DiscoverUp and VanishedQ&A with Payne Lindsey 03.02.17

Q&A with Payne Lindsey 03.02.17

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Payne Lindsey answers your questions from our Voicemail line. Have a question? Call us at 770-545-6411.

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the breeze with the Mercury Insurance yes Hunter is also super easy to do it yourself or Mercury Insurance Doc Ong get a free quote that's Mercury Insurance dot com The er I came back to God when Mrs. Margaret kind famous mystery and love your podcast Ian has been following along with the recent development I question I had after listening to treat an episode on why he is whether or not you think he could've been hired by someone say The hitman but possibly it was an inside job and he was the one you know if that wasn't the first or so to me fashionable easily command anything and maybe somebody hired hand or are threatened him with some other information if you didn't complete this crime anyway keep up the good work and will party here and now I'm guessing I personally think Ryan Duke was hired by someone to kill terror as of right now we don't really know what Ryan Dukes motive was but the GI is also charged with burglary so one plausible theory here is that it could've been a robbery gone wrong that as we sit very well with me is not a very satisfying answer a motive but it's definitely still a possibility some though are still investigating right now but love the you guys in creating that in terms of Ryan Dukes motive by the listener from Nashville Tennessee Now that somebody has been charged with the Mer really been arrested I can't help but wonder if possibly this fella and that person that was George Harrison could be connected is there any possibility that might be the case or is this just coincidence I can't shake the feeling that maybe this person that was George Harrison do something and was so adamant about pain solving this case it may be you know something about Ryan be just about given that I do not think that George Harrison has any connection to Ryan do whatsoever as far as George Harrison's messages to me on Facebook saying payment you'll solve this case I really think that was just coincidence I don't think that he had any insight into that or he's sort of effect the podcast may have had reason I did an extensive investigation into George Harrison's real identity we found a and this guy was in fact not a former student of tears and has no real connection to the case or to terror or Ryan Duke who was discharged with her murder her own kind in South Carolina are in danger seemed to have casted last week and a half now and I love it my question my comment is lying is related to a guy who killed himself because he says that a group of people killed paramount and her team to me about the reason that I'm in the history lesson make I will dismantle our one year thing that can be the accident only treat the whole time I was saying by Episode six we learn about a kid who committed suicide years ago and left a note saying that he couldn't live with himself any longer knowing what happened to Tara to do lists twelve differing names in association with this since the arrest of Ryan Duke last week we have interviewed countless people who knew and we've also talked about the possible connection to the suicide know now what I can tell you right now we haven't found anything one hundred percent definitive on this yet but I can also say that there's still a possibility that these things or related will be sharing a few interviews with you and a few different testimonies from different people about the suicide note and his possible connection with Ryan due very soon question in the last podcast you are talking to one of Ryan's fiscal plan and he dropped me and you sounded like you're pretty familiar with that high with the radar or at all or has he says Come on your radar after eyeing baths and is currently being investigated or you know anything about that much and were asked a question so the name that we beat Al were talking to one of Ryan Dukes high school friends was familiar to me because we've been looking into this person ever since the news broke of Ryan Dukes arrest on Thursday the moment I heard Ryan Dukes name also heard this other person's name so they've been associated together in this thing since the beginning since the news broke from my sources this particular friend circle has come up on our radar in the past but both of these individuals names including Ryan dew were never brought up specifically for the GBI is doing in regards to this other person I can't really comment on that don't know for sure but I do know that will come to light pretty soon on both the podcast and the media the washer interesting to put you in the auto insurance game prices vary a lot to shop around but one company should definitely check out his Mercury Insurance even saving people money on auto and home insurance for nearly fifty five years their customers seem to love them to read the reviews plus you can also save a few hundred bucks for the switch of how to change or auto insurance you just want to save some money check out Mercury Insurance The Mercury Insurance dock on a free quote in minutes I've already done it not save hundreds you want to save some money for the Mercury Insurance dot com This is Rick P from Colorado into the A line Duke episode and they mention Ryan do you know the D had him on the radar and I are tying to any upside said that he had heard that story he has that story be a pecan orchard he heard about the sky to kill her and don't buy any heard that from someone else like that was basically a room around that town the GBS of the never heard about it my question is this is the GI every lead that God had to sleep never get to them he did this ever get to Maurice long time listener first time caller thank you pain is an awesome show the ice in their press conference last Thursday and also a few more times since then the Ryan dew was never I've since heard some conflicting stories about that one obviously being the conversation you heard in the last episode where a man claimed to have heard about this same story ten years ago I don't want to comment on this too soon without completely vetting all the different stories and sources we have what I can say is that from what been told to me by more than one person is that this pecan orchard story that involves Ryan Duke was in fact mentions ten years ago whether or not the GBI was aware that I'm not entirely sure yet what I will say is that if they were it would be a really big shame I'll be talking a lot more about this in the coming episodes happening I question about the location of weird edge of the eyes Hanley searching for years by rumor has it that Ryan is not speaking about anything that he's not the whopper of a game ranger have it know what led to GBI to specifics I enlisted her daycare or church does he actually leaving the place laughing and how that specific rotation in our lives with his cheery way the wind right now the GBI is currently searching for terrorists as remains Hudson pecan orchard in Fitzgerald I don't know for sure how the GBI was led to the specific location but from everything I've gathered in my own investigation so far I believe that they were led here to this specific spot by the tipster or from some of the interviews they conducted after the tipster came forward again this is just from Athens Georgia I actually have to question her and want me there was a you had are made prior to the recent break in the case will be released at some point I question one question to is that multiple people heard her crying talking about killing Terri and burning her body in a pecan orchard in ten years ago why didn't anyone ever investigate that and why did no one ever gave the police are one in the police ever I investigate him back then the questions really love the show really want to hear more in your thoughts I think so much by calling into question obviously I have a completely different episode appeared for episode thirteen prior to the TV has announced the starting line do with terrorists as murder but that doesn't mean to any of the information I had doesn't lead to Ryan do somehow so a lot of it will still be discussing in future episodes as well as any other connections may have to our previous findings in the podcast as far as why no one told the police about this pecan orchard story ten years ago I really don't know I also don't know for sure that the GBI was or was not told about this again this song are avidly investigating right now and will be sharing with you anything new we find the next few weeks I hang my mangy alley and can stop counting measuring counting me there are more hair and actually turn the question Do we have yes I do have visitation privileges while he was being detained even have carried out the answer they meant I understand I say if he had the damn was he willing to take the form I have let her be as far as reaching out to Ryan Duke for interview or statement in regards to this case I spoke to a few different people about how to get a hold him and what he's technically allowed not allowed to do right now I was full the easiest way for me to reach them would be to send him a letter my phone number on it and ask him to call me by Annie vine and Allison for size Georgia and really enjoyed your podcast I got interested in and I when I think about than to Terence Tan K and one S Westerly earlier and then the hour searching a pecan orchard and he said that they were interviewing people other people that were involved and I was wondering if you have any read on the other people that might be involved in the investigation and with all your other stuff that you're doing right are probably really dizzy I have an answer that question out of reach I think I yes right now the GBI is conducting a search for terrorists as remains Hudson pecan orchard in Fitzgerald Georgia for the other interviews are conducting I don't know for sure who they are from my sources I found they have been talking to the tipster his or her friends and acquaintances as well as possibly another party was involved in helping 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in the promo code of the QP the steps the come from Loco up to five today the day there millions more women called kernel module work on lowering of art has been the story and my heart just breaks for Tara and her family but I'm so glad it seems to be wrapping itself up here's my question a few times you keep playing the same audio clips where someone is mentioning the details of the pecan orchard and one it sounds like they said they were being burned her body says that's where he dumped her body can you just may be going way too much can clarify the discrepancies because obviously one is quite different than the other thanks so much in her wonderful work that way to listen to the next podcast just to clarify we are all still investigating this so don't be too soon to answer I'll just say the body can be done somewhere and then burned later had a suspicion friend from Orlando Florida congratulations on helping crack and Peregrine case quick question for you what the deal with her day is he read and I eighty I were able to crack the case the information and how any updates on him would be greatly appreciated they signed on knowing I was day or by as alias on Facebook George Harrison didn't do anything except roll Marie's an eye on Facebook and is in no way related to Ryan Duke or any of the recent developments in this case putting things in her age yet I have the Georgia and I see only my whole mind is our essence marry the first things a little dance spacious I resort to this story is sending things off about it and I was just wondering what your son where I can tell you that the GBI would most likely not chores Ryan do with terrorists as murder unless they had sufficient evidence against them this family and that I was still a wait too long for answers in the GBI knows that I'm certain that they fell whatever evidence they had against them was strong enough or they charge him with her murder as far as other people being of all of my personal opinion is yes there's a least one more person involved was likely an act of covering it up and just so you know it's not based on my speculation is based on credible accounts from multiple sources have told me the exact same story I feel confident that the GBI will convict Ryan do but I'm not so sure about anybody else involved I guess we'll see soon as a scare from national to be active when a call and they both had me captivated from the very very first have to stand around listening to the GBI news conference at Camp waiting for the day and we wanted and a special thing about the pain would have happened without you I hope you are just so proud of herself I think all this and have a purpose and I made a difference and at first are you absolutely made a difference you ignited this fire you got people talking you spark interest he kept coming out of twelve years all this happen didn't have anything to do with your podcast and very very very excited for you and I do have a bunch of questions but I'm sure they are not unique to anyone else as eager to watch this thing unfold can't imagine this twenty twenty one year old kid pulls off this murder that can come forward probably wouldn't help so anyway we merely waiting for your next episode congratulations guys did a great job thanks really appreciate the ideas that we think the media in their press conference for not only keeping this case alive also on the same play huge role in the prosecution of Ryan do don't feel comfortable claiming credit for solving this the GBI as well as Marie's going to work tirelessly for the past twelve years trying to solve this case but I do like the podcast huge role in creating renewed interest in this case the spotlight from oven vanished contributed towards the tip for coming forward with new information er listening guys next Monday's case evidence in the Monday after that episode fourteen to give special thanks to resonate recordings reading in making today's episode was an podcast editing and production if you're looking to improve the quality of your podcast a podcast of your own resume recordings dot com listening guys
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Q&A with Payne Lindsey 03.02.17