DiscoverUp and VanishedQ&A with Payne Lindsey, Dr. Maurice Godwin, & Philip Holloway 08.03.17

Q&A with Payne Lindsey, Dr. Maurice Godwin, & Philip Holloway 08.03.17

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Thank you for your support this season! Enjoy our final Q&A episode with Payne, Dr G and Phil Holloway.

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in the the ally from Ohio I miss listening to the eye and I wanted to be tied up in which everything just came out but shut down by the frames or I that we're going to undermine I am making is a guy the next thing I would love nothing more to have been able to complete the definitive we wrapped the exactly what happened to ear grin said in a bow for everybody but without some of the information it's pretty much impossible to do until Bo and Ryan are able to speak or do speak or their attorneys speak for them we don't know the full story from them at least from a we do know about those two people their stories may be different and someone probably lying so until we have all the facts and all the information and there's a trial in this case it can be hard to definitively say what happened to terror and said that night Ryan kilter I don't know though more involved I don't know as you heard the end of the last episode where the guy told a story about picking up someone at the White Horse saloon years ago there's more than one possibility of how things may have gone down by doing this here from Boston love this shot is a great job my question is do you think the podcast more specifically the last episode will affect Ryan and him to be honest about it than him I would go with that he was blacked out and about the photos of other stuff and without doubt any of the bank well there's certainly no question that if that particular story could be verified and it can be verified that it was in fact Ryan who was picked up outside the bar and was driven to that particular location that was verified to be his home in time and that he made those statements that would be a very powerful theme to use in defense of Ryan do however there's a number hurdles that the defense team will have to get past the first big hurdle would be off indicating that the statement ever occurred the second one would be authentic in verifying that it was Ryan who made the statements and finally perhaps even the biggest hurdle is that even if all that could be verified is hearsay in other words it's a statement that was made out of court in fact in this particular instance it was allegedly made by a person who is said to be deceased so if it's an out of court statement offered for the truth of what's contained in a statement the person who makes that statement is not subject to cross examination because there are no longer alive so while it's something that's very very interesting and may be the truth of what actually happened there's no way to prove that it actually is the truth of what happened there's every reason the person who related the story about what his brother heard this all ended with this inebriated person actually occurred in other words there's no reason to believe that the man is lying what his brother told him there's no way to know if his brother was actually talking about Ryan Duke and even if that could be proven the rules of evidence to say that you know this is hearsay the person's not subject to cross examination and therefore the statements would be inadmissible there is one that Ryan could use that theory is a defense that would be for Ryan to actually take the stand defense and say that is what happens in other words Ryan let's say I'm not sure if I killed somebody or not somebody told me that I killed somebody was blackout and that somebody was bone and then the question would become has Ryan ever said anything different what exactly did he say when he went down and spoke to the GBI agents and if he left that part out than that would be an inconsistent statement and it would probably do that if as if he tries to use at trial however if he told the GBI agents that he wasn't sure if you kill somebody but that someone had told he was passed out one night and then he testifies the same way in court then he could use that as a defense but there's no way to get the story that was related to the brother of a deceased person into this courtroom before a jury the current Weymouth Massachusetts I just missed the season of banishment by Preston was bothering me through anything can happen if he is that episode where she and her principles by which you can find the tiny portion we feed on the phone with him and he has an zero and he acting alone or feel differently on the phone I was just wondering is only going to Africa and the last college in Maine before leaving the principal until one and was determined she was talking to and could have been relying on though anyone who is having tried she wouldn't and heading to Phoenix after the BBQ grill and if even going to the next one thank you he received numerous phone calls the last column she received was about tea and twenty and that was from the detective who she was good friends with and possibly see and that was eighteen and twenty eight he backs the detective in Curry and that was confirmed we've never had any access to e any case documents including the phone records but that was confirmed by Doctor Troy Davis who was hosting the BBQ he was out there and today he said that she was talking to that's how that was confirmed that the last known phone call that I know off the the the uh the uh the the the the after the the uh the the uh the the the the the the light that was probably the cutest thing ever to all year soo my