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The ability to be aware of your emotional landscape and navigate your way through emotional debris is one of the most important aspects of your  Ability to connect vulnerably and intimately with your partners; Integrity and accountability as a leader in your professional relationships; Capacity to showing up for the messy humxn behind your business. Because you lead with your body and because we are all energetic beings affected by one another, having a regulated nervous system regulates those around you. Like most people of my generation especially, I didn't grow up in an environment where it was safe for me to express my feelings. I was a highly sensitive person with nowhere to put my big inner experiences. I experience what most big feelers do, which is have their feelings made wrong or gaslit. So I did what most people do, I put them away. I buried them and numbed them. Along with that came addictions, depression, anxiety, and chronic illness. It wasn't until I got to my somatic training that I began to unwind stuck emotions and ancestral trauma from my system, which led to a: more subtle awareness of emotions, energy, and intuition; deeper self-connection and self trust; calmer, more responsive nervous system. Emotional awareness allowed me to insert that critical pause, that space between that allows you to name what's arising before it takes over and gets waaaay messy. In this special eclipse episode embedded inside retrograde season, I offer The cultural and body-based reasons why emotions get stuck in your body and how it affects your functioning; How restriction of emotional range is linked to shame and overwhelm; Mindset shifts for unapologetic emotional expression, permission giving, and unconditional approval; Somatic tools for emotional trauma release.   Access DEVOTION: Somatic intimacy alchemy for individuals and couples committed to their inner work.   Access LEGACY: Trauma-Responsive Somatic Mentoring for Healers, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call with me:     See what's inside the (R)evolutionary Rompereglas online somatic membership collective!   Follow me on Instagram:
There's no sex like slow sex!  In this episode of the Devotional Anarchy podcast Darshana Avila of Erotic Wholeness shares the skills that are required to create space for a deeply satisfying and connected sexual connection.  Known for her appearance in Netflix's Sex, Love and Goop, Darshana is an internationally recognized speaker coach and facilitator who supports women and couples and exploring and reshaping their relationships to intimacy sex and eroticism. Darshana created the map of erotic wholeness as a path to personal liberation in service to collective sexual liberation. Her unique style of somatic sex and intimacy coaching weave together a trauma-informed, nature-based, justice-oriented approach inviting more presence, pleasure and passion into the lives and relationships of the people that she guides. In this episode we dive into the importance of slowing down in order to be present with all that is and connection to needs, desires, and boundaries as providing a basis of safety from which to explore freely. One of the juiciest parts of this episode is when we get into the intersection of sex, somatics, and social justice! Access Touch Yourself: An Inspiration Guide to Mindful Masturbation Meditation for free on Darshana's website:   Follow Darshana on Instagram:   Access DEVOTION: Somatic intimacy alchemy for queer and kinky individuals and couples committed to their inner work.   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call with me:     See what's inside the (R)evolutionary Rompereglas online somatic healing collective!   Follow me on Instagram:
Do you lead with your wounding or your healing? How do you embrace intimacy in sales (and in every other aspect of your business)? In this deeply informative and insightful interview with Brigette Iarusso-Soto, no BS business coach for leaders who want to earn more and serve more clients without compromising their commitment to equity and inclusion, we dive into changing the culture of business through intimacy. We get into the importance of humxnizing business by sharing our stories, allowing ourselves to be seen, transcending the ways technology can distance us (even as it brings us together), and using consent as a central way of embracing sales to create trust and safety in the process. Brigette also emphasizes a high ticket, high impact sales model, disrupting the idea that service-based businesses have to be low cost to be in integrity. In fact, she argues that making money (and offering no to low cost content in other ways) allows social impact entrepreneurs to use money in revolutionary ways that disrupt toxic capitalism. Access Brigette's FREE 4-module No BS Business Business Course! Join Brigette's No BS Facebook group: Follow Brigette on Instagram:   Lead with your intimacy superpowers for maximum collective impact through my 6-month, 1:1 LEGACY mentorship to for social impact entrepreneurs:   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call with me:   See what's inside the (R)evolutionary Rompereglas online somatic healing collective!   Follow me on Instagram:
Are you aware of the patterns and defenses you're bringing into your personal and professional relationships (yes, even with money, God, and sex)? Are you attuned to what strategies you employ to keep yourself safe in relationships but that actually limit intimacy?  Did you know the leadership gifts and superpowers that exist inside your intimacy wounds? In episode 5 of the Devotional Anarchy podcast I offer the 5 relational strategies we use to keep ourselves "safe" in relationships from a nervous system perspective, but that keep us from the fulfillment, sufficiency and abundant connection that's actually available and real.  It's the framework I use to observe myself in my relationship behaviors, and it helps me clean up the energetics in my relationship communication (whether it's in my personal life or my professional life) with integrity and self-ownership because it helps me get to the root of what's getting activated in any interaction. I highlight the leadership gifts and superpowers of each strategy and provide my approach to meeting fear and overwhelm from a trauma-responsive, energy aware, and emotionally attuned approach. Work with me 1:1 through my LEGACY mentorship for spirit-led and social impact entrepreneurs:   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call with me:   See what's inside the (R)evolutionary Rompereglas online somatic healing collective!   Follow me on Instagram:
Are you in ownership and authorship of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences?   Is your energy fully yours to direct towards your pleasure, play, and passion or do you hold yourself back in self-doubt, criticism, and judgment?   How, when, and with whom do you engage in fear projections when your intimacy wounds get activated?    In this 4th episode of the Devotional Anarchy podcast, I get into uncolonizing relationships, specifically the subtle ways we use power and control in relationship with ourselves and with the people in our lives, and how energetic sovereignty supports liberation and healing in relationships.   Energetic sovereignty means having an unwavering connection to Source within yourself (i.e., understanding your humanity as divine), which includes embracing your Shadow, allowing yourself to experience all of your emotions, honoring the boundaries of your yeses and no's, owning your sexual and creative expression, and moving in alignment with heart integrity. In other words, intimate connection to Self. Energetic sovereignty can support: -Safety within the root of your own energetic/body system so that you don't have to acquire it externally; -Checking for possible hidden agendas -Trust of your own love and wisdom -Responsibility for your activations and the removal of blame and shame -Resourcing from within and advocating for what you need -Emotional fluency and fluidity  -Integrity of heart in relationships I also share 6 pillars of uncolonizing relationships so that you can create more love and freedom from the inside out. Explore my 9-month, intimacy and integrity accelerator, the SOVEREIGN Metabody:   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call with me:   Get a taste of the alchemy by booking a 60-minute 1:1 ATTUNE session with me at $222 (discounted $100) through the end of March.   Download my free PDF on the 4 Pillars of Open + Intimate Communication Using Body Wisdom from my website:   Explore my 3 and 6-month mentorship packages for 1:1 somatic intimacy alchemy to break through intimacy impasses and deepen the connection in their relationships:     See what's inside the (R)evolutionary Rompereglas online somatic healing collective!   Follow me on Instagram:
So intimacy wounds, what TF are they and why are they important?  How do we heal them through the body? Most of our suffering in relationships is set up by a) our natural and healthy desire to heal ourselves and b) reaching outside of ourselves to do that. Ideally, we do heal in relationships, but often we're unable to create relationships that heal because we're not aware of how intimacy wounds and the subsequent protective relationship strategies (held like scripts or templates of disconnection in the body) are contributing to the unconscious re-creation and re-enactment of them. Our protective strategies often work AGAINST what we most desire in our hearts and on the soul level, which is to be seen, felt, heard, and deeply connected to. Creating spiritual partnerships, in particular, relationships that heal, is about being responsible and taking ownership for the energy YOU bring into a dynamic.  We can't do that if we don't know what we're doing if we're not aware. In this episode of the podcast, I go into detail about how intimacy wounds form, as well as how and what's required to heal them. I share from my own experience as well as offer an example of (TADA!) the divine gifts and energetic leadership waiting to be alchemized underneath the wounds. What I want you to know today is that your true capacity for intimacy is much deeper than you believe it to be, and that it's in THERE.  It’s dormant inside.  It’s your baseline.  It’s something you can re-member through the healing process.  Complete, fulfilled love already exists inside of you. I also believe wholeheartedly that healing intimacy wounds changes not only the energetics of our closest relationships as well as the energetics of how we interrelate with one another in the bigger collective picture. Can you feel the energetic ripple? Explore my 9-month, intimacy and integrity accelerator, the SOVEREIGN Metabody:   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call with me:   Explore my 3 and 6-month mentorship packages for 1:1 somatic intimacy alchemy to break through intimacy impasses and deepen the connection in their relationships:   See what's inside the (R)evolutionary Rompereglas online somatic healing collective!   Follow me on Instagram:
