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Retronauts Episode 96: Ghostbusters

Update: 2017-04-24


'80s kids couldn't help but grow up with a Ghostbusters fixation, even if the games based on this popular property were often as fun as drowning in a river of slime. On this episode of Retronauts, join Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish, Kat Bailey, and Mikel Reparaz as the crew digs into every Ghostbusters game to see how well each one captures that essential ghostbusting spirit. And if you think all of these games are good, we're not ready to believe you!

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turnout wow that means means you jointly to me this affect you in every way and the token minority the token old guy I guess it's true who else is here next to Jeremy my horror part is I guess I'd sorta be like one of the Extreme Ghostbusters that only shows up everyone salami the chair okay I'm not familiar with that actually will not be talking about the Extreme Ghostbusters because they are not can add those new monkeys yeah they're ugly late nineties cartoon character the Batman Beyond ghosts bus was much like Bambi on the fun is if you got on his first REAL Ghostbusters write a letter and then put in the garbage here with us today Kathie Lee that openly that the Ghostbusters have to say it straight and others all ease now that I've read several great articles that told me that men or are more biologically prepared to be Ghostbusters Science O is true in this case going to talk about none of that because that was a joke actually Steve and it looks just like slime or the believe it Jeremy slime or keep it together that he eats an entire hot dog cart but he still he knows when to stop but on saying So today's episode is all about Ghostbusters games and there's a reason I'm doing this because it's a very special episode for me because a Ghostbusters game episode was my first episode of Rush or not it was at was a seventy two which was strangely enough Ghostbusters image or his mask I don't know where that came from could be a Bob Mackie parent Bob from the Ouija board needed to get that Bob Mackie magic on threat or not and some listeners have regretted it ever sense but yeah it was it was a weird episode for me I love being on it but it was a call an episode and I remember being in my tiny grad school office which is literally half the size of this recording studio if you can believe it is like a desk in a chair and the bookcases that threaten to crush me every moment I remember calling in and being extremely nervous having somebody knows in front of me and I've never stopped being nervous I've never stopped having those in front of me on my tree knots so yeah that's the history that still online people always ask me in all of our one up so that we don't own are all on archive dot org Just type in Brecht or not you'll find all two hundred plus of them and you can look that one up it's Episode seventy two pages done yes exactly who the adjacent and just like a guy who does a lot of archive okay great dog that was him who did or are probably not going to put up there so many of so much somebody also archived active time battle which was an RPG companion podcast retrospect a one up and Bob I think the first time ever talked was when you called in to active time battle to talk about resonance of fate that's right and I think Final Fantasy thirteen as well so yell my first ones were calling for some reason and that was the call an ERA of one up I'm not sure what the initiative was there but we don't let anyone call is here because we don't want to hear your opinions you really a phone that we would answer her and bite into that yes that's that's that's very strong very analog but the were going to be talking about Ghostbusters games and I feel like depending on how old you are the Ghostbusters and or life in a different way so I wanted to ask everybody before we start like when did you find the Ghostbusters when they entered your life and let's start with Jerry because they feel like Jeremy might have been the most age appropriate for the first Ghostbusters movie when did you like getting to the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters when these two guys came to my house are wearing suits they have bicycles they said if he heard the good news about the whole eco it know that I know actually slime you brother I feel like I saw Ghostbusters in the theater its initial run of been like ten i maybe now you know I don't think I saw in theaters but I think you know it made the rounds on VHS shortly after I had seen its by the time I entered junior high school so those of nineteen eighty seven because the mold so yeah I definitely saw it in its initial foray into the public consciousness or more before the car to you on board with that immediately or do love that you fall in love with that I thought it was funny and cool and there is a giant marshmallow guy and I didn't get any of the sexual jokes with a lot of them and oh yeah watching as an adult I realize I think is a kid I was kind of aware that you know the ghost blowjob I was like that's inappropriate yeah I didn't totally get it I don't think yeah I mean that you follow the Ghostbusters the cartoons Ghostbusters two o I saw Ghostbusters two in the theater and we all agreed wow that was really bad and I did see some of the cartoon occasionally but I was kind of too old by that yes in a cartoon so I gave preferably aware of it but didn't really watch that much of it I was baffled by the gods hairstyle love that man look anything like he does in the TV in the movie will talk more about it but like stuff like that secretly enemy I think that was what sparked my love of enemies out just like I want all cartoons look like this and why certain ones look like this and I discovered later in life Michael how about you what about Ghostbusters when you start to like it if you did like it and um how did you fall into the course of its life I was kind of only dimly aware of the movie when it came out but got really into it when The Real Ghostbusters came out because as a kid I was like super into not just go stories but like reading books on haunting Zen stuff like that like quote a quote real life ghost and so like this cartoon about paranormal investigators sort of dovetail with my own interests at the time and I got obsessively into Ghostbusters the point where like I was buying all the toys had the firehouse for a long time saying on e bay by the Lego firehouse know it's old because it's huge and needed at that thing was like a hundred dollars The Holy Grail of miniature hundred and fifty so profit as this lady for a kid at that point I was just like envious of any child in the firehouse and Yoochun who had the Proton pack with the piece of foam that still had that I also made one before then like with with scrap wood to make my dad's garage it's amazing to drop a trap though no did have friends to whom would make the traps and who got that the trapped but yeah i was like I had a few friends who are into it and then like within a few months I think I was the only one who is into it so I started getting made fun of constant now wow and cool dad that passed a bill to the to the point where like anytime I had anything Ghostbusters related like they're these bully kids who come in like Goose Busters suddenly Razz me about Timmy Ninja turtles like times change fast exactly that you're fast you know now they think about it the main reason I didn't watch the Ghostbusters cartoon was in ages because I was really distracted by the fact that Peter been sounded exactly like Garfield I prefer to talk about it but I prefer Lorenzo music's version of Peter bank into Dave Cooley doing Bill Murray in caddy Shack yeah that's basically how they can that's not even talk about the slime or in the Real Ghostbusters and because I think I think we have to Michael but all the terms of going to be comparable to most of the games that appear this pretty much pretty much um but the movies like that you find those on the cartoon I did everything like a season or two of the cartoon I finally watched the movie my parents would let me watch it before hand the sex jokes oh then i was like why doesn't the movie have this much swearing also White Way does Peter look like rayon re look like Peter interesting take on but I decided to take the cat um how did you find the Ghostbusters as far as I'm known I've always like the Ghostbusters as long as I can remember because I've been watching I watched that cartoon from like one of my earliest memories and I really loved it I adored it and one day my parents rented the movie and I was really excited and we put in a Mike was this isn't a cartoon our stand alone cut his hair and I saw it was live action my mind was completely blown I was little confused about where Winston a movie about the cartoon for the first time I saw the actor won come out of that fire safe house oh my god I was all in and I watched a movie about five million times I was devastated when I watch that movie once I was older and realized oh the actor wasn't cool at all the garb of the job as a car it's like who's coming on flashing lights in line with technology and thus it is the same thing as with Millennium Millennium Falcon I thought that was the cool ship it turns out no it's actually a piece of crap yes it's supposed to be like a space semi yet so here's the thing about The Real Ghostbusters cartoon was created by well is run by a guy named John Michael's Church in ski who also are in Babylon five a show that I really enjoyed in the nineties and I was aware that because he did like lots of message board like news grupos son he topped it at some length about running Ghostbusters Ghostbusters the show and the thing about that shows that he specifically aimed at both the kids audience an adult audience at a very early light from the start of its rhyme so he actually did not pull punches in terms of the horror aspect and I remember actually being pretty freaked out by some of the stories including one about a bogeyman that turned that light takes kids in turns them into basically itself the ground yet run the whole thing is an allegory for chop molesters I mean there's an episode where the buses go to hell and get sucked into the containment unit and are put on trial for crimes against NGOs that was very very dark storytelling he did an episode that was basically like the Poltergeist yeah but then of course the executives got involved and discover that slime was the most popular part of the show and that was Holly and The Ghostbusters yeah ends A As for me is similar to cat I watched the cartoon first was obsessed with it my friend Philip and I my next turn he would play Ghostbusters every day and then Ghostbusters two came out I was too young for Ghostbusters one it was not even on my radar like Oh there's a Ghostbusters movie now and I'll update later in life feels like it's not great but it's it's weird that I was born eighty two so I saw back to the future to in Ghostbusters two first and I always had the sense until it was like