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In cities across America, black men are on the run. On April 4, 2015, in South Carolina, Walter Scott was killed while running away from a police officer. Eight days later, Freddie Gray ran from police in Baltimore. He was caught and later died in custody. On this episode of Reveal, we explore the consequences … Continue reading Running from cops

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they buy before we dive into our show I'd like to tell you about another show that I adore it is called criminal by Phoebe judge so the staff at reveal talk about criminal but I am throwing it away here that gone because I don't need I love criminal utilities to crime stories that are surprising funny sometimes they make you sad one of my favorite stories was about this woman who died and her husband was blamed for her death but later it turned out that an owl might have been responsible for her death yet now as a bird came in and get her hair is crazy anyway you have to listen to this podcast it is so good so go to the website this is criminal dot com or subscribe to them wherever from I'm telling be sorry ok now onto a podcast that is hosted by Alex from the Center for investigative reporting in PR X This is revealed now lets the two years the streets of Baltimore in the the the honor of the the the the owner on the wall the the for me over so the violence started after the death of Freddie Gray twenty five made eye contact with police officer and took off group of cops pursued and arrested him for carrying a knife and loaded him into a policeman there he sustained spinal injuries killed afterwards unrest broke out parts of the city its root causes which decade to make lots of people also last why Freddie Gray in the first place in this our collaboration with WY PR in Baltimore we would get two more cases running from cops reveal some truths about policing and courts will start on that night two years ago at the intersection of Pennsylvania and North avenues in West Baltimore which became the epicenter of protests and the people store hate the beach the the pillows with the TV off to watch this I am on which one won bit sum slide and do some good but do so all moment we bought more hands though we don't shoot the spray to get the information thus the evening after Freddie Gray's funeral and his corner his pen nor police at first largely hung back as people from bottles sex tours and burned anti police cars then the fire truck started to write the CDC yes catch on fire or respond to that call in their throat to buy for me the people to see other school or take care to mothers and grandmothers but that day we were nobodies for treat the least and tear gas protesters linked arms and formed a line in one easy calm fell over the intersection into Hades a line of police advanced on protestors be their night sticks against the right Shields reporter Mary Williamsburg is a mile from their reconstructed what happened next At Penn North that evening there was this iconic image and cheery photo that made headlines worldwide in the middle of the smoky intersection a young man on a bike wearing a gas mask facing off against a line of riot cops all kinds of people who were at the intersection that day protesting are documenting were just watching noticed the family raising one fist in the air not think of this area I think opinion over thinker to rise I think ahead with the gas mask rider on a bike the whole of the guests made the can see the full cold and he was lookin' like a dam came in the middle with his hands up a news I am I was out with him it was just great to see no fear that Fain young man wearing a red and gray hoody also appeared a few minutes before in the background of a live CNN report the reporter was talking to a community activist how far is this going to go the cause of this was the take the boys to the The The The The The The Reporter spun around to see water spraying up into the air behind the show saw that they just while we were talking there just cut them to pose with a knife to trying to thwart the efforts of the authorities to actually turn out this fire began in the reading brain could poke her twice with a pocket knife the one who lead the Tigers the the the street honestly the police were watching spare the manpower to fall and the guy in the fight that was great but the I met him shortly afterward he was twenty one confident big smile over the past two years I've gone with him to a dozen court appearances we talked alot about what he did and why here's how he remembers the scene when he arrived that day Muslim brothers Creek between the police yuck is all I see a woman crying to a young dad ask us to know police and throwing bottles and you sit back and just look this is my wife notices this is my city letting the world know that we understand was gone all of us and we stand for the greatest from he grew up in rough part of his two sisters sometimes as Dan was in and out of prison and rarely his mom been out of prison and addicted to I remember being for five and absolutely none will and I don't in me and my my little sister the kids relied on each other sometimes when hungry but Greg was right the state of trouble he became a basketball clearly what the book like a pillow in the captain of the team at Baltimore Polytechnic for Policy most selective public high school in the fifty one a full ride fellowship to college then break the deadlock after the break took on more hours at work the rates low and he lost his scholarship shortly before the unrest he landed back in his old neighborhood no longer a sports star a college kid feel like a failure at should be I can get them in a cold but I don't have anybody in my family whose Kimberly understand now I night before the unrest violence hit close to home for granting his good friend's dad Rick spent the evening with friends at a bar talking about people at last we got home sat up googling wondering if she might have a role to play in the city now has a basketball star of some kind of activist of research the number of people killed in the city enough I was born to the most words in the ninety three three hundred and fifty three murders in one year still the deadliest on record so the familiarity between the sofa in the situation is not for this the next day when he heard what was happening at Penn North Greg felt like he had to be their friend gave him a ride most of the way in London a gas mask when he dropped Greg near the smoky intersection Greg says he spotted an abandoned bike and hopped on after riding around while he sought the fire hose that had just been hooked up to a hydrant he fell to his hoody for the puck and I feel with Carrie and ran up and stabbed once in a second time a year and a half later he tried to tell me why he'd done the best way is playing its like fuck we tot everything is what I don't want to do OT is nobody can touch me you know your Kiss Me Maw been to but the day doing what I think it went where I would do it in a moment no sister were twenty fifty as watering down strangers hugged and high five game and he did a little happy dance that was caught on camera then hung around the intersection for hours having intense conversations with strangers about how to fix both taken a risk and it appeared he'd gotten away with it nobody got hurt deputy Fire Chief in charge of the fire ground up in north that day afterward he talked to me about what Greg and done why would you put the US he had no idea what the results of his actions could be when you take away that water supply all you get is fire them and said Not everybody was out on the streets the good citizens in Baltimore when inside he pointed to his fire fighting and these guys what I cleaned up what was left on his way home and creating a smoke break spot including seven in the class front door smashed and planning and sun went behind the counter and pick up a pack of cigarettes in plain clothes police wouldn't he seems to granting the order Greg to the floor searched and cuffed him and took him outside to wait for the transport van when it pulled a regular This second card draw and her dad and me he was nowhere close to catching the police officer that the kids we used the bike that I buy I asked him why he ran his two losses to write my political answer is that the last game but today was just so hectic I didn't know if the police that he would be witty but also from this tree point of view the court that easy you know I'll be calling to easy got to work for this great new month they booked him that was that if he ran he had one last shot at freedom remain if you do is relax and get ready for the famous abs brakes been over a month in jail he was eventually charged by the state of Maryland for running from cops and by the federal government for cutting the firehouse he faced up to twenty five years for that the morning of his state trial court house was a zoo why the city all the court at nine thirty this morning well eventually the defense will call the defendant William Porter to the stand and flu quarter the first of six officers to be tried for Freddie Gray's death was on trial three floors down from Greinke the line to enter the building stretch down the block the cafeteria had been converted into a media center and protesters gathered across the street The The The The The The The Pocono was home the way the cops to get North Scott free the two guys beat up pretty great they could get convicted or not go to jail for as long as he would go for freakin water hose on here The The The The The The the first The Real few days in December twenty fifteen Greg was shuttled back and forth between Baltimore City detention Center in State or Federal Courthouse while his lawyer in state court needed regular not a stronger federal prosecutor Philip seldom portrayed Greg is affirming criminal who survived the least of her at the helm of law for the consciousness of guilt associated his calm one of Greg's federal public defenders Lucius TL the counter he said it was important to consider Greg's actions in context this is a day where there was the the because a young guy when he calls the back of the man found dead from me and him seeing a police instinct in me today Bob Degree College even today my natural instinct is to turn way as you don't know what happens The The The The Will to her brother's great story later this hour we'll hear how The The Justice Department put out a report on the investigation into the Baltimore Police Department suggesting that young black men may have good reason to run for the last one approach by Baltimore cops when we come back the story of another man who ran and lost his life you listening to reveal from the Center for investigative reporting and PR next the the hay that Amy Walters every weekend revealed producers and reporters like myself get together to listen to podcasts over lunch we caught lifting club for investigative reporting show so a lot of great storytelling but also who uncover something to put together a playlist of some of the episodes we've been paying special attention to including a few of our own check it out you can be part of our club better radio public thought Come Flash reveal Club The The Center