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Retronauts Micro 58: The Zelda Treasure Jingle Quiz

Update: 2017-04-07


Since weve all got Breath of the Wild on the brain, why not celebrate The Legend of Zeldas most unsung musical moments? On this episode of Retronauts Micro, join Bob Mackey, Chris Antista, Henry Gilbert, and Brett Elston as the crew assembles to put their knowledge of Zeldas famous doo doo doo DOOOO ditty to the test. You know the one were talking about.

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it is brought to you by audible audiobook service with more than one hundred and eighty thousand titles to choose from a free audio book and a thirty day trial at audible trial dot com slash game the the uh hello everybody and welcome to a brand new episode of rector not micro I swear to god this time it will be micro you were treated far too well for far too long with these forty five minute micro and I'm sick of it going to get this out under fifty minutes to help me God Bob Mackie yesterday hey it's in a Gilbert below ten percent Eastham nine for precisely fifteen minutes but I'm told are moving from the room after that but yes this is a micro thanks to you a kind patrons donors we were able to bring back micro so these will be two episodes additionally on top of the four regular episode you get every week so they key so much for donating month got the win well okay once we hit the loo hundred thousand dollars to go here you'll get episode everyday hire interns and robots yes and podcasting robots but of this episode is brought to you by Chris because he came to me with an idea as you can blame him if it goes wrong idea I was running on a big high on the wild I think we all don't want to talk about it too and if you guys might be doing that if you raise the current game to come by I know it feels weird but I just happen to be around I don't have to say the things you had to keep saying about the wild but what it feels like because it's a wonderful way to put what brave the wild is and which to think about it like just makes you feels over one compares know I mean a long sort of it is like for me it's I had this moment climbing a mountain by law but it's like that game is what your little kid brain told you the one was was this big mysterious world that you run around you poke around you burn everything you poke it everything you've not told exactly where to go what to do but in your mind you're having this grand adventure despite being super primitive basic inputs you can go for directions you have to button but in your head when you're seventy nine you're having a grand adventure in scaling mountains and going across lakes in the wild is I'm actually feeling that exact same way when I was seven years old only I am link crawling up the side of the house I can see the curvature of the earth and see everything all at once like this is what I always wanted to do in these aliens that so tube like the that are just so wall it's a walled off more like the illusion that Kareena had of this big field which in ninety seven or ninety eight was was great but he'd still like it very modular like this is the high will field is not actually connected to anything you can see Demi sectors of well that's not actually a J peg of the next area yeah and this is the anti princess is just trying to be that again skyward sword is I think you know it's a great half step in a lot of directions and have set back an auditor oh yes but like it has a lot of cool stuff but it was STILL didn't stray enough and in the places and it's really kind of bizarre and is covered so it's funny this like yet here we go this is what this is the promise of Zelda when I filled in three D and I feel like it was really getting kind of off topic the same breath I guess but Dark souls as well that was supposed to be going in three D and that's to me why Dark souls struck a chord with so many people I agreed even though people yell at you if you compare things are kind is a legit comparison you can make sometimes and I was okay we can say dark soul sometimes the of skill based games I don't know I'm not yelling at him saying you should be should be able to say yes the feel they know I agree there's there's I agree that the comparisons made a lot it's the dark souls in KK no it's not just having played more than six games played yeah but when when when the comparison is apt it makes sense and this is what to me when I play Dark souls alike this is with the directions all the should have gone and that's why it struck a chord with so many people because it's that sense of adventure and weirdness and you have to talk to people you have to like just being online with these isn't enough I need to talk to you in being the instant interaction back and forth about this what about the new it always feels like there's a new thing to discover if you go a different direction find anything like what's that in Yamada figured out and I think do they learn the right lessons from Western well like the SS is Trey's been doing it for a decade now but just the like I climb to the top of the tower and then I filled in a map with more stuff except in this it's like okay kind of building a map maybe take a look around see these in stride near map with icons you yet you find all the same activity as someone was just bringing up and lays on Facebook but we're kind of I'm Down unlike Bethesda open world games because that is generally like stiff rigid you can see very far and glorified fetch quests go here touch this button yet to me and there's like three missions like that I played in a hundred hours of the last thing I'll say is of course move on is that I feel like Zelda but the law has really showed me how modern game design has ruined my brain in some ways where I was stuck in the tutorial because you have to do these five shrines and was on top of the mountain I did know that I saw this malice it's Leslie's at the goal but the game wouldn't let me go there sized I didn't try that for two hours I might as well I can keep climbing snow at the top of the MT O my God is doing pieces like the biggest thing in the game it's like you can touch that like within an hour yeah if you want to I mean even hit the snow territory welcome back your hours later we have the snow to nick or whatever for reference specifically like the most about The One Where is the one I didn't have any idea what to do or what order to tackle it and yeah I was so used to the Zelda formula that like I end up traversing the world and when I finally do figure something I know that is over there I didn't have it I didn't have a map but a new location he was a great table talking about that more on alliteration dogs were all playing it's great it's like I feel like it's been so long something missing in the same time as everybody I just a great feeling it and