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Author: Hüseyin Demirtaş

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We know the challenges in learning English both as learners and teachers of English. English Hour is a podcast dedicated to learners of English all around the world. In this conversational podcast, we talk about issues that both contribute to your understanding of the world and your scores in exams such as IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. Come, join our global family. Cheers from İstanbul!
49 Episodes
Money plays a key role in shaping the world yet most people do not know how money works. In this episode of the English Hour, we talk about financial literacy and address some key questions and concepts.
In this episode of the English Hour, we talk about freedom of epression considering the latest developments around the banning of Donald Trump on most social media platforms and the impact of tech monopolies on privacy, data and freedom of expression.
In this episode of the English Hour, I am sharing a personal story about how I went from horrible to good in football and how it applies to learning English and many other skills.  Transcripts for members
What is a cashless society? What advantages and disadvantages does a cashless society bring? We will address these questions and more in this episode of the English Hour. Transcripts for members
Do you need a diploma to succeed in life? In this episode of the English Hour, we tackle this complicated question.
The inspiring news of the first Turkish unicorn. In this episode we talk about the Turkish startup ecosystem and how it might inspire future generations of young entrepreneurs. Transcripts are available for members at
What are the impacts of this global health crisis for the present and the future. In this episode, I talk about the social, economic and professional impacts of the global virus pandemic.
Hi everyone, today we talk about staying at home during a pandemic. I explain some of the common terms and dive into the effects of this pandemic on our social and personal lives both for now and for the future. Transcripts will be available for members at
Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the English Hour. This is the story of the reasons and people that inspire me to record the English Hour podcast. English Hour transcripts are available for members
In this episode of the English Hour, we talk about moving out of your comfort zone and how it impacts your personal growth.
In this episode of the English Hour, we talk about pain, progress and growth. Pain is generally considered bad but is it really so? What is the role of pain in our personal, emotional and professional growth? Here is a take on the subject with some personal examples.
In this episode of the English Hour, we talk about our plans for the new year and some steps we can take to make the new year better than the past year.
Failure is not a particularly attractive topic yet it is a part of our lives and it is important to know how to deal with failure. How you deal with failure can set you up for success. In this episode of the English Hour we analyze the issue of failure in depth.
We make decision all the time without knowing it. Our decisions shape our lives and as one wisely said our life is the sum of our decisions. In this episode of the English Hour we talk about how to make good decisions and share some practical examples and tips.
If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. This is the infamous Murphy's Law. But is it true and what can we do about it? In this episode of the English Hour we approach and analyze Murphy's Law from various perspectives.
Each year thousands of English prep class students fail their English proficiency tests. In this episode we talk about the common problems and challenges students face and how to tackle them.
Military service and the future of military is the topic of this episode. We talked about the changing nature of warfare and advances in military technology as well as our takes on traditional military service. Transcripts for members
We have a special guest in this episode. My friend Can from London is with us. We had an in-depth conversation about being raised in a bilingual environment, differences between customs and traditions as well as learning other languages.
In this episode of the English Hour, we discuss the topic of fasting especially with regards to the Islamic traditions. We shared our experiences and thoughts about the impact of fasting. #fasting #Ramadan
In this episode of the English Hour we explore the topic of work & life balance. Is it possible to achieve work & life balance? Why does work & life balance matter? Are there alternatives to work & life balance?
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JIN HIT |süje ː˒

hi, first of all i have to thank you. listening your conversations improve my english i feel, and im enjoying it. so, im here for tell you my complain that you must to know that it becomes really annoying when you aposiopesis while canber talking. stop it please.....

Dec 3rd

Furkan Altun

en az videolarınız kadar faydalı, dünyaya açılır buralar

Dec 2nd

alican demirbas

Hey guys the podcast was amazing. I have ever listened a Turk who speaks with English accent :) It was interesting and fun. Thanks for that.

Jul 1st

Whitey Bulger

hocam sizin derslerinizle 2 yıl önce yurt dışında eğitimim için bir yola çıktım.Hem özel ders hem kitaplarınız bana inanılmaz yardımcı oldu.Email attım çoğu zaman ama yoğunluktan görmediniz herhalde.Ingilteredeyim ve ülkeme tatil için geri döndüm.Bir öğrenciniz olarak yaptığınız işlerin nerelere ulaştığını görmenizi ve aynı zamanda insanların görmelerini istiyorum.O zaman bu uygulamalarınız yoktu inanın daha yeni keşfettim sizi bu aralar ihmal ediyorım :)Sadece bir advice olarak gündemde olan ne varsa siyaset spor magazin çekinmeden ya da insanlaron seviyelerini aşar demeden konuşun.Siz de iyi bilirsiniz diper yayınlardan.Sanki bu episode lar bir ders ya da bir şeyi geliştirmek için değilde hobiymiş gibi insanların kulağına psikolojik olarakta öyle gelirse daha fazla sarılacaklardır

May 31st
Reply (1)

alican demirbas

Thanks guys good topic. I had came across self-esteem word in a ted-ed video that was about narcissists and I couldn't understand the exact meaning of this word but now I'm more clear. By the way the word of narcissist is related to our nergis flower. That is just an information :)

May 30th
Reply (1)

alican demirbas

The voice was terrible, sir. It had echo. I was washing dishes while I was listening to you that's why i couldn't change the podcast or turn the volume down. Wov it was terrible. Btw thanks for episodes :)

May 29th

Kahraman Berke Çelenay

çok kaliteli içerik başarınızın devamını dilerim

May 1st

Hüseyin Tokat

çok güzel olmuş teşekkür ederim.

Mar 22nd

Engin Akpulat

Çok teşekkürler böyle kaliteli bir içerik ürettiğiniz için.

Oct 23rd
Reply (2)

arif safa ilhan

according to me this podcast is very helpful for my level of English I am not complete understand all of the parts 100 percent but I can understand at least 85 of the parts you are the best English podcast in Turkey ever made I am following your channel 5 stars from me

Jul 6th
Reply (1)
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