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After the last podcast’s events Cecil faces the consequences of his actions.
Cast your ears back to last November as the Thax clan take a pre festive drive. Then enjoy Margaret thinking about catchphrases from 1980’s entertainers.
Paul is maturing into a responsible grown up, well in a way. and Margaret has a shocking revelation to reveal to Cecil!
Paul’s a high flying go getting jet setting urban city business man now, he’s got himself a really big job.
Life continues as normal for the Thax’s after the ‘incident’ but somethings different with Cecil. Will Cecil’s attention turn to Paul and his slovenly way of life?
He’s finally over stepped the mark!
A whole car full of people go for another long drive, everyone is confused about something. This is the last time we’ll talk about escutcheons!
The whole crew go for a lovely drive in a rain storm, while Sir Jeremy frets about his escutcheons!
Cecil and Margaret prepare for a meal, and Paul and Tony go for a drive. The heat is making everyone just miserable and complaining. All except Margaret!
Sir Jeremy and Quentin ramble on and have an existential crisis, while Paul in the guise of the taxi driver takes Cecil and Margaret on a sight seeing tour around Biddyton.
It’s summer in the RadioThax randoms world and oh by gosh by golly, it’s a hot one!
Paul and Tony secretly record Sir Jeremy with his mystery woman, whilst in part two, Sir Jeremy has a political announcement.
Cecil has been at his wits end with his lazy Paul, so Paul finally has a job interview also Sir Jeremy gets in some very hot water with Margaret.
Back to the pre-Christmas times. Paul has to get a job due to buying a new PC in Cecil’s name causing years of finance payments to drain away Cecil’s pension. So Paul got a job interview as a junior graphic designer, it did not go well for him. Also Sir Jeremy gets a shock while […]
It’s Christmas day in the Thax house and while Paul, Cecil and Margaret rty to have a relaxing time, people keep turning up and singing songs at them.
Join the thax gang on Christmas eve as Paul prepares to step into Christmas and Margaret has a bit of a do.
The whole gang take to the roads and discuss a whole mannor of festive nonsense including Cecil’s desire to be more madcap, Margaret’s egg worry and Paul contemplates holy seamen.
Paul and Cecil take a couple of trips out while discussing the festive season including Hanukah, Cecil’s Christmas philosophy and what Paul’s plans are for the rest of the month.
Cecil’s car is bust so he and Sir Jeremy have to drive around in a family friends car. It does not go smoothly! Also Paul wants to workshop a new song all about christmas eve, Cecil is less than helpful.
Sir Jeremy and Cecil take a Guy Fawkes night drive, chatting about love, life and being terrified of large bodies of water. Then Margaret, Paul and Cecil drive home while the chat constantly turns toward advent calendars and the impending christmas season!
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