DiscoverUp and VanishedQ&A with Payne Lindsey and Philip Holloway 05.26.17

Q&A with Payne Lindsey and Philip Holloway 05.26.17

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Payne Lindsey and Philip Holloway answer your questions from our Voicemail line. Have a question? Call us at 770-545-6411.

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the color welcome to this week's question following episode nineteen eleven then there's a really good questions that were asked listeners this week it's obvious people were paying very close attention and questions are very insightful listened to the questions but also stick around to the very end for a very special announcement to the This is Jake from Missouri had a question for you insult I guess it's an action by the way curiosity what are the odds that the grandstand family actually civil suit against either Bo or broke my no they like their defense locked down but one of the other thing we can connect with their appreciative of their work and case where of course he wants trials found not guilty because of of proof required in the civil trial that being true ponderous of the evidence is entirely possible that the grandstand family could come back and do either these defendants and sulk or they get in judgment collecting only is another matter symbolically of course I think it could in fact bring some closure and might even bring some answers that we may not get because of the discovering process is available in civil cases you get to depose people need to make them answer questions under oath and things like that so it could lead to answers that could lead to a judgment may never get pain but it is a distinct possibility great question the cash cow in the first I think your show is really great obviously he may be and have them bring the case for your question know about your conversation that broke the world with everyone else you kind of shit with him by phone and by the and that you really gonna barge to give people the end of the doubt I could hear post was a little bit different obviously he brings it upon herself to me how disappointed I put it really difficult as you wish and she was receiving information from both so anyway wondering why you took that approach with her economists seem like you are putting some blame on her from the get go or we're making her the more guilty then and really was wondering why you buy you that way with women with everybody else completely different way and professional and I with such open then this is about her and said It's not about view it's not about Brooke it's about finding out what happened here Green said so if you come on this show instead of in the act of burning tears body absolutely critical you our own culture who you are I'll give you one chance but a straight shooter I'll be honest if you come on this show trying to convince me that would bode it isn't any way justified with enough things right I would have to be a zombie does not feel any emotions about the past year and a half I've been trying to figure out what happened to terror instead spending every single day trying to find out during a three hour phone call with bows girlfriend after listening to her for two or more hours trying to convince me that what Bo did was just a simple mistake any twenty one year old make an absolutely going to stand up for things right this is not Fox News this is not seen in any of those things this is the podcasts I made to tell Tara story this is not an avenue for Bo or broke to try and save face Mrs. Jennie Finch and is now a quick question for you I was listening to a podcast in the eight perks interview seen them in the Marianas teams made a statement that whenever one has found that when Ryan took her time anyway dead here Johnson that was used to print her instead and hit it was those truck forty of the great great work a level of the podcast and are proud of what you get a dime to the good work in the US knows that and yes even on from the legal perspective if he becomes a witness in this case everything that she Tina Payne Lindsay to the GBI to her friends or anything becomes fair game and to the extent that she anything is inconsistent and one time increase in real probable cause them in her ass hits the witness stand her credibility becomes an issue and if she's made prior inconsistent statements that all these things will be fair game for cross examination incurred in fact lead to reasonable doubt and to take that one step further and entirely jeopardize the state's case the air live from Philadelphia Pennsylvania I was wondering if there's any way you can have the interview if you analyzed by an expert he sounds like you more concerned with getting the hell about where he's coming from where both coming from she doesn't seem to be as concerned about the story of his concern about housing the story of Cain did say to me it sounds like she's due to make it look like a certain thing happened when maybe it's not what happened I also love how he can let go off for burning a body but he's going to condemn you came for airing certain things that she didn't agree with that she's got more moral conviction about how you post and what you put on your podcast and she does about low burning a body I mean that's a lot about a person thank you thank you for the past it's great I love listening every week very good point a lot of the book told me was very contradictory to other things you told me as a matter of fact I have shared these coals with Marie's God when He's given me a very extensive analysis in the next episode recently