We have NEVER had a more "official" googler! This is legit.

INTRO: (00:00) We have a guest googler, who actually works at Google. Ooooohh, meta. It's Alan Seales! We are happy to have him on our podcast, as he is also in the podcasting world. He helps produce Brave New Weed and is also starting the soon to be launched The Theatre Podcast.

OBSESSIONS: (6:52) Lulu is obsessed with the ability to see her text messages across all of her devices. Alan updates his long-time obsession with podcasts, to this podcast. He's listening back through them, which you can do as well by going to the listen page of our website. Alison is obsessed with eyelash extensions.

WISHLIST: (14:38) Lulu wishes for an apartment that is decorated in her style, not the style of whoever she happens to be subletting from. Alan is wishing for some home repairs, those can take awhile. Alison's wishlist is simple this week, she just wants some rainboots.

ALAN’S 10K DAY - TONGA: (19:43) This is one of the few places in the world where you can get into the water and swim with the humpback whales. Alan brings some sporting equipment as well as this AKASO Underwater Waterproof Camera/Camcorder. He stays at the Mandala Island Resort because of its great amenities, including meal plans. He bought the Mavic 2 Pro drone and heads on a tour with Whale Swim & Tours LIMITED. He's certified thanks to Adventure Scuba NY. A foldable star chart helps make use of the hotel's free telescope. The solution to only having spent three grand at this point is buying a new MacBook Pro and Final Cut Pro X so he can make a sweet movie of his trip. The girls give him a round of applause.

ALISON’S 10K DAY - KLEVAN, UKRAINE: (39:58) Again, with the pronunciations! Alison flies her husband out to meet her. They stay in a high-rise apartment they found on Airbnb. A quick breakfast at Smorrebrod before heading to The Tunnel of Love. They look for another luxury activity in Klevan but all that comes up on google is ESCORTS. So instead of that, they head to Beef to take masterclasses on steak and cocktails, and to eat at the chef's table. Lastly is B-Hush Bar where they splurge on a 3k bottle of Hennessy Paradis Imperial

CHARITIES: (57:29)


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