a teenager that old the first movies with the boring ones like us linemen all these cool in the future to us all the cool future stuff I want to watch a movie about the fifties who cares so this post is to felt much more like it was influenced by the cartoon it really was I mean I think it was just made to capitalize on the sex of the cartoon which is why everyone is phoning it in because they're like there's a lot of money on the table and we don't care but will say these lines and rehash the first movies or it'll sell too much for some late eighties early nineties everybody is obsessed with slime like that was a thing like Ghostbusters had slime turtles had slime Nickelodeon had slime it all started with You Can Do That On Television died in Philly gross out humor there was even bigger thing in the eighties and nineties like governance Tempe gross cartoons and sly a man being slimy things like that I don't know where came from maybe the Clinton brought us all down to the sublime level who knows I'm being ironic by the way but yeah I mean that's I just wanted to ask everybody how they found Ghostbusters but talk about the games um this is really hard to research because there's like there's two games called The Real Ghostbusters their two games called Ghostbusters it's very hard to pin them down there's also many versions of many of these different games but one thing I'm going to do which might get tedious and hosts will find out is I'm going to play the version of the Ghostbusters theme found in each of these games at least a little sample of it we can react to it because some of them are good some of them are not good you won't be able to get out of your head from there so you really gonna say I think Ghostbusters was a great movie great performances great story I think the theme is instrumental in the success of the Ghostbusters I don't know why I can't pin this down but I feel like having a titular theme song was the Big East thing but it's such a great great fun song but I think like it helped contribute to the success of the movie even if it still from Huey Lewis we know we all know that story you know I want a new drug is basically the Ghostbusters theme in some way there there was a class act not a class action lawsuit but there was a settlement involved in that but um yeah so I guess we can move onto the first game in our in our series here which is uh just call Ghostbusters II came out and polity of nineteen eighty four for the Commodore sixty four there are ten different versions of this game many different computer platforms but the version that I think most people played in America is the NE US version which came out nineteen eighty eight which is actually a nineteen eighty six Pham a com game but I do want to play the collar sixty fourth team in the NE esteem because they're bit different so your color sixty four the most The The The The so it's okay I mean I think one all say that it depending on which version you had had like a bouncing ball lyrics version that will hear the NEA estimates it's much much dink years is a very bad port by the way Michael silly right this is the the fourth of the actual be the song The The The The The The The The I know it's like Dude you have four channels in the S button that plays through the entirety of the day all you hear the entire game I mean I don't think the C for immune had music after that intro scene but um yes this game was created by David Crane very famous developer he made pitfall Grand Prix freeway in fishing derby for the Atari supply six hundred amongst other games Amish boy and his beloved niece that too yeah and a little computer people so he's a very notable designer in this game is very good in advance for the time it is a very very primitive and simple game now and it was an eighty eight for the And yes this is a nineteen eighty four computer game and it is pretty interesting and we're like action slash simulation of context there's action scenes but you are running a business at the same time yet and that the conceit is that you're running the Ghostbusters at the beginning of the game get ten thousand dollars from the bank you can spend on equipment and you have to kena trick out your car decide what you want to take into battle in the battle is just like position to Ghostbusters on either side of the screen pretty much try to get your ghosts in your streams over the trap and then trap them in and make money and all the ghosts are basically the same time which they do not change for the assertion although they could have that time made new sprites just like this the smiling ghost icon that is the only ghosts in the game basically I want I want to say lake I played the crap out of this apple too it was one of my favorite games and I played the NE US one for the first time yesterday and it it's like it it took everything in me to quantify be worse it looks like it's for the in TV and just the way that it's structured like it in the other versions you get ten thousand dollars at first and then you go through Shop screen you buy all the equipment that you want and you go out into the world of US coasts and in this one first thing you have to do is go all the way across town to the shop bike on by all the equipment Proton packs that you don't have to buy and the other versions and then you go around and start busting ghosts the only thing that really has to recommend it over the other versions is that you can adjust the angle of your streams that's right Jersey they're the true final level due to that soon but yeah Michael is right it is easy business game where you are setting up a Ghostbusters franchise in fact computer versions have you enter at the beginning so it's like I'm this guy you're not playing as the actual Ghostbusters and essentially this game is there's a world map you are the floating ghost Busters icon when ghosts attack a building you drag the icon over to that building click on it and then it was a driving scene where you drive to the thinking goes to pick up gas and money I think I have to dress up duds like every drunk driver in the truck drivers that was before Giuliani crack down on them but yeah essentially I found him playing this game the entire game is about building up enough resources for the final battle that is not the same in the six C sixty four version I'm not sure about the other computer versions but there is no final boss in the sixty four version of Once you reach the final encounter you have to send to three Ghostbusters into the building by running in between the Stay puff marshmallow man's legs he's jumping up and down and once you get to enter the building they run up in its over thats basically it really just has to be enough to cross the streams and should be noted here that this was the previously existing David Crane Project Name car wars they got the license kind of late and they're like We this out by Christmas we're not sure if anyone will care about Ghostbusters by then obviously they did notice a hit that people love that would attach themselves to but this game was really rushed development so this is the before version has you can definitely tell like Oh there's no ending on a lot of things are kind of slight but they still made the most of what they had with this with this design that they had for it I played the NDS game and I mean at the time you know that the box was just the logo and I was like oh that's exciting but then you know you actually start playing and it's like you have the Ghostbusters logo and is kind of city or something I was not that old and I had no idea what the hell is going on no explanation you dislike being on the world map with no look what I mean icon oh yeah and I didn't really know how to play these kinds of games straight like this idea of building up your resources to be able to take on Zul et-cetera Like I was used to the straight ahead action games like Mega Man two and all that stuff this is actually kind of a common problem with laces games of the time where it's like the Hell's going on what am I doing like why are these mechanics so that I didn't really understand the concept of a bad game again would be bad I just like the legacy yes it was just like this game and I don't understand it like I mean but at least it wasn't as bad as the Back To The Future Games which Franken really did make no sense there also US version your car ran out of gas possibly one and a half trips on average before could win I guess so if I remembering the NE US version right to play it apart from a friend you have to climb a building at the end right it's like the prequel to the Shin Ra building if you take yes in a Final Fantasy seven it's actually a sort of take on the scene that goes with the running up the stairs and they're all very tired because they're middle aged man carries heavy Proton which is funny when it's just like you know seen the movie of people being exhausted but less entertaining when you actually have to do that climb yourself and it's very tedious and is insanely hard it's a miserable level and as I said So you're trying to earn money to buy things upgrade your car but really the three most expensive items of the three most vital and one is very expensive our items just for the final level one is beat that will distract goes one is our merger that will protect you from more hits from the NGOs are climbing that tower and one day something else that they're all related to the final level so most of the game is just like Bill yourself up for the final encounter Sony s game perhaps another person not sure but his game for sure you climb that tower and the final encounter is with the seemingly topless NGOs are localized as Gore's us and sort of you're dodging you're dodging things from the two dogs inside of her like bullet hell shooter style and you're just shooting her as you're standing side by side with two of the Ghostbusters who knows I have to the third one that came up with you I don't know if you took out the window or something but that is the final boss and I was probably one thing and just hit a button to alternate between the two Sophie added a third one it might confuse yeah that would be too much but um this is Gore's in the Sega Master System version also which is I think the best version that I've played it low so I remember I'm glad I never ask my mom for mass system but in the department store hills the now defunct department store they always had a master system on display and it was always playing Ghostbusters and I would just walk up to it and just have no idea what to do but it looks so cool and with the Ghostbusters were and I think it is still the best looking version of this game I don't know it has the final level in it but the NS one definitely does but yeah there's no likeness rights in this game that would be a common thread throughout these games for the most part just three way Ghostbusters of them again in the sixty four version you put your name in but the structure into a world map in this game is um one of the more infamous and sad localization is where the ending is he the most you could mess up the word