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Retronauts Micro 60: The Simpsons - Bart's Nightmare

Update: 2017-05-06


The Simpsons might have gotten off on the wrong foot with 8-bit consoles, but Our Favorite Family's 16-bit debut was... kinda better? On our latest Talking Simpsons crossover episode, join Bob Mackey, Henry Gilbert, and Chris Antista as the crew gives Bart's Nightmare the Retronauts treatment.

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this has brought to you by audible audiobook service with more than one hundred and eighty thousand titles to choose from a free audio book and a thirty day trial at audible trial dot com slash game the uh oh boi boi everybody welcome to another episode of retro not micro I'm your host Bob Mackie in todays topic is Bartz nightmare the videogame parts nightmare and a four star who else is here with me today dangers bubblegum hundred over and the weight is not that show right or not whoa okay I'm Christian feast and I like the Simpsons but not the skin ok well that's very nice hi there well they've approached me in a dark alley he said You must have me on this episode I said the more people talking about parts nightmare the better any case you don't realize this Chris Henry myself sometimes they would do a podcast local talking Simpsons it is a chronological exploration of the Simpsons on the latest podcast Network every Wednesday you baby and I my idea sort of revisit the really high points of Simpson's games because they're very few but some of the more memorable game this is the high point for Simpson's console games Xbox three sixty six terrible until Simpsons hit Run which I see the sorry that's the best is the best console game was a pre nine eleven the A one is not good it just has all in custom animation it is the backing is like two hours of terrible terrible platform gameplay it's more than thirty stressed in the thirty with great cut scene there's great writing anymore my favorite jokes from that era is part saying The Simpsons game is not repeat and that is an alcoholic this is dark for my lessons begin yeah I mean we do the talking since this podcast we have The Simpsons episode of depression us we depart versus the space means Mets micro fifty five Palmer just look for your podcast directory you'll find it but I want to talk about parts nightmare came on September of nineteen ninety two in dumb to know what our experiences with I think I want to start with Dave because he seems to have the strongest connection to this game I mean I think I'm going to have a somewhat similar experience in that like I mostly rented it may have liked I currently own it just cuz you know like when I got a Super Nintendo for the second time I was just like Oh I'll buy anything that shows up in our game stop because I have twenty five percent discount so I worked there yes brag but then I know it was like the lion share that with the time I played it was renting it and then figuring out stuff when I rented it for the second time the third time fourth time because even though it but you might stumble upon a solution I would say particularly good game it's it's it's something about it that is like well this time I feel like I get all the pages you never does this I am I actually didn't race it until the Genesis version leader because I I just been burned by previous Simpsons rentals that as a kid who couldn't just read whatever game they felt like a you got one rental every like me my ass we went out to the rent a video game like once a month and you get one pic is not going to pick another Sims game anywhere after space reasons and the old one other before that my landing in the middle of the awful and yes part trilogy space means versus the world in its radioactive Man I would say the worst trio of games versus the Jagger knots awful awful American Gladiators rip off or worse the early games I think than the twenty s trilogy in radioactive Man is the worse it's terrible it's awful it's really bad man to wait like weirdly this was the best Simpsons game when he came I'm not counting the arcade game yet the US consul Simpsons game because it was just like I take a nap might actually try super fun house no but it's like it so unfair that is how I am the skin rat trap you read it as well of course that was what I had that many games and I don't think I want enough that this should not be the game I buy it this should Street Fighter Bartz nightmare but it looks really cool previews because you just see that's a giant picture of Bart is Godzilla yeah I mean the look alot better I ran it I learn from space means you do not buy Simpsons game I did not buy that one but that taught me like these games you don't buy you poke at them for a week and forget about them but course nightmare to some some cursory info I was the most cultured software not imagine hearing who did the bar trilogy on the NDS big step for a long time almost twenty years nineteen eighty five to two thousand and two they weren't terrible but they just kind of the mediocre stuff I mean Dave in Christendom I know they made some of the yes and yes WF game ok and things like cars wrong eventually become one of them in one A Western claim less than one it was their last name in was the logo of like no bearing on quality could go either way could be NBA Jam or South Park and one and I think David like mortal Kombat ports resin yes believe it will come out one and two and three the worst errors in the UK to France and yes pretty good I think acclaim purchase them outright due to their shops and being enforced on them much like they did this in sins their WWF gains were the best once because the ones on the answer so bad for a similar ban situation though then we moved up the next generation I just feel like Oh if a claim publishes wrestling in new thing every wrestling I think in solo what then sixty four ERA in that era th queue was making good ones first with W's the bill via www we talked about this on a previous renter not some muscle knots which number that it's way back in turn delay first