breaking down the films of the call and making new fans from North Carolina I have a question regarding the gag order that complained he wasn't a lot of conversations with Brooke and her story by Lee a gag order I sound a bit there is infact a trial for Ryan E believe that broke the story would be called to testify for the last question first is the people can conceivably be called as witnesses in the case anybody with knowledge of any of the facts of the situation can theoretically be witnesses in the case as a gang war does not cover broke she's not the defendant she's not too she's not part of any lawyers pain and so she's not someone whose name is being covered by the gag order so unless love is speaking through her it's not really an implication of the gag order if Bo is to convey the grass on his lap and potentially have a gag if he's using a third party to get things out or broke is not solely to the gang for the Jennifer from Nashville Tennessee I love the podcast great work the question is both hold multiple people in summer people have now come or to interview podcast and Britain indicated some of the one this year he told specifically I just have never had anybody tell me anything like that I can imagine if that ever happened first response would be fine said Go to please the folks that you're interviewing have had this information over a long term the happiest nation why they kept it I'm really curious is why so many people were quiet especially when that seems to be the one thing that gives away someone's guilt doesn't work thanks bye I found were these the is a question that individual person to answer for themselves the question really thinking that if you know or have evidence that something like this is in fact happen and even to yourself That's between you and whatever god you worship if you do work and one there is no longer require someone to come for English common something known as Miss prism of the county with an implicate someone if they failed to disclose knowledge of serious crimes like murder that's been largely the statutory and it does not exist in Georgia the moral but not illegal in question the the order they came in to tell you Val industrious industrious offer stunning co working is shared office spaces shared office space for companies of all sizes and I know it's amazing because that's where tuner foot headquarters are right here in Atlanta recording right now having office is way better than working at home everyday I'm excited to be here in the office if you're industrious are beautiful everything's modern brand new they have daily breakfast coffee snacks blazing fast internet printing conference rooms pretty much everything you need to stay here and get your work done get done faster more efficiently with industrious you can upgrade or downgrade your office each month if you want to there's never any long term commitments industrious is the best co working office space just comfy for yourself because industrial support seven vanished have a special offer for you right now in just Rs will give you two hundred and fifty dollars off your first month of rent any office or industrial office da calm flashed vanished wanting more information about why and whether or not though I will meet simin interrogated by the GBI to an hour by the incident a couple think the question mean we know about his existence as someone who might have some knowledge of this is a safe bet that the GBI they are under the gag order so they can't say they have in fact often but it's a fair assumption bet money that he hasn't that been interviewed by because as we've discussed before they have to corroborate any statements that are made either Bo or Ryan to evaluate their credibility and also because her operation is important to convince a jury of something beyond doubt so why can't it to self is known to answer some point he chooses to do so but I do believe the GBI probably Ryan's brother I am just wondering if your bows attorney what steps are you taking today to get to stop talking or do some damage control things up right to die I know and yes that question because if the attorney and the DOE's attorney because I would probably army fired him as a client down because one of them now somebody is screen jarring tech communications to third parties weren't completely destroys attorney client privilege well the first things I I didn't complete the fire that person the client is I will have come to Jesus meeting know what the hell he do need to stop talking either shut your mouth because if you keep running if you're going to everything we've been working for so that's how I'll it just I don't presume to speak for his lawyer but that's just my opinion and that's them to shut the hell up yesterday and the day before that the analysts are from the work story and the I hear how angry I just wondered if she felt like you guys k it's really personal for her has left me wondering if the main investigative in nature I understand how close you got to the same hand it was me and felt like no other at the Ars Libya or shall I just appreciate your feedback and maybe understanding better I think I have enjoyed the show edged a little too I mean to be honest with you I think that the lack of emotion in just how sterile and often bias media in reporting is in general these days is exactly what's wrong with it unlike other news agencies are our lives I don't have an agenda all I have my own moral compass my own conventions do I think is right at all times so I'm sitting there hearing this woman explained to me over and over again