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Have you noticed every once in a while when you step outside of your comfort zone and you begin to analyze your social circle that maybe there's that 1 person who has that special "IT" factor? Well, look no further ladies and gentlemen because my guest Trevor Lohrbeer is the sharpest tool in the entrepreneurial shed! In this episode, we dive deep into how to remove emotions out of the business decisions that all entrepreneurs and business people have to make. In addition, we focus on Trevor's optimal way to know what times of day you will be most productive as well as how to plan out your day for maximum efficiency. The biggest takeaways for entrepreneurs are what we really hone in on midway through our value-packed conversation in studying and fully understanding business model canvases and what are the main components in a successful model as well as how to create an awesome value proposition for high-end negotiations... all in all, I truly enjoyed his views on life, spirituality and business. I know you will too, so until next time stay strong, believe in yourself, Dominate your life but more importantly DOMINATE THE DEAL!! 
Three powerful words have changed this guest's life drastically: Perserverance is Real!! In this kickass episode, I get deep into how Reem'o has helped his community by being an educator and teaching his students how to succeed in life outside of just getting good grades! In addition, we get into how Reem'o was able to overcome depression in his life and become a successful entrepreneur. His consistency and powerful message of building your brand the right way has enabled him to have an abundance of opportunties come to him thorugh great networking and relationship building. Reem'o also speaks about his passion for gaming, his relaunch of his channel and how the e-gaming industry has taken the world by storm and how to even determine if a trend is here to stay or if it's just a 2 month fad! it was an absolute pleasure to speak with a successful high-performance person like Reem'o, his vision and his purpose are unwavering like the value bombs and truth he consistently drops on his podcast "THE REEMO MEERAK" and this episode of Dominate the Deal... until next time, stay strong, believe in yourself, Dominate your life but most importantly DOMINATE THE DEAL!!
Have you ever had somebody who you didn't know much about them at first but then the moment you heard them speak they spoke with such utter conviction that you hung onto every word of their powerful message? In this awesome episode with Former Figure Skater, Tedx Speaker and High-Performance Entrepreneur Peter Kozodoy we dive deep into how perception is reality and why it's so important to take full control over all aspects of your life. In addition, we get into why young entrepreneurs starting out are so easily mislead when starting out and the main components into finding the ideal mentor for you and your venture. Also, we hone in on how Peter has been able to thrive with his business GEM Advertising and how to acquire million-dollar clients for his business and the amount of preparation that goes into negotiating high-stake business deals. Feel free to check out his book on Amazon Honest to Greatness: How Today's Greatest Leaders Use Brutal Honesty to Achieve Massive Success, he's actually going to be launching his second book this Fall, so SPOLIERS AHEAD... but until then, Stay Strong, Stay Confident in Yourself, Dominate Your Life but more importantly Dominate the Deal!!
With all of the chaos going on in the world today, when do we ever take time to realize that there are questions that we must answer about the bigger picture of our life and beyond such as: Who am I, What's my purpose, and Why am I here? In this kickass episode with Ethan DeAbreu, we dive deep into his book "The Ink of My Soul and The Fire in My Bones" and the inspiration behind his core values of discipline, tenacious willpower, full accountability, and leadership! We get into how his rough upbringing allowed him to sharpen his mind and body to endure the challenges in his life and why it's so important to know yourself before sharing your unique message to the world. In addition, Ethan makes a stand on the riots that are happening now and why it's important to show empathy towards others even in the midst of disagreement, as well as talk about how his podcast Strength of the Pack Podcast bears the ethos of his way of life: having a wolf mentality towards the world and why the knowledge you learn as a business professional or young digital marketing entrepreneur is only as good as the results you get from applying it. I'm honored to have him share his unique message and massive value to each and every one of you, and until next time Dominate your life but more importantly DOMINATE THE DEAL!!
Have you ever wondered about what it's like to combine modeling, makeup, glamour, charisma, entrepreneurship and podcasting all into one package? Well, look no further than my awesome guest August WIlliams; she's super charismatic, hilarious, and has a great perspective of beauty and how to truly create your own. In this Dominate the Deal episode, we dive into how growing she was raised in an environment where she was able to think freely and why it's so vital to surround yourself with the right kind of people in your life. In addition, she dives into how her family, friends, and her strong faith have enabled her to have an abundance of opportunities to pursue her passion every day. We also dive deep into why it's so easy for people to feel insecure about themselves especially with social media and the #1 thing to do to build the self-confidence you need to overcome all challenges in your life both personally and professionally!! I truly enjoyed the energy she brought and the unique but very powerful message she shared and how it applies now more than ever. Until the next experience, keep dominating your path, stay strong, and Dominate your life but more importantly DOMINATE THE DEAL! 
