This sound serious S2

Castbox Announces Season Two of This Sounds Serious

Award-winning podcast platform Castbox today announced the upcoming launch of season two of its hit podcast This Sounds Serious: Missing Melissa. Developed in partnership with acclaimed creative studio Kelly&Kelly, the Castbox Original series will be available starting June 4th, 2019 on Castbox, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and all other podcast platforms.

A comedic fictional podcast, This Sounds Serious is a homage to true crime storytelling with familiar styles, tones, and tropes of popular crime podcasts and documentaries. This Sounds Serious season one—The Case of Daniel Bronstadt—captivated audiences and critics alike, topping Apple’s “Best Podcasts of 2018” list with over 2 million downloads. The series is also drawing interest from Hollywood studios for a possible television adaptation à la Bravo’s Dirty John and Amazon’s Homecoming.

“This show nails every nuance of this genre. It got so real, some people honestly thought this ridiculous story was true.” Exclaim Magazine

“Forget summer reading — how about some summer podcast bingeing? I suggest putting the eight episodes of This Sounds Serious at the top of your list.” – Vulture

“The dialogue is some of the funniest I have ever heard: this is excellent, good-natured satire.”- The Irish Times

In season two, Missing Melissa, listeners once again follow host Gwen Radford, voiced by Arrow and Suits actress Carly Pope, as she tries to get the bottom of yet another peculiar unsolved crime. This time Gwen is searching for Melissa Turner, the country’s most missing person, who has disappeared under extremely strange circumstances. Meanwhile, 400 miles away, Jimmy Kline is staging the longest bank robbery in Oregon history. Gwen spots a connection between these two isolated incidents, uncovering a mystery that appears to end in murder.

The scripted comedy series is produced and directed by Kelly&Kelly and features writing from Dave Shumka, comedian and co-host of Stop Podcasting Yourself. This season’s ensemble cast features top talent, including members of the award-winning comedy troupe The Sunday Service, comedian Amy Goodmurphy, Corner Gas actor Brent Butt, Blindspot and Bojack Horseman actor Peter Oldring, and Tin Star actress Linda Boyd.

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