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每日英語跟讀 Ep.K292: Chinese burgers’ tastiness lies in its fillings   說到西方代表食物的話,不少人第一時間都會聯想到漢堡,而在東方其實也有著與漢堡極為相似的食物,那就是肉夾饃。 When it comes to food that best represents the West, many people will first think of hamburgers. In the East, there are also foods that are very similar to burgers, and one of them is “Roujiamo.” 肉夾饃是陝西著名小吃,是由兩種食物搭配的絕妙組合:臘汁肉,白吉饃。兩者互為烘托,將各自滋味發揮到極致。饃香肉酥,肥而不膩,回味無窮。 Roujiamo is a famous snack in Shaanxi Province, China. It is a wonderful combination of two foods: braised pork and crispy baked bread. They complement and maximize the taste of each other when paired together. The fragrant bread combined with the crispy meat leaves a lasting and pleasant aftertaste in everyone’s mouths. 臘汁肉歷史悠久,聞名中國,配上白吉饃,有著中式漢堡的美譽,揚名中外,深受人們喜愛,更在2016年,肉夾饃入選了陝西省第5批非物質文化遺產名錄。 Braised pork has a long history and is well-known in China. When it’s paired with the bread, it becomes the famous “Chinese burger.” Popular in both China and abroad, this special burger is loved by many. In 2016, Roujiamo was selected as the 5th intangible cultural heritage in Shaanxi Province. 外地人首次聽說肉夾饃,都認為是病句,這是與古漢語有關,肉夾饃,其實是「肉夾於饃」。「肉」字放在前面起到強調的作用,引人垂涎。但也有另外一說,另一種說法是以前人們叫“肉夾饃”為“饃夾肉”,方言聽起來像“沒夾肉”。於是就一心急,叫成了“肉夾饃”,聽起來也較為順耳。 When foreigners first hear of Roujiamo, many will think they misheard as the Chinese pronunciation sounds like faulty wording. This is owing to its origin in ancient Chinese. Roujiamo, means “bread with meat”. One explanation for the interesting syntax is that the word “meat” is placed in front for emphasis; however, some believe that it could be due to the olden days, when people called “bread with meat” as ” meat with bread”. As local dialect made it sound like “no meat”, cooks were desperate to change its wording so that customers won’t be deterred from trying out the dish for a lack of meat. Chen Xinxu製作肉夾饃已有41年之久,今年62歲的他,人生將近有三分之二的時間都與肉夾饃為伍,他在採訪中提到製作肉夾饃中的臘汁肉是相當講究的,必須挑選豬的前腿肉,吃起來才會有「肥而不膩、瘦而不柴」的口感。 Chen Xinxu has been making Roujiamo for 41 years now. At the age of 62, he has spent almost two-thirds of his life making the gravy meat that is central to Roujiamos. In the interview, he mentioned that the meat in the gravy sauce is a very important element in the production of the special local cuisine. He revealed that they must select the front leg of the pig as it tastes “fatty but not greasy,” and is “lean but not tough.” 他也說道:「製作臘汁肉最重要的是選料,以及將豬前腿肉的血水漂洗乾淨、豬毛拔除完畢之後,再用30多種調料,煮20個小時才行」不難得知製作臘汁肉的過程其實是十分繁複且需要具備耐心的。 He also revealed, ” The most important thing in making braised pork is to choose the ingredients.” “After rinsing the blood and removing the hair from the pork, [we] use more than 30 kinds of seasoning, [and] cook [it for] 20 hours,” he added. It is clear that the process of making the gravy sauce is very complicated and requires patience. 從小就學習如何製作肉夾饃的Chen Xinxu也在影片中談到:「製作肉夾饃是我第一份工作,至今我依然非常熱愛這份工作。」 Chen Xinxu, who has been learning how to make Roujiamos since he was a kid, also remarked that it was actually his first job, and to this day, he still enjoys it very much. 肉夾饃這看似簡單、常見的一份傳統小吃,其實背後隱藏著許多繁雜的程序,每一道工序都內含著師傅的堅持及用心,中國地域遼闊,每個地區都有許多屬於自己特色的小吃,等待著我們去發掘。 Roujiamo appears to be a simple and common traditional snack, but in fact, there are many complicated procedures hidden behind the scenes. Each process showcases the insistence and dedication of the master. With such a vast region like China, every corner has their own specialties and it’s up to us to seek them out and appreciate them to their full extent. Source article:
Hello 通勤家族,1/25下午1點到3點,歡迎來年貨大街,迪化街永樂市場前的街頭播音室來跟我們互動見面!禮盒有限,先搶先贏喔 XDD  禮品通關密語: Happy birthday! 年貨大街街頭播音室官網:   每日英語跟讀 Ep.K291: As Catastrophes Loom, A Whiff of Innovation.   Carbon emissions — the villainous byproduct of so many industries — are the greenhouse gas most responsible for climate change. The emissions play a key role in our extreme weather patterns and in many of the general environmental catastrophes that are becoming more and more frequent. 碳排放—這麼多產業的邪惡副產品—是最該為氣候變遷負責的溫室氣體。在我們的極端天氣模式和許多日益頻繁發生的重大環境災難中,碳排放扮演關鍵角色。 While capping carbon dioxide from being freely dumped into the atmosphere is turning into a very long deliberation among our world leaders, capturing and repurposing it is another option. And that alternative has proved promising by Air Co., a 4-year-old startup that uses carbon dioxide in all of the products it creates. Its latest creation is a perfume — Air Eau de Parfum — and the first fragrance made largely from air. 限制二氧化碳無限量排放到大氣中,正讓世界領袖陷入長考,捕捉並重新利用碳是另一選項。成立四年、把二氧化碳用在自家公司所有製品上的新創事業「空氣公司」證明,這種選項有前景。空氣公司的最新產品是香水「空氣香水」,這是第一款主要用空氣製成的香水。 Perfume involves an alcohol base, which when combined with a bit of water and a measured ratio of fragrance oil becomes the juice that you spray onto your pulse points so that you radiate whatever aroma you desire. Ethyl alcohol (or ethanol) is most widely used because it’s inexpensive, smells neutral and evaporates quickly, so it serves as an efficient delivery vehicle for the fragrance oil. 香水包含酒精基底,酒精與少許水和仔細調配比例的香精混合,就會成為你噴灑在能輕易感受脈搏處、讓你散發想要的香氣的液體。最廣為運用的酒精是乙醇,因為價錢不貴,氣味不引人注意,揮發又快,成了香精的有效載具。 What Air Co. is able to do is transform carbon dioxide into a very pure form of ethanol. And with the addition of water and fragrance oil, you get perfume made primarily from air. 空氣公司能辦到的是,將二氧化碳轉變為非常純粹形式的乙醇。再加上水和香精之後,就成了主要用空氣製成的香水。 “We believe that products are one of the best ways to educate people about a much bigger story‚ and that story is climate change,” Gregory Constantine, a founder and the chief executive of the company, wrote via email. “When you’re able to create tangible products, it’s easier for people to understand the power of technology and what we can do with our carbon conversion technology.” 空氣公司創辦人兼執行長康斯坦丁透過電郵寫道:「我們相信,產品是告訴人們大得多的故事最好方式之一,這個故事就是氣候變遷。當你能創造具體產品時,人們比較容易了解科技的力量和我們能用碳轉化科技來做什麼。」 That technology was developed by Stafford Sheehan, a founder and the chief technology officer of Air Co. After meeting in 2017, Sheehan and Constantine teamed up to repurpose the most abundant greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) into products that are not harmful to the planet. 這種技術由空氣公司另一創辦人兼技術長希恩研發。希恩與康斯坦丁2017年會面後攜手合作,為數量最多的溫室氣體(二氧化碳)找到新用途,轉變成不傷害地球的產品。 Air Eau de Parfum is the company’s third consumer product. It began with spirits — a vodka in 2019 — and then a sanitizer spray in 2020, the year of sanitizing hands. 空氣香水是這家公司第三個消費者商品。先是從烈酒開始—2019年推出伏特加—繼而在手部消毒盛行的2020年推出抗菌噴霧。 \The scent itself was formulated and blended by Joya Studio, a design studio in New York that specializes in custom perfumes. 香氛本身由何亞工作室調配混合,這是紐約一間設計工作室,專營客製化香水。Source article:
Topic: Dark hair was common among Vikings, genetic study confirms   They may have had a reputation for trade, braids and fearsome raids, but the Vikings were far from a single group of flaxen-haired, sea-faring Scandinavians. A genetic study of Viking-age human remains has not only confirmed that Vikings from different parts of Scandinavia set sail for different parts of the world, but has revealed that dark hair was more common among Vikings than Danes today. 維京人或許以貿易、髮辮,以及讓人聞風喪膽的燒殺擄掠聞名,但是他們並非全部來自單一群體,不只是一群亞麻色頭髮、經年航海的斯堪地那維亞人。近日一項維京時代人類遺骸的基因研究,證實維京人從斯堪地那維亞半島的不同地區揚帆航向世界各地,更透露維京人頭髮多為深色,跟今日的丹麥人相比更為普遍。 What’s more, while some were born Vikings, others adopted the culture — or perhaps had it thrust upon them. “Vikings were not restricted to blond Scandinavians,” said Eske Willerslev, a co-author of the research from the University of Cambridge and the University of Copenhagen. 更重要的是,儘管有些北歐人天生就是維京人,其他族群也會吸收維京文化──或是可能被迫接受。該研究由英國劍橋大學和丹麥哥本哈根大學合作,共同作者之一艾斯克‧威勒斯列夫指出:「維京人並非僅限於金髮碧眼的斯堪地那維亞人。」 Writing in the journal Nature, Willerslev and colleagues report how they sequenced the genomes of 442 humans who lived across Europe between about 2,400BC and 1,600AD, with the majority from the Viking age — a period that stretched from around 750AD to 1050AD. The study also drew on existing data from more than 1,000 ancient individuals from non-Viking times, and 3,855 people living today. 在這篇刊登於《自然》期刊的研究中,威勒斯列夫和他的同事闡述他們如何定序四百四十二人的基因體。這些研究對象來自歐洲各地,大約生活在西元前兩千四百年到西元一千六百年間,其中大多數人屬於維京時代──也就是橫跨西元七百五十年到一千零五十年之間的時期。該研究也運用現有的基因資料,其中包括超過一千名並非生活在維京時代的古老人類,以及三千八百五十五名現代人。 Among their results the team found that from the iron age, southern European genes entered Denmark and then spread north, while — to a lesser extent — genes from Asia entered Sweden. “Vikings are, genetically, not purely Scandinavian,” said Willerslev. However, the team found Viking age Scandinavians were not a uniform population, but clustered into three main groups — a finding that suggests Vikings from different parts of Scandinavia did not mix very much. 