for investigative reporting in PR folks this is revealed a mallet after the protests following Freddie Gray's death two years ago the Justice Department investigated Baltimore's police department one of the main problems they found was the sheer number of times police chase African Americans import neighborhoods almost twenty years ago the Supreme Court said that merely running from the police in high crime neighborhood the suspicious behavior and police have the right to pursue the reporter Mary Rose Matt and covers the police for WY PR in Baltimore she stumbled on a case about another med like Freddie Gray ran for the police but unlike gray his death got almost no attention when it happened the story begins in an alley in West Baltimore was the middle of the afternoon in August of two thousand seven J Kirk was getting into his car to go get a money order to pay his rent he could walk to the grocery store is just a short walk away but he was skittish a week earlier J was robbed at gunpoint right here behind his apartment building and so when he saw two people in the alley watching him he took off the the the the way the black male white t shirt that's the description the police called in later the report the J was holding his arm tightly against his body which to them signaled he was concealing the gun DJ know they were cops accounts differ about whether or not they were in plain clothes or uniform but might not have mattered even if he knew they were cops it's not uncommon for black men in Baltimore to take off running when the police start for them and she had some brushes with the lawn the past the the the fourth quarter full J was running through streets and alleys finally he reached this overpass ordered by this chain link fence the thing on the Ori the group forty runs through West Baltimore she squeezed through a narrow opening here in clung to the fence seventy feet above the highway the back of the apartment J's fiance Linda Hammond who everyone calls precious what was taking J so long she went outside to look for him C one of J's friends and he's crying he's running to the back alley he's crying he's just saying I'm sorry I'm sorry something precious from the spare key jumped in the car and followed police sirens and helicopters to the bridge The Look day in the issue the ACC he discovered the the to be in the police officer asks me to know who this person is in the took the sheet off of him J had fallen from the fence he was clinging to and was hit by a car only thing I was told on that day was he fit the description of a drug dealer they rob somebody in the the the So how did they end up dead and what happened in the minutes before he fell into the highway the radio dispatches that day tell only part of the story and went to see Jay's father my name is John Gideon cook that their son's name was John Gideon cool before we always called into Mr. Cook and I sat together at the dining room table he flipped through the Manila envelopes carefully kept for ten years we were better use to the Department of Justice to our Congressman to the governor asking everybody for some time to help on what took place here Mr. Cook and his wife even filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act to get the answers they wanted they were desperate to know more I asked Mr. Cook to tell me what he remembered about the day J died as I went of Fulton Avenue I saw some police activity I had no idea where it was about my son who just the corner got to the house person for me and surely dear to my wife came here to tell her it hurt so much means so so so much we didn't know we didn't know what happened we had no idea here but all's we knew is that our son was no longer here Mr. Koch said he went to the police station for answers couldn't even get an incident report because they kept on stalling with well we still working on it we haven't completed yet the cops did tell mr Kok that they found a gun on J That's impossible his dad thought no wait was his son packing a gun years went by and the Cook family wasn't any closer to finding out what happened to Jay that's why we dug in and initially we were looking to sue the city we just wanted answers but because we couldn't get answers we then felt as if we needed to get some legal counsel I the cooks hired a lawyer had been recommended by a relative the the the same too oh Lou works out of a row house in Philadelphia his first floor office is crammed with second hand furniture he sits down at a large oak desk and starts to describe the case but he says blew his mind eight years ago when that thing but so what happened to me is to cool you know sometimes they give no offset the owner told the cooks to consider a civil lawsuit but he told them they didn't have much time then make it clear this incident happened back in two thousand and seven but it was sometime in two thousand and nine that my clients was contacted about it the The The The years the Cook family had spent trying to get answers on their own put them dangerously close to the three year mark when the statute of limitations would run out of the UN had to act quickly they didn't have much to go on first he sent out a private investigator and he found two witnesses who said they saw what happened that day at the fence the Baltimore police have finally given the Cook family the incident report from August two thousand and seven it said quote Officer Dwayne Green was in the area when he noticed an individual who we suspected was in possession of a handgun a slight foot pursuit ensued with just the two witnesses and the police report Abby on a file the suit claimed that