congratulations so any previous or future episode we mentioned how the California raisins game gave you the text can Badger raisins that was made by Americans that's fine but still angering so the NE s ending says Can Glass your ration not King glad Nic how does what it even got congratulations I'm forgetting but there's more to say so bad congratulations congratulations congratulations singular yet singular you have completed a great game n proved with two O's the justice of our culture now go and rest are heroes I love that it said you have completed a great game like it's self advertising at the end of the game that you just finished lies the location was so bad I forgot the working class I just did it again congratulations ok I'm going to forget that word because I keep seeking laceration in front of my eyes forgive me like the first time ice saw the end of this game was from the angry Video Game nerd and he like didn't even know how to finish like get up the stairs cuz it was so bad I mean gosh so far I think that self congratulatory congratulatory ending was kind of thing back then because when you begin is noon and the roommate says hurray for Khatami and the stew stew is full of ko na me references it was scary but yet very soft yet and that final in the final battle obviously the Beast their way to track the controls are different to you tap the A button to advance the Ghostbusters you don't move them with the control stick it's the ghosts come in at awkward angles yeah it's needlessly complex in just punishing and again in the entire game the Senate's version is just building yourself up for that final battle with Gore is of course that was the development of its laboratory or something like that and I don't know maybe journey can tell us what else they worked on but Alden crowd to remember they're like they're like sub micron aches in terms of ports I think that oh no no at my chronic this lake is like Nintendo EA D compared to its laboratory I think but um yeah that is Ghostbusters any final thoughts before I move on I mean it's again coming down hard on it but the original version was great for eighty four version was a bad poured into simple and eighty eight I think that's really the message I'm sending I think than on any OS versions are still pretty playable if you can get them to work again that the Master System one is still fun but getting any ass when please don't touch this game by the end yes kind of a theme with the Ghostbusters games in general is no matter what the quality at least faintly resembles the actual source material is is actually kind of a hit miss thing with games of that vintage so now you're a cat like this has the lack of trapping catching in trapping ghosts which a lot of games would miss which is a very very satisfying kind of action to do like you're pulling them in then you're pulling them down into the trap I feel like it's like Pokemon but without the ability to make ghosts or party exactly in the maybe like in Dragon Quest ups cut them in Ghostbusters monsters you could if there is an RPG but I also like that that than on any aspersions kind were about teaching kids to work within a budget because you could pick four different cars in the other versions unlike the childlike the cheaper ones were slower and had fewer storage slots but they let you spend more money on equipment Oregon Trail scary dysentery track consists of the word because I'm clearly missing something but we should move on to the next game The Real Ghostbusters The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The The Real Ghostbusters in nineteen eighty seven arcade game that came to various computer platforms this was in my local arcade don't know about you guys but this is the Data East game that is based on a nother game that's called Make You Hunter G which is labyrinth Entergy that he was much more complex we can talk about what this game is I This game reminds me a lot of the moonwalk or arcade game and that is the asymmetric ish shooter with three characters were all identical instead of playing Michael Jackson's you play as three white ghost Busters not not named I mean like they had the license for those buses they could have used those character designs but I think it was too much work too and all of those individual sprites to this kind of reports of the port but kind of like ROM hack of a previous game they are they ambiguous enough the compassion was Kate McCann then them and they're all the white man white white dude with a thick dark hair yeah pretty much I play this in the arcade just because I love the cartoon anyone but me play this game I played the crap out of this I that there would be in any sport there never was yeah I thought it was a lot of fun and played every chance I got when I was kid and that one thing I like I think it's different from the The Original make two hundred g like you have two types of weapons you have the shots and the capture mean yeah and the idea is that like you're facing all these physical monsters you wear them down of the shots and then you reel in the US with the cap should be may think you have like a limited amount of energy there you do Yeah for your capture beam and slime or is in this game and not in love with energy obviously is like sort of a shield or something you pick up slammer Paris that is the one real tired of the cartoon also I feel the enemies are kind of directly tied to the cartoon they have the kind of grotesque garbage pail Kid overly overly complex and gross way
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