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A comedy podcast following the trials and tribulations of a chubby workshy deadbeat and his long suffering old father.
107 Episodes
Join Paul and Cecil as they go for a socially distant walk in these horrific times.
Three tales of woe all told from inside a car.
Paul and Tony struggle to put on a live performance without Cecil. Cecil however has sexier fish to fry!
Four short segments this week. Something to take your mind off the horrors for 40 minutes!
Four tiny tableaux of Thax life for your listening pleasure!
We have a collection of very short podcasts smooshed into one medium size one for your listening delectation. Do an enjoy!
In this episode Paul and Cecil attempt to construct a large cat tower with multi platforms and activity centres, for cats. It goes about as well as expected!
An occasional podcast which could be anything. It could be a dream, a stream of consciousness, hopes, fear, thoughts for a new business venture or recipes’ for crisps. There is literally no limitation as to its content! So long as it’s talking and maybe music! In this podcast we hear the chaps out and about […]
Paul is live streaming his whole day. Somehow it's managed to be edited down to a managable hour, don't ask how, Christmas magic we think!
Paul helps out his good chum, Tony, while the run a news agents over the christmas period. Festive shenanigans ensue!
Paul and all his chums hunt down an evil christmas spirit that has been playing ruddy heck with everyones christmas lives!
Paul Thax becomes a Santa in training, listen to his magical journey into Father Christmashood!
The first Christmas special we ever made, it’s a little rough around the edges but it’s bursting with festivity! The best podcast app is (for android) CastBox Find it on iTunes Or search for radiothax and select ‘The RadioThax Podcast’ on your favorite podcast app!
Christmas come but once a year, now it's here, now it's here!
Christmas comes but once a year, now it's here, now it's here!
Cecil and Margaret have cancelled christmas. Paul is in a pre festive funk. Plus paul buys THREE advent calendars! 3!!!!
The Thax clan are in a depression, what could snap them out of it? A working holiday gigging around North Yorkshire with some challenging music!
Paul's familiar diet quest begins in earnest and ends a lot quicker than expected, Cecil and Margaret also give Paul some bad news!
The first episode in series 2, features Paul and Tony going on a computer quest following a wheel of breakfast! It's still a rough and ready recording but there is plot and sound effects, enjoy some classic Thax, do!
Work begins on an album and a halloween revelation causes Paul to change his lifestyle drastically!
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