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Success has become synonymous with financial wealth, influence and status. But can we define success in another way — one that welcomes a broader range of accomplishment? It may not be as obvious as you think. In this hour, TED speakers share ideas for what makes us successful. TED speakers include Professor Angela Duckworth, motivational speaker Tony Robbins, HealthTap CEO Ron Gutman, Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe, and writer Alain de Botton (Original Broadcast Date: November 1, 2013).

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support for this podcast in the following message come from rocket mortgage by Quicken loans lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage and get a secure work transparent home loan approval in minutes skip the bank skip the waiting and go completely online at Quicken loans dot com slash ideas hey everyone its guy here I will be back next week with a brand new episode of The Ted Radio Hour but in the meantime take a listen to this one from our archives it's a great episode all about success and I know true thinking it's going to be all about successful people but it's not really necessarily it does include Tony Robbins Angela Duckworth micro an hour and a Baton it's all about how we define success and whether we need to rethink those traditional definitions this is the Head Radio Hour News each week groundbreaking had talked the Technology Design at Stanford and Ted conferences gift of the human imagination had to believe in impossible the true nature of reality beckons just beyond those talks those ideas adapted for radio from NPR the guy Raja think of your most efficient day maybe a day when everything just on the place he took a runny answered e mails meditated murder chapter of your book whatever it was was a successful day right not exactly especially compared to this deeds I run jump walk season Huggins twenty six and half miles on average on that day alone try to alter marathon so we can physically everybody has days where they come the end of the day I community bone tired and the tortoise the the the this point you are wondering Tony Robbins motivational speaker you will be correct because we cannot actually do our show today without him it is a show all about success but we think it means and why that's wrong and why that word causes so much anxiety can just get a small elephant out of the room for second sure because some people are going to be listening to us now and they're going to be thinking like Tony Robbins he's like the self help guide income are and for me the I guess I'm not everybody's cup of tea but you know it's been pretty good for four presidents and brought to many different countries and some of the pop out with the world the these people think that don't have a clue what I really do the so what is it exactly that he does the uh the okay you know what I'm talking about because you've had insomnia and you've been pulled into a Tony Robbins infomercial at some point in your life the the stadium crowds the high fiving the fire watching the cheers the smiles the slides the numbers the numbers the first thing that has kept it light and favors to master lessons one there's three things three part three decisions before cutting them off well one way of Bayview up in the last September five five C's sixty seven for seven things about summer two thousand people from forty five countries were translating pulling just for a week the the Tony Robbins knows there is a lot of confusion about what he does which is what I want to get away when he began his Ted Talk people who lots of interest and now I do on the wide I don't know why you do what you do what is your motive for action what is it that drives life today not ten years ago the same pattern because I believe that the invisible force of internal activate is the most important in the world I'm here because I believe emotion is the force of life all of us here have great minds you know most of us here great my own emotion comes into it the wiring in the way it functions so it's wonderful for us to think intellectually by how the wife of the world as I'm specially we can play this game and I have really weakened my sauces decision is the ultimate power that's what it really is now when you ask people you know have you feel twitchy somehow fail to achieve something significant in life I thanks for the direction of a high level they're the butt if you if you ask people why didn't you achieve something somebody working for you your partner even yourself we filled achievable what's the reason people say they fail to achieve what I just don't have to know enough to have a knowledge didn't have the money didn't have the time didn't have the technology you know I did the right manager for the Supreme Court the R let's let's let's pause here for a moment Tony because that guy who shouts at the Supreme Court in the audience that was Al Gore it's the weddings bridal and God saw him and I think he in the audience were quite ready for my response to my point here is that all these things you say have the reason you failed or resources a lack of time as resource a lack of money is resource lack of technology are key People's Resource you know but the real problem is Holy Week don't don't give it away because we're out to hear your response to Al Gore go for the world including Supreme Court have in common the they are claimed to you missing resources may be accurate you may not have the money you may not of the Supreme Court is not the defining factor the you correct me if I'm wrong the defining factors natural resources its resourcefulness mean specifically road or some phrase is If you have emotion human emotion something I experience from you day before yesterday a is as profound as I've ever experienced in a few communicate with emotion was the louder you sing the right to Al Gore goes through the Kleiner Perkins all took me out but I doubt the words ensued Oh my God to say this to a boy and couldn't believe you said about them so amazing you coach him so he runs for president the authority to President you are coming from a place of gloating or something about nature but the truth lives if you saw Al Gore during those debates with Bush you know it was pretty hard but for right if you've seen in the night before when he died his presentation The inconvenient Truth you say Oh my god this guy was in that debate rebuttal from hubby he didn't have the passion of the connection of the emotion and emotions in crates what we're going to do the action so much aroma like the decisions your destiny that sounds really heavy but the last five or ten years fifteen years have been some different decision to be completely different from any big on us with better or worse I uh the bottom line is maybe we forget that in this moment you don't like your job for can change your relationship changes you like what your business is changing how you feel changes we forget the power of decision we forget we could re wind the sand and saying No effin more but anything with experience in the past the uh your your own story of not allowing past events to define you right Orly to take those events and find a different kind of meaning how did that change your own life and then how you kind of lived it I think everybody's got a story right so your story empowers your dis empowers you to dis empowers you destroy it something you created so you know my story could have been scanned for abusive family my mother beat me and smashed my head against the wall until I was bleeding a pour liquid soap to my throat I vomited when Schneider shared with anyone until very recently when I was working with a group of these battered children I was this I thought you know they become the smiling happy motivational guy so I told them the full story I got publicly shared before because I don't want that to be a story of how the story defines me but I want them to understand your past does not equal your future that out of the worst most severe injustice some good ideally greatness can come we can control events we can control people but we control life means to us and the most successful people on earth people learned to control about and so to me divorce or story in Mary the truth we find that story it's going to be the one that moves forward the city a lot of like the idea of finding your passion and following it and lay on the shore here from from micro says this is all nonsense don't follow your passion actually do hit it you can do to make money is is that the right idea for everybody I'm not here to talk to might have slightly different point of view you do have to find out if your passion towards economically if it doesn't then it's a hobby it's meant was we all need things that the posts you can find something where you can do with something fifty eight hours a week which is what people do are truly passionate and you could be paid for as well gosh that's extraordinary when I first went to work in business I would welcome his company and the guy that was ten times better speaker than I was going to take an audience and ninety eight people respond I might get five percent I just decide you know he's doing for talks a month on average three talks a day or month overblown pass we would have done a year that's exactly what they did in six months I'd worked in my capacity might go it wasn't his gift ultimately it's what are you willing to do how hungry are you are driven are you I say don't settle a few social life going to be apologetic your soap about it you don't see anybody else find her passion ripped through it how do you find your passion you stop suddenly how you find yourself in a different state got to work out got to do something every day the kitchen strong up your mind functions differently than the average person the Cure intense man who the the the the six thousand emotions that we words for the English language just a linguistic representation right to change my language but if you're dominant are more time of twenty thousand people or thousand of them write down all the emotions that they experience an average week was the one side or empowering emotions others this encourages some emotions people experience less than twelve and half of those MC until I got five or six good frickin feelings rights like it oh happy happy excited or frustrated frustrated overwhelmed depressed you know happens when the dust off the windows in the what happens or what happened to find to be happy or excited the remodeled the world is what shapes you long for your mobile is the filter that's what's shaping us that's what makes people make decisions we want to influence somebody influence is my imitation has this explore your web the web in here the needs the beliefs emotions are controlling you for two reasons achieved to want to bring guests to fill you up and secondly so you can appreciate but just understand that sin to watch a lot smarter but appreciate what's troubling to people so where would you change what you think the office of the what is more important to success understanding what drives other people are understanding what drives you my wooden pickets which have a punch in the face or kick in the stomach you know that's silly you need to bolt the word success in cutting it it's annoying to my nervous system because it's really not what I believe that life is about and we use the word success it seems so shallow to me have never been it's never been on my values list I'd much rather say what creates a meaningful life what makes people light up what makes people feel alive it's going to be somebody wake of the morning excited and motivated I don't might might inspire somebody to the MoMA but I'm looking for your drive what are you touch your drives are going to go away motivations like a warm bath you should think about the games don't get around installation something put you in your spirit something to trigger you might trudge along some time but my real bleachers you got a tap and your drives gotta find that hunger that's what this is all about the The The The The Ladies and gentlemen Tony Roberts should really watch a small pocket at the comp because it is truly awesome the show today a word success but it means we all secretly and not so secretly want to and why we might be all wrong about it and Guy rise stay with us for more Ted Radio Hour moment from NPR the The Hey Everyone Just a quick thanks to two of our 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get to the nearest star outside our solar system well if your answer is yes you have to check out NPR's first ever podcast especially for kids and their grownups and I'm one of the hosts it's called WOW in the world and it's about the wonder all around us so if you know curious kids between the ages of four and ten check it out and got on a limb here and say they are gonna love it you can find wow in the world on Apple podcasts at NPR dot org slash wow or however you get your podcasts me you do it's the Ted Radio Hour from NPR and Guy Ross and Asher they tell about success which by any standard measure would define Angela Duckworth Harvard and Oxford educated former high powered consultant tenured professor at Penn and just won a MacArthur genius grant so yet success when I see success like you're successful person is that the young couple because I actually cringe in fact and cringing right now knowing that we are calling to show success and it doesn't make me uncomfortable I though about the term carrying baggage sometimes the way things feel uncomfortable because they feel like when people talk about objective measures of success it's an incomplete picture and it is because there is this other side so ended up with studies those objective indicators of success to figure out why some people are more successful than others especially when it comes to students and her curiosity about all this began in the classroom she was teaching seventh graders at a rough school in New York and will pick up the story in a tough year I make quizzes and tests to give out homework assignments when the work came back I calculated rates what struck me was that IQ was not the only difference between my best and my worst students some of my strongest performers did not have stratospheric IQ scores so my smartest kids are doing so well and that got me thinking the things you need to learn in seventh grade math shore of their hard ratios decibels the area of a parallel and ran the concepts are not impossible and I was fairly convinced that every one of my students could learn the material if they worked hard and long enough after several more years of teaching I came to the conclusion that what we need an education is a much better understanding of students and learning from a motivational perspective from a psychological perspective in education the one thing we know how to measure best is IQ but what if doing well in school and in life depends on much more then your ability to learn quickly and easily I started studying kids and adults in all kinds of super challenging settings and in every study my question was who is successful here and why my research team I went to West Point Military Academy we tried to predict which cadets would stay in military training and which would drop out we studied rookie teachers working in really tough neighborhoods asking which teachers are still going to be here in teaching by the end of the school year and all those cool be the most effective at improving learning outcomes for their students we partnered with private companies asking which of the salespeople going to keep their jobs was going to earn the most money the very different contexts one characteristic emerged as a significant predictor of success and it wasn't social intelligence it wasn't good looks physical health and it was an IQ him it was great the what is great how do you explain what it is grit is the disposition to pursue very long term goals with passion and perseverance n i wanna emphasize the stamina quality of great grit is sticking with things over the long term and then working very hard at it Britt is living life like it's a marathon not a sprint a few years ago I started studying great in the Chicago Public Schools I s thousands of high school juniors to take great questionnaires and then waited around more than a year to see who would graduate can you tell me I'm like the questions on the great question here yet so half the questions on the great question Aaron are about perseverance Ray I am a hard worker and I finish whatever I begin the scales five points it goes from very much like me to not at all like me setbacks don't discourage me very much like I don't give up after disappointment like and I am diligent much like the more you say that's very much like me than the higher your credit score turns out that Greer kids for significantly more likely to graduate even when I match them on every characteristic I could measure things like family income standardized achievement test scores even how si for Kids felt when they were at school has to be correlation between natural ability and grit his neck well you know when I first started this work I had the intuition as many of us might that there would be a correlation would be positive let's take a math ability right and you could say well some kids are going to be better at math than others well shouldn't the kids were really good at math be the ones who are really hardworking persistent added because you know in a sit down to do their homework they get so much out of it so shouldn't they be the ones that are persistent and they go hand in hand in a positive way and actually the correlation tense either be negative or zero depending on the DNA sample that I've collected and I've wondered about that I think it's because he adapts to our circumstances and if you've never had to try very hard you've never had to get up after setbacks and failures than maybe don't cultivate at capacity right so how do we make sure four year olds get into Princeton it was into what I just know it's it's actually a question I mean I'm not kidding I think almost exactly her question before the everyday parents and teachers asked me how to Whiteville Britain kids what a way to teach kids of solid work ethic how to keep them motivated for the long run the honest answer is I don't know the So far the best idea I've heard about building Britain kids is something called growth mindset