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A comedy podcast following the trials and tribulations of a chubby workshy deadbeat and his long suffering old father.
207 Episodes
It’s April first, the time when hilarious fools come out to trick you with their deceitful lies. Then Paul and Cecil take a windy walk around the filming location of their hit movie film ‘Grounded’,
Easter approaches and Paul eats almost too much cheese!
Cecil is a man of his word, Paul is bestowed £500, but will his parents make him spend it on them? Also The Thax clan brave an escape room experience. Will 60 minutes trapped with… More
It’s the month of March, is it the dullest month of the year? Join the gang on a long drive with almost no talk of escutcheons. Then join Cecil and Margaret as her Fifi keeps… More
The month of love. Join Margaret as she teaches you French. Then Paul finally makes his move on a little lady. Also Join Paul, Cecil, Sir Jeremy Cream, Victor and Bikram on a wintry walk.
Paul and Cecil are joined by Vanessa, who teaches the them mean of inclusion. Then Paul pitches business ideas to Cecil and Sir Jeremy.
A trio of podcasts that we couldn’t, wouldn’t and shouldn’t have put out in time for Christmas. So listen as Paul is forced to work somewhere else, Sir Jeremy Preps to record his album and… More
It’s January. Is there a worse month? Paul certainly doesn’t seem to think so.
The Thax clan visit all their friends on Christmas eve. What will they get up to?
It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Enjoy the master crooner sing his way through Christmas!
Paul and Cecil step right into Christmas by putting their tree up and wrapping some Christmas presents.
Paul and Cecil prepare to go Christmas shopping, then hear the aftermath!
Brian Del A Rouge joins Paul and Cecil for a quick catch up and maybe a ghost hunt in the car. In part 2 Paul couldn’t get more ebullient if he tried! He’s full of… More
Our final contestant is a horrible man called Bazza. Just horrible! Then in part two everyone boards the fun bus for the results show. Who will be the new member of RadioThax Randoms?
First we have Mr S Bubbles, the S stands for Squeaky and his act is very clean. Then next we have Sexy Susan, she’s sexy and called Susan!
There’s a new spot going in the RadioThax Randoms Podcast rostrum and a few people are auditioning for the position! Meet Siobhán, Vanessa and Brian Coins for the first (and maybe last) time.
Paul and Cecil ponder what you are doing right this second. What could it be? In the second half Victor makes another terrifying appearance as Cecil takes the wrong road home.
Paul and Cecil are introduced to Victor, a very left wing friend of Sir Jeremy. He is a thing of nightmares!
The Thax clan come direct from a cavery, Paul ate a whole gammon. Will he keep in down? Also Paul is sporting a new Cagoule, but where did it come from?
Recorded pre and post the passing of a long time queen. Hear Paul report on the situation while Sir Jeremy threatens physical violence for disrepecting said old queen.
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David Shepley

Lovely stuff. 5 star, pure entertainment!

Nov 26th
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