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Author: Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell

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.NET Rocks! is an Internet Audio Talk Show for Microsoft .NET Developers.
374 Episodes
What happens when your company brings on investors? Carl and Richard talk to Paul Stovell about the recent investment made by Insight Partners into Octopus Deploy. Paul talks about how a great investment group brings important skills and insights to a company - not just money. The conversation also digs into deciding when to take investment, what new opportunities open up, and how the investment can affect the culture of the company - preferably for the better!
How do you do smarter testing? Carl and Richard talk to Simon Cropp about Verify, Simon's open source project to add snapshot testing capabilities to many of your favorite testing stacks. Simon talks about how snapshots can help you look at the output of code, rather than the code itself, to test its validity. And as code changes, the new snapshots reflect those changes - no need to rewrite the tests!
Xamarin Forms 5 is being replaced by .NET Maui - what's a mobile dev to do? Carl and Richard talk to Gerald Versluis about what to expect from .NET Maui and what to expect when migrating your Xamarin Forms apps. There are going to be some changes, and you can expect support for Xamarin Forms to end sometