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פרודקט, מרקטינג ומה שביניהם
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פרודקט, מרקטינג ומה שביניהם

Author: Geva Telem & Ariel Kedem

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אריאל קדם וגבע תלם מנסים לעשות סדר בעולם ה-Product Marketing המתפתח דרך סדרה של ראיונות עם אנשי מפתח מובילים בעולמות השיווק, המוצר ומה שביניהם
14 Episodes
Season 1 finale

Season 1 finale


Wrapping up season 1, talking about what led us to create this podcast, how to measure success, behind the scenes and even the numbers and stats of the first season.
In the last season 1 episode, Rony Vexelman shares his Aliyah story from Peru to Israel, how he grew into Product Marketing and how he established he gained credibility at Optimove which was a very big company when he joined as first product marketer with no clear objectives.
Maya Barak, Product Marketing Lead at WSC Sports explains about her work with some of the biggest sports association and braodcasters, user retention and her career path, from SEO to PMM
Tom Shelly, a veteran PMM talks about her early days becoming a product marketer before even knowing what it is, her role at Appsflyer and what it means being customer obsessed
In this episode Dvir talks about working at HARMAN, focusing on cyber protection for the automotive industry, how he is working with legislators, analysts and driving products to the market.
Dan Eblagon talks about the importance of building a story and narrative, doing product marketing in B2C startups and his role as CMO as a service for growing startups like Jolt, Easy, Shookit and Bond
Rafi Kretchmer talk to Ariel Kedem and Geva Telem (Hebrew) about the differences between product, product marketing and marketing in big corporates like Amdocs, Checkpoint and others and what it's like moving from corporate to startup
In the 7th episode of Product Marketing Podcast, Matan talks about the global operation of a B2C messaging app, working with FC Barcelona, developing new features and what he thinks is product marketing is all about.
In the 6th episode of Product Marketing Podcast, Eran and Ophir from Lightricks talk about growing a company to 200M users worldwide, understanding users and working side by side to launch and measure new products,
Ariel Kedem and Geva Telem interview (In Hebrew) Maor Ezer about his entrepreneurial career path to joining a global company (WalkMe) and leading it's product marketing, from team building to strategy.
Ariel Kedem and Geva Telem interview (In Hebrew) Jonathan Maimon on his career path and growth, his Wix adventure and learnings and his day to day job as Director of product marketing.
Ariel Kedem and Geva Telem interview (In Hebrew) Sagee Ben-Zedeff on the product angle of working with product marketing. Sagee shares his extensive experience on product management and marketing from founding his own startup to working in global corporates.
Ariel Kedem and Geva Telem interview (In Hebrew) Nitzan Arad on what is product marketing, her previous roles from office manager to content writer to PMM at Amazon and Waze.
Ariel Kedem and Geva Telem interview (In Hebrew) Ran Avrahamy on his journey to become VP Marketing at Appsflyer. What's his take on Product Marketing, when did he realize he needs to recruit one and what's the most important element the ideal employee/ candidate needs to have to master Product Marketing.
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