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How do I change the country and language?

Go to “Settings” -> “Region (Language)”, and select your preferred country/language.

How can I link my social media accounts with CastBox?

Go to “Settings” -> “Linked Accounts”, and select your account to log in.

How do I disable my mobile data and only use wifi to download?

Go to “Settings” -> “Mobile Data Usage”, and turn the options (Stream and Download) off. You can also choose to go to your phone’s mobile data setting, and disable CastBox to use your mobile data.

How do I auto-download new content?

Go to “Settings” ->“Auto Download”, enable it and choose the podcasts you would like to have automatically downloaded.

How do I get previously played episodes to be automatically deleted?

Go to “Settings” -> “Auto Delete Played Episodes”. This Auto Delete setting will remove downloaded episodes 24 hours after finishing an episode.

How can I change which episodes are played next?

Go to “Settings” -> “Play Next” to toggle between playing the next unfinished episode and the next episode in the queue.

How do I change autoplay settings?

Go to “Settings” -> “Continuous Playback” and turn on or off the autoplay button.

How can skip episodes from an external control?

Go to “Settings” -> “Episode Skip”. Turn ON to allow the forward button on your external control (i.e. headset or car) skip to the next episode.

How do I turn on/off push notifications?

Go to “Settings”-> “Notification Settings” -> Select which kind of notifications you want to receive, including E-mail notifications (CastBox newsletters) and Push notifications (Suggested content, Replies to your comments, New episodes, Podcasts).

How can I store content on my SD card instead of internal storage?

Go to “Settings” -> “Change Storage Location” to select either “Internal Storage” or “SD card”.

How can I import my subscriptions from another podcast app?

Export your subscriptions from your secondary podcast app as an .opml file. On CastBox, go to “Settings” -> “OPML Import”, and select “Import from Other Podcast Apps”. Select your .opml file from earlier. Select your channels you would like to import onto CastBox, then click “Confirm” to complete importing your subscriptions.