Love anarchy is one of my favorite topics and something I've been exploring deeply over the past year.  A lot of what we call love is actually the negotiation of needs and the creation of contracts on a relationship escalator, with the agenda to decrease the likelihood of experiencing hurt, rejection, and abandonment. Therefore, what we understand as love in society has more to do with fear and insecurity than with actual love  We are negotiating caretaking, codependence, contractual agreements in relationships and calling it LOVE. Our popular understanding of love is actually a corrupted concept. Love anarchy, for me, is about allowing love to flow freely in relationships, without unhealthy attachments (the gripping and grasping for something external to fill you), without the expectation that it has to be reciprocated, offering love from a place of abundance and genuine desire to give. It's a whole practice, one that involves coming back to your own love and trusting the experience of love that is shared. This is uncolonizing and deconditioning and cyclebreaking work! To give love freely you HAVE to be resourced in self-love to be able to give it from a place of overflow. If you're holding your partners back in any way, can that truly be considered love? Explore my 9-month, 1:1 energetic leadership mentoring for spiritual entrepreneurs:   Explore my 3 and 6-month mentorship packages for 1:1 somatic intimacy alchemy to break through intimacy impasses and deepen the connection in their relationships:   Register for SANCTUM: Body as Temple   See what's inside the (R)evolutionary Rompereglas online somatic healing collective!   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call with me:   Follow me on Instagram:   Book reference:
Welcome to Season 2 of the Devotional Anarchy podcast, formerly (R)evolutionary Rompereglas!   In this first episode of the new season, I share some of the exciting topics and explorations I'll be getting into during this season (including some incredibly revolutionary guests and juicy personal storytelling)!   Stepping forward and sharing truths I've kept in my private realm is definitely an edge for me, and one I'm committed to.   As part of the introduction to the season, I offer my definition of intimacy wounds from a developmental, energetic, and trauma-responsive perspective and share my process of devotion as a pathway to embodied sovereignty and energetic authority.   Specifically, I share my daily routine of devotion based on meeting myself intimately on sexual, emotional, energetic, spiritual, physical, and mental levels, and how it supported radical self-ownership and healthy interdependence in my sexual-spiritual partnerships.   Visit my websites:   Follow me on Instagram:   Register for SANCTUM: Uncovering the Sovereign Self   See what's inside the (R)evolutionary Rompereglas online somatic healing collective!   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call with me:
Chemay Morales James is a recovering school teacher turned social liberation eduvist/unschooling mama. Like many parents who educate their children at home, her journey into unschooling opened organically through the needs of her children.  In this conversation, we address how unschooling and self-directed education (SDE) has opened up her healing path by recognizing how traditional schooling and authoritarian parenting shut down her intuition, curiosity, and creativity. In 2016 she founded My Reflection Matters (MRM), an organization whose mission is to provide the tools necessary to support and nurture the development of healthy racial and ethnic identities of Black and Brown children and older youth.  We also share our experiences of SDE and parenting in ways that look so different than our own experience, specifically, following desire/eros, trusting the process, and leaning hard into the messiness.  Follow Chemay to her website or on Instagram   Join the My Reflection Matters Village   Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:   Join the revolutionary Rompereglas online community!   Link to Own Your No: Embodying Sovereignty Through Boundary Energetics for $247 (on sale from $333 through November 7th)   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call with me:
In this episode of the podcast, I go off script and talk about the 6 major blocks to power that are rooted in collective trauma and how we must see ourselves through a sovereign lens, a soul-level seeing, in order to access the truth of our wholeness. When I worked as a licensed therapist, I began to notice that most if not all issues--if you followed the thread deeply enough--would funnel into one or more of these corrupt concepts of self.  Of course, we can learn these stories of deficiency and scarcity from our personal experiences; however, when we can recognize their origin in SYSTEMS we can depersonalize them and thereby make space for other truths. These 6 blocks to power, or to love, because I believe love is your superpower, are our deepest human fragmentation, but they are false ones. When you know it's not about you, you can choose to discard it. You no longer have to hold it. Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:   Join the revolutionary Rompereglas online community!   Link to Finding Home: A Workshop for Visionaries Craving Deeper Alignment with their Voice, Truth, and Sovereign Being
