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Author: Alexandria Reed + Jamia Daniels

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"Welcome to ärdər, the podcast for women who are relentless and insatiable in their pursuit of more. I'm your host Alex Reed and joining me is my co-host, Jamia Daniels. We're excited to be creating a community of like-minded women who are committed to personal and professional growth. In each episode, we'll be discussing topics that are important to us, from career advancement to self-care and everything in between. We'll be sharing our own experiences, inviting guest experts, and giving you actionable tips to help you take your life to the next level. So join us on our journey.
54 Episodes
The journey to becoming the person you know you can be isn’t an easy one. There are highs, there are lows, and everything in between. Today we talk with Alyx Allen about understanding how your own toxic traits can impede your personal evolution and how to tap into the audacious being inside of you. Whatever the best version of you looks like, let’s talk about what it takes in become her.
How is this episode 11 already? Listen in as I speak to Tracy Naviaux, owner of Dreaming of Dessert.   I was truly blown away by how she took her passion of creating beautiful bouquet cupcakes into a business during the pandemic.  This social worker not only bakes to make your life more sweet, but helps others every day to do so too! Follow her @dreaming.of.dessert
Pretty sure the title of this episode sums it up. Mental Health, Hiking,Grief & the Weather with Fox 31's Kylie Bearse.
Can you hear wedding bells? Listen in as Michele Venter went from a badass in the courtroom to the most epic wedding planner in Denver, Colorado.  During a pandemic, Michele choose to find her true passion in the wedding industry, helping brides plan their perfect day. You will fall in love with her, just like her clients do. 
Listen in as I chat with Unite Fitness Owner, Mara Prendergast, on who she is, what she does, and how she balances her work and her life together in a united form. Mara opened a gym in Golden, Colorado during the COVID pandemic and chats how she handled the tough times that her small business had during the last couple years. Now she is helping others become their best versions of themself. 
Well, season three has come to an end and we had to go out with a BANG right?! Listen in as I chat with the beautiful owners of Vidash Beauty Lounge, Ashley and Ivana. These two boss babes opened a business when the world shut down and they are killing it! Born and raised in Denver, these two ladies met in beauty school and started making their dreams come true. They are amazing at their skill, amazing people, and amazing people to know! You'll want to hear all the tips they give, how to survive the service industry during a pandemic, and what it takes to be a successful business owner. Thank you so much to every single guest and listener we had on season THREE. We cant wait for season four and more with you gladiators! XO A
I’VE BEEN AROUND THE BLOCK—AND THE WORLD—A FEW TIMES. I ATTENDED SCHOOL IN FIVE COUNTRIES, RESCUED A SLOTH FROM A PACK OF UNRULY SCHOOLKIDS IN COSTA RICA, STAYED A WEEK WITH ACCUSED WITCHES IN NORTHERN GHANA, ATE MY WAY ACROSS SINGAPORE AND GOT LOST IN A THAI JUNGLE (BUT FOUND MY WAY OUT, THANK GOODNESS).Then I had kids.My journey kept me closer to home outside Portland, Oregon raising my two daughters, restarting my paused writing career and generally trying to function on an obscenely small amount of sleep. But as my girls grow and become more curious about the world, the pull of travel urges me to explore—with my family.Yet when I looked online and scrolled through Instagram, I was intimidated by perfect images of parents and kids traveling together that looked nothing like the messy, sometimes aggravating, always memorable reality of my family’s travel. So I launched To & Fro Fam, an authentic and honest reflection of family vacations near and far—as well as practical advice to help your trips be unforgettable for all the right reasons. I specialize in family vacations in the Pacific Northwest and destinations easily accessible from Portland, Oregon.I’m so glad you’re here.To collaborate, inquire about sponsored posts or content, connect or simply say hello, please reach out at "
LISTEN to my friend Brooke Berndt chat about her life and how she has gotten to where she is today! This bombshell boss BABE has had  multiple 6 figure social seller businesses, has the most adorable baby through her success with IVF, owns a successful franchise, and has another family business with her husband, phew and that is just the beginning! She chats about her walk with faith and how she uses her beliefs in her business! You’ll want to hear her knowledge and tips on becoming business savvy all with a baby on her hip! I know you’ll adore Brooke as much as I do! I can’t wait for you to meet her and hear about her business coaching course coming up! Follow along with her @brookeberndt313
Join me by listening into my chat with Aimee Meier, a lady of many talents and skills who has done an amazing job in many aspects of her life. As a successful social seller, a co-founder of The DC Collective, and a mom of 5 girls- Aimee juggles it all and juggles it well. We chat what it means to be in a mastermind, how she has seen a huge growth in women in business who have been a part of the mastermind, and why she thinks it is important to join a group of women in business! Her bubbling personality is contagious and you will fall in love with her personality! Listen on why is loves being in charge of her own schedule and why she thinks that is such a BIG part of her life. Follow along with her @aimeemeier 
Come listen in as I chat with the beautiful Cassie Lopez. Cassie is the owner of Wandering Wagon mobile bars based in Colorado. She helps create stunningly unique bar experiences for all different types of events. "You bring the party, they bring the bar!" Cassie is an expert in the service industry and knows a thing or two about weddings, parties, and shaking up a mean cocktail! You are guaranteed to fall in love with her personality, passion, and  purpose! She also chats about moving on from on career to another and her thought to pivot in her life! We can't wait for you to hear more about Wandering Wagon, Cassie, and all she is getting into! @wanderingwagonbars
Meghan Dwyer is a working mom, with 2 little boys, a wife, runner and forever learner. As a financial planner, she has seen way too often women taking a backseat when it comes to their family's finances. Meghan believes it is crucial to have the knowledge and understanding of personal finances in order to feel confident and empowered to live our best lives. Meghan started the Money Isn't Scary podcast last year to help women unpack the deeply embedded stories we have been telling ourselves and reframe our mindset so that we can begin to spend, save and act in alignment with our intentions. Only when we are truly in tune with our relationship with money ,can we begin to be our best selves! Follow her @moneyisntscary
Listen in this week as we speak with Leticia Baca, an expert in supply chain management. She holds a Master’s Degree in SCM from FIU where she graduated in the top 1% of her class. Her career began in the financial services industry and she took her business acumen to the food industry, where she became President of Lakewood Organic. She is a pro at identifying bottlenecks, strategizing optimization, and establishing a strong company culture to promote efficiency at all levels. She is also a mom of 2 and has overcome post-partum depression. She is currently finishing her autobiography, set to publish later this year, documenting her self-made journey. Follow her here:  @leti_baca YOU wont want to miss this one! 
 Michaela is a first time entrepreneur on a mission to end the stigma of addiction while providing amazing coffee and space for community. She is originally from East Texas but has fallen in love with the Midwest and will be moving back to St. Louis in the Spring. She is a Christ follower, empath and Enneagram #3. She has spent most of her career in Retail management because of her love for people. She enjoys creating relationships, partnerships, and mentoring those who struggle to do so. Michaela so far with Redeemed has been able to giveback to nonprofits such as Shatterproof and To Write Love on her Arms and hopes to continue giving back to help end the crisis of addiction and the stigma it creates.Follow her here:  @redeemedcoffeeco 
Join me as I dive deep into all things health with my special guest, Erica Weiner! Erica does it ALL, she is an Integrative Health Practitioner & Founder of  Erica Alison Wellness LLC. She also is the  co-host of There’s a Hack for That & the co-founder of  Women in it Together!  Erica helps people live healthy and joyful lives through improved gut health, better sleep, natural anxiety management and healing all health concerns from a root-cause level. Her method is an intuitive and integrative approach because true healing happens when we address and honor the bioindividuality of the each person. After over a decade of struggling with her own chronic health issues and searching for answers in how to manage her autoimmune disease naturally, Erica finally discovered all the methods she now teaches her clients. Erica combines mindset work, state-of the-art functional lab testing, nutrition coaching & supplement protocols that allow you to heal you from the inside out. Erica is originally from Sacramento, CA but now lives in Denver, CO with her two cats, Gizmo and Chloe, forever finding joy in the beauty of the mountains in her beautiful state. Come listen in and say "hi!" XO Alex
Listen in as DNVR. Media founder Alexandra Bodley chats all things social media management, New2townDenver, moving to a new city, and putting yourself out there. Alex moved to Denver from Atlanta in 2018 and saw a gap in the social media market for newbies to Denver, she created a "one stop shop" for all things Denver. Looking for a new happy hour, brunch, spot, fun event, or local product? Check out her Insta, New2townDenver. Alex has social media down to a science, so grab a pen and paper to take some notes as she dives into what we all want to know in the social media world. An Alex and Alex interview.... WHAT!?  Check her out here:
Dr. Erika Michalski has a robust history of providing educational programming and engaging workshops dedicated to empowering participants and cultivating new ideas about professional development. She has also been guiding teams through strategic planning and long-range tactical visioning processes for over a decade. Erika is passionate about creating environments where individuals feel equipped to tackle new challenges as they move forward in personal and professional endeavors. Over the past decade, Erika has provided support for small teams with big dreams and Fortune 500 companies striving to beat competitors to the next level of performance. She has supported non-profit organizations through large-scale initiatives and pilot programs and coached university administrators during times of tight budgets and ever-changing student needs. To further this work, Dr. Michalski founded Strategically Authentic, a consulting company dedicated to helping people leverage who they are to get where they want to be. She proudly serves as the company's CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), embracing her roots as a competitive cheerleader and collegiate cheerleading coach to the benefit of everyone she encounters. Dr. Michalski is known by clients and colleagues as the one who believes in even the most ambitious possibilities as long as there is a plan!
Tracy started her professional career as a US Army Medic.  After Advanced Medic school, she changed specialties and was trained as an Army Respiratory Therapist.  She spent a total of 11 years active-duty Army.  Tracy spent about 8 years as a staff Respiratory Therapist at various healthcare facilities in the National Capital Region.  She is licensed in VA work PRN (medical term for as needed) on a ventilator unit at a local Nursing and Rehabilitation Center – since 2004.While working full time as a Respiratory Therapist, she completed her Bachelor in Science and Masters in Science in Information Systems from Strayer University.  Tracy has 20 years’ experience (mostly as a contractor or consultant) in IT across multiple disciplines:  Program/Project Management, IT Service Management, Business Development and Capture Management and have worked within the Department of Defense (DoD), Federal and civilian agencies.Tracy Rookard created The NakedFace in 2019. It took her a year to develop the line that includes hair/body crèmes and body scrubs that are vegan and organic – no testing of her products was done on animals! She wanted to use body scrubs and crèmes that were "naked" with nothing extra added to them – no GMO (genetically modified organism) and perfume added. Currently, Tracy is the Chief of Staff, and Strategic Project Officer for Cyber Security, WMATA.  In addition, she runs three companies: Baxter Alexander, LLC (The NakedFace and the Chewzy Mask) and Sandy Cooper, Medical Equipment (the Tusk Mask).
Chef Jamie has spent the bulk of her career in the private sector cooking for A-list celebrities (like Alicia Keys, Sean Combs, Kimora Simmons), major organizations (like Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, Jack & Jill), past-presidents and more. Inspired by the pandemic, and more people home and in the kitchen like never before, she recently launched her website and virtual events. She is sharing recipes, hosts virtual Saturday Supper Clubs (where you can cook with her during a live demonstration and ask her questions on the spot), as well as a Kids in the Kitchen series and launching several private label items (including a highly anticipated spice line). She has a formal partnership with the Boys & Girls Club where she hosts cooking and nutrition classes for the kids and their parents.
The Warner Group is closing loans and opening doors in our community. The Warner Group's mission is to be the mortgage industry's most heart-led Lender.  Fostering health while inspiring community and supporting philanthropy through home ownership.   Brynn is the lead Loan Officer and has closed hundreds of loans since 2015. The best  part of her job is being able to help people and create relationships in the community. When she's not helping people find the best home financing options, or working with agents and our mutual clients, she loves to hike, golf, and spend time with her husband and kiddos. Jessica Tappy is The Warner Group's Transaction Manager and task master. She keeps everyone in the transaction   on track before, during, and after the loan process. Jessica purchased her first home several years ago and loves DIY projects. When Jessica is not working, she loves to cook, explore new adventures, and  enjoys listening to live music. With this combination of expertise and resources, they help their clients choose the best home financing option to fit their goals. They work hard to provide the very best customer service and communication so that you trust them enough to refer your friends and families to The Warner Group.  #warnerinyourcornerNMLS# 1474253
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