this is an idea developed at Stanford University by Carol's wet and it is the belief that the ability to learn is not fixed that he can change with or effort Doctor White has shown that when kids read and learn about the brain and how it changes and grows in response to challenge their much more likely to persevere when they fail because they don't believe that failure is a permanent condition the so that she might inspire a child to show more perseverance yet in separate research Carolyn I have found together because we collaborate that gritty year students tend to have more this growth mindsets are seeing a picture come together here that indeed believing that change is possible inclined kids to be gritty year and that grit helps them actually accomplish things like you're doing well in school graduating from high school and so forth do think that ultimately the way we define success right sets up false expectations yeah I think that you know we should be very careful to examine our definitions of things like success I don't think that every child in America is going to necessarily aspire to you know a four year degree from a liberal arts college or a certain kind of life the I think it said people should learn to be excellent in the thing that they choose to do I think the questions on the grits Cal about not letting setbacks disappoint you finishing what you begin doing things with focus I think that those are things I would aspire to or hope for for all our children I think that achieving a personal standard of excellence pushing yourself farther than you thought you could you know getting up after his moment these are things that are true for all of us Angela Duckworth her research integrate and success just won her a MacArthur genius grant you can lecture full talk and take the grid questionnaire for yourself at Ted dot NPR dot org comm ok so I'm thinking grit great but but that's going to take some time right so how how about a shortcut to success like something you can do now well there happens to be one and there is actually research to back this all up here's Ron Goodman is full proof method from his Ted talk that my journey in California How We Die You See broke the thirty year longitudinal study that examined the photos of student in an old yearbook and try to measure their success and wellbeing throughout their life by measuring their students wows researcher was able to predict how fulfilling and long lasting subject marriage will be how was he would score in standardized tests off well being and how inspiring she would be to others I have moment came for my two thousand and ten Wayne State University research project that looked into pre nineteen fifties baseball cards of major league players the researchers found that the span of their smile could actually predict the span of his life players who didn't smile in their pictures even average of only seventy two point nine years the players would beaming smile given average of almost eighty years a recent study at the diversity in Sweden found that it's very difficult if Rauner when looking at someone who smiles you ask why because smiling is evolutionary contagious it suppresses the control we usually have when their facial muscles making a smart experiencing physically help us understand what her smile is fake or real so we can understand emotional state of the smarter in addition the rising evolution and origin of species Charles Darwin also wrote the facial feedback response theory is theory states that the act of smiling filth actually makes s feel better but in a smiling being merely a result of feeling good in the study and there would actually study the French neurologist William has shown you the jewels or facial muscles used in few dates while they don't try this at home my future bring reward mechanism in a way that even chocolate how well regarded measuring user cannot match British researchers found that one smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation up to two thousand bars of chocs of the way to sch n study found this money is as stimulating as receiving up to sixteen thousand pounds sterling in cash the twenty five NS lah not bad and if that's not enough money can actually make you do good in the eyes of others a recent study at Penn State University found that when you smile the book only appear to be more likable and Crick us but to actually appear to be more competent so whatever you want and no great incompetent reduce your stress or improve your marriage or feel as if you just had a whole stack of high quality chocolate without incurring the caloric cost to fund twenty five buying a pocket of the jacket you haven't worn for ages or whatever you want to tap into a superpower that let you and everyone around you give a longer healthier happier life smile the John Goodman he wrote a book about all this is called smile the astonishing powers of the simple act will talk can be found at has done I've tried this by the time not kidding it totally works even when people think you look like a freak the what you'd do for a lot of people is a main measure of success and this guy he wants to redefine that measure was micro and this is my job and this is Mike Rose TV show from the Discovery Channel it's called Dirty Jobs for the country looking for people who aren't afraid to get in there taste of what it's like a septic tank technician doing the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us get ready the eye get dirty this year the show finished its eighth and final season and it was pretty simple no actors no writers no rehearsals no scouting no pre production no second take just my Canon camera crew tagging along with sewer workers was going to happen to me today today you're going to get covered in sludge sludge and what exactly he hung out with carpets orders as Don places than others I suppose this place right here smells pretty Dag gone bad can you agree I do and they were chimney sweepers roadkill collectors and we worked our way across the country by the time the dust settled we had done three hundred jobs and worked in all fifty states the
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