nobody knows everything yet yes so cool time is recording what I wanted to bring it up just a bridge both of them while Enzo the one because going to have a big ol' quiz down the railing it's I want to do just like playing with the wild maybe think about the Fan fares and I wanted to do a a result a twelve question fanfare quizzes this one's a gimme as picking up a sword yes a key item is on the iTunes although once it's called an item fanfare or I didn't get fanfare or I don't know if I try to find the same theme across all Zelda game and I would like it I realize getting into this especially with what's going to be on yea he's going to be able to know the system this is coming from within second some of the stuff I A who knows everyone here play allows all the fuel bought into this with your name with nary a one syllable names will Janet Frank Haines with writing that's o k though sorry to say which name which game it is you will buzz in and say was I should probably get a pen was Henry and making a wrong does he lose a point yes I know that I wanted to steal the game already that it is interesting but if I was Chris we have a Mario Party esque reversal of fortunes The Biggest loser gets all the points making all this worthless to do B in B O that's confusing yes a alright so this is time for our is Elder Zydeco is a fan of Eric was he heard this one the one the very familiar right yes right it was written into every race to get my Mikey here the the red is buzz in the path who else in summary Henry when weaker it is was detected if I need a game on the HD the but isn't that isn't that interesting as across time across galaxies of the what the theme How many years apart so three years is eighty seven the the the press even get a breast exam one jump back and forth through time likely the game this yet number three the Lynx awakening by matching awakening thinking probably thirty times breeze and through this yeah Chris come on do for what the first one he didn't get a wrong know it has over one the example you give everyone the publisher I still was in first year at the point I'm going to put an asterisk next to your name and that's fine there's some question the head it's sort of a name for newborn or you know of three run three third item fanfare was ill the game is this from the Father is weakening again and point them in the face we are number four yes this is confusing for me okay the health and doesn't know that it is only tell it's all horribly O R is the weirdest sounds like whatever's playing as being strangled ready for the next twenty years has a whammy bar is over five the it's skyward sword law princesses the had to be that no one for BM love getting away with it let's try and Number six showing the whatever Kareena and Reagan are jubilant that is absolutely the right down to Henry Hank looked or on in one key reason through it yeah I think about the beginning of that because soccer is a giant loves us and who the hell with the kind of like the All India back there that was definitely the sound as far as it's the same item fanfare from a George mask believes in the off hand of the composer of the originals the gene condo on there you Chris I did everything else on Number seven the threats well it is Brother The River Wild and I couldn't bear to fan fears in breath the Wild ended and the other one did you see I just saw this I never realized in each shrine I didn't notice why their hands are in different positions but the all together lay out the different positions of all four triangles of the tri force of the time right the sides in the empty ones so keep an eye on where those like shrines have their fingers point back in learning something for the first doesn't imply anything like this is the connection maybe it does have a connection well this and yeah if you want to get what happens feeling I get yearly that is making the flag of the field for delay of game not see view of this other ramble random The reference listeners it's me Jeremy I know you love my monotone drone but you'll get a couple of hours of it every week why not fill the other hundred and sixty six of them with the next best thing professionally read audio books courtesy of audible with one hundred and eighty thousand different books available audible has more great literature available than you could physically cram into an entire lifetime even if you listened at double speed right now audible is offering readers listeners a free audiobook download and free thirty day trial at audible trial dot com slash game that includes 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sleep terms and conditions apply obviously there's no stopping the war about invasion force but shouldn't the final nights of our time is a freeze PCs be spent on the comfort of a Casper mattress on here please check out my new podcast rock talk with Mr on every Jericho network here at pod cast one of the talking to all the biggest names in the Andy Summers from the police boys in nicely lover Boy and more download new episodes each Monday via podcast one Dakar the pod cast one half or simply subscribe via iTunes I get to our aid is older and fanfare the Your Spirit tracks there's an hourglass guess more than once I bob but they played again in the US skyward sword was parade president of the steel this was the anyway oh yea think again the Lo rule up until this the best game in ten years that was a link between world was my favorite Zelda game I think breath of the wild it's because I was showing them breaking their own formula that could be there breaking within an already defined world but then the freedom to give them that gave them the like got so breezy like we could break it on the thirty yes let's break it three D Link Between worlds is like the game had a cake needed to have a big salad triple we're also going to like really breaks for those two were in the boomerang first no more going in the order you gotta go unloved no more needless items that do one thing in yet the whole first year level of play princesses battled Riedel it also mandates like them just like that twist it or the couple swings that are in the world are beautiful I love the game Tom has written nine sounds good right the oh the Hank Hankins buzz in the Oracle of Seasons who would be the same things I for Bob but the menace Kath the sore I playing in it which was nine the the soaking with a Gameboy he does announce that a key and what it is this really made my time are still running a mini wasn't minutes Catholic hero or you already wrong and unjust guest for swords it is not not force the was going to be my next guess is that the DDA things like that yet force or the GPA for swords Number ten the moment then Hank Hank and Mary was it is finally last great aunt in retaking the lead was the first really thinking I it's one of the earth was I didn't