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(quite true/ quite perfect)

(quite true/ quite perfect)


1.quite true/ quite perfect2.quite warm/ quite good/ fairly/ die for something4.Suspected/ allegedly5.indifferent/ different/ indifferently/ mediocre
1.Alice/ Agnes/ Iris/ Janet/ Janette/ Helen/ Helene/ Helena/ Louis/ Louise/ Caroline2.Ask/ Arse/ Ass/ Asked3.Dynasty/ Private/ Privacy/ Mall/ Super/ Supermarket4.Challenge/ Mass/ Travel/ Fastastic/ Charity/ Class/ Classical/ Classify/ Pass/ Passi...
1.Whether/ If/ Whether or not/ Tell me if you are ready/ Tell me whether you are ready/ Tell me when you are ready2.Whether/ Whether A or B/ Whether or not3.I think/ Evidently4.I am one of those who cannot describe what they do not see.5.Not on...
1.I am an old boy of ABC/ I studied there 7 years ago/ Get away from there/ I live near here/ I am in here2.Week/ Month/ Year/ Yesterday/ Tomorrow/ Adverb of time/ I am going to London on Wednesday/ In September/ Next Wednesday3.Reform/ Reforms/ Eq...
1.Door/ Poor/ Sure/ Floor/ Four/ More2.Hard/ How/ Hit/ Him/ His/ Who/ Have/ Give him his coat/ Those who have finsihed may go3.Sugar/ I miss you/ God bless you4.Sugar/ Issue/ Tissue/ Peninsula5.Nature/ Don't you?/ Glad to meet you/ Last year/ N...
1.Oxford/ Longman/ Neutral Vowel/ Purpose/ Poland/ Moment/ Surplus/ Contain/ Comfort/ Cupboard/ Considerate2.For and Against/ What are you looking at? / I'm looking at the picture3.Before/ Deliver/ Ability/ Policy/ Careless/ Greatest/ Cabbage/ Moun...
1.Due/ Do you/ Did you/ Would you/ Could you/ During2.Rasp/ Berry/ Raspberry/ Strawberry/ Basically/ Technically3.Often/ Listen/ Castle/ Mustn't/ Christmas/ Most People/ Next Christmas/ I must go/ Sit down4.Hero/ Here/ Heroine/ Heroin/ Gorilla/ G...
1.Pimples/ Acne/ Pus/ Boil/ Blister/ Corn/ Corns/ A Corny joke2.Wax/ Ear/ Ears/ In one ear and out the other/ I am up to my ears in work/ I will play it by ear3.Influenza/ Flu/ I was down with flu/ Plague/ Plaque/ Tartar4.Tablet/ Pill/ Bitter/ A ...
(Advance/ Advanced)

(Advance/ Advanced)


1.Advance/ Advanced2.Direct/ Directly3.Expect/ Anticipate4.While/ A while/ for a while/ awhile/ worthwhile/ worth while5.Worth/ Worth a try/ Worths/ Worthy
1.Controversy/ Primarily/ Grievous/ Mischievous2.Pronunciation/ Proposal/ Project3.Hamburger/ Pizza/ Exam4.Dream/ Renew it/ Bangkok/ Moderate/ Port/ pot5.Contribute/ distribute/ distributor/ distribution/ exhibition/ exhibit/ exhibitor/ exhibit...
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