在他們的研究結果中,團隊發現南歐的基因在鐵器時代進入丹麥,而後往北傳播,也有少部分來自亞洲的基因進入瑞典。威勒斯列夫指出:「維京人,從基因上來說,並非純然是斯堪地那維亞人。」另外,團隊發現維京時代的斯堪地那維亞人並非種族齊一的人口,而是由三個主要族群組成──這項發現顯示:來自斯堪地那維亞不同地區的維京人並未充分融合。 The team found these groups roughly map on to present-day Scandinavian countries, although Vikings from south-west Sweden were genetically similar to their peers in Denmark. Genetic diversity was greatest in coastal regions. Further analysis confirmed the long-standing view that most Vikings in England came from Denmark, as reflected in place names and historical records, while the Baltic region was dominated by Swedish Vikings, and Vikings from Norway ventured to Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and the Isle of Man. 團隊表示,這些族群的分布範圍大約和今日的北歐三國疆界疊合,不過瑞典西南部的維京人在基因上和丹麥維京人較為相近。基因多樣性則在沿岸地區最為顯著。進一步的分析更證實一項存在已久的學界看法:英國大多數的維京人來自丹麥,正如同地名和歷史紀錄反映出的情況,而巴爾幹地區是由瑞典維京人統治,至於挪威的維京人則冒險前往愛爾蘭、冰島、格陵蘭以及今日的英屬曼島。 However, the team says remains from Russia revealed some Vikings from Denmark also travelled east. The study also revealed raids were likely a local affair: the team found four brothers and another relative died in Salme, Estonia, in about 750AD, in what is thought could have been a raid, with others in the party likely to have been from the same part of Sweden. 不過,團隊指出,來自俄國的遺骸顯示,丹麥的維京人也曾往東方旅行。研究也透露維京人的劫掠可能只是「地方事件」:團隊發現,有四名兄弟和一名親戚,大約在西元七百五十年死於愛沙尼亞的薩爾梅,看起來是一場劫掠的結果,其他參與者可能也來自瑞典的同一個地區。 In addition, the team found two individuals from Orkney, who were buried with Viking swords, had no Scandinavian genetic ancestry. “[Being a Viking] is not a pure ethnic phenomenon, it is a lifestyle that you can adopt whether you are non-Scandinavian or Scandinavian,” said Willerslev, adding that genetic influences from abroad both before and during the Viking age might help explain why genetic variants for dark hair were relatively common among Vikings. 此外,團隊還發現兩名奧克尼群島的個體,遺骸旁有維京劍陪葬,但是這兩人沒有斯堪地那維亞的基因世系。「(身為維京人)並不是單純的人種學現象,無論你是不是斯堪地那維亞人,都可以採取這種生活方式,」威勒斯列夫補充表示,來自國外、在維京時代之前,以及該時代期間的基因影響,也許可以解釋為什麼深色頭髮的基因變異在維京人當中相對普遍。 Steve Ashby, an expert in Viking-age archaeology from the University of York, said the study confirmed what had been suspected about movement and trade in the Viking age, but also brought fresh detail. “The evidence for gene flow with southern Europe and Asia is striking, and sits well with recent research that argues for large-scale connectivity in this period,” he said. “[The study] also provides new information about levels of contact and isolation within Scandinavia itself, and offers an interesting insight into the composition of raiding parties.” 英國約克大學的維京時代考古學專家史蒂夫‧阿什比指出,這項研究證實了先前科學家對於維京時代遷徙和貿易活動的猜測,並且帶來新的細節。「(維京人與)南歐以及亞洲基因流動的證據相當驚人,也吻合近年研究主張這段時期大規模的人類交流情況。」阿什比表示:「(這項研究)傳達新的資訊,透露斯堪地那維亞半島內部交流和隔離的程度,並且提供有趣的見解,讓我們一窺強盜集團的組成。」 Source article:   Next Article   Topic: Finland Has Faith In the Euro   Finland is, in many ways, the anti-Greece. 芬蘭,在許多方面,是希臘的反面。 Like Greece, it is geographically far from the core Western European powers of Britain, France and Germany. And like Greece, it uses the euro currency. But unlike Greece, it is a model of sound governance and responsible use of debt. 像希臘的是,芬蘭的地理位置遠離英國、法國、德國等西歐核心強權。不同於希臘的是,芬蘭是穩健治理與負責舉債的模範。 Yet Finland’s economy is also not doing so great, with an 11.8 percent unemployment rate and with contracting gross domestic product in the last three years. 但是芬蘭的經濟不算挺好,失業率11.8%,而且過去三年國民生產毛額萎縮。 A number of American commentators have looked at Finland’s current economic troubles as a clear sign that what ails the eurozone is far deeper than profligate spending by the Greeks. Paul Krugman has made that case at The New York Times, Tim Worstall at Forbes and Matt O’Brien at The Washington Post. 某些美國評論者檢視芬蘭當前的經濟困境,認為這顯示出歐元區的毛病遠比希臘的揮霍更嚴重。保羅.克魯曼,提姆.伍思道和麥特.歐布萊恩分別在《紐約時報》、《華盛頓郵報》和《富比世》雜誌上發表了此一主張。 Alexander Stubb, the Finnish finance minister, thinks they’re wrong. I brought this up with him recently in Espoo, the Helsinki suburb where he lives. His vigorously defense what the euro has done for Finland, and his comments help explain why elite opinion about the euro is so different on the two sides of the Atlantic. 芬蘭財政部長亞歷山大.斯圖布認為他們都錯了。筆者日前在斯圖布位於赫爾辛基郊區埃斯波的住所提出這個話題。他為歐元給芬蘭帶來的好處強力辯護,而他的評論有助於理解何以大西洋兩岸菁英對於歐元的看法如此南轅北轍。 There are three main causes of Finland’s economic weakness. Nokia has gone from the world’s largest mobile phone maker to an afterthought, costing thousands of Finnish jobs and many more when its supply network is counted. Demand for paper, another major export, has fallen. And the economy of neighboring Russia, with which Finland has deep trade ties, has collapsed because of plummeting oil prices and Western sanctions. 芬蘭的經濟疲弱有三個原因。諾基亞從全球最大手機製造商淪為配角,數以千計的芬蘭人因此失業;倘若把供應網一併算進來,失業人數會更多。芬蘭的另一項主要出口項目是紙,需求也下滑。芬蘭與毗鄰的俄羅斯有很密切的貿易往來,而俄國經濟也因為油價重挫和西方的制裁而大壞。 Because Finland has used the euro since its inception, the value of its currency cannot adjust in ways that would cushion the overall Finnish economy from those shocks. If Finland still had its old currency, the markka, it would have fallen in value on international markets. Suddenly other Finnish industries would have had a huge cost advantage over, say, German competitors, and they would have grown and created the jobs to help make up for those lost because of Nokia and the paper industry and Russian trade. 因為芬蘭從歐元一登場就開始使用,所以無法藉由自行調整匯率的方式來降低芬蘭經濟所遭受的衝擊。假如芬蘭現在用的是原本的貨幣芬蘭馬克,在國際市場將會貶值。其他芬蘭產業將突然享有重大的成本優勢,像是對上德國的競爭對手,產業將持續成長,創造職缺,協助彌補因為諾基亞、紙業和俄國經濟走軟而損失的工作機會。 “Rubbish,” Mr. Stubb said. To evaluate the euro, you can’t just look at what he calls a current “rough patch” for the Finnish economy. You have to look at a longer time horizon. In his telling, the integration with Western Europe – of which the euro currency is a crucial element – deepened trade and diplomatic relations, making Finland both more powerful on the world stage and its industries better connected to the rest of the global economy. That made its people richer. 「一派胡言,」斯圖布說。他說,要評價歐元不能光看他所謂芬蘭經濟當前的「黑暗期」。你得從較長的時間範圍著眼。照他的說法,芬蘭與西歐整合歐元是關鍵要素,而這整合深化了貿易與外交關係,讓芬蘭在世界舞台上更有力量,芬蘭的產業與全球經濟也有更好的連結;這使得人民更富裕。 “In the early 1990s in the middle of a Finnish banking crisis and economic depression, we were a top 30 country in the world in per capita G.D.P.,” he said. “Then we opened up; we became members of the E.U. Now we’re always up there in G.D.P. per capita or whatever other measure you look at with Sweden, Denmark, Australia and Canada.” 「在1990年代初期,芬蘭銀行危機和經濟蕭條之際,我們的人均GDP(國內生產毛額)排在全球前30名,」他說。「然後我們開放了,變成歐盟的會員國。現在無論你是用人均GDP或其他衡量標準,芬蘭都和瑞典、丹麥、澳洲與加拿大位在同一個等級。」 As to whether the ability to devalue its currency would help deal with the current economic downturn, Mr. Stubb is similarly skeptical. 至於具備讓貨幣貶值的能力是否有助於處理當前的經濟衰退,他同樣存疑。 “Devaluation is a little like doping in sports,” he said. “It gives you perhaps a short-term boost, but in the long run, it’s not beneficial. Just like anyone else, we need structural reform, structural adjustment; we need to increase our competitiveness, and a little bit of luck.” 「貶值有點像是運動賽事服用禁藥,」他說。「或許能在短期內增進你的表現,但長期而言並沒有好處。跟任何其他人一樣,我們需要結構性的改革,結構性的調整;我們需要增強競爭力,再加上一點點好運道。」 Source article:   Next Article   Topic: In Sweden, Happiness in a Shorter Workday Can't Overcome the Cost   A controversial experiment with a six-hour workday in one of Sweden’s largest cities wrapped up this week with a cheerful conclusion: Shorter working hours make for happier, healthier and more productive employees. There’s just one catch. The practice is too expensive and unwieldy to become widespread in Sweden anytime soon. 把工時減為6小時的一項爭議性實驗,上個月在瑞典最大城市之一結束,得到了愉悅的結論:較短的工時使員工更快樂、更健康,也更有生產力。 只有一個但書。這種作法太昂貴也太不方便,短時間內難以拓展到瑞典全國。 The two-year trial, which took place in the southern city of Gothenburg, centered on a municipal retirement home where workers were switched to a six-hour day, from eight hours, with no pay cut. Seventeen new nursing positions were created to make up for the loss of time, at a cost of around 700,000 euros, or $738,000, a year. Although it was small, the experiment stoked a widespread discussion about the future of work, namely whether investing in a better work-life balance for employees, and treating workers well rather than squeezing them, benefits the bottom line for companies and economies. 這項為期兩年的試驗在瑞典南部哥特堡市一處市立養老院進行,員工從每天上班8小時變成6小時,薪水不變。養老院增加了17個養護職缺以填補工時減少導致的人力缺口,每年支出約增加70萬歐元,合73.8萬美元(台幣2304萬元)。 這項實驗雖然規模不大,卻引發對未來工作的廣泛討論,亦即是否投資於改善員工工作與生活的平衡,善待員工而非壓榨他們,會給企業和經濟帶來根本的好處。 “The trial showed that there are many benefits of a shorter working day,” said Daniel Bernmar, the leader of the Left party on Gothenburg’s City Council, which had pushed for the experiment. “They include healthier staff, a better work environment and lower unemployment.” But the high price tag, and political skepticism about the practicality of a shorter workday, was likely to discourage widespread support for taking the concept nationwide. “The government is avoiding talking about the issue,” Mr. Bernmar said. “They’re not interested in looking at the bigger picture.” 大力推動這項實驗的哥特堡市市議會左派黨領袖貝恩馬說:「這項試驗顯示較短工時有許多好處,包括更健康的員工、更好的工作環境、更低的失業率。」 然而由於成本太高,政界又對短工時的實用性抱持懷疑態度,很可能使這項實驗推廣到全境遭受阻力。 貝恩馬說:「政府避談這個議題。他們也無意放大眼界來看這件事。」 While a growing number of countries and companies are studying the concept of employee happiness, the idea of improving it through shorter work hours has by no means gained broad traction. In Gothenburg, the City Council’s conservative opposition parties derided the experiment as a utopian folly and sought to kill it, citing high costs for taxpayers and arguments that the government should not intrude in the workplace. The current government is also not backing a shorter workweek. Even the handful of progressive political groups aligned with Mr. Bernmar’s Left party have not made a six-hour workday in Sweden a priority in their platforms. Nor have large Swedish companies, including multinationals active around the world, embraced the idea. Other Swedish towns that previously conducted limited experiments with a shorter public-sector workweek eventually abandoned the concept, citing high costs and flawed implementation. 儘管研究員工幸福這個概念的國家和企業愈來愈多,透過縮減工時來加以改善的點子卻尚未獲得廣泛迴響。在哥特堡市,市議會保守派反對黨嘲笑這項實驗是烏托邦式的愚行並試圖扼殺它,理由是納稅人負擔太重,以及政府不應干預職場。瑞典政府也不支持縮短每周工作時數。 就連與貝恩馬的左派黨結盟的數個進步政治團體,也未將6小時工時列為最重要黨綱。瑞典各大企業,包括活躍於全球的跨國公司,也不熱中於這個點子。另有一些瑞典城鎮曾在公部門實施縮短每周工時的實驗,但最後都放棄這種做法,因為成本太高且執行上也有問題。 Source:
歡迎通勤家族 週一晚上9pm,在Clubhouse上跟我與Peddy一同閒聊、練習英語!快加入 15Mins 通勤學英語直播室吧~   主題: 常混淆的日常動詞 Say vs Tell / Talk vs Speak   Say vs. Tell Say can be used to mean the following:   To give a report of someone else words (Someone said something) To ask how to use a different language (Say something in Chinese) To tell can be used to mean:   To narrate (To tell a story) To instruct (To tell John to buy something)   Examples:   Did he say something about the classes? How do you say I love you in Spanish? Tell him to come here He is telling a good story Speak to and talk to   Speak and talk suggest that a person is using his voice, or that two or more people are having a conversation.   We can say:   speak to someone talk to someone speak to someone about something talk to someone about something.   Speak is more formal   One of the main differences is formality. Speak is a little more formal than talk, and is often used in polite requests: Hello, could I speak to David Thompson, please? [formal, on the telephone] I’ve got a complaint: I want to speak to the manager. [formal, in a restaurant or shop] Talk is a little less formal and is more common in spoken English: What on earth are you talking about? = ‘you are not making sense’ or ‘you are not being truthful’. I was talking to Tom yesterday. He told me about his new house and job. 小測驗時間: 請造句: 你對你朋友生氣 :「我會告訴你媽媽!」 請告訴你的家人,你朋友說要8點半會到 跟你同事說 「我們兩點可不可聊聊?」 請對方講話大聲一點 叫朋友不要在跟損友聊天/講話 請你的小孩跟你另一半講要買牛奶回家
更多通勤學英語Podcast單元: 每日英語跟讀Podcast,就在 精選詞彙 VOCAB Podcast,就在 語音直播 15mins Live Podcast, 就在 文法練習 In-TENSE Podcast,就在 歡迎到官網用email訂閱我們節目更新通知。   老師互動信箱: 商業合作洽詢: 每日英語跟讀 Ep.K290: Traditional paper-cutting brings modern twist to keep trade alive   中國的傳統藝術流傳千年聞名天下,其中的「剪紙」也是一門學問。這門傳統藝術主要在華人地區流行,在中國農村地區更是普遍。 China is known for its long history of traditional art forms, including the art of paper-cutting. The traditional art can be found mainly in Mandarin-speaking regions around the world, especially in the rural areas of China. 在2009年,剪紙藝術被列為聯合國教科文組織(UNESCO)的年度人類非物質文化遺產(Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity)。 Paper-cutting was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 然而, 剪紙終究還是難逃被淘汰的命運,因為有越來越多中國年輕人選擇從事其他行業,或進行剪紙以外的娛樂活動。 However, it is a dying craft as most young Chinese are choosing other forms of profession and entertainment over paper-cutting. 為阻止這場悲劇的發生,剪紙大師塗永紅將一生投入於剪紙創作工作,還於2003年創立了「西安鼎藝剪紙社」鼓勵民眾加入其中。 To prevent that from happening, paper-cutting master Tu Yonghong (塗永紅) has devoted her life to the creation of paper-cuttings and even founded the Xi An Ding Yi Paper-cutting Society (西安鼎藝剪紙社) in 2003 to encourage the public to take up the art. 塗永紅表示:「不是說我們的孩子們不喜歡剪紙,是因為他們沒有剪紙的機會。」 “I think we cannot blame children now for not showing interest in paper cutting,” Tu said, adding that children “don’t really get many opportunities to learn more.” 為了不讓剪紙藝術永遠走入歷史,「西安鼎藝剪紙社」也在積極地收集作品,並整理研究傳統紋樣以建立檔案。 The group is also actively collecting paper cuttings and researching traditional paper-cutting designs with the aim of building a database for future reference so that the art does not get lost in history. 談到「剪紙」就一定會聯想到精緻的圖騰設計和靈巧的雙手,畢竟從前的剪紙手藝都是由母親傳授給女兒,縱觀歷史。 Renowned for its intricate designs and techniques, paper-cutting is traditionally associated with femininity, with many Chinese girls learning the craft from their mothers in the past. 塗永紅坦言,如果圖騰剪得精緻,就說明這戶人家的女主人和姑娘都心靈手巧,因為剪紙需要同時動腦又動手。 The ability to produce good paper-cuttings used to be an indication of the brilliance of the matriarch or the females in the household, as paper-cutting requires deft hands and a sharp mind, Tu shared. 「在別的工作中,她們也會有些啟發。」塗永紅解釋道。 “It showed their capabilities to do other things well too,” she quipped. 但是隨著時光流逝,剪紙不再只用於裝飾或只出現在窗戶上了。 However, gone are the days when paper cuttings were found only on windows or used solely for decorative purposes. 現在的剪紙還能當服裝飾品戴在身上,塗永紅表示,自己身上配戴的耳環就是剪紙做出來的。 Nowadays, they can also be used as accessories, like the earrings Tu created with her paper-cutting. 如今剪紙的用途日益多元化,說不定還會吸引更多年輕人學習,對剪紙這一行來說是大好消息。 The increasing uses of paper-cuttings in modern times may attract more to take up the craft, which certainly spells hope for the dying trade. 現在疫情尚未結束,人們還需待在家裡,不妨趁現在拿起剪刀,自己動手剪剪看。 With the pandemic still raging, now might be a good time to stay home, pick up a pair of scissors, and try your hand at paper-cutting. Source article:
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Topic: Fox-Style News Network Rides Wave of Discontent in France It’s the news network that claims it tells viewers what the “woke” mainstream media won’t. It says it fights for endangered freedom of expression, even as it has been fined by the government’s broadcast regulator for inciting racial hatred. 這家新聞台聲稱,能告訴觀眾那些「警醒」的主流媒體不會說的事。它說它為瀕危的言論自由而戰,即便已因為煽動種族仇恨而遭政府廣播監管機構罰款。 It is CNews — which in four short years became France’s No. 1 news network for the first time in May by giving a bullhorn to far-right politicians, opponents of fighting climate change and a high-profile proponent of the discredited idea of using the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a cure for COVID-19. 它就是CNews,短短四年,於今年5月首次成為法國第一名的新聞台。他們提供發聲管道給極右翼政治人物、反對應對氣候變遷人士,以及高調支持使用抗瘧疾藥物羥氯奎寧治療新冠的人,儘管這想法不被採信。 The model is Fox News — including the clashing talking heads and incendiary cultural topics — and it has worked. Owned by French billionaire Vincent Bolloré, former chairman of the media group Vivendi, CNews increasingly helps shape the national debate, especially on hot-button issues like crime, immigration and Islam’s place in France that are expected to sway next year’s presidential election. 福斯新聞是其榜樣,手法包括衝突性訪問內容與煽動性文化話題,且已收到成效。法國億萬富豪、媒體集團威望迪前董事長博洛黑擁有的CNews,愈來愈會塑造全國性辯論話題,尤其是犯罪、移民、伊斯蘭教在法國地位等料將影響明年總統選舉的熱門議題。 In a country where trust in the media is very low, CNews emerged at a time of particular discontent — in the aftermath of the Yellow Vest protests of 2018, which, like the U.S. election of Donald Trump, prompted much soul-searching among journalists. 在一個對媒體信任度非常低的國家,CNews的出現,正值2018年黃背心抗議後民眾特別不滿之時,就像川普當選美國總統一樣,這引起很多記者深刻反思。 “People were sick and tired of the politically correct, and, in France, for the past 30, 40 years, news was in the hands of newspapers, television and dailies that all said the same thing,” said Serge Nedjar, the head of CNews, explaining how his channel positioned itself in a nation with four all-news networks. CNews負責人內德賈解釋自家頻道在一個擁有四家新聞台國家的定位時說:「人們對政治正確感到厭煩,在法國,過去30年、40年,掌握新聞的報紙、電視與日報說的都是同樣的事。」 Unlike its competitors, CNews focused on “analyses and debates” of topics that Nedjar said mattered most to the French but had been ignored or insufficiently covered by the media: “crime, lack of safety, immigration.” 不同於對手,CNews專注於「分析和辯論」內德賈所說對法國人最重要卻被忽視或報導不足的事:「犯罪、缺乏安全、移民」。 He added: “We created this network by telling ourselves we talk about everything, including topics that are explosive.” 他還說:「我們成立電視台時告訴自己,我們無話不談,包括爆炸性話題。」 Nedjar said that he was unfamiliar with Fox News when CNews was created and waved away comparisons. 內德賈說,CNews成立時他對福斯新聞台不熟悉,也拒絕做比較。 “There’s the word ‘news,’ and all the better if it works like Fox News,” he said, referring to his network’s name. “Fox News works really well over there, I hear.” 他提及他的電視台名字時說:「有『新聞』這個字,若它能像福斯新聞那樣運作就更好了。我聽說福斯新聞在那邊作得很不錯。」 But critics say the problem is not with CNews’ choice of topics but with the way it treats them. They say it emphasizes on opinion, often backed up with little reporting or fact-checking, propagates popular biases and deepens cleavages in a polarized society. 但批評者說,問題不在於CNews的話題選擇,而是它對待話題的方式。他們說,它強調觀點,很少以報導或查核事實來支持,這助長了偏見,加深兩極分化社會的裂痕。Source article:   Next Article Topic: Why France sparks anger in Muslim world: secularism explained Many countries, especially in the democratic West, champion freedom of expression and allow publications that lampoon Islam’s prophet. So why is France singled out for protests and calls for boycotts across the Muslim world, and so often the target of deadly violence from the extremist margins? Its brutal colonial past, staunch secular policies and tough-talking president, who is seen as insensitive toward the Muslim faith, all play a role. 許多國家──尤其是民主的西方國家──擁護言論自由,並允許嘲弄伊斯蘭教先知的出版品。那麼,為什麼法國會特別被針對,讓整個穆斯林世界抗議和呼籲抵制,且往往成為極端主義死亡攻擊的目標呢?它殘酷的殖民史、堅定的世俗﹝去宗教化﹞政策,以及言詞強硬的總統(他被認為對穆斯林信仰不敏感)都是原因。 While French officials often say their country is targeted because of its reputation as the cradle of human rights and a rampart of global democracy, what distinguishes France most is its unusual attachment to secularism (or laicite). 雖然法國官員常說,法國之所以成為攻擊的目標,是因為法國是人權的搖籃及全球民主的堡壘;但法國與他國不同的最獨特處,在其牢牢固守著世俗主義。 The often-misunderstood concept of French secularism is inscribed in the country’s constitution. It was born in a 1905 law after anti-clerical struggles with the Catholic Church. Separating church and state, the law was meant to allow the peaceful coexistence of all religions under a neutral state, instead of a government answering to powerful Roman Catholic clerics. Crucifixes were at one point torn from classroom walls in France amid painful public debate. 世俗主義明訂於法國憲法中,其概念常被人誤解。一九○五年,經過與天主教會的反神職人員鬥爭後,世俗主義成為法律。該法律將教會和國家分開,旨在使所有宗教在中立的國家之下和平共處,而不是政府向手握強權的羅馬天主教神職人員稟報。公眾經歷艱難的辯論,教室牆上的耶穌受難像一度被拆除。 A century later, polls suggest France is among the least religious countries in the world, with a minority attending services regularly. Secularism is broadly supported by those on both left and right. State secularism is central to France’s national identity and demands the separation of religion and public life. 一個世紀後,民意調查顯示法國是世界上最不宗教化的國家之一,固定參加宗教儀式的人只有少數。世俗主義得到左右兩派的廣泛支持。國家世俗主義是法國民族認同的核心,它要求宗教與公共生活必須區分開來。 Schools have historically instilled the Republic’s values in its citizens — a task some teachers say becomes ever harder as a minority of French Muslims and adherents of other faiths seek to express their religious identity. 學校歷來向公民灌輸共和國的價值觀──一些教師表示,少數法國穆斯林及其他信仰的信徒試圖表達自己的宗教認同,使得這項教學任務變得愈發困難。 As the number of Muslims in France grew, the state imposed secular rules on their practices. A 2004 ban on Muslim headscarves and other ostentatious religious symbols in schools remains divisive, if not shocking to many outside France. A 2011 law banning face veils made Muslims feel stigmatized anew. In recent decades, the desire among some French Muslims to express their religious identity has dominated the debate around balancing religious and secular needs. 隨著法國穆斯林人數的增加,法國政府在施政也強加上世俗化、非宗教的規範。法國在二○○四年禁止在學校穿戴穆斯林頭巾及其他炫示的宗教符號──若法國以外的許多人不感到震驚的話,對此禁令的看法也仍然分歧。二○一一年所頒布的禁蒙面法,又再讓穆斯林覺得被污名化。一些法國穆斯林希望能夠表達自己的宗教認同,對於如何平衡宗教與世俗非宗教之需求,此議題已占據近數十年來相關辯論的主要部分。 Source article:   Next Article   Topic: France to ban mink farms and use of wild animals in circuses, marine parks France’s environment minister has announced a gradual ban on using wild animals in traveling circuses, on keeping dolphins and killer whales in captivity in marine parks and on raising mink on fur farms. 法國環境部長宣布,將逐步禁止巡迴馬戲團以野生動物進行表演、在海洋公園內圈養海豚和虎鯨,以及在皮草養殖場飼養水貂。 Barbara Pompili, France’s minister of ecological transition, said in a news conference on Tuesday last week that bears, tigers, lions, elephants and other wild animals will no longer be allowed in traveling circuses “in the coming years.” In addition, she said that starting immediately, France’s three marine parks will no longer be able to bring in or breed dolphins and killer whales. 法國生態轉型部部長巴巴拉‧彭皮里上週二在記者會中表示,「未來數年後」馬戲團將不能再有熊、老虎、獅子、大象及其他野生動物。此外,自即日起,法國的三個海洋公園不能再引進或繁殖海豚及虎鯨。 “It is time to open a new era in our relationship with these (wild) animals,” she said, arguing that animal welfare is a priority. 她說:「現在該是為我們與這些(野生)動物的關係開啟新時代的時候了」,她說,動物福利應優先考慮。 Pompili said the measures will also bring an end to mink farming, in which animals are raised for their fur, within the next five years. The ban does not apply to wild animals in other permanent shows and in zoos. 彭皮里說,這些措施還包括在未來五年內禁絕水貂養殖──這種養殖場的目的是取貂皮。該禁令並不適用其他常態演出及動物園中之野生動物。 The French government will provide an aid package of more than 8 million euros (US$9.36 million) to help animal shows transition to a new business model. 法國政府將提供逾八百萬歐元(合九百三十六萬美元)的支援計劃,以幫助動物表演轉型為新的商業模式。 Around 20 European countries have already banned or limited the presence of wild animals in circuses. In France, many cities already do not allow circuses with wild animal shows to pitch their tents. 歐洲約有二十個國家已禁止或限制野生動物在馬戲團出場。在法國,許多城市已不准有野生動物表演的馬戲團前來搭篷。 Source article:
歡迎通勤家族 週一晚上9pm,在Clubhouse上跟我與Peddy一同閒聊、練習英語!快加入 15Mins 通勤學英語直播室吧~   主題: 一年重要的節日是什麼? Important Days (Festivals) in 2022   Source:   春節Spring Festival (CNY or Lunar New Year) 2/1 Spring Festival is the most important festival and the longest national holiday in Taiwan, beginning on December 30th (New Year’s Eve) and ending on the fourth day of the first month of the lunar calendar. On the Western calendar, the dates fall around mid-January to mid-February.   元宵節Lantern Festival 2/15 The Lantern Festival happens on the first full moon of the Lunar New Year. Traditional customs include carrying paper lanterns, solving riddles written on lanterns and eating tangyuan (glutinous rice balls stuffed with sweet paste made from red bean, sesame, or peanut butter).   清明節Qingming Festival (Tomb-Sweeping Day) 4/5 Qingming Festival is celebrated on April 5th or 6th of every year, and is one of the few festivals that roughly coincide with the Western calendar. As the festival is close to the Children’s Day holiday on April 4th, it is the second longest national holiday in Taiwan, causing many locals to take a continuous holiday of up to five days. On this day, it is customary for Taiwanese families to pay respects and commemorate their ancestors by visiting and cleaning their gravesites.   端午節Dragon Boat Festival 6/3 Nowadays, in celebration of Dragon Boat Festival, people will eat zongzi and race dragon boats to honor and commemorate the great Qu Yuan. Other customs also include: hanging mug wort and calamus to ward off evil spirits and cleanse the environment, balancing an egg for good luck, drinking realgar wine and wearing incense sachets to ward off evil and sickness.   七夕Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day) 8/4 While Western countries celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th, many Asian countries celebrate this holiday on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar; the day when Niulang (Cowherd) and Zhinü (Weaver Maiden) can meet in heaven.   中秋節Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) 9/10 Nowadays, many East Asian countries of celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival by eating mooncakes. In Taiwan, Mid-Autumn is also known as the Barbecue Festival, where in addition to eating moon cakes, barbecuing is also an essential activity.   分享練習時間: Which festival is your favorite? Why? Which holiday do you look forward the most in a year? Any other important days in the year for your family?
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K285: About France - French balloonist breaks world record for standing on hot-air balloon at altitude   A 28-year-old Frenchman broke the world record Wednesday for standing on a hot-air balloon at altitude. Rémi Ouvrard stood on top of a hot-air balloon for France’s Telethon at an altitude of more than 3,637 meters over Chatellerault, western France. 一名28歲法國人週三打破站在高空熱氣球上的世界紀錄,黑彌.巫伏哈為了法國的電視馬拉松節目,站在法國西部城市沙泰勒羅上空高度超過3637公尺的熱氣球頂部。 The balloon was piloted by Ouvrard’s father, Jean-Daniel Ouvrard, a seasoned pilot. The altitude was not random: It matches the phone number digits of the Telethon campaign, 36-37, an annual event that raises money for research and advocacy related to rare neuromuscular diseases. The hot-air balloon reached a peak altitude of 4,016 meters. 這具熱氣球由巫伏哈的父親、經驗豐富的飛行員炯-丹尼耶勒.巫伏哈所操駕。此一高度並非選意選擇:它符合了這個電視馬拉松運動的電話號碼數字36-37,這是為罕見神經肌肉疾病的研究和宣傳而募款的年度活動。這具熱氣球最高高度達到4016公尺。 Once he landed after his feat Wednesday, he told local reporters he experienced “a feeling of ‘zenitude’ mixed with the excitement of the performance.” 週三當他結束壯舉落地後,告訴當地記者他經歷到「一種『禪意』與表演的興奮相混合的感覺」。 “When we passed the 3,500 meters, I knew that we could get the 4,000. We had to beat the iron when it was still hot,” he said. 當我通過3500公尺時,我知道我們可以升到4000公尺。他說:「我們得打鐵趁熱。」   Next Article   Room without a view - French war bunker reborn as guesthouse無景之房:法國戰時地堡重生為旅館   A bunker built by German troops in Saint-Pabu in northern France during World War Two has been restored and refitted as an underground guesthouse. 納粹德國軍隊第二次世界大戰期間在法國北部聖帕比建造的一座地下碉堡已重見天日,並被改造成地下旅館。 Serge Colliou bought up a plot of land there and spent 18 months digging out and renovating the 400-square-meter structure, turning it into rental for up to eight people, complete with bar and living room. 薩傑.科里奧在當地買下一塊土地後,花費18個月挖掘並整修此一佔地400平方公尺的建築,改造成最高可容納8人的出租空間,內部還附設酒吧和客廳。 "We adapted (the bunker) while preserving a certain feel," Colliou said. "We wanted to give the building a second life, so we are not going to live in the past forever. We saved some aspects, you know where you are, there are historic cues, but this isn’t a museum either." 科里奧說:「我們改建(地堡)之際,也保留某種風情。我們想要賦予這個建築第二生命,而不是永遠活在過去。我們保存某部分外觀,你會知道自己身在何處,可以看到歷史線索,但這裡不會是博物館。」 War-time touches in Bunker L479 include helmets, reproduction guns and signs on the walls. Both German and French guests have stayed there since it opened a year ago, Colliou said. Source article:;
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K284: About India - Modi warns bitcoin could ’spoil’ young Indians   Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday warned that bitcoin presents a risk to younger generations, sounding a hawkish tone as his government prepares to introduce legislation to regulate cryptocurrencies. 在他的政府準備立法規範加密貨幣之際,印度總理莫迪週四發出強硬論調,警告比特幣會對較年輕世代帶來風險。 Speaking at an online cybersecurity forum, Modi framed virtual money as a domain that needs to be closely policed. 莫迪在一場網路安全線上論壇發表談話,將虛擬貨幣稱為需要密切監管的領域。 "Take cryptocurrency or bitcoin, for example," he told a forum hosted by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. "It is important that all democratic nations work together on this and ensure it does not end up in the wrong hands, which can spoil our youths." 「以加密貨幣或比特幣為例」,他告訴「澳洲戰略政策研究所」舉辦的一場論壇,「重要的是,所有民主國家在這方面共同努力,確保加密貨幣不會落入錯誤的人手裡,那樣有可能毀掉我們的年輕人。」   Next Article:   An Indian couple is under investigation over a chartered flight linked to their wedding 一對印度夫妻因婚禮包機而遭調查   The authorities in southern India are investigating a couple who are reported to have chartered a plane and performed a marriage ritual in midair in front of scores of guests, a breach of Covid-19 guidelines in a country that is being devastated by a second wave of the coronavirus. 印度南部當局正在調查一對被舉報包下一架飛機並在數十名賓客面前舉行空中婚禮的夫妻,此舉違反這個正飽受第二波疫情襲擊的國家的武漢肺炎防疫指引。 The couple had intended to tie the knot in front of family and friends at a hotel in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, but coronavirus restrictions capped the guest list at 50 people. 這對夫妻原本打算在親友的見證下於南部泰米爾納德邦的一家飯店共結連理,但疫情限制規定賓客人數上限50人。 Instead, according to reports in the Indian news media, the couple chartered a commercial aircraft and boarded the plane on Sunday morning along with about 160 people. 根據印度新聞媒體的報導,這對夫妻因而改包下一架民航機,並於週日一早與大約160名賓客登機。Source article:;
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K283: Bike box silhouettes must wear helmets   Many people have noticed that the motorcycle and slow vehicle stop zones on roads have recently taken on a very different appearance. They used to only have a motorcyclist symbol painted on them, but recently there are both motorcyclist and bicyclist symbols. The most special thing about them is that the bicyclist symbol is clearly wearing a cycle helmet. This has inspired many road users to say approvingly that even stop zones are teaching traffic safety lessons by reminding everyone that they should still obey traffic regulations and wear safety helmets when riding a bicycle. 不少民眾都發現,馬路上的「機慢車停等區」最近長得大不同,以往只會畫上機車騎士,但最近都是同時畫上機車騎士與自行車騎士,最特別的是自行車騎士的圖案,很明顯就可以看到戴上自行車的專用安全帽,讓用路人大讚說,連停等區都在上交通安全課,提醒大家騎自行車也要遵守交通規則,還要戴上安全帽。 However, some people wonder why the bicyclist symbol drawn in the motorcycle and slow vehicle stop zones is wearing a helmet, whereas the motorbike rider seems not to be wearing a helmet and appears to be bare-headed. Others disagree, however, because, they ask, if the motorcyclist is wearing a full-face helmet, what is wrong with drawing it as a white circle? 不過,也有民眾好奇指出,「機慢車停等區」所畫的自行車騎士圖案有戴安全帽,那為何所畫的機車騎士,好像沒戴安全帽,看起來只是光溜溜的頭;但也有人不以為然,因為當機車騎士戴上全罩式安全帽,用白色圓形來示意,何錯之有? Director-General Lin Han-pin of the Changhua County Government Department of Public Works says that the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has published its latest Regulations for Road Traffic Signs, Markings, and Signals, so when any county highway managed by the county government is resurfaced and has its lines repainted, the job will be done in accordance with the new version of the regulations. 彰化縣工務處長林漢斌表示,因為交通部有公布最新的「道路交通標誌標線號誌設置規則」,因此,只要是縣府所管理的縣道在重新鋪過、重新劃設標線,就會採取新版的規定來辦理。 Lin says that, according to the latest regulations, motorcycle and slow vehicle stop zones must be delineated behind the stop line on all roads with a speed limit below 60 kilometers per hour where there are intersections with traffic control signals. Motorcyclist and bicyclist symbols must be painted within the motorcycle and slow vehicle stop zones, and the bicyclist symbol in the new version of the regulations is wearing a helmet. 林漢斌強調,根據最新規定,「機慢車停等區線」必須設置在行車速限每小時六十公里以下的道路,且設有行車管制號誌路口之停止線後方,並需要於「機慢車停等區」內繪設機車、自行車圖案,新版規定當中的自行車圖案,就有戴上安全帽。 Lin says that previous motorcyclist symbols painted on roads all used a solid white circle to represent the rider wearing a helmet, but the motorcyclist symbol in the new regulations looks like a front view of the rider wearing a full-face helmet, and the symbol clearly shows the helmet’s visor, which makes it more realistic than the original symbol. From now on, contractors will be required to paint all markings and symbols in full accordance with the new version of the regulations. 林漢斌說,以前馬路上的機車圖案,都用白色實心圓形代表機車騎士戴上安全帽,而新規定的機車圖案,看起來就像是機車騎士戴著全罩安全帽的正面,圖案可以明顯看到安全帽的面罩,比原有圖案更逼真,未來也將要求廠商全部依照新版規定來劃設標線與圖案。 Source article:
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K282: The Disconnect Between Biden’s Popular Policies and His Unpopularity   Over the past few years, many Democrats argued that there was a simple secret to electoral success: enact popular legislation. 過去幾年,許多民主黨人認為想要選舉成功有一個簡單的秘訣,即制定受歡迎的法案。 President Joe Biden tried to make that theory a reality. He enacted a big stimulus plan, a bipartisan infrastructure bill and has made progress toward pushing through an ambitious $2 trillion spending bill that has finally passed the House. 美國總統拜登試圖讓這一理論成為現實。他制定一項大規模經濟刺激計畫,一項兩黨都支持的基礎設施法案,並在推動一項雄心勃勃2兆美元支出法案上取得了進展,該法案最終在眾議院通過。 But so far, popular policies haven’t made for a popular president. His approval ratings have slipped into the mid-40s, even though virtually all of his legislation commands majority support in the same surveys. In poll after poll, voters seem to give Biden no credit for his agenda. They say he hasn’t accomplished much. They even say he hasn’t helped them personally, even though he sent direct stimulus payments to most households and even more to parents. 但到目前為止,受歡迎的政策還未造就受歡迎的總統。他的支持率已下滑至四十多趴,即便他的所有立法在同樣調查中幾乎都獲得多數支持。在一次又一次的民調中,選民似乎沒有因拜登的政策而給他功勞。他們說他沒有取得多大成就,甚至說他沒有親自幫助他們,即便他向大多數家庭甚至是更多父母直接發放了經濟振興紓困金。 If anything, voters say he’s made things worse. 其實,還有選民說他讓事情變更糟。 The disconnect between Biden’s popular policies and his personal unpopularity is a little hard to understand. After all, voters do care about the issues. They’ve proved it by gradually sorting into ideologically divided parties over the past two decades. And it’s clear that presidents can be punished for advancing an unpopular agenda. Just ask Barack Obama about the period after the Affordable Care Act was passed. 拜登受歡迎的政策和個人不受歡迎之間的脫節,有點讓人難理解。畢竟,選民確實關心這些問題。過去20年,他們逐漸劃分意識形態分裂的政黨,就證明這一點。很明顯,總統可能會因為推動不受歡迎的政策而遭懲罰。只要問問歐巴馬有關「可負擔健保法」通過後那段時期的情況就知道了。 But if voters often punish a president for pushing unpopular policies, they rarely seem to reward a president for enacting legislation. Instead, voters seem to reward presidents for presiding over peace and prosperity — in a word, normalcy. 如果選民經常懲罰一個推動不受歡迎政策的總統,他們似乎很少會因為總統制定法案而予以獎勵。相對的,選民似乎會獎勵總統帶來和平與繁榮,換句話說,帶來常態。 Today, Biden is not seen as presiding over the long-promised return to normalcy. Maybe that will change in the months ahead. But Biden’s policy agenda is not expected to do much to help his approval rating so long as Americans do not believe that agenda responds to the most immediate issues facing the country. 目前,人們認為拜登並未帶領大家重返承諾已久的常態。也許情況在未來幾個月會改變。但是,只要美國人不認為拜登政策回應了國家面臨的最急迫問題,他的政策就不會對他的支持率有太大幫助。 The predominance of the economy in American public opinion is one of those basic and seemingly obvious findings of political science that is still somewhat hard to fully internalize. That’s partly because it’s at odds with how most individual voters — and especially politically engaged voters — think about politics. Most people back their party through the worst economic times; even the fastest economic growth wouldn’t persuade them to back the president of the other party. 經濟在美國公眾輿論的主宰地位,是政治科學中基本且看似明顯的發現之一,但仍然有點難以讓人完全接納,部分是因為這跟多數個別選民對政治的看法不一致,尤其是積極參與政治的選民。大多數人在經濟最糟糕時期仍支持他們的政黨,即便是最快速的經濟成長,也無法說服他們支持另一個黨的總統。Source Article:
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K281: IKEA goes circular to make the things we love last longer   當你丟棄物品時你會感到愧疚嗎?或許你想要維修、回收或再利用,但是缺乏時間、知識或是精力去做嗎?不用再煩惱了。宜家家居可以幫忙。 Do you feel bad about throwing things away? Maybe you want to repair, reuse or recycle, but lack the time, knowledge or energy to do so. Well, IKEA can help. 這間始於瑞典,落足荷蘭的企業集團正在探索循環經濟,也就是消除廢棄物及資源再利用,一個對消費者來說更方便且適切的方法。 The Swedish-origin Dutch-headquartered multinational conglomerate is exploring new ways to make circularity – the elimination of waste and continual use of resources – more convenient and relevant for you. 舉例來說,宜家正在測試更多循環的可能性,像是家具租借服務、收回與回購計畫、幫助顧客維修、回收再利用老舊家具,或者透過轉賣來讓家具重獲新生。 For instance, IKEA is testing the potential for more circular solutions, such as furniture leasing, take-back and buy-back schemes, and helping customers repair, reuse and recycle old furniture or give it a second life through reselling. 「這意味著我們不應該拿走資源,」牛奶零售集團宜家家居北亞區商務總監艾斯本告訴The China Post,「而是應該嘗試回饋社群和地球更多的資源。」 “This means that we should not actually take away resources,” Hugo Asplund, Commercial Director at DFI IKEA North Asia (牛奶零售集團宜家家居北亞區商務總監艾斯本) told The China Post. “We should actually try to seek ways to give back more resources to the communities and the planet.” 身為全球最大的家具零售商,艾斯本認為宜家家居有很大的責任,必須去限制其對氣候的衝擊,這也與宜家長久以來的方針相呼應,那就是「對資源做最好的利用」。 As the biggest global home furnishing retailer, Asplund argues that IKEA has a big “responsibility to limit its impact on the climate,” which is consistent with IKEA’s long policy of making the best use of resources. 「最知名的一個例子便是我們的『扁平包裝』,指的是我們把家具放在小盒子裡,這樣你就可以很輕鬆有效的運送它們,」他繼續補充「而隨著時間演進,我們必須採取更多手段,我們必須把企業的成長與資源利用的曲線脫鉤。」 “One of the most known examples is our “flat pack,” where we kind of put our furniture into small boxes, so you can easily transport them in a very efficient way,” he continued. “And going forward, we need to take more steps, we need to decouple our growth with the material use.” 你知道嗎?有高達六成的宜家產品來自可再生的原料,像是木頭與棉花,而超過一成的產品包含回收再利用的原料。 Did you know? More than 60 percent of the IKEA product range is based on renewable materials, like wood and cotton, and more than 10 percent contains recycled materials. 推動循環理念的公司,會以「零汙染」的概念來選擇材料、如何設計、製造、運輸、販賣以及產品生命週期結束時的後續處理。 This “zero waste mindset” is the way to go for the company which has pushed forward with “circular concepts” in how they choose materials, and how they design, produce, transport, sell them and what happens to their products at the end of their life cycle. 具艾斯本所述,宜家長久以來都在尋找可再生以及可回收資源的使用新方法,並且會不斷重新設計既有產品的製程,來確保這些家具更符合永續性。 According to Asplund, IKEA is always looking to find new ways to use renewed and recycled resources as materials, and continuously re-design the production of existing products to make it more sustainable. 目前宜家已經著手計畫,目標是在2030年時讓公司的產品可以被消費者再利用、維修、再組裝和回收。宜家也不斷強調會在營運期間盡可能的節省能源消耗。 The company has already undertaken to make products that can be reused, repaired, reassembled and recycled by its customers by 2030. IKEA also repeatedly aims to save as much energy as possible in its operations. 宜家近期有個令人興奮的新服務-「家具租賃」,因為事實上有百分之四的碳足跡是來自產品生命週期的結束,這個數字也與運送貨物所產生的碳足跡相近。 One thing that IKEA Taiwan is very excited about is its new service connected to leasing, because actually 4% of the total (carbon) footprint actually comes from the end of life, which is actually similar to the transportation of the goods. 「藉由推動循環租賃,我們現在能夠拿回家具,重新整修它們後再次銷售,或著最糟糕的情況就是回收它們。」艾斯本解釋道。 “By introducing this circular leasing, we are now being able to actually take back articles, and we can then either refurbish them, resell them, or in the worst case even recycle them,” Asplund explained. 「我們在台灣正處在一個精彩的旅程中,不論是透過線上或實體的方式,我們發覺可以利用許多新的方式與樣態來觸及城市中的人們。」他補充。 “We are in a very exciting journey here in Taiwan, and both online but also physically, we see that there’s a lot of room for us to come in new shapes and formats, (drawing us) closer to the many people in the cities where we’re not currently present,” he added. 透過這些做法,宜家可以朝著永續的目標持續拓展。 And in doing that, IKEA is poised to further expand in a sustainable way. 這就是為什麼宜家選擇加入歐洲在台商務協會的「低碳倡議」,並與夥伴合作找出新的解決方法。 That’s the reason why IKEA is looking into new solutions and working together with partners such as the “Low Carbon Initiative” run by the European Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (ECCT). 艾斯本總結,歐洲在台商務協會幫宜家找到合適的夥伴,協助他們進一步用可持續且可負擔的方式拉近與消費者的距離,讓更多人能在台灣負擔得起一個美麗且功能強大的家。 The ECCT has helped IKEA find the right partners that can help them to come closer to the many people in a sustainable and affordable way, and to make more people afford a beautiful and functional home here in Taiwan, he concluded. Source article:
Topic: What can employers do if workers avoid COVID-19 vaccines?   若員工不想打疫苗,雇主可以採取哪些措施應對? What can employers do if workers avoid COVID-19 vaccines? 美國企業雇主可以要求全體員工打疫苗並開除那些不願意配合的人,或是取消公司福利、加收健康保險金等。 They can require vaccination and fire employees who don’t comply or take other actions such as withholding company perks or charging extra for health insurance. 企業在過去數個月以來一直鼓勵員工打疫苗,有時更會祭出休假、發放禮卡等獎勵措施。不過,現在有更多企業採取強硬的立場要求還沒施打的員工完成接種,這種做法在輝瑞疫苗獲得美國食藥署(FDA)核准通過後變得更加普遍。 Businesses for months have been encouraging workers to get vaccinated, in some cases offering incentives like time off or gift cards. But more are taking a harder stance and requiring vaccinations for any remaining holdouts, a push that has gained momentum since Pfizer’s vaccine recently received full approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 美世諮詢公司(Mercer)的合夥人西蒙斯(Wade Symons)表示,「雇主認為除非公司採取重大的措施,否則這些員工不會去施打疫苗」。 Employers “feel like they’ve sort of hit that point where the unvaccinated are not going to do it unless there’s something significant making them do it,” said Wade Symons, a partner with Mercer, a benefits consultant. 目前,雇主要求員工打疫苗在美國是合法的,他們也有權開除不願意配合的員工。在一些企業裡,未接種疫苗的員工會被要求戴口罩並定期接受篩檢,有的公司則考慮提高未接種者的健康保險金額。 It’s legal for businesses to require the shots, and they could fire employees who don’t comply. In other cases, workers might be required to wear masks or get regular tests for the virus. Some companies also are considering making the unvaccinated pay more for their health insurance. 在達美航空,公司的健康計畫則針對未接種疫苗的員工加收一個月200美金的費用,以分擔未來可能染疫住院所需的開銷。 At Delta Air Lines, unvaccinated employees on the company health plan will be charged $200 a month to help cover costs for possible COVID-19 hospital stays. 西蒙斯表示,其他公司則多會從員工每個月的薪水中小額扣款20-25美金費用(約等同於新台幣600元至750元),並在員工接種完疫苗後將款項退還。 Symons said other employers will more likely add smaller charges of $20 or $25 per paycheck that might be refunded once the employee is vaccinated. 雇主也可能限制公司的公共空間使用權,只允許打過疫苗的員工上公司健身房運動,或進行商務旅行。在拉斯維加斯,美高梅國際酒店集團(MGM Resorts International)則規定未接種疫苗的員工若被確診出染疫,公司將不會在其隔離期間給薪。 Employers might also restrict the use of office space, company gyms or business travel only for the vaccinated. In Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International has said unvaccinated employees will not be paid for time off to quarantine if they test positive for the virus. 西蒙斯也指出,這類強制員工打疫苗的規定大多來自需要員工在辦公室工作的企業。 Vaccine requirements will mainly come from businesses that need workers on a job site, Symons said. 不過,針對一些因醫療或宗教因素不打疫苗的員工,雇主必須提出豁免或調解方案。 Employers have to offer exemptions or accommodations from vaccine requirements for some who don’t get the shots for medical or religious reasons. 迪士尼和俄亥俄州立大學(The Ohio State University)是強制員工打疫苗的機構中規模較大的集團,他們表示輝瑞疫苗已經得到食藥署的完整批准,因此將強制要求員工施打。美國國防部長奧斯丁(Lloyd Austin)也表示,軍人必須立刻開始接種疫苗。 Walt Disney World and Ohio State University are among the large employers that said they’ll make vaccination mandatory since Pfizer’s shot was given the FDA’s full approval. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also has said that military troops must immediately begin to get the vaccine. Source article:   Next Article   Topic: Covid ’vaccination persuasion’ teams reap rewards in Turkey   A coronavirus "vaccination persuasion" initiative is gearing up to be rolled out across Turkey after proving a resounding success in a district in the country’s south-east. 一項新冠病毒「接種疫苗勸說」倡議在土耳其東南部一個地區證明成效卓著後,正加緊在全國各地推出。 Since February, doctors and healthcare workers in the mainly Kurdish city of Adıyaman have been calling people in age groups already eligible for the vaccine to ask why they have not come to clinics for appointments. 醫師和醫護人員2月起在以庫德族為主的阿德亞曼市,打電話給符合接種年齡資格的族群,詢問他們為什麼沒有到診所預約接種。 Then, equipped with cooler boxes full of vaccine vials, they fan out across the rural area to visit patients who are still reluctant. 然後,他們帶著裝滿疫苗針劑的保冷箱,在這個鄉村地區四處拜訪仍不願去接種疫苗的患者。 It is working, boosting the vaccine take-up rate among the 250,000 strong population scattered across the province’s central district by nearly 30%. 此舉確實發揮作用,將散佈該省中心地區約25萬人口的疫苗接種率,提高了將近30%。   Next Article   Topic: Vax and scratch - NY offers $5M lottery for newly vaccinated 接種疫苗刮刮樂:紐約提供500萬美元彩券給最近接種者 Anyone who gets vaccinated at select state-run vaccination sites in New York next week will receive a lottery scratch ticket with prizes potentially worth millions, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo tries to boost slowing vaccination rates. 由於紐約州長古莫試圖提高趨緩的疫苗接種率,下週在該州選定的州設疫苗接種站施打疫苗者,將會拿到一張可能包含價值高達數百萬美元獎金的刮刮樂彩券。 The pilot program will offer prizes from $20 up to $5 million and run from Monday, May 24 to Friday, May 28 at 10 state-run sites. 這項試行計畫將提供從20美元到上看500萬美元的獎金,從5月24日週一到5月28日週五,在10個州設站點執行。 The governor said there’s a one in nine chance of winning a scratch ticket prize in New York, which is joining other states, including Ohio, with similar lottery incentives. Only residents 18 and older are eligible. 包括俄亥俄等其他州也提供類似的彩券誘因,這位州長說,紐約刮刮樂中獎機率為9分之1。僅18歲及以上居民有資格。 New York also plans to set up pop-up vaccination sites at seven airports across the state for U.S. residents, including airport workers. 紐約州也打算在該州境內7處機場為包含機場工作人員在內的美國居民設立臨時接種站。 Source article:;   Next Article   Topic: Britons working at home spend more time on job in COVID-19 crisis   People working from home during lockdown spend more time at their jobs and are less likely to be promoted or take time off sick, but are paid above average wages, according to an official study in the UK. 英國一項官方研究顯示,封城期間在家上班的人花在工作上的時間更多,而獲晉升或請病假的可能性較小,但他們的薪水高於平均工資。 Documenting the shift to remote work during the pandemic, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the number of people who did some work at home in 2020 rose by 9.4 percentage points from a year earlier to 35.9 percent of the workforce — representing more than 11 million employees. 英國國家統計局記錄了疫情期間轉為遠距工作的情況,並表示,二○二○年在家做部份工作的人數,佔勞動力的百分之三十五點九,比前一年增加了九點四個百分點,亦即逾一千一百萬名員工。 However, there were substantial variations between occupations and parts of the country, reflecting the differing experiences of the pandemic for workers as some were hit harder by the crisis than others. 但是,此情況因職業及國內各區域之不同而有很大的差異,反映出勞工在疫情中的不同經歷,因為有的人在此危機中所受到的衝擊更大。 Although suggesting that the majority of people continued to travel to work during the pandemic, the figures reveal a divergent impact on home workers. According to the research, those using office studies, converted bedroom workplaces and kitchen tables did two-thirds more unpaid overtime in 2020 and were more likely to work after 6pm. 儘管這些數據表示多數人在疫情期間仍繼續通勤上班,但它顯示居家辦公者所受到的影響不同。根據此研究,那些平常在辦公室上班,而將臥室及餐桌轉為辦公空間的人,在二○二○年的無薪加班時間增加了三分之二,且晚上六點後仍在工作的可能性更高。 However, they were generally higher qualified and better paid, took longer and more frequent breaks, and started work later in the day. 但是,他們通常學經歷較高,薪水也較高,休息時間更長、更頻繁,每天開始工作的時間較晚。 Staff based at home took less than half the amount of sick leave, with two days compared with four for other employees, reflecting the reduced risk of catching an infection. The ONS said people might also feel well enough to work from home while sick if they did not have to travel. 在家工作的員工請病假的時間不到一半,只有兩天,而其他員工則為四天,反映出在家工作降低了感染疾病的風險。英國國家統計局表示,員工生病的時候,若不必出門去上班,待在家也可能會覺得舒服一點,身體狀況足以勝任工作。 However, while there is no daily commute and apparent greater flexibility, the research found that those who work consistently from home are less likely to be promoted, in a sign that they could be overlooked due to reduced face-to-face interaction with colleagues and managers. 在家工作雖然不用每日通勤,且更有彈性,但研究發現,一直在家工作的人很少獲得晉升,表示員工與上司面對面的互動減少後,可能會被忽視。 The study comes as companies across advanced economies adapt to new ways of working, accelerated by the pandemic and facilitated by technological advances, Zoom and video conferencing, and consider making more permanent changes to where staff are based after lockdown. 此研究之進行,正值經濟發達國家之企業尋求適應新的工作方式之際。這種轉變因疫情而加速進行,並有科技進展、視訊軟體Zoom及視訊會議等為助力。這些企業考慮在封城結束後,對員工的上班地點做更永久性的變更。Source article:  
主題: 年終到了,日子的回顧 Dates and days in English   Days of the week in English   ⦿ Monday ⦿ Tuesday ⦿ Wednesday ⦿ Thursday ⦿ Friday ⦿ Saturday ⦿ Sunday   Here are some examples: – I work from Monday to Friday. I’m free on Saturday and Sunday. – Our next lesson is on Wednesday. – Saturday is his favorite day of the week because he plays football. – The meeting is on Thursday at 10:30. – We’ve got an appointment on Tuesday morning. As you can see, we often use ‘on’ before the days of the week.   Months in English   January February March April May June July August September October November December   For example: – February is the shortest month of the year, with only 28 days. – They’re going away on holiday in May. – The weather is very hot here in July. – It’s very cold in December. – Halloween is in October.   Dates in English When we say the date in English we normally use ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc) instead of cardinal numbers (one, two, three, etc). Let’s look at these ordinal numbers:   1st – first 2nd – second 3rd – third 4th – fourth 5th – fifth 6th – sixth 7th – seventh 8th – eighth 9th – ninth 10th – tenth   The numbers from 11-19 follow the same pattern of adding -th to the number:   11th – eleventh 12th – twelfth (the letter v changes to f) 13th – thirteenth 14th – fourteenth 15th – fifteenth 16th – sixteenth 17th – seventeenth 18th – eighteenth 19th – nineteenth   The numbers ending in -ty, like 20 and 30, change the -y to -i and add -eth. For example:   20 – twentieth 30 – thirtieth 21st – twenty-first 22nd – twenty-second 23rd – twenty-third 24th – twenty-fourth 25th – twenty-fifth 26th – twenty-sixth 27th – twenty-seventh 28th – twenty-eighth 29th – twenty-ninth 30th – thirtieth 31st – thirty-first   Here are some examples: – Paolo’s birthday is on June 3rd. (pronounced ‘on June the third’) – New Year’s Day is on 1st January. (pronounced ‘on the first of January’) – We’re flying back home on Tuesday, April 10th. (pronounced ‘on Tuesday, April the tenth’) – They’re having a party on 16th November. (pronounced on the sixteenth of November.) – Our Wedding Anniversary is on August 11th. (pronounced ‘on August the eleventh’.)   Years in English   In English, most years are separated into two numbers. For example: 1750 – seventeen fifty 1826 – eighteen twenty-six 1984 – nineteen eighty-four 2017 – twenty seventeen The first year of each century is pronounced like this: 1400 – fourteen hundred 1700 – seventeen hundred 2000 – two thousand The first nine years of a century are pronounced like this: 1401 – fourteen oh one 1701 – seventeen oh one 2001 – two thousand and one We can refer to a decade (a period of ten years) in this way: 1960-1969 – The ‘60s – pronounced ‘the sixties’ 1980-1989 – The ‘80s – pronounced ‘the eighties’. 2000 – 2009 – The 2000s – pronounced ‘the two thousands’   For example: – The Beatles were famous in the sixties. – My parents got married in the seventies. – Maradona played for Napoli in the eighties. – Where were you living in the nineties? – The internet became popular worldwide in the two thousands.   分享練習時間: When is your birthday? Month/Date/Day Memorable days in 2021? What is your New Year's Resolution?    
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K280: We Should All Know Less About Each Other   In 2017, after the shock of Brexit and then Donald Trump’s election, Christopher Bail, a professor of sociology and public policy at Duke University, set out to study what would happen if you forced people out of their social media echo chambers. 2017年,經歷過英國脫離歐盟與川普當選美國總統的震撼之後,美國杜克大學社會學與公共政策教授貝爾開始研究,逼迫人們脫離社群媒體同溫層會發生什麼事。 Bail is the director of The Polarization Lab, a team of social scientists, computer scientists and statisticians who study how technology amplifies political divisions. He and his colleagues recruited 1,220 Twitter users who identified as either Democrats or Republicans, offering to pay them $11 to follow a particular Twitter account for a month. Although the participants didn’t know it, the Democrats were assigned to follow a bot account that retweeted messages from prominent Republican politicians and thinkers. The Republicans, in turn, followed a bot account that retweeted Democrats. 貝爾是「兩極化實驗室」主任,這個實驗室是社會科學家、電腦科學家和統計學家組成的團隊,研究科技如何擴大政治分歧。他和同事招募1220名自認是民主黨人或共和黨人的推特網友,要求每人關注一個特定推特帳號一個月,並各發11美元酬勞。受試者並不知道規則,但實際上,民主黨人會被指派關注一個轉發知名共和黨政治人物和意見領袖推文的機器人帳號,共和黨人則關注轉發民主黨意見領袖推文的機器人帳號。 At the time, a lot of concern about the internet’s role in political polarization revolved around what digital activist Eli Pariser once called filter bubbles, a term for the way an increasingly personalized internet traps people in self-reinforcing information silos. 當時關於網路激化政治對立的作用,關注焦點集中在數位社會活動家帕里瑟曾說的「過濾泡泡」,這個詞描述日益個人化的網路內容會把人困在不斷自我增強的資訊孤島。 “The echo chamber idea was reaching its kind of apex in terms of its public influence,” Bail told me. “It nicely explained how Trump had won, how Brexit had happened.” Bail’s team wanted to see if getting people to engage with ideas they wouldn’t otherwise encounter might moderate their views. 貝爾告訴我:「同溫層這個概念對公眾的影響力已達頂峰,能很好地解釋為何川普當選,為何英國脫歐。」貝爾團隊想探究,讓人們接觸平常不會接觸的觀念,能否使他們的觀念變得溫和。 The opposite happened. “Nobody became more moderate,” Bail said. “Republicans in particular became much more conservative when they followed the Democratic bot, and Democrats became a little bit more liberal.” 結果適得其反。貝爾說:「沒有人變溫和,尤其是共和黨人,關注民主黨機器人帳號後變得保守許多,民主黨人則變得有點更偏向自由派。」 Social media platforms have long justified themselves with the idea that connecting people would make the world more open and humane. In offline life, after all, meeting lots of different kinds of people tends to broaden the mind, turning caricatures into complicated individuals. It’s understandable that many once believed the same would be true on the internet. 社群媒體平台一直為自己辯護,他們的說法是連結人們能讓世界變得更開放仁慈。畢竟在離線世界,與形形色色的人相遇通常會讓心胸更開闊,會使原本心目中的荒謬人物變成複雜的個體。可以理解,許多人一度以為在線上也一樣。 But it turns out there’s nothing intrinsically good about connection, especially online. 但結果是,連結本質上沒什麼好的,尤其在線上。 On the internet, exposure to people unlike us often makes us hate them, and that hatred increasingly structures our politics. 在網上,接觸不像我們的人往往會使我們恨他們,而這種恨意日益成為我們政治的結構。 The social corrosion caused by Facebook and other platforms isn’t a side effect of bad management and design decisions. It’s baked into social media itself. 臉書等平台引發的社會團結被侵蝕現象,並非管理不當和設計決策失誤引起的出乎意料後果,而是與社群媒體本身密不可分。Source article:
每日英語跟讀 Ep.K278: Fed will tighten credit faster and sees 3 rate hikes in 2022   The Federal Reserve (Fed) will quicken the pace at which it’s pulling back its support for the economy as inflation surges, and it expects to raise interest rates three times next year. In a sharp policy shift, Fed Chair Jerome Powell announced Wednesday last week that it will shrink its monthly bond purchases at twice the pace it previously announced, likely ending them altogether in March. 隨著通貨膨脹加劇,美國聯邦準備理事會﹝聯準會﹞將讓刺激經濟之措施加速退場,並預計明年將升息三次。聯準會主席傑洛姆‧鮑爾上週三宣布的政策大轉彎,將大幅縮減每月購債規模,縮減幅度為之前宣布的兩倍,並可能在明年三月完全停止購債。 The accelerated timetable puts the Fed on a path to start raising rates in the first half of next year. The Fed’s new forecast that it will raise its benchmark short-term rate three times next year is up from just one rate hike it had projected in September. The Fed’s key rate, now pinned near zero, influences many consumer and business loans, including for mortgages, credit cards and auto loans. 加快的時程,讓聯準會朝明年上半年開始升息的方向行進。聯準會原本在九月做的預測為明年將升高基準短期利率一次,但現在最新預測為三次。聯準會此關鍵利率影響著許多消費者及商業貸款,包括抵押貸款、信用卡和汽車貸款,此利率現在接近於零。 The shift reflects Powell’s acknowledgement that with inflation pressures rising, the Fed needed to begin tightening credit for consumers and businesses faster than he had thought just a few weeks earlier. The Fed had earlier characterized the inflation spike as mainly a “transitory” problem that would fade as supply bottlenecks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic were resolved. 隨著通膨壓力上升,鮑爾承認聯準會必須更快開始收緊對消費者和企業的信貸,比他幾週前所設想的速度要更快,此即反映在政策之轉變上。聯準會先前表示通膨飆升的問題多為「暫時性」的,會在COVID-19疫情所造成的供應瓶頸解決後逐漸消失。 The run-up in prices has persisted longer than the Fed expected and has spread from goods like food, energy and autos to services like apartment rents, restaurant meals and hotel rooms. It has weighed heavily on consumers, especially lower-income households and particularly for everyday necessities, and negated the higher wages many workers have received. 但物價上漲持續的時間比聯準會預期的還要長,並已從食品、能源和汽車等商品擴及房租、餐廳用餐與旅館住房等服務。它對消費者,尤其是低收入家庭造成了沉重的壓力,特別是在日常必需品的消費方面,並讓許多勞工所得到的更高工資折損了。 He acknowledged the possibility that inflation won’t decline as expected next year. As a result, the Fed is shifting its attention away from reducing unemployment, which has fallen quickly to a healthy 4.2 percent, down from 4.8 percent at its last meeting, and toward reining in higher prices. Consumer prices soared 6.8 percent in November compared with a year earlier, the US government said last week, the fastest pace in nearly four decades. 鮑爾承認明年通膨可能不會像預期的一樣下降。因此,聯準會正將注意力由降低失業率轉移到控制物價上漲(美國的失業率已從上次聯準會決策會議時的百分之四點八,迅速下降至健康的百分之四點二)。美國政府上週表示,十一月份的消費者物價與去年相比,上漲了百分之六點八,上漲速度為近四十年來最快。 The Fed’s policy change does carry risks. Raising borrowing costs too fast could stifle consumer and business spending. That, in turn, would weaken the economy and likely raise unemployment. Yet if the Fed waits too long to raise rates, inflation could surge out of control. It might then have to act aggressively to tighten credit and potentially trigger another recession. 聯準會的政策改變確實存在風險。過快提高借貸成本可能會扼殺消費者與企業的支出,因而削弱經濟,並可能使失業率攀升。但若聯準會遲遲不升息,通貨膨脹便可能失控;然後聯準會也許就不得不採取嚴厲措施緊縮信貸,而這可能又會再引發一場經濟衰退。Source article:
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