Discover"Understanding CBD with Max & Steven" as heard on WCBM Radio
"Understanding CBD with Max & Steven" as heard on WCBM Radio

"Understanding CBD with Max & Steven" as heard on WCBM Radio

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Curious about CBD? Let Max Sobol and Steven Walman of Max & Steven’s, two home-grown Baltimore boys and CBD experts, be your guides. We’ve got an exciting line-up of special guests and experts ready to answer your questions, empower you as a consumer and entertain you at the same time.
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Tapping into your energetic body, getting in touch with yourself, finding your vibe… whatever you call it, it’s a practice that allows people to connect with the world at large and within. Mary Miller joins Max and Steven to share her expertise in energy healing, the energetic properties of cbd and natural healing processes. She guides the audience through a meditation and takes questions from callers. Doc G. shares his perspective on anxiety among young adults and kids during the current challenging times. He explains how a properly sourced, full spectrum cbd can be helpful. And in Mailsack, Max and Steven share some fantastic stories- including an update from Shorty Rossi.
MC Bravado joins Max and Steven to talk all things CBD, his personal growth journey from an anxious young man to a confident educator, singer/songwriter and cat dad. MC Bravado shares his compelling and inspirational personal story of overcoming fears, beating alcohol dependence and how he motivated and inspired his students to break barriers and achieve their own successes. We also hear from Dr. R., a holistic veterinarian with over 30 years of experience about how cats and dogs can be treated for various conditions with CBD. In Doc G’s corner, Dr. Ben Gonzales explains how a full spectrum CBD oil can treat IBS in people and pets as well as the connection between anxiety and gut health. All in all, a highly informative and fun episode of Understanding CBD!
Love, romance, fun and CBD. Max and Steven are joined by Janelle Lassalle, writer, researcher, adventurer and CBD expert to talk all things relationships and how the endocannabinoid system is connected to every aspect of our lives- sex included. Doc G. shares his medical expertise on the subject of CBD and sexual health, holistic healing properties of CBD and more. During everyone’s favorite segment, Mail Sack, we learned about how CBD and lifestyle choices can alleviate insomnia by fostering homeostasis in the body.
The dynamic and always informative Jacquie Cohen Roth joins us on Understanding CBD to talk all things cannabis in Maryland. From current legislative issues to cbd and drug interaction to upcoming cannabis industry events and how social justice and equity are prioritized in the industry- Jacquie has the inside scoop. In Doc G’s corner, we tackle vaping cbd – is it safe? CBD vs THC- Doc G. explains the differences and how they affect the endocannabinoid system. CBD doesn’t cause a “high”, it causes healing. Doc G. gives us the scientific evidence to support how a high quality CBD oil can heal the body. Listen and learn from the experts!
Today, Ajay Sharma RPh, MBA, a local pharmacist based in Silver Spring joins us on Understanding CBD with Max and Steven to explain how cbd, a plant-based medicine works in relation to pharmaceutical products. He talks about drug interactions and how cbd impacts patients. He also explains how topical and sublingual absorption of cbd vary and when to choose one versus the other. On Dr. G’s corner, we learn about the legality of cbd and what that means to consumers.
Chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, sexual dysfunction, immunity, migraines- can cbd help? Yes- our very own Dr. Ben González takes questions from listeners and explains how cbd and the endocannabinoid system work synergistically to ease symptoms and provide relief for various conditions, the natural way. Also- he explains what integrative and functional medicine is and how it facilitates health and wellness through a holistic and proactive approach. We also hear from Mary Miller, an energy healer, on how our energetic bodies exist, communicate and can be healed through various modalities. Listen in on this fast paced and informative episode.
Now that we have your attention, we didn’t mean free as in no cost. We mean free as in liberated. Listen to our guest Luke Jones talk about legislative updates regarding liberating marijuana from nearly a hundred years of prohibition. Luke has 30 years of experience fighting the good fight, in the trenches, advising the government on environmental and public affairs and working to free cannabis from the stigmas attached to it. He brings us his perspectives on how people can make their collective voices heard to bring cannabis out of the age of darkness and into the light. We also hear from Kevin Atticks from regarding 2 farm bills in Maryland. Listen, learn and act. Your voice matters.
Industry thought leader, Jacquie Cohen Roth, proprietor of CannabizMD and Tea Pad joined Max & Steven to talk about her passion for educating physicians about medical cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. 97% of medical schools don’t even teach about this system which plays a role in every bodily function, making us feel lucky to have Jacquie in our midst to enlighten us all. And Dr. G shares his advice for how to break negative cycles by making healthier and more positive day to day choices. He explains how CBD helps manage stress, anxiety and depression and works to improve your overall health. Listen until the very end for the best “Mailsack” EVER!
On this week’s episode of Understanding CBD, listen to Max & Steven open up about their thoughts on new year’s traditions around the world, resolution and goal setting in 2021 and how to navigate the oftentimes confusing cbd product landscape. Max and Steven talk to Dr. G about all of this plus the magic of how terpenes interact with other molecules in your gut microbiome. Basically, the way you get your cbd matters. And once again, a full spectrum cbd oil is the answer to the question of, “What’s best?”
Hoʻoponopono…try saying that 10 times in a row! On this episode of Understanding CBD, Max and Steven share their thoughts and experiences with this ancient Hawaiian conflict resolution process and show us how resolving issues from a place of humility, gratitude and love can bring us closer to our true selves and improve our relationships and well being. What does that have to do with cbd you may ask? Well, this week’s special guest, Rebecca Spain, explains. Rebecca is a health and wellness expert, a hemp advocate, and is trained in Hoʻoponopono mediation. Listen to her connect the dots between self-awareness, self-healing and using tools such as cbd and Hoʻoponopono to cultivate greater health and happiness. If that weren’t enough food for thought, we also have the privilege of hearing from the one and only Doc G. (Dr. Ben Gonzalez) on a topic that is rarely discussed openly and honestly- physician and patient relationships and the insurance industry. After you hear Doc G.’s honest and thoughtful expression of the realities doctors battle in an effort to serve their patients ethically and in the spirit of promoting a patient’s best interests, you’ll wish Doc G. or someone just like him was your doctor. Still reading? You should be listening to the show already!