why what Bo did was just not that bad I'm going to react to that she's defending Blue Dukes burning a human body not just the body Bo Duke's burning a teacher a daughter somebody's best friend to try and explain away a whole is in my opinion inappropriate I very feel compelled to react the way I did but to be honest I have no regrets I think standing up for you think is right is exactly was missing in today's journalism I really appreciate your question I hope that answers the land from Florida and the question Is there any evidence Ryan telling anyone stories about the murder I know we keep hearing about people that Bo has told us wondered if there was anybody that you have come across and there isn't stuff that has said that Ryan was talking about it being tormented in things like that Allen be interesting if you could touch on the banks of the day of I really strongly believe that Ryan has made some statements to the GI we know about the messages to teachers we really don't know much else now to the one he may have said anything to me does seem to be the one between these two that has really kept to himself whether or not to mental health professionals when he reportedly was and mental health treatment in South Georgia for some period of time due to night terrors that's all privileged information that the health providers would not be able to discuss I think it may be possible that he discussed this with them they would not be under any obligation to report it and probably will be Brandon Ashley from talking about the thing is possible that he's made some statements with third parties we just don't know who that would be a trial will find out what if anything decent to the GBI in their investigation of the case why this is Alex the North Carolina and I loved listening to the podcast in seeing how miraculously the cases actually developed since it began airing my question is how He who believes that this will shape future he says or how people handle court cases like this and do you think that this might be able to like it if this case does go to trial and really if anything of any justices is found how do you think this will shape the future as a pace that can be used as past president and Cory and I am curious now how many other cases are like this out there and will it take this much publicity and this much of the sort of like a crowd of people investigating it to get any justice found there thank you so much in the role of in Venice another true crime podcast can play in true crime cases is awareness the case goes cold and people stop talking about it the flow of information stuffs and if a podcasting come in and create new energy new life in a cold case than the flow of information starts back up again the biggest problem of cold cases that people stop talking and in the case of Terrance said the alleged killer and accomplice still lived in town if you're keeping a big dark secret in theory would be a lot harder to do if everyone around you is always talking about it if they are never talking about it then you never have to think about it but I think that persistence and putting the spotlight the national spotlight on a case that has to have much attention in a very long time can do a lot of good I'm very interested to see how in the future true crime podcast like a vanished continue to have an effect on real life cases a fraud I am an asshole now but I'm actually from Perry Georgia I've been listening to your podcast and beginning this case for many years ago so very interested I have one question Is it possible that broke and her mother really did get the reward money and would be really because of his plea deal three of them just walk off with the reward money as if nothing ever happened the real legitimate possibility and that they can wear well I say deal in place thus allowing him to escape a lot of responsibility for anything that may have happened in this case and as far we don't know the first of many of the war know if there's conditions with the war sometimes it's the reward is conditioned upon information leading to a rest sometimes condition upon leading to a conviction and it looks like the reward money could somehow wind up in the hands of somebody who was mainly involve the season there would be some pushback from whoever's paying and oftentimes awards are a combination of funds donated by multiple different entities just refused to give thy rewards often times can lead to civil so I don't know speculate too much about what may happen with that is certainly not inconceivable one of those is ours that may be to swallow the The The The The today's episode is brought you by Maxwell did these guys are awesome not to make the most comfortable underwear socks boxers recent t shirts for men in the game if you're like me absolutely hate going to the store shop clothes especially digging through my numbing assortment of socks and boxers visit just grabbing something to get out of there but not well and simplifies that all their products are very high quality 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other question too is good with Burkett have not told anyone there been ramifications for her for not telling her my Anyway thank you and love your podcast both very good questions to answer your first born Westbrook who was there the party that night she did start counting off her head the number of people so it seemed clear to me that she did know these names and if she hadn't of been there herself which she said she wasn't then the only way she would know that was of boat owner himself I think that