstarter com is also going to be a table for the new merch store the Dow did have to go to the post of Sufi more money the two things that I don't plan on doing the post office the other missing the lines around the block from the store have to the new staff stuck home to automatically print the correct amount of postage for every letter or package said the steps the call brings all the services of the U S Postal write your you can buy it for a US postage for any letter he packaged the last meal all right for your desk the comics ease us into a digital scale automatically exact post the outcome or even help me decide the best mass email to ways your money the money the concepts you the best because the gift hostess discounts second post thirty three cents of every first class the post office now to her desk not to mention you'll never have to go to the post office get the right now you can use my coat up for special offer for retrial because postage in additional scale the steps the calm the microphone at the end of the stuck on the promo code and you'll never go to the post office can the higher the per caller from Georgia to listen to the park at the beginning and I don't remember hearing anybody say that there's a possibility that term might actually still be alive there's no body and I know it seems like she may the murder but is there any possibility that she's alive somewhere maybe being held or maybe somewhere where she doesn't want to be found thanks I guess anything's possible in any case in this case I don't think there's been no financial activity since October when she went disappeared as Saturday there's been no use of the Social Security card and then her father had her declared and in TNA she was declared dead ass seriously doubt issues she's alive no way to sustain yourself or in very bad thing for question analysts from Atlanta and my question is about the latex glove that is being beat to death bed and I'm a paramedic in area and see if he dies know if the glove was inside out because they know I was in the case also glad it turned inside out of it was just and you know kind of on air again been used yet and thinks ranting I looked in that some of the photographs were shown on the forty hours on a show which you actually see him down by forty eight hours at the GBI or ruts where we show and some of the eight to ten photographs you really can't detail you can tell the color of it white for our fish white but you can't they really did love was turned inside out or not the cause if you blow it up and large it becomes to bury are but then would be arm in Reston fact that if it was just dropped or if it Psalm was turned inside out thank you very much for the question Tony and I'm a listener consistent area this period one to share about the engine of the latex glove what if the perpetrator had unknowingly drastic was in carries yards during the night of projects I hypothesized that the perpetrator had connections with one person and where the perpetrator the goal of having canned cherries yard I obviously the perpetrator she replaced the original eight x class with the plane this classic exchange would have been run aground with the AP custody I know the answer is that we share the perpetrator would have access to care I mean sure it only planted left here for the blather be assumed to be original to this theory would make sense of the conference about the color of the glass in fact the way on the glass has never been traced to NY so I'm curious as to whether this can be a valid theory and would love to hear Doctor Garland thoughts interesting theory on the problem with the as is the person was in law force and they are real hours that the glove that was on the ground with a dead rubber glove and it was later switched out by the lower fourth person you said that because of love is not forensic link back to Terra somehow they had access to the body in that the problem with that is is that even after that Monday like on Wednesday suppose to wear the gloves and placed farm and I don't know that that's actually accurate or not let's assume that person would have to take the glove back toward the body was that get the DNA of her own gloves with the unknown DNA so went the link to them Karen back and put it back in there now you also do them not just with DNA you're also dealing with a partial point so now you've got what you consider original goal of this been destroyed and replaced with warm wood chairs they own it and unknown DNA on it and of course France yes it's very difficult balls but it's an arrest in theory out there but I don't think that happening now thank you very much for the question again and I really enjoy the podcast I did have and sort of teary last question for you which is something I thought about the other day when trying to locate my cell phone is that one of the reasons that you would call it thirty times in one day because you're trying to find that sell some has anyone thought about the fact that one of the reasons he might call that phone over and over if he had been with Perrin night before for any reason and have thought this might have for some who are desperately trying to find it so that he can get lit for some reason and analysis that there is somebody didn't know or supplementing their home with her something happened where they might be trying to sound so they could be used to find her it was on her purse and using find some I bought a very good question and I'm not heard This One Before only problem with that is if a scholar on the phone trying to find the phone then he ping in his phone in the same general area now there are some criminals do this and this they are sent to prison this is art in a seasoned detective and he would know better than that now there's a possible way around bad is that person to be using a burner phone and the phone which made the phone calls with was would be our actual phone with his number and then the bar song was used are some other way but I just don't see it because they sell him calling the cell phone are naked he could have been column the phone standing outside the house Sunday night when he was that he could take hours and when times are good to see if it was ringing inside me I don't know did that happen but it incase to save the Laos that was and so the planes won't be used to show the gentle like a nation of the body that would implicate him because his phone was beeping in the general area she faced Cullen her phone her phone is pink in the same area you deaf or do not want that in and I miss and murder case so I reverse or slow down to happen thank you very much are for that question a room of the show or fair question regarding the case while Karen Parris family petitioned the court to declare her legally dead and so this isn't a murder case wouldn't that just close that file and allow you then or anyone access to those files to do some additional digging banks of much unrest in question she was declared dead in TN our Father does that make the case closed absolutely not is this a missing person case absolutely is this a murder case ninety nine point nine percent or more this is a this is a homicide case and it's been traded for teen years are those still missing person officially has been traded and as a as a homicide case it is an active open investigation with sensitive information sensitive people's information so ah yes the family could Harlow you and this has been done by families and they can petition the court and have a hearing and a judge could say Hey you not move this thing forward our family was to bring an our private investigator or whatever and and and they need access to fouls with the judge rules that are against the Georgia Open Records Law that's doubtful are if it was a twenty five euro case you may have a little bit more of a stronger case to that that's never been explored in this case about trying to get the case vows on a family good question and thanks for listening to the podcast through Big Bend on the death of Florida said about the GBI and the case and what not oh just curious why the FBI at that given that the person gave up there's allegations of evidence every day I think there's a precedent for their jurisdiction up in this case is that you do it very much for asking a question and I listen to podcasts out of Florida the FBI really can't get involved in the cases Leicester cross state lines and there's no evidence that there's any State line's been crossed in this case we don't know where she's that are so they have to be an ass to and by the state oh by the investigative agency are they oh and jurisdiction of the case was turned over from Wasilla paid the to the GBI and the Spitzer case since that Monday are in two thousand five o four to the outcome and they would have to be assed come in by the GBI where that happen not in lists or somethin' somethin' of hers that is found in say in Florida are or South Carolina or some other state and they probably contest in the command to do some things are I don't they will be asked in this case thank you very much the guys thanks for listening as Episode thirteen comes on February twenty seven before that will be a ballistics evidence this coming Monday our contest either giving away five framed up in vintage posters from Cambridge stucco enter all you have to do is re my review of Up in Venice on iTunes or picking five random people of all the reviews give a special thanks to resume reporting or editing in making today's episode was a podcast editing and production are looking to improve the quality of your podcast a podcast of your own check them out every snail according to doc on guys will see Monday
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Q&A with Dr. Maurice Godwin 02.16.17