Kickstarter yeah at twelve twenty thirteen Episode one listener who requested you got your wish so there was the Genesis version of the scheme came out a year later ninety three were going to be focusing on the ass and yes version it's the first one to force a Nintendo game Chris I mean Nintendo not the first and foremost but what's interesting about this game unlike any other season game before it The Simpsons had three seasons under its belt by this time so as this game is releasing for S N E S The Simpsons as entering Season four and this game strikes me as a mix of like the premise of the game feels like Parkinson aft stealing Barney's the finish something by the next day or whatever it's just sort of like a little borrowing of that but you see more of the show the the scene where the show but unfortunately you don't hear the opening song that's it man I mean as he settles in the space means EPA's the only obvious that they paid for the Danielle Finn song I think all the rest were like The Sims and life itself is probably so expensive like we have budget to license a purr like a theme song from a TV show this to be like a million dollars yeah I mean you hear in the nightmare over world you hear bomb bomb bomb that all you hear is that even that even doing it I think they got away with being a saxophone a fucking enemy Slayer out whatever the saxophone the to do's over world is where most insane things in the universe in hindsight playing it again for this it isn't it drew is a nightmare no it really feels like David Lynch Ian air in its presentation towards like a waking nightmare yeah like ah how I can walk properly like that's the thing in a dream but all time is echoing everything is an eco Calendar as a real nightmare take after that element of it before ghetto place I went over a few more things like this is the first of two Simpsons mini game collections the second is much worse ritual but there is no saving grace in that game I feel like there's one good many games in this collection here toolbar is nothing but trash like it's made a film game but it's okay as a weird tech demo while this is like almost three D in a way but well though there's no more specific or reference any of the mini there is of like the Mount splash more age to whoa you have to remember the different paths because otherwise you can't have a much better reference than anything in this game it is really so I mean I feel like with this game in particular I feel like they got feedback from the artists or people to draw art for them to use but yet there are some like strangely on model things part looks good the huge graphically part SIL and mom to run king home or the like really good I feel like there was definite more quality control over this one than space units in every other crappy thing that I search the credits for familiar name but didn't seem to credit anybody from the Simpsons production just but a lot of fox people ok so maybe they had some model sheets to work with and yet just a tiny bit more processing power of the sixteen bit slow hard not to look like a duck is why his eyes he still only in the schemes they could be despite better in versus the world at least the radioactive spiders so yeah you're right it is so totally bar gets an F with you if you don't know is the first episode of Season two Part is being trained to be held back if he gets another athlete is doing very poorly and so he's trying to study is the snow day he falls asleep while trying to learn about the Constitutional Congress great great thing to the first episode Thompson's yeah list for you cheapskate that love everybody so the premise of this game is so marvelously as a nightmare for some reason the homework pages are located in his nightmare although they blow out the window in the real world is like the episode markets into freefall this even beats the founding Fathers act like it's very weird that this game only references the first season like to a fault more like the arcade game which was already out and better homers in this game so that through this season too and I was angry about that but yeah so Part eight pages of homework from this nightmare world to do that yes they survive long enough in the whole world to find a page that page will bring into one of two different mini games of a total of six can you describe the world for the world is basically a war of attrition against you it's like everything is out to kill you you need to survive long enough to find a page just to escape your walk industry with and lists an endless street walking in both directions looking for hope against hope you'll find pages no guarantee the painter will fly by like a random raced it and later times research time in like there's no guarantee you'll find page by walking in the direction it is literally random and all the while mailboxes are trying to kill you over the case oh please kiss you in turn you into frogs flying saxophone skirt she would make you walk backwards reverse or control it looks kinda put a suit on you which will make you walk slowly it's literally the area it's in all it sounds like The Simpsons The was playing backwards in and showed it it's their game David Lynch presents the man's your saving grace is that you can use bubble gum blow bubbles and if not disease into your life are to extend its meaning on MC so that you can turn into a frog by Lee says the ferry and you get turned back if you find an old lady kisses this Yeah but your kids is normally hurt you if you're not a froth at least this if you run into Jim Boland all they will grab you walk with you steer you into danger and if you if you walk up to freely so she will turn them into frogs or turtles or something so there are a lot of cute interesting ideas but they're only there to punish you I really appreciate them but things look like how they should for the most part end of Skinner is like a per season is more purple season one lavender and did when he was still like making a weird like hope our conversation things in his speeches like I let the medley bill to the medley and