finish because I hated the ocean dungeon I love the Spirit tracks that's a little extra tracks and Number eleven the breath thus lead to the past the faces to me where titles in the breast section yes it will get to left oh boy ok so let's try this one out the the Brett Brett Smith Dave Mays like to deviate you can tie it up and write that shit is baked in to the sound made an actual castle the new album is due to a music that's just in the oh yes they were just re master them with good samples to his The not unlike the power to Sega CD game we got banned from YouTube for briefly briefly while thirty eight Henry got to take this to go the the ah don't get down because you guessed all the self is already bub but the weaker who had waken details like I did like her tray and rain the crossbow Training I wish I would've thought that partial credit I think mine over the practice of Rights I can hear was an hour and twelve the uh it out soon to discuss the half race said heart rules over Oh shit it is you please keep harping that he would suck soo to many instruments you play hard by moving the thing back and it to do turn down your speakers because I'm going to play all of them together in one oh my god the hell o Greg writes the winner their bodies perform very well Henry on the bright ones and all expenses trip to High rules in the pic which I rule you have to go to Ulta to Tyrell live and I would take well to is like those peas for a berth in the wild of view of the woods own but there's nothing in and I want to go to a store you want to go into one of those houses with Elise heal you yeah I do I want to I know I just like Boy beetle comes to town went wild going into all have this feeling of like the bad guys or anyone because of trying to fight back yeah all the others I feel more like it's generally peaceful and a bag as a coming and when workers just like a whirl boned actually things are pretty cool minis Catholic yes I mean you know the princesses and is made of so happens that you also have little Pixies helping you know even now it just fine there world's finite like the anonymity critical of BP Korea I would agree so that that was written as micro we got it like twenty minutes can be thirty bedtime but talking don't believe I've ever done that with the above yes it's almost impossible but thank you so much for listening I have been your host for this one by mechanics can to Chris for putting it together you can find me on Twitter as Bob serve oh well sorry for Phantom look at my video game stuff in sometimes and I'm a stay home I got into me now is my life become just a fin com to find out and also every Monday to a cause like um you listen to much or not if you don't know where to find it that's where you find it ends you can give us money it's the best thing to do with your money is to give it to us because we use that money to make podcasts and it's great to listen to one now so good picture on the complex Russia knots in for just three dollars a week a month I keep saying a week three dollars a month you get every episode a week ahead of time know as high quality with the amazing McDaniel German pear tart please consider giving us money at a tree on the Comstock director not everybody else what the do with your life I do later time stuff that's where we kind of pioneered the dumb video game sound effects into modern stupid podcasts but that's kind of stuff on video pockets or weekly video game show and we have talked about plenty of leisure time with topics such as we recently talked about bread what ran through the entire history of the Power Rangers I am so I put the emphasis in the wrong word there is power power Rangers and a bunch of other fun use of other fun things going on with the rain till the movie monsters from high according to height according to Hite who is the tallest monster it is or is it is the Godzilla grows about twenty feet in the Biggest loser monster you've never heard that also I contest that because that's wingspan is an out call it socks gangsta lean its gravity check out thirty twenty ten it a weekly look back every week that exact seventy period the will of the Chopin thirty ago twenty years ago ten years ago that exact seven day range so recently we talked about this man like thirty reading Arizona turned thirty years old the one still isn't yet thirty years old in the US but Bella to turn thirty this year in Japan I will ask or just turned twenty and man like the supreme commander just turns into an MPC and I recommend out of or too sticky dough like things are decade old now the recommended restaurants folks last year and thirty sweeten the oldest is a really fun to revisit I do all the time it was the launch of the PlayStation and the six to sixty four and then like that whole year of Knights versus Banda Cooper Smart war and digging up an old video the Sonic three D blast Risk Monitor Audio its unforgettable to me of the crowded space Wilbur E three before the busy there was an internet when you couldn't see moving footage of Mario sixty four and the crowd just gasping in awe that they've never seen anything like this before it was the more modern version of people being afraid of a train coming yes I hear he could hear Hansen for his liking the new cars burning in a circle of why I was very sad though as of this are the recent one that was the last episode for a ride that means alot to me at the finale he moves to Arizona with the Prophet would retire in Arizona has something I love about old shows like that when he showed those of last season it makes kind like the last four or five that this is the cool art in many ways I never it H E R D White T's and a can also find my work and then in the comment either on the number of residents but is also lose me every week I'm talking weekly exploration of every single ups of the sentence from the beginning Bob is the most and that's all supported our peach tree on PGN dot com slash laser time where the first season in many other extras that exists already loving giving many restaurants baby extra money the trio cost me five bucks it helps us live yes he may consider it worthwhile and is a small exercise DVD Empire the music podcast rescinded upset about the blaster Master Series because the last Mr. Zero came out I'm quite taken with him are some great remix Colts are a lot of stuff we did at just one zero scape series a lot of iTunes stitcher beach in part I think probably every upset residents I tell people listen to the corresponding media empire usually is on the Mario Kart one that has happened oh well just cut the spoilers so it's fun to talk about out of our wonderful thank you so much for listening we'll see another episode of restaurants later votes the the the the the The Who Day
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Retronauts Micro 58: The Zelda Treasure Jingle Quiz