grandma's cookie recipe I do have a copy of it she gave it to my wife in this book for Christmas one time ans my mom makes own my wife makes them for some reason every time they make them is don't taste as good for some reason no offense to them they're still delicious but it's like there's something missing I am convinced that he left one key ingredient out in one day to leave a map for us to go find that missing ingredient I don't know if my grandma will be comfortable give me the recipe but you know check and see if not then we can talk about maybe giving away some more cookies you guys shoot me an email and we'll figure it out there says I have been toward a camera for most to my question is or hallway and in turn the statute of limitations and I'm wondering about is what constitute knowledge of a crime or die when they have actually re endorse some form of Investigation have a place for the information in their knowledge I and what point in the process the Asian Art Toronto furlough more clarification on that point not a great day well it's good question and the short answer is that it doesn't take much information at all to trigger the statute of limitations in fact love for food doesn't even have to know that a crime occurred but simply have some information that an act occurred so we know they had some information and they had some information that something happened in an orchard or was connected to an orchard they searched the orchard we know that the information came from that era and that it involved the name Ryan Duke well we don't know though is whether or not Bo's name came up any point in two thousand and five when they get that to keep an eye and there's no statute of limitations for murder so that in that search if it was only connected to Ryan would not affect any statute of limitations if it's connected to both of his name came up in at any point in time than the statue limitations as to the state of Georgia vs Bo Duke's could've been implicated and could've begun to run in two thousand and five oso Bo would have a complete defense based on the statute of limitations in this case and the prosecution would to hold over his head if you will such is the threat of going to present to get him to testify more information needs to be developed by law enforcement regarding exactly what happened back in two thousand and five and then the lawyers for both sides in this case would need to evaluate that information and determine whether or not the statute of limitations is an issue if it is then the defense no doubt would bring it up to the station of the court and there would be pre trial motions that would be filed asking the court to dismiss those charges based on the statue limitations may love the podcast and I just finished listening to an eye and I have to question the one you were talking about reading as I can write chi numbers and rail against anybody and you kind have been one of terror in a new car soon and conscious about not calling one is any workable a name that time and I only have the keys and opens ever came back and told us that was significant was that I just wonder if there was a date on who is and if she ever trust you again has any relevance to the next question is I really enjoyed hearing from Ryan's family I like her alot from those things you can verify and things of course you can verify you know a lot about him though he was married of course the French the Armenian Palin we know about the only kind of in and their involvement in a semantic cetera but we don't really know anything about Ryan was just wondering with his life like from a school for only his arrest he ever work to have a job he get baited into the society in I go home with heater for her death living at home I was just curious have more about his actual life was like it is very different from those I feel like they only know much about it and I was curious to know anything about his life is like in these last several years again love the podcast Florida to uni thank you to question the only thing I can say about this is the real color the person he was talking to the last things Lou that's all I can say about that we likely know who the follow up mail color and that is to wait for another say about rounds and laugh it appears that he did work but it appears that he had a simple marital problems with alcohol and drugs Morse between when the murder happen and when he was arrested he had a lot of problems this probably was because of trying to harbor this trouble secret within Saudi and with no one to two about now I'm not her the knee thing that were raw and 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get twenty percent off using the promo code you pee stop with your money in department stores give back well the shot from that golden duck home use the promo code up for twenty percent of the Snapple and a come from a coat of the NYTimes and there and my question is pretty simple but the guy thing happened to tear them apart and this podcast since the beginning and an author that part of the discussion board I feel like there's so many theories out there going on with what the state said in the last episode about nothing really thinking of having a hard time trying to figure out what really happened to her and I would love to hear what you think some let's say I appreciated and has expressed the gratitude I was there we appreciate so much of a day soo just to be point play to be completely honest with you guys I do not know what happened to Tara now what I think is the tear was murdered I also think that Ryan and Beau were somehow involved to the extent of their involvement I don't entirely know for sure are some glaring