be the head of the head of Springfield also the merits I feel like was the only season one episode mostly game makers was huge all over them there's one thing Bart did it was saw of Gemini he came back so often yet so I don't mention this but you have one life are for the entire game that's the last you through every visit of the world so it is like just a battle against your soul everything is wearing down against you just want to get out of this world into much worse gameplay what is that spawns easily I think it to like jump over things and that spawns eating edible the bubble not busy and randomly spawn doesn't always get the disease outside of your life bar doesn't matter yeah I have to position in the entire screen so that the Z goes up into the life and control the bubble gum bubble independently while your frozen there's even get my enemies while you're controlling the poets like you want to call it lazy game design but it's so fucking comp there are so many ideas but they're all they only just to hurt you if you have said also there's those trees on the bottom level the block your vision like to cover everything and this came out now like people but would marvel at how the lay of the world is dark souls Saturday posts every week did you know you do this in hearts nightmares whirl because the manual doesn't tell you became very teary make everybody do not kick started so let's go over these many games so the first one I'm just going in ones I played this game again so does the game you find you approach a door in much of the colors memorize you don't know where you're going to colors got to choose what to do sometimes red and blue so was Bart still is obviously a takeoff on Season three's treehouse of Horror King Home or the segments you basically for one part of the segments you are walking to the right side of the screen using very complicated controls to blow up things in front of you above you and below you like artillery and like the army is coming after you this is one of many many games in this collection with no music just plays out eerily like Greece not silent scream like the sound effects I think we're lazy to scroll all the work went into making Bart Miller that's right that's it I have a theory that every other efforts in this game is a Season one reference for this and it just like I think somebody said this game sucks we do one more thing there are a lot of these minor offenses and senior Trey is this the eighteenth ranked one is broken up and like to play twice to get two different pages this one also think it's actually Indiana Bar is the second of the other of which is okay with that and so I I was pissed off as a kid because the what I got it for was to be part Villa can see the pictures only show so cool and when I play it when places like this isn't fun enough it might feel awesome to be Godzilla ages especially big because you know what defines Godzilla is that when it takes you to them it doesn't do anything instead is what's also very seriously kill you it's more like it's more like piloting like a mannequin arm wheels kind of like like an endless runner like you don't control you only control how he can interact the environment and the second part of the stage for the first person walking around right to left or left to right to get to this building a new climb the building taking home or just dodging things people are throwing at you and also dodging mom for a nice feeling some of these are possibly like I don't think a game today would do it straight up Godzilla pair to feel like they beat it because it always kind of like that it is right with God's will is very protective of the charities that though yes but I like I like the design for Mom for I'm Simpsons artist or the snow when its culture its offer came up with this design may know this is so you know things like everything's all a part time and polite there's a continuity error right within that state support is bigger than buildings oh you're to building that is way bigger than him he's the one story tall and well I know this too you can read all the bystanders are dropping junk out their windows Japanese but everyone is the Fu Chef which is a sense of who he was on his band and everything be the best new chef at The One is the only level with anything beyond season one this leads me to believe it was created last it sucks so much in the second have levels also notable in that in the Super Nintendo version at least someone drops a Sega Genesis out of the window and through Genesis is like the size of Park Villa which also does make any sense to buy the Xbox Original I don't think the chances version have like a consul dropped out and I you know what they would be cool with that thing Nintendo with Wii yeah I think they'd be more worried of suit but then again it was the Wild West back and there were lots of hits to the top of the thing inking home or is there now I'm of two minds into me homer has black fur baby is because he's black and white that I see there wasn't in the Color Eyes King homer however Homer is the changers of Homer and we know that Homer when he had here had brown hair shouldn't his whole body here true I think it may be more like a rampage reference of the king Homer makes him into human again or whatever you didn't need the King home or Halloween special to imagine Homer is King Kong yeah and I mean he was Bigfoot in season one basically was that he was really putting up a so he just does the like and so that's really a monkey they do that joke so many times through the new one to make so our hearts till I have a completion oh sure because this is important because if you didn't have was the talking Simpsons it's the three of us and occasionally game going very thoroughly to The Simpsons Season one is exclusive to patients page unit complex in fact you might heard one of two references that comes out of season one episode is Homer's Odyssey and I made a point to mention it in that talking Simpsons episode and have a comparison sound effect so you get a page on select levels Not every level ugly pitch shifted and shifted it into a woe in the beginning of Homer's Odyssey the kids are going to nuclear power plants on a field trip on parts forced to sing in at The The The The The The The lower tax The The The Times remarked upon that two years ago can't remember with like that's what this isn't the time to get in songs in John Henry and paid this the sample dull and they just may be played on different keyboard keys that that could have was making keyboard and fingers by the way promotions yes it's not like boys would play than that reference I made her heart say that in the game I thought he was literally humming like this in steam yet another pitch if they to use it for the one time they did so well move on to say it's not really name is called bloodstream Marta somehow maybe his own blood stream I don't know he sort of like a dig dug style character in any swimming in this in his body voice and yes the basically dodged indoor blow viruses and collect five smile and joke visions a super early again Homer's Odyssey reference to Joe the inaccurately retreat in the game the the uh much the awful and this is game that I would say is even knw e coli easy call these the games when you can pass I don't know why you collect five of this guy in his bloodstream there's no reason and also no one cares about smile and a fish I was sort of the pre between the color character in the education yes yes it was supposed to look like the Cleveland Indians mass that's right and this is him from I believe Homer's Odyssey is welding so yeah I know someone who gets the job during the height of the easier routes of uranium the the the the you that those bets now we have the second character sampled it for the game for race mileage of you she even went to like check Barney's burp it is not o which again I just found out that that was Dan Cason and over and over trying to record a burp that is his burp burp recorded in nineteen ninety one he wanted one Burr was perfect and he's like please use that when every time it's a real persons were all so perfect i like Oh Ricky ricotta morning just as an uber happy guy just can't be satisfied you can hear what he's bringing up with the two unlike the Barney Bear ok and again the bloodstream level no music just like in the series background is this weekend thirteen years old slightly with dear dear dear the interesting video game sounds so the next level is I think the best one but it's still pretty monotonous just plays the most like an actual video game once it is a real game and the arm and I mean what's what's most fun about this and I feel like again this is probably a Simpsons artists bringing this to the developer but you play as part of a slingshot you're flying around shooting up there's no power ups or anything fun like that but the cool thing is seeing differences character's attack you in different aircraft I mean and that's not the value in that it is cool to see all the ones they pull out and it's the best right work with and the Godzilla in the game yeah I love the get to sneak in and of Bharti Bharti is not in season one blonde to design it is he's into Barney that he's on a pink elephant which is the clothes until I get out all reference you would get on a super rainy and a reference to the hallucinations of Dumbo referee meet some reason I mean a reference to like alcohol withdrawl the DT is what these to call them references to that a lot of old things not anymore maybe the College's withdrawal now that I to see pink elephants when you are ready yet but I mean the the main appeal for this for me is just seeing the characters in fun little outfits and on the aircraft burns Zeppelin I think not is up with his personal Icelandic thriller mean there's looks terrible it's kind of like faith because his legs across someone dangling green Roo yet he's way off because here's the same colors the sky with his friend and I think in giving the jerky is a reference to the season to joke that he said he was writing of this script ends of my jerky any medals power gives you like those hell things are so school like the life or that all this and the teams back in use like one hit will take us so much of your energy and if you get crabby jerky or soda or whatever it is a sliver and it's of Kingdom Hearts will recognize that love that animated help I love like a skeleton heart when you think the reverse of the game pro point system I the one thing I noticed though is like who is riding a magic carpet and I'm like Dude you're wrong casual racism Arabia the Persian or whatever you want to say so Sherrie Terry in a blue table and yeah Amanda Nelson goes by and hang glider and the bi plane or five please I like the kind this subtle physics to the to your slingshot is firstly I think it does change the arc of your golden buckle down anyway ghosts or club like let's slow it down it's the most well made I wish there's more to it was their only power ups are like different kinds of shots to the real game yeah if you bark electrocuted and you can see is barred skills through with pointy pointy skull as he does hair pointer part of the skulls ah so the next one is very nice thing about that part again is I wish it had music will never lead them into future and yes yes songs all Western so yes part mean sure isn't light blue enough it is light is blue but everyday but it's still off bottles strewn in the The the the uh the uh the uh the uh the uh the the the writing is my passion but there's no money in the written word these days it's all about talking like podcasts and there's no better way to embrace the future of literacy than with a subscription to audible is enormous audiobook library with one hundred and eighty thousand different books available audible presents The Modern talking version of the written word for your entertainment and edification right now audible is offering reference listeners a free audiobook download and the free thirty day trial at audible trial dot com slash game that includes influential nonfiction works like Eric 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