his constitutional rights were violated starting when the police first spotted in the alley and chased him with this said that the way the outfit looked like he might have had a weapon on him is it is saw a weapon that's stopping off to self was racially motivated and in violation of his constitutional rights of the owner filed a civil rights suit against the police commissioner officers Dwayne Green and Raymond Howard who are named in the incident report and the City of Baltimore the the the eye the eye the pre trial process got underway with discovery both sides are supposed to turn over evidence to each other by a mutually determined date but the police department in turnover much at all so Abby owner filed a subpoena to get them to produce everything they had related to the Cook case he also asked for the department policy and procedures and excessive force stop and frisk and how officers determine reasonable suspicion and the onus as this information was crucial to his case if you look at his apartment where the Harvick also won prizes of Joe's stop and frisk in Black people more than eighty percent of that stop phrased those what if I did result in an arrest is discriminatory stop by for it it is racial profiling which is part of my class days so I'm asking them to good use information that much support that claim police said the documents about the department's policies and procedures are privileged but they said they would provide the files relating to Jay's death the judge quickly ruled he said the police quote shouldn't be put to the expense of assembling the files but he went further and said the police didn't have to turn over anything even the materials related to Jay Cooke the pre trial process wasn't going well for Abby on a He had to begin the depositions with little evidence and only one of his witnesses would testify against the police carry and saved over one in the deposition should because lovers should make a summer's lived across the street from the Route forty overpass and said that on the afternoon of August fourteenth two thousand seven she was sitting outside on the steps to her house to do what did you observe that is Ryan Shoemaker had a bad toothache she speaks slowly and in the deposition video you can see her holding her cheek a warning there some offensive language or hassle cuts run behind a long walk up like one of its paw and what happened with this order he was trying to have in the bushes on the fence from the police a soul shaking the fence was shaking the fence with a white cat taken offense to shake an assassin Kong new names Jason Hughes of Don Knapp was saying Do what you don't need to cut out now could I have had a right calf the lawyer for the Baltimore Police Department also question should be cut given that you were an eyewitness to this man following that you think it was important to go over and tell police what you saw the lineup and won told to the police are not in the video deposition UC should be can look at the lawyer for the police department in disbelief her eyes wide as if she saying Are you serious about that or that all the essay waited to see you afraid to talk with these because they would throw you over the wall to the high will howl with them read in the center back to the cop with a red hat that she became agent Fiona showed her photos the police have taken now want you to go through the pages one at a time to recognize people dead that was around the fans donned a mask that caught was at best was chasing that is they want Rays in Game one the officer should be to summer's circled was Jerry freed Abby and had it named him in the lawsuit because his name was in the police report the Cubs who were named in the report Officer Raymond Howard and Officer Dwayne Green so what did they say in their depositions Abby on a question Green first in the report he's the one who chased J to the fence to do that will participate in any way shape or form regarding an incident at the Ford oval is no bus Washington does not say yes upon hearing the foot pursuit I drove on how an event that he was going to proceed to run on Hwy green said he didn't chase day he was even at the fence that same day officer Raymond Howard gave a deposition he's the officer who wrote and signed the incident report in preparing your report we do talk to him put his offices to get information as to how the accident happened yes which offices did it all however told Fiona that he talked to detectives who arrived after Jesus' death was a good talk and talk to anybody else the information that was given to me was that Officer Green was the person that was chasing a gentle so Officer Howard wrote the police report using only second hand information one more officer gave a deposition officer he would Bradley testified that he heard the dispatcher on his radio and a bribe to CJ hanging from the ledge of the highway overpass he said he immediately started trying to rescue J sure it's no good offense finally got over to say it's nice when I saw him his face was looking up it was telling him hold on ma'am come just hold on reached up the gravel self to take a minute in the video deposition you can see Bradley wipe away tears wash them for car rental started screaming for help Bradley who's African American described when another officer said to him after Jay fell again a warning here about offensive language he said to me You need to calm down I don't just one less drug dealer there were about the species officers said this is one less
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Running from cops

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