What do Batman, Iron Man, and Superman all have in common? (Other than being badass superheroes!!) Well, the main thing that they have in common is this: They all have an identity! In this awesome Dominate the Deal experience with John Tarnoff, we get deep into why most people struggle to have a career that truly fulfills them. Being a 40 year veteran of the L.A. entertainment industry, having 18 different careers in 35 years, and having his tech startup fail has enabled him to help people find their true talents and skills to transition into careers that they actually enjoy. We get into how to create the perfect value proposition and elevator pitch, as well as talk about the best advice that create successful entrepreneurs and business people and his main motivation for being a reinvention career consultation coach. This episode is especially relevant now after the COVID-19 pandemic, since the amount of opportunities will be so vast for people to look to do what they love since so many people will be fearful to take action... fortune favors the bold Ladies and Gentlemen, so before I give away too much, take notes and get the best advice from the best in the business today!!
How does a person find their purpose and identity in their life? That's a tough question to answer and it really takes a lifetime to answer, but in this episode I get super deep with Stela dive into how her rough childhood growing up in Romania helped established the foundation for her massive success in coaching and consulting high-performance entrepreneurs and sales people today. In addition, we dive deep into why most people fail when they first start out, why our school system limits our thinking towards building a legacy and how people actually start putting limiting beliefs in their interviews, and how to conquer your inner bitch starting today! I truly believe that this was one of the most eye-opening conversations that I've ever had, we're turning it up full throttle this season of Dominate the Deal and we're only getting warmed up. I know you all enjoyed this value-packed episode, and we'll definitely be bringing Stela back for more insight and fun in the future, but until then find your purpose, stack small wins daily, and forge your own paths!!
There seems to be an almost mystical power amongst the most successful high-performance entrepreneurs: their uncanny ability to remain so calm in the midst of lots of chaos in their environment. So the main question I pose to YOU is how do you keep your composure when all seems lost? In this value-packed episode with Sam Winsbury, we dive deep into the source of why most people seem lost in today's society and how the right habits can help you streamline your progress and allow you to become more efficient in what you do. In addition, he explains his concept of building an identity with a vision board and why it's so important to hold yourself accountable first to track your progress and then give towards others. We hone in on Sam's biggest inspirations and SPOILER ALERT who his favorite Soccer team is... but with that being said, I had an absolute blast and I know that everyone tuning in got massive value from it and will use this information to dominate their path and DOMINATE THE DEAL!!
What is more important to forging a sword: Fire or Ice? Well, while I let you action-takers ponder that, I'll get into the context of that question; in this value-packed episode, I dive deep into philosophies of life and how we sometimes lose our purpose because we don't know what we stand for. Jamison hones in on how practicing Muay Thai and his aspirations to becoming a world Muay Thai Champion have enabled him to remain calm in all challenges he faces being an email copywriting entrepreneur. In addition, he also dives into the value of leveraging email as a resource for all businesses but more than that he dives deep into letting go of his internal pain and anger he held as a young kid growing up and how he plans to leave a massive legacy behind!!
For all you New England Patriots fans out there (including me!!), you're probably thinking 28-3... I can't blame you for that because that s#@t was epic!! However, I'm talking of another comeback: The comeback of yours truly the Sinatra of Suave! In this AWESOME premiere episode, I emphasize my core values and how my mission statement for Dominate the Deal hasn't changed; however, my inspiration has changed drastically for the better. That's right, I dive deep into why I went on a year-long hiatus and how it actually made me stronger mentally and spiritually. In addition, I get into what I'm currently doing at Richard Allen Inc. to not only make me a better sales closer but also how you're now going to get the best value to transform you professionally whether as an entrepreneur or in your professional career and more importantly transform you personally to live your best life!!
This episode is the very first of my brand new podcast "Dominate the Deal." In this episode, I lay down the foundation for my negotiation podcast that focuses on improving your non-verbal communication via a dominant voice and dominant body language, how to instill a positive mindset that overcomes your limiting beliefs and how to incorporate daily practices of meditation and affirmations to reinforce positive energy and success for your negotiations. I also got vulnerable about myself and how I was depressed at a blue-collar drywall construction job and was even suicidal at various points of my life and how I eventually found my purpose to host a podcast that helps aspiring digital marketing entrepreneurs and email copywriters who are struggling to acquire and close more clients to finally get the deal done!