issues with the G I's narrative absolutely do things not make sense absolutely like I said in one of the previous questions we have all the information we can hear from some of the accused were tucking into everything and can be very hard to piece together all the pieces to the puzzle right now there's a couple missing pieces that maybe big maybe small but without them the whole thing is just not going to make any sense but they were very close much closer now than we were twelve years ago but I think that once there is a trial in this case the whole truth is going to have to come now until then have to wait but the good thing is it's happening from this is a start everyone out there a great job he's done throughout the whole podcast that it is better that he said the justice process by hour must assume the last two acts just as a party and that Ryan was blacked out he will give the next morning to join him in the body as you did not know how much of a confession from Ryan but if cake is for the GBI to hit got enough to charge him in the situation Ryan would not have remembered anything he probably couldn't have found the stories one hand that would have been enough for him to stay hour blackout that night yeah I can take that combined with the estimated minded n Yu char drive for murder thanks to my request and that is exactly what Ryan said to the interview him and he said to them I was blacked out and somebody told me that I kill someone and they combine that with presumably some statement from both describing Ryan did it that would be enough for them to charge him to indict him and to have a jury consider whether or not has proved beyond reasonable doubt but I've got to think that if that's all they've got Bo saying that Ryan did when he was blacked out and Ryan confirming that he was blacked out and the boat told him it I think that's a fairly flimsy case and that would be a case that could be defended and very well could contain reasonable doubt sufficient to quit Ryan the last thing the prosecution wants is this case to rest upon the credibility of boots because under that scenario Bo saying that Ryan committed the murder because of that scenario although Ryan can say is the hours passed out and somebody told me that is given mind knows somebody who's not only a convicted felon under Georgia law the judge would tell a jury that the felony conviction alone is enough for them to completely disregard his testimony but he's not only convicted felon he's convicted of a crime involving dishonesty theft on top of that he's made many inconsistent statements that we know this case so the best way to prosecute this case of our prosecuting it would be leave bow out of but if the theory of prosecution actually begins with Bo Duke's saying I have personal knowledge that Ryan committed this murder and he was blacked out and he didn't find out about it later if that's their theory they've got to use below and for the sake of the prosecution I would hope that they don't have to use the only other hand if I were defending this case I would hope that Bo would be the star witness because there's lots of good stuff to cross examine below about the minute his assets the witness stand his credibility becomes an issue in the case and if his credibility is an issue in the case that in of itself is enough to create reasonable doubt Zander from Atlanta Georgia I want to run a theory by you guys way that I add the last episode we are two stories really how that happened the way the first day she overdoses on here somehow but we don't think that option does to the contrary it was dry and it blacked out drunk at committing murder but remember it all the more my Syrian underage guys might agree with that for some reason she went over to the torture that summaries and say hi to all students or for some other reason I don't think it was for any reason to go party at all because you didn't just say that but I think it's possible that Jews over the tortures everybody was super drunk Ryan was blacked out route and everybody passed out oh actually committed this murder and then when Ryan woke up in the morning I see new arrivals blacked out and they somehow polluted together the story of that they would just say that she overdose Bo actually did want to minimize his role in the crime I'm thinking this because B or the bow minus the history of being especially aggressive in the orchard but the story from tying up some of these XY also the post back in rhyme was installing okay today her car back to her place and then he also agreed to burn the body thereafter I don't think somebody would agree to burn the bodies he was somehow more involved let me know if you think Bo could have actually committed this crime and his best run dry because he knew Ryan was blacked out drunk than I would remember the dates of hot jazz which there is more hopefully find out the truth too soon thank you for the question yes Rahm was passed out and voted to kill and then suddenly Ryan wakes back up why would Ryan clued with bows on the than he anticipated see that question poses a good question because why would buzz to dissipate and a heinous murder that round completed it himself now you could say well he used his truck or whatever in the land where she was at but I don't believe dead while and when to that land owned his own without the knowledge of I don't believe that so is a good dairy but I don't think that he just woke up like Van Bo told him he could have woken up and bow was kinda down cause it was light out he could've done that with all round that he actually committed the crime he came back to their house and had a body with Him in everything so the best