Bo probably gave her a lot of details some of which I think she shared with me some of them she didn't and I question why she would share some details with me in others she wouldn't for example the names she seemed to know the names but did want to tell me unlike other questions ask for his did know the answer at all and to be honest I don't know what you would have done if she found out she get in trouble for not coming to the cop sooner I can only speculate on that unless you do come forward but there's still lot of questions I really need answering before I believe this whole narrative really love the pond has in light of the evidence presented in that last episode which was riveting does this not lend credence to this part of a party in which people allegedly passed out which was inducted in the pecan orchard does this not lend more credibility to the story of a young man who commits suicide prior to that has made a list of names of people that were present and even had a horrific accounts of people carving initials into your body it's kind of mind blowing how this goes from Ryan to confessing to a break in and a murderer to the possibility that with me even been a kidnapping and that both of you again this is purely conjecture phone use may have been involved in the take her out to this Hari in God knows What have I just wonder if long portion if you guys in your own investigating are going down these rabbit holes but honestly it's looking like at the very least own juices and all is not going to be on his own and very possibly is much more horrific than that I really be interested in your comments and is again doing a great job keep up good work thank you oh yes and he knows this I can and let me start by saying that is at this point Willie some people theory and it would be conjecture and nobody standing in fact the pain has said publicly that is something that he is actively looking into and I can tell you this hour defense attorney are investigating this case from the defense perspective I would definitely at all as possibilities because if you can come up with a plausible reasonable alternative theory guess we'll have to happen the prosecutors got to go and disprove that otherwise he can rise to the doubt does get to prove the scenario in the car only happen they just have to present evidence that it is plausible and the prosecutor then have to spend a lot of time this proving that it is not true so if the hypothesis I don't honestly know if that's the case or not I don't think anybody does this fairly well at least there's enough information out there that it's something that is worthy of being looked at and perhaps look at for second time by the grace of the question this time of interview where she kept commenting that was worried because Ryan said if you're a chat on your family's land I wondered are we to believe he was too young to understand that by burning the body heat removing all DNA evidence would have been available to clear him the evidence and fingerprints that my dancer's body that would tie in is his story anyway just thought that I had because that argument increase in banks' I your corrects that is a very flimsy argument twenty one year old is not a thirteen year old boy at twenty one you've been out of high school for three years now you can legally drink your most likely in college really Some your friends or you hopefully have a job you're probably not living with your parents anymore you're an adult not a kid even if you were a kid I don't know any kids that would burn a body if I did want them to go to jail too I understand that people are wrongfully convicted sometimes nothing that doesn't happen I'm saying that regardless of whether or not that happens you still do the right thing is people who don't do the right thing to end up in jail sure the cops get it wrong sometimes but that's what happens you'll make terrorists family pay for for twelve years because of your fear that's wrong I just have to stand my ground on that like you said if the flimsy excuse and Hannah may be good enough but to me it's just not the guys now it's time for a very special announcement since the arrest of Ryan Duke in boots in connection with the murder of Tara Grant said these question it clear that there's enormous in how the criminal system really works in real life not just how it seems to work from what you see on TV so up and vanishes pleased to announce its new sister podcast called sworn Esther B O R in the ocean the hauling and repeat after buy or and to uphold the practically every player in the criminal justice system is sworn to do something in some way I've lost count of how many oaths I've taken over the years this new podcast will pull back the curtain on the real criminal justice system it will expose the untold stories truths behind major cases wrongful convictions controversial legislation and much much more out all my a criminal lawyer former prosecutor and former police officer to dig not aspects of these issues but the human emotional as well we'll show you the real justice system not just the one you think you know while up and then it continues to search for the truth of that era grandstand murder and explores options for a season to swarm will premiere on Wednesday June fourteenth in a special two part premiere Part only up and then his feet until then continue up and vanish for special sneak peek on to about four and also go here and check us out you can follow sworn Twitter that's war
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Q&A with Payne Lindsey and Philip Holloway 05.26.17