Wow, I was absolutely shocked that with this episode I was able to connect and have an amazing conversation with a fellow college graduate of mine Ryan Conceicao. He is currently a high-ticket pharmaceutical sales closer whose ambition is currently looking to take his passion of real estate and grow it into a full-fledged business empire. In this episode, we dive deep into how he got started into real estate, and how his initial 3 year goal is to own 100 units and scale up his real estate portfolio with even real estate titans like Dean Graziosi and Grant Cardone. In addition, we get into why getting started is the number 1 reason why entrepreneurs fail (failure to take action on your vision of success) and how it has become so easy for our generation of people to give up and take the easy way out of challenges. Furthermore, we discuss his biggest inspirations, including David Goggins as well as his parents and his wife and why being married has enabled him to be strong through some of the toughest times in his life as well as what is the #1 solution for rapid self-growth in your life. That's just a taste of the value in this amazing episode, if you want to hear more kickass episodes, then stay tuned for the next episode of Dominate the Deal... until then, DOMINATE THE DEAL and more importantly, DOMINATE YOUR LIFE!
When was the last time that you met someone who's inspired to become the next female Tony Robbins?! Well, I'm happy to say that my honorary guest is a very close friend of mine and inspirational life coach Liv Teixeira! In this value-packed episode of Dominate the Deal, Liv explains why it's so important to have an abundance mindset to live a more fulfilling life; in addition, she also goes through the concept of gratitude and how showing gratitude when you wake up and before you go to bed will give you the momentum to keep pushing through difficult times in your life. Furthermore, we even played a word association game to really dig into what her legacy is and how she was so inspired to help people from a very young age and make a positive impact in the world... that's an idea of the awesomeness of this episode, stay tuned for the next episode and until then Dominate the DEAL but more importantly DOMINATE YOUR LIFE!!
In this kickass episode of Dominate the Deal, my honorary guest is High-performance coach Rene Weimann, an exclusive member of the London Real team led by influential multi-millionaire Brian Rose! He also has been transforming lives through personal training to not only your body's full potential, but also your life's potential! Furthermore, we dive into why people lose passion of what they love when they're younger as well as core philosophies as to how to become more successful in business and life! In addition, we talk about why specific goals, specific visions, and a positive mindset is the perfect storm to be successful in anything that you do. Also, Rene discusses why it's actually better to create short term goals than long term goals to keep yourself accountable, and who some of his inspirations in life, even if they are controversial figures like Michael Vick. That's just a taste of what you get in this value-packed episode that I'm very grateful to have done with someone that I truly respect... stay tuned for the next episode and until then, Dominate the Deal but more importantly Dominate Life!!
As host of Dominate the Deal, I have one question for you: have you ever been in a difficult time within your life and have had a difficult time letting go of the pain? In this guest appearance with good friend Nigel Miller, I really dive deep into a gunpoint robbery that happened in college which made me lose my self-identity as a person and why it's so important to let go of the pain you're feeling. Nigel and I really delve into why it's vital to create a vision that enables you to live with passion in addition to my core lessons that have enabled me to live with purpose. This is only a taste of what you get in this value-packed episode, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been on Journey Within with Nigel, feel free to subscribe to his podcast on iTunes! Stay tuned for the next episode and until then, Dominate your life but more importantly Dominate The Deal!!
Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself, "I really want to know their story?" Well, just to give you a taste of what value you'll get in this episode, look no further than this Ebay extraordinaire Eric Cipolla, a 20 year old entrepreneur who is very ambitious and has been mentored personally by America's high income expert Jason Capital. In this episode, we dive into what really makes entrepreneurs successful and what his legacy is when he steps away from entrepreneurship. In addition, we dive deep into why he started entrepreneurship at age 12 and how leading with value instead of focusing on the money will allow you to be more successful in business. Eric dives into his simple yet effective morning routine he does daily to put himself in a positive frame of mind and how living in Nicaragua with his mentor Marc Augustine has allowed him to appreciate what he has but also enable him to consistently improve himself everyday and never settle for being average. He has big projects that he is masterminding with other badass entrepreneurs, so Dominate the Deal will be kept in the loop with them... having said that, stay tuned for the next episode of Dominate the Deal and until then, DOMINATE THE DEAL but more importantly DOMINATE YOUR LIFE!