possible but I want thank the round include with him maybe maybe not is a question for her to her Corporal Taylor Little Korea other than a great job of really enjoyable record into question regarding and part one of the last episode where you are interviewing elderly gentleman with the fighters all did mention in passing that revealed the discovery the remains of owing any remains actually were and what are the only thing we were like pointing east said that said they were tears remains were found even though the GBI is not officially announce finding anything based on some resources I have they did find something exactly what it is I'm not entirely sure but I believe to be linked to terror in baseball the stories I've been told about the same location I believe that they did find tears remains once the gag order is lifted we will know more as a trial will know more but based on everything that I've been able to find and everyone I've talked to I believe that they did find something in that orchard and it was Tara so that's why I chose to say it that way the ending calling from Connecticut justice of the finale wondering if this thing goes to trial the saying that he was last out he doesn't recall the details of the night and he only had to fast because either Paul or his other friend had told him how he was glad to have you heard him killed can't go any farther even if the only evidence we have is a the fingerprint on the glove that goes back to Ryan or from the legal repercussions if there is this things religious in the water and an important new one for the New York in December so if this thing does go to trial and Ryan takes the stand and he says I don't even know for sure if I killed her on those who told me and it invests the case then we're going to have to compare that testimony to the statement they gave to the GBI when his mother took him down there and if he says something different to the GBI he's got a problem he can't really use that as a defense because the statement made to the GBI would be well would call a prior inconsistent statement to be in peace with that and under Georgia law the prior inconsistent statement even those out of court is considered substantive evidence so whatever statements he made to the GBI whether it's a full confession partial confession or something like that so he's pretty well married to the statement that he gave to the GBI if he takes the stand and says anything different than what he said to the GBI then he could really be made to look like a full glass skilled prosecutor when they cross examine him about his inconsistent statements if that's how it plays out the room and bathroom and hear from you again it does mean really the all the guys showed up around me and really incredible kind of spirit and so like I wasn't reall of the equation is never heard any minute work in her classroom isn't easy and offers or death or having her own and is never that United and other questions to them it was really bother me about the case the fact is the sea in a car show are back to had he any picture or people or meteors they could show and prove you guys did you mean heels that would push the car me back and shows an explanation for that and the government rather than work with the question on the Story of GI with her person belongs from school and those collected by family members I'm sure the idea that you can always tell in this case in regards to the pageant I'm sorta was a lot of pictures taken at the pageant as I know all there was no official video of the pageant at how her one person may have taken a personal video but I can ever get she didn't have high heels she wore expensive flats those can be found on several places only Internet photographs all of the the you tired of over paying for uncomfortable contact lenses do you wear them more than once just to save the money if I told you you can get a fresh pair of lenses every single day for less sixty contacts for thirty bucks do the math that's one dollar a day this is half the price of other brands here's the thing bubble sells directly to you they can offer contacts for half the price to know more over paying over wearing for years my 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amazing take care bye yeah that was kind of interesting timing with the ID channel special on terror instead became ill on Monday the day the finale o'clock pm the same time we release our episodes that was actually a episode that was pretty old not sure how old was but that was not a new episode I've watched it some point I have seen recently but like he said he then mentioned the glove in tears you are in that it had male DNA on it we discover that the podcast a couple times early on Marie told me several times about the DNA they found in the glove and the GI involved in over two hundred people to see whose DNA was never gonna match to my knowledge they never did swab Ryan Duke or Bo Duke's so their DNA could be on as far as we know there was male DNA on the glove and was also a partial print but the DNA sample they had did not bring up any sort of matching the coded system was falling in the I love that I was just listening to the final episode and have by the and under what circumstances oh and or Ryan is an actual lie detector test to see the two are weighing in with you and Mary and I think so much that Georgia law O polygraph exams are not admissible in court the results of polygraph examinations are not admissible in court they are sometimes used as an investigative tool but I can Taya for my own personal experience
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Q&A with Payne Lindsey, Dr. Maurice Godwin, & Philip Holloway 08.03.17