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Chris Lighty was a giant in hip-hop. He managed Foxy Brown, Fat Joe, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, 50 Cent—anyone who was anyone worked with Lighty. But in 2012 he was found dead at his home in the Bronx, a death that left the music world reeling. In this podcast miniseries from Gimlet Media and Loud Speakers Network, we tell the story of Chris Lighty, from the first breakbeat to the last heartbeat. 

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the Crest of the fight will be born from the The Mrs. mogul new podcast given media to Laos because networked mobile is the story of love that ambition multimillion dollar deals multimillion dollar losses and dope be the most of all the story of a man named Chris slightly slightly story is the story in one person the radio say the hosts of this story is personal to me Chris and I both New Yorkers we both came up with the same time the mid nineteen seventies we both love to pop with a work in the industry became an entertainment attorney Chris became a manager Chris for his way from the box to the boardroom become one of the most powerful pleasing him how L Cool J Missy Elliot Busta rhymes Foxy Brown fifty said he was anyone works with lighting Nature me know your big rapper you're going to be a big rapper he saw Fat Joe before Fat Joe Short Fat Joe and the In the guy was a king and the king maker that's sensible about Chris Rea his characters about how he come across that a business and win him a nice talk and listen to his legal and listen to his mentors like backup seventy you know he's not the typical measure because he speaks the language and he is the best measure because he speaks the language Chris was hip hop and such I found way and nobody could ever ever just be that the one thing about hip hop is like you make the wrong move your career is done as a blood sport in two thousand and twelve Chris found dead in his house in the Bronx official cause of death suicide self inflicted gunshot wound to the head Fiskars died thought about him alot I wanted to know what made him tick all his secrets haunted to think of eventually destroyed if I know he was in hip hop and his life was destroyed I don't think he would ever say that up to strike my life to strike him and I think it gave him everything and he gave up the the the the life Chris Noriega DJ that show the Jungle Brothers the violator and Chris like uh listen to Moby every Friday starting June sixty one apple podcasts or wherever you like to listen
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