Discoverスピードラーニング ポッドキャスト[Speak UP Radio]
スピードラーニング ポッドキャスト[Speak UP Radio]
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スピードラーニング ポッドキャスト[Speak UP Radio]

Author: 株式会社エスプリライン

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『スピードラーニング ポッドキャスト』は、ネイティブスピーカーが話す英会話を聞くことができる番組『Speak UP Radio』としてリニューアル!!エスプリラインスタッフのMJ(エム・ジェイ)とアダムの2人が、日々の生活の中で気付いた様々なトピックを題材にフリートークを行うラジオ番組です。※更新は月に2回の更新を予定しています。
130 Episodes
Japanese apartments and renting is very different from North America. Find out all about these differences in this episode!YouTube→ UP Radio)→ UP Radio)→→スピードラーニングページ →
Taxis all over the world help so many people get from point a to point b and with great service. In this episode we talk about the differences of Japanese, American and Canadian taxis and what the future might bring. Buckle up!YouTube→ UP Radio)→ UP Radio)→→スピードラーニングページ →
Aliens are a huge topic in pop culture that have an unknown existence in real life. In this episode we talk about belief in aliens, aliens in entertainment and there is also a fun quiz! Have fun listening and may the force be with you.川越英語スピーチコンテスト →スピードラーニング新アプリキャンペーンページ →→ UP Radio)→ UP Radio)→→スピードラーニングページ →
In this day and age we all need money to live. To make that money we all need jobs. In this episode we talk deeply about what we think about the process of job hunting.川越英語スピーチコンテスト →スピードラーニング新アプリキャンペーンページ →→ UP Radio)→ UP Radio)→→スピードラーニングページ →
Home security and personal security are two of the topics we talk about in this episode. There's also a quiz!川越英語スピーチコンテスト→→ UP Radio)→ UP Radio)→→スピードラーニングページ→
How healthy are you? We cover the different corners of how to stay healthy in this episode. Enjoy!川越英語スピーチコンテスト→→ UP Radio)→ UP Radio)→→スピードラーニングページ→
Tennis is an extremely popular sport. But why? In this episode, we talk about the popularity of tennis, why tennis is difficult and there's even a quiz!It's a Lovely episode!川越英語スピーチコンテスト→→ UP Radio)→ UP Radio)→→スピードラーニングページ→
Virtual reality is a form of visual technology that can show us a world we've never seen before. In this episode you'll learn about VR, hear our personal experience with it and hear us go head to head in a debate.川越英語スピーチコンテスト→→ UP Radio)→ UP Radio)→→スピードラーニングページ→
Welcome to Reiwa! To celebrate the new era we decided to talk about The Emperor, the different eras, and world history with a quiz!川越英語スピーチコンテスト→→ UP Radio)→ UP Radio)→→スピードラーニングページ→
We live in the age of streaming services where you can watch whatever you want whenever you want. Hear about some history of streaming and see who can win the debate discussing if streaming is good for us or not.If you interested in the Kawagoe English Speech Contest, check the link below!川越英語スピーチコンテスト→→ UP Radio)→ UP Radio)→→スピードラーニングページ→
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