With an average of 22 veteran suicide’s a day, our conversation with Steve Ellmore about the over-prescription of drugs to veterans is long overdue. Listen in as we talk to Steve Ellmore about his first feature-length documentary. Producer, director, and military veteran Steve Ellmore chronicles the lives of fellow veterans, spouses, and family members coping with war-related trauma and the loss of loved ones to suicide brought on by the over-prescription of pharmaceuticals. We also discuss the positive impacts that CBD has had on veterans and their ongoing fight with ailments.
A study shows that 85 million homes have pets in America. With that statistic in mind, countless pets also deal with anxiety, separation issues, and general health complications. These are a few of the many ailments that our guest, Shorty Rossi, sees at the shelters he helps out with, including the dogs he owns. Shorty Rossi is the star of Animal Planet’s ‘Pit Boss’, he’s also an animal activist and proprietor of Shorty’s Rescue. He has an undying passion for pets and explains how he has countered their ailments with CBD, describing how he doses them and the positive effects they experience. We also briefly introduce a new member of the team and dive into finding a ‘sweet spot’ with dosing in our mailsack segment.
With the purchasing and manufacturing of CBD products increasing each day, understanding exactly what it is that you’re buying is growing in importance. Our guest on the show is Steven Perez who is a scientist and CEO of Americanna Labs, a third-party testing lab for CBD products, and will be discussing the importance of the role that testing labs contribute to the end consumers’ CBD products. We also discuss what you should be considering before sourcing your products, providing the ultimate guideline for purchasing wisely and based on quality.  
Caitlin Orman is a prime example of how prevalent the stigma around cannabis is. Get insight into her fight between her studying choices and her new found interest in cannabis and CBD, while she helps us understand suppositories and other valuable information. Her story is a real and underrated look into how the people close to her disagreed with her choices to drop out of college and pivot to a path that she has a passion for. We also briefly discuss the MORE act pending vote by the end of this week which will determine the course of the cannabis industry dramatically. Additionally, near the end of the show, we get an interesting update by Dr. Ben Gonzalas about CBD and its potential effects on Covid-19 which you will not want to miss out on.
Gut health is one of the most important aspects of human health and yet no one talks about it. Listen in to our conversation with Dr. Anthony Capasso, one of the few doctors that does wellness care and testing beyond just treating illnesses for the fact. He explains what gut microbiome is, the importance gut health plays in our wellness and the impact that CBD has on your gut health. We dive into the main functions of the body in collaboration with the endocannabinoid system to help you better understand why your health may be poor without you even realizing it. 
Listen in as we dive into the conversation about seasonal depression with our special guest Doctor Alexander Dix, a clinical medical director over at Kip dispensary who will give you practical tips on combating the tough winter season ahead as well as how CBD plays a role in helping you manage it. On top of that we also talk a little bit about the endocannabinoid system and how it also plays a role in managing seasonal affective disorder as well as depression and anxiety in general. With the winter season upon us, now is the time to focus on the practical tips spoken about in this podcast so that we can avoid falling into a depressive state. 
Listen in as we have an in depth conversation about the misinformation around CBD amongst physicians and the medical field in general with Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt, an incredible physician who is well educated on cannabis and has studied it for years. Learn about the complications around researching cannabis because of its schedule one drug title across the United States and how the continued stigma around it in the medical industry is posing a challenge to not only patients with health conditions that are mistreated but also the growing administration of opioids. After our discussion with Dr. Paloma, we also provide a simple understanding of how to measure your CBD dosage correctly.
The stigmas of CBD are common, but what if we told you they are misconceptions. Those who are more familiar with CBD understand that CBD is safe to consume and CBD does not get people high. If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, listen as we identify and respond to popular stereotypes and misconceptions on CBD with the help of a pharmaceutical chemist, Scott Robertson who is the Laboratory Director for Atlantic Test Labs. While on the subject of squashing CBD stigmas, our weekly segment, Dr. G’s Corner with Dr. Ben Gonzalez, explains why CBD is a useful drug and shares studies of what happens when adults suffering from insomnia use CBD to treat sleep issues.
2020 has been a hectic and uncertain year. With the upcoming election, it’s a good time to slow down and listen to our bodies. Stress, lack of sleep, injuries, illnesses, or pain can cloud our minds and stunt our healing. That’s why we invited Zachary Owen Heidemann, a Certified Herbal Medicine Specialist and owner of Wild Child Medicines, to teach us ways we can restore our bodies with quality plant medicine. Meanwhile, the new hemp farming industry lacks a gold standard for processing hemp. Dr. G’s Corner educates us on how we can choose a high quality, contaminate free, and lab tested CBD oil during a time that some farmers call the “wild west” of CBD production.
This week’s episode shares Erik Sauer’s story. His life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with Leukemia at 36. What he didn’t know was a stranger from Germany would be his bone marrow match and save his life. Now, he’s the founder of, a non-profit that provides support to those diagnosed with Leukemia and encourages others to join the donor registry. Unfortunately, when Erik was diagnosed in 2007, medical marijuana and CBD oil did not have the support it has today in alleviating the side effects from chemotherapy. Dr. Ben Gonzalez tells us of CBD’s therapeutic potential and recent studies showing its ability to modulate cancer cells.
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