Leanna Jane Lewis has been in this work of transformation, healing, and personal growth for 20+ years (or since she was 10 years old)!  She helps women ready to take their vision off the dusty shelf and activate it here on the ground level while healing all the feels that come up being seen and taking concrete action towards what they deeply desire, healing the deep wounds so that they can hold and sustain the vision.  She has too many certifications to count and still I keeps digging into the rich soil of life for more wisdom.  Leanna believes the process of collective reconciliation begins within self and moving towards wholeness inside guides us towards dissolving collective divides.  In this episode we tackle the voices in our heads that reference parts of ourselves that all lead back to love, how to manage them so that they don't get in the way of us accessing the deep sense of home within.  We focus on intuition and remembering as a way of reconnecting to sovereignty and vision. And no, Leanna doesn't flash her boobs on this call! Follow Leanna to her website or on Facebook and Instagram:    Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:   Join the revolutionary Rompereglas online community!   Links to October offerings:   Yes, I’m Made of Eros : A Body-Centered Retreat with Aureola Collective A full day, in person initiatory energetic experience Saturday, October 16th Fire Ring Farm in Portland, CT Payment tiers from $50 to $450 Application deadline October 8th Apply using the link below: __________   Finding Home: A Workshop for Visionaries Craving Deeper Alignment with their Voice, Truth, and Sovereign Being   Friday, October 22nd 12pm to 3pm EST with Leanna Jane Lewis Register using the link below: ___________   Intimate and Open: A Panel for the Romantic, Open Hearted, and Overwhelmed Male Seeker.   Monday, October 25th 7pm to 8:30pm EST with Tessa Krone and Enchantress Shane Register via Eventbrite using the link below:
Kristianna Smith is an anti-racist facilitator, theatre artist, intuitive, and Queer Black Mama. As the owner of Via Arts, she uses play and theatre as a mechanism to dismantle institutional oppression and take up practices that move us closer to liberation. Most recently, Kristianna has started the project Policy Through Play on Instagram and Facebook. Policy Through Play seeks to decode local politics and give the general public the tools they need to shift political practice towards a structurally care-centered world. Kristianna also uses her social media platforms to explore the intersection Black Queer Motherhood and Pleasure, asking, "How do I hold freedom in a world that tries to keep it from me?"  In her whole, Kristianna practices generative conflict, deep joy, and radical dreaming.    In this episode, Kristianna shares her process of extricating her worth from her work-related duties and doings, emphasizing the importance of rest and pleasure as part of the creative process.    She also speaks to the role of grief and the practice of honoring her human needs above her roles as mother, artivist, and facilitator.    Follow Kristianna to her website or on Instagram: Instagram:   Unworking + Rewilding Day Retreat September 18th, 9am to 9apm Fire Ring Farm, Portland, CT  To apply, please complete the following form:   Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:
On this episode of the podcast I sit with Dr. Jin Ong, Cathartic Release Therapist. Trained professionally as an osteopath, psychosomatic therapist, western medical acupuncturist and herbalist, Jin has treated thousands of clients and founded the MetaMed Health clinics in New Zealand and hosts The Art Of Listening To Your Body Podcast. Jin works with complex physical and emotional conditions that don’t respond to traditional or conventional therapies, including surgery. She also works with cancer and terminally ill clients. Jin is a strong believer that your physical body is a manifestation of your emotional state. The experiences, events and traumas in your life are associated with an emotion that wants to be expressed and released at the time. If you don’t know how to express or rather you suppress because that emotion is inconvenient it gets stored in your body as a source of stress. You can compensate until you can’t anymore. When it all gets too much, your body presents with pain, injury, illness, disease and mental imbalances. You don’t need to end up at this crisis point. Jin weaves in various traditional and eastern philosophies with western medicine to intuitively read the body and understand what emotions are stored. Most importantly she facilitates a deeply cathartic and transformational process to liberate the body of physical and emotional pain. Jin loves to dig deep, speak about the unspoken, and help people process unresolved emotions that hold them back from living the life they truly want. It’s all about getting comfortable with discomfort.   In this episode we delve into her own path of healing as well as her step by step cathartic release process.   Follow Jin to her website or on Instagram or Facebook: Facebook: Instagram:       Classes and Offerings (waitlist) Release six week course Emotional Body Training for practitioners: Book recommendations:   Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:
Farah Fancy (She/Her) is a public speaker/consultant (A.k.a Artist Doula, Shift Disturber, Cultural Stripper, Mommy, Fire-starter, Warrior) living on Tio’tia:Ke territory (Montreal, Quebec).   As an international public speaker and consultant, she shifts mindsets and strips away bias to increase resilience, inclusion, and justice. Farah’s holistic approach fuses the arts, therapeutic techniques, and ethnography for leaders to reduce harm while improving self-worth, productivity and purpose with relevance and harmony.  She commits to building a diverse community of leaders who are proud to be fearless and flawsome without limiting beliefs, self-doubt, or shame.  For 25 years, she has been using creativity to reveal and resolve barriers to equity; fostering economic, professional, and personal development, while improving belonging and sparking innovation.  Her successes include facilitating programs for over 100,000 people, producing over 30 performances, implementing 6 community projects for social change, co-founding the Dance Movement Therapy Association in Canada and Le Groupe Herencias. Farah focuses on identity, respect, resilience, and empathy to decolonize behaviours so we can dare to be audaciously visible and aligned beings.      In this episode I discuss with Farah about the many ways we can center indigenous wisdom consciously, from a place of appreciation and through relationships.    Farah offers the argument that centering indigeous wisdom helps us heal the trauma of disconnection, which contributes to our collective thriving.      Follow Farah to her website or on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn to book a connect:   Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:   There's still time to get into SOVEREIGN, my new 12-week group experience on embodied sovereignty and energetic authority:   Purchase my self-led online course on boundaries: Own Your No: Embodying Sovereignty with Boundary Energetics    
Li is a rage alchemist, conscientious disruptor, breathworker and energy healer who works within a queer, neurodiverse, folk-sacred space. They/she is of biracial (Han Chinese & mixed European) lineage and has dedicated their life to Radical Grief Work as a path of ancestral reclamation and ecosexual initiation through loss and devastation.   Their greatest hope is for activated Presence to make "trying" irrelevant.   Li is a co-conspirator and dear one, and in this episode we dive deep into the human energy body and its healing potential, specifically focusing on bodily autonomy, their version of sovereignty, and its intersection with social justice.    We're looking at how ancestral currents of thinking and global collective trauma is actually tricking us into a reflexive avoidance and repetitive loss of self-determined, autonomous, sovereign choice and how we get tricked is thinking that we can abdicate responsibility for the way things are.   That is, we give up our power.   So, instead of the World As It Is being a relational, adaptive, and attuned emergence of initiation, acknowledgement, and celebration of what we have to give as sovereign, autonomous beings.   Thinking 7 generations ahead and visioning in terms of dream body autonomy, it's about what we can manage to maintain in the short term frequency of our lives.   Autonomy and sovereignty in terms of healing the past-present-future have everything to do with the power that comes with states of clear and present awe.   Awe of the self. Awe of depths of suffering. Awe over the tidal waves of intergenerational rage and collective experiences of genocide and grief. Awe of our personal capacity for love and joy in the midst of incalculable loss. Awe over the beauty that grows in us every time we're brought to our knees.   Hold on to your pelvises, folks, this whole episode is one big transmission.   Follow Li to her website or on Instagram and to book a session:   Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:   Online Course--> Own Your No: Embodying Sovereignty with Boundary Energetics   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call to learn about SOVEREIGN, my new 12-week group program on embodied sovereignty and authority:
When we experience trauma, we experience disruptions in attachment that cut into our inherent sovereignty. These disruptions alter the relational nervous system and are often the source of our suffering in relationships with ourselves and in partnerships. In addition to these attachment-related developmental trauma that form templates of disconnection from our essential selves, we also develop unhealthy attachments to systems of power. Returning to the truth of your sovereignty is an uncolonizing process of mind-body-spirit that requires a healthy and secure attachment to all of your inner parts, including your inner children, your triggers, and your shadow. In this episode I outline my process of devotion to your life force through 5 facets of sovereignty: physical, spiritual, energetic, sexual, emotional and explore what it means to own your big, visionary energy!   Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:   Register for my free 2-day series on July 20th + 21st: Love Unleashed: Relationships that Heal   Online Course--> Own Your No: Embodying Sovereignty with Boundary Energetics   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call:
Daniela is an award-winning clairvoyant photographer. She helps women connect to their eternal forms and capture the beauty of their transformations in raw and cathartic images. She acts as a conduit between your eternal blueprint and your present consciousness holding space for you to cross safely into the life you are meant to live. Her photography has been in books, magazines, museums, and even at the White House. In this episode Dani recounts growing up in a home in which her intuitive gifts were encouraged and supported, and how her deep sense of trust has guided her path into healing through photography.   Daniela now offers Wild Woman Soulography experiences all over the world and is working on a project that supports the visibility and protection of South American indigenous nations.   Follow Dani to her website or on Instagram: Wild Woman Soulography Experience and a new Lineage Codes Self-Guided download:     Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:   Sign up for FLOW, my 2-session Mercury in Retrograde special for $444:   Explore my 6-month, 1:1 journey, DEVOTION:   The first 3 to sign up get scholarship pricing ($2000 discount) valid through June 30th!   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call:
Sasha is a vulvalchemist and healer who weaves together Sexuality Coaching, Tao-Tantra, Trauma Awareness, Womb Healing, Pussy Worship, Jade Yoni Egg, Tarot & Storytelling.   She helps women thrive & love their vulva, body, and pleasure unapologetically to embody their most radiant self.   In this episode Sasha describes her journey of growing up in a patriarchy, exploring traditional (masculine) spirituality, and coming into a more expansive experience of spirituality through the body, specifically yoni worship.    She shares how connection to your vulva can be a powerful and empowering healing force, an experience that unfortunately many womxn are disconnected from.   Finally, Sasha also shares what this work means to her ancestral healing as a Latinx womxn in a patriarchal culture that is still rife with obvious machismo. Her passion for reuniting sex and spirit is palpable and revolutionary.    Follow Sasha to her website or on Instagram: (my newsletter)   Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:   Sign up for FLOW, my 2-session Mercury in Retrograde special for $444:   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call:
In this second solo episode of the podcast, I break down the Victim archetype. It feels somewhat risky to talk about the Victim because it is an archetype that feels very connected to the embodied disempowerment of having grown up in a colony. When properly recognized, the Victim can alert you to the possibility that you are about to let yourself be victimized, whether through passivity or inappropriate actions, so that you can protect yourself. The Victim archetype helps you decide what you will or will not do; it's a guardian of personal boundaries.   It can also help you recognize your own tendency to victimize others for personal gain.  Lessons associated with the victim archetype demand that you evaluate your relationship to power, especially with people with whom you have control issues and have to set boundaries. The primary objective is to develop self-esteem and personal power. In its shadow manifestation, the Victim inside you tells you that you are always taken advantage of and that it’s never your fault.  In the Shadow manifestation, Victims pull energy using guilt and shame.  It needs to be acknowledged that victimhood arises from actually being victimized, whether, for example, it's for being female or being of color. That's absolutely legitimate and real. The problem is and how it plays out when it's not conscious or integrated. The Victim in it's shadow quality can play out in subtle ways. And it's most well-known form, victimhood can arise as martyrdom from overgiving and not getting a return on your investment.  Relinquishing the Victim is absolutely necessary for your empowerment. Listen in and let's grow!   Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:   Sign up for May 29th Retrograde Release class (donation based):   Spring Special! Book a 90-minute intensive with Isha, discounted through the month of May:   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call:     Donations: Venmo @ IshaVela73
The Brittany R Williams is your conduit for all things transformation and embodiment. She is committed to bringing women along on the journey of healing trauma and living in tranquility.  As a Transformational Embodiment Coach, Brittany helps take ambitious women from hiding their potential to allowing themselves to be seen and heard from their true essence. She uses a variety of healing modalities, mindset and other strategies to support the journey of expansive transformation. As a trauma-informed Sex Doula, her focus is not sex as you know it. Her focus is on the energy and spirit of sex, sexuality, and sexual experiencing. She believes you can transfer your human experience as you heal the deepest parts of you and restore connection with your body, create safety in your vulnerability and reclaim your trust and intuition.  After you have tried all the things and ready to live beyond the “how-to manual”, you come to the Brittany R Williams. She is the plug that gets you from potential to RAW UNAPOLOGETIC POWER!   On this episode, Brittany shares the powerful unfolding of her inner journey through the shame of too muchness into pleasure and power. She talks about how entrepreneurship was another level of her initiation process and now shares her love of transformation  with other womxn of color.   Brittany is currently running powerful energetic intensives to unravel shame through The Shame Project.   Follow Brittany to her website or on Instagram:   Follow Isha to her website or on Instagram:   Spring Special! Book a 90-minute intensive with Isha:   Book a free, 30-minute curiosity call:
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