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Retronauts Micro 61: Splatterhouse at MGC

Update: 2017-05-19


Live from a very noisy Milwaukee stage, Jeremy and Bob are joined by Splatterhouse experts and world record holders Caitlin Oliver and Kevin Bunch to contemplate the complete history of Namco's gross-out brawler franchise.

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so the lottery big splatter house so I am to tell the first four rows were in Spanish so the without further the the the the uh the one he's getting about the spice of war Gallagher made the trade the charade years ago tomorrow I can place or the ready to the newcomers to the podcast episode ok so knots latter house music isn't your just imagine the with its panel Midwest gaming Classic knobs a about as classic games and do this we are this year I guess we're talking slaughterhouse because the experts here so we'll just do a quick intro Jerry here is one of the co hosts I am of the slaughterhouses platter home the uh I'm in heaven bunch I think I'm talking to close tonight with the graphic sixteen the world record for slaughterhouse I proved the world record for the keepers in on AI AI AI the The when it comes by her husband we thought since we're here in the presence of two world players he said and pick their brains and let them tell us there so all about issue for separately the weekend with the same time the just go ahead and came in discussion and talk about the original Spider House which by D'Amico debuted eight and actually went into it you guys talk about a centimeter of the the was on Elder needy and I did actually have a US court but it wasn't a widely distributed to a pretty rare at this point the of PCB the they're minor changes made to the US quarter mostly regarding religious but that didn't happen port comes home it's from it or not they are seven levels and story and a moose balls six on because the rest of the game pattern if you're willing it it's not really that I can be the game in about twenty minutes the score and takes about forty five minutes to probably point out it's a very it's very it's a horror themed games so the whole your character Ray and his girlfriend Jennifer a creepy the suspension the West Mansion there's also a report website for my Rasta the made with this is a screaming he wakes up with the team Astana space and just go support them he is ambience of gross are burying the lead in that this is sort of be Friday the thirteenth on license key in fun out of the eighties expedition for the journey right um really the the I have but nothing really about the Gator team I'm not really that familiar is funny he is based on the design of Jason in scrubs in this game more of a blue jumpsuit Doctor Jason his To the Manor the little record in the Lovecraft of the game itself as it actually feels a little bit like a game out of time because it is sort of felt stronger to the reporter's perspective Double Dragon final fights out of the most people think of when they get good marks and Double Dragon and launched the year before so it hadn't quite become widely cloned yet so this change happening in the genre and slaughter house feels a style to this point there came to the US was arcade in Japan was the gains in the clouds and both of those were all so that sort of duty belt scroll about crawler but they all have different teams get hated clowns was sort of like Japanese for spirits and wonder was more like the Power sailor stage plays and I and so I had only seven games happen in my house then was sort of the Hollywood gory and Friday the thirteenth and I don't this but it feels totally altered Beast with our you're on exploded in a there's a lot of the violence the most part but when it's not unlike the the altered Beast a better better that the came and stood in a while for it it he's the chairman to it as bad as some memorization are end smash mob level it's the enemy is the only spot in takes me to the for fair for the the they all tend to have the same pattern but you can exploit the gesso is worth mentioning that this game was really sort of pushing loop in terms in terms of Gore the arcade I mean it is probably the most recent game in arcades since chiller which was a game specifically disgusting and like using of the quite like that but it is sort of tapered ailing body or even showing up in a lot of games around that time and sort of pushed beyond a little further and made even more gruesome very cloudy like there's guts splattering it's called slaughterhouse is a very of name but if you look at something like conjure up abit shock she had like walking inside a monsters up their core muscles and that sort of thing and this was but it sort of presented style encountering this came as a kid I was afraid of the box sort of dislike walking by atheist or dislike I'm sure if I watch these of three so I firehouse the team and the kid because I love the box to my dad graphics and and that's my toe on the graphics was young I remember reading the local video store I never got it until I kids to hear the kid like me could get pretty far I can regularly but I get that fire if you're willing and you're the game and memorize it you too can pretty easily checked know is that the what but for two minus three different bosses like a god the is this giant with a burlap sack over his head and chainsaws for hands out to Jennifer is to spoil ur voice but she hideous monster with clothes and basically boom of the house in avoiding fetuses the most low effort seems to protect themselves from lawsuits for the version they basically just be Rick's mask purple that's kind of like the new movie called nightmare and Oak Street with her the stripes on the sweater go deeper ways that you can't sue us so are the to have you come in and talk about this because I'm honestly curious like Why pick this game to be sort or your expert level project like what what inspired spider houses of the week me I've been obsessed and surprisingly since I was a little kid my mom three my I cry a bit turned off the channel I don't but I don't see why it up the fire ever since and I love the word which is by and pick the kids I played as a kid and when I went to galloping twenty twelve I had was the first time they see the arcade machine might like so to keep playing it somebody asked me if I was in the overall record isn't known it and I decided why the it only takes three weeks begins what I did with the started the was missing from the other world record holder who am back and forth with several times in the home I watched get some techniques the upon each is that to push the score and seventy five thousand to right now it's just that past seven hundred thousand So in the last about doubled being the said well the past three years so you're going back and forth at least get like that um she and I with the thing about the game the old the biggest problem I see with people who pick up this game is they try to print like other that are actively and something you don't do state leader of the game takes about twenty minutes the high scorer approach takes forty five fifty so what's going on there sure are sold in the spirit of waiting for enemies to come to to hit the It is a huge of you spend since all the enemies on the pattern the game largely number swingset or possibly on your six stage six is one of the fruits to me in the game with randomly spawning the actual had her points in the reason that's not considered an exploit for this particular game is because there of Jay discovered by pushing his court ordered the points because that's last point the issue actually get an extra life so is love and life is totally when you have Interstate thousand point bonus there's also a method to farm that particular boss a point but that's considered an exploit because you're not able to get that bonus multiple the rainbows are just the girls so they find a number basically you're farming for points on stage six if the like super as a know boring to tears I feel bad for anybody who really wants to watch any and playing it is hard enough I mean it's not that it's so difficult to learn in general the pushing the points I get really difficult and time you learn cutting off runs the saviors of time because you know it's not worth the time to finish so up with the splatter house like I read about but I did not show graphically Ever played and then around two thousand about it thinking try to to accept all the turbo graphics menu is at the time were terrible so I just kind years finally picked it up in twenty seven was terrible at it and I got up to stage three in depth I said our idols come back and then I met friend who was right about when the record this latter house and the shortly and then cutter the should actually play the game was effectively after a couple of to finish had a lot of fun with it well what the hey I'll see my goals for the turtle graphics record it's not too bad the carry over it's a pretty good for the only major difference is that some of the stages the boxes a little more cherries Ferrari but you can get enemies further you don't get it is easily get two hearts back when you finish a stage in support life Peter and I think most clearly timer on the stage is what you consider in the fatal force you to move forward until you are the one boss that's the stage six boss where you can without the tiger the been interesting they did cut of religious imagery like I play of the bay took out an upside down cross and the states for Boston altar in the church homes up his version console still I think commercial ten copies for the sake of the good part of the the twenty second game the You can get it so cheap but it has all four games is true it's like fifteen seventeen dollars other house but as to whether the screen and twenty so that the turbo graphics but was not the only one version of Spider House it also came to contact with the world record holder for the SM the the gentleman's Sue was OK to kill you Anthony are the Parra are again he's sort of other guy the record and collaborating is the spot house like a hotly contested game in terms of the record chase he was hotly contested between myself and the not but that doesn't look i actually there was key was picking it out then he got to around six hundred did the further the only I thought approximate caps of school or as a free listing the he get it for too much further past vows and the are you disappointed that no document area never followed County to create like to the King of Kong Star Banner no I've dealt with the the one being the the the Billy Mitchell splatter housemates he makes pretty pretty gals I have some who gifted me because I'd be Billy Mitchell of Pacman second battle of the people before rest of this Potter is there anything the but what specifically favorite the high score competitor just someone who plays the game for the when I came in yes it's really of the to the games has really in the white line just fascinating because even with Hillary city made for graphics or so rudimentary to put myself in the Gore there but it just looks so old it's like a child's it's like the pain it's not yet read I mean things you know when Texas came from as the were the super boring time site are the unions can into the the the which is why it will eat you can only it harder is the you know establishments that the kids play games be suitable for kiddos are in the homers it not suitable for younger children which is existing knew is funny is it still kind of gory but they toted not compare to the arcade restrictions more than just the the case they my favorite Spider House came which is also probably maybe game Tiger Electronics version there's a Japanese we came out economy computer who use or one hundred and eighty Spider House which graffiti spend much time inside of the slaughterhouse know you a few times but you're also in Japan eye would see relatives in the this is naughty slaughterhouse is it silly Gabi but has eight and nothing really happened with the from sports until there were two games there was one hop graffiti slaughter house too for Genesis before we get out as far as to which is as we're talking about this weird I'd recently and I discovered a stream and it was not I was thinking more like a horror game but it's more like a parody of horror movies is really fast paced unlike Spider House it's not so much about memorization and precision with its varied beauty in the first boss if I don't actually fight has a vampire who pops out of the grave and it is for zombies and Papa and his disco light comes on and they start dancing do a thriller routine and come down he's doing that for to fight the zombies empire into this great and gives you like the victory sign where you just watch a Geisha dance and you get the bug still eight years guess for sushi of the crystals are looking for that's not quite by clapping but the other you to our continue to fire that's the crystal ball so the procedure yet cutesy cartoony game past days always has an axe to punch things this is that you can think of a shotgun which has a great Here's an affected flights are powerful and awesome exciting it's too powerful and yet it's pretty much you know kind of like a more traditional home style game and it's really the boss is theirs for the highlights because each of them is a different horror movie the get to a place to keep inviting me stick out like spiders but the feeling must be you head crack and when you the stable where there's a school on the table at her belly or chest starts to kind of a pulsating the just endless stream of those crowds coming out and once you finally defeated them all seasons of John's up for taking us out and I've yet to see it doesn't really explain some let's play that today the fly raisin it's clearly if there is she going that's how The but you just have to get through obstacle the just of splits open from the way was early the skins being singled out for having really good at English the line that will stick with me for life is the garbage so I guess began saying that u r carpet of cesspool but who knows but I love is pretty sacks he really I to finish this game because the ones I got much further slaughterhouse Damon played so there's that at the end it's just like a play it's actually they're actually filming the side of the movie the most sophisticated slaughterhouse the point the more so has upgrade system built into matter is you be enemies extra light for damage which is you know kind of like beating of a towel that for home plate was for younger players not it's the the it again is a healthy mix of standard kids media yet it is it's like the Emperor is game or something when I first started of fascinated how bizarre this came as I it secretly it's also the least of the least but you have find a feminine card The weedy entertainment loving people to man the best unlimited plan ever from a TNT with all the rage you better than to make demands like that you know what we want even more than that we want a TT to give us unlimited entertainment with shelter when a flying car well maybe HBO included in our plan about a unicorn and we want to watch all our favorite shows without being overt luck with that and we want all of this 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Retronauts Micro 61: Splatterhouse at MGC