In this episode, I evaluate 4 of the most important core takeaways and lessons that I've learned from the first 11 episodes of my Dominate the Deal podcast from talking to former professional hockey players, to young high-performance entrepreneurs that are changing the entrepreneurial game. I dive deep into why the sooner you take extreme ownership of your life is vital to your accomplishing your goals; in addition, why it's actually better to read less books than more and how to start immediately implementing what you learn. Furthermore, I delve into how successful people are consistently evaluating every aspect of their life like Max DaSilva and how he's using his YouTube channel to then expand it into a global consulting business! Finally, why within your action plan clarity breeds mastery and how successful people utilize adversity as a catalyst to live the best life possible with vision, authenticity, and purpose! My Dominate the Deal podcast is just getting warmed up, stay tuned for the latest episode and until then... DOMINATE THE DEAL but more importantly DOMINATE YOUR LIFE!!
Can one really start to get clarity with the snap of a finger? Absolutely not, this isn't Avengers Endgame (I won't give away any spoilers!); however the moment you are aware that you are not living up to your full potential is the exact moment that you can start changing your life. In this episode with my honorary guest, author, and YouTube personality Max DaSilva we go deep into how Max went from a guy that had a mediocre marketing job in Virginia and had no purpose in life to having a personal breakthrough with God and becoming a firm believer in daily meditation. In this moment, he also explains how he started to become more aware of himself and how he gained the inspiration to write his first book for bald men Growing Bald for men lacking self-confidence. In addition, Max talks about his inspiration Patrice O' Neal, a comedian that recently passed away, who helped Max break out of his comfort and speak his message on masculinity and finding your true purpose in life with clarity, authenticity, and why it's so important to take ownership of your failures and successes to start living the best life possible! Finally, we dive into his goals for expanding his YouTube channel and his consulting business and even play some "word association" to peel back more layers of Max DaSilva and what he really stands for... Still here? Well, tune in and find out how you can become your most authentic self today! Subscribe to "Dominate the Deal" on iTunes NOW and leave a review... stay tuned for the next episode and until then, DOMINATE YOUR LIFE but most importantly DOMINATE THE DEAL!!
I can't believe that I had the opportunity to talk with a former professional hockey player! We dived very deep in this value-packed episode here about how Dieter Kalt had an incredible amount of success in 22 years of playing professional hockey but more importantly how he's now mentoring hockey clubs to establish a winning culture and building hockey organizations up with clear visions and a solid business brand. Dieter really hones in on the life lessons that sports taught like mental toughness, not putting the burdens entirely on yourself, and how important it is to take full ownership of your failures and successes. Furthermore, we talk about why leadership is vital in today's society and that mentorship is so crucial to build the right core values and strategy to be successful. In addition, he emphasizes the importance of earning respect in everything you do, and understanding that when you fear something the most, that's the exact moment to take action! I'm grateful to have brought you 10 episodes of value and business insight as well as life lessons to you so far, but Dominate the Deal is just getting warmed up... Subscribe to Dominate the Deal on Anchor and iTunes, and please leave a review on iTunes on what you thought about my podcast so far! I look forward to hearing your responses soon, stay tuned for the next episode and until then... DOMINATE YOUR LIFE but more importantly DOMINATE THE DEAL!!
What can one learn from a former professional race car driver about being more successful in business but more importantly living a more fulfilled life? Well (spoiler alert), I learned a helluva lot... Some of the amazing insights that I learned with my honorary guest are: why sales gets a bad reputation and how to CLOSE MORE DEALS for your business IN A WARM WAY, why it's so important to be able to step back and show gratitude for the many blessings that life has to offer, and how his dad was a rock solid foundation in his life through the thick and thin of his racing days but also his life. Also, we talk about how him being in the wrong place, wrong time nearly took away the opportunity to see his newborn daughter and how he started to live everyday with new-found passion and presence in every moment of life after this intense moment. Furthermore, we dive deep into him mentoring younger aspiring racers and the life lessons he teaches his mentees outside of learning not only how to win races on the track, but how to win the race of life! This was a very value-packed episode and a conversation that I truly enjoyed having... but, Dominate the Deal is just getting warmed up, and we're only going to keep improving every episode. That's why it's so important for you to leave a review on iTunes about my Dominate the Deal podcast, so that you get the best experience possible and spread the word to everybody about this ass-kicking podcast "Dominate the Deal." Stay tuned for the next episode, and until then... Dominate Your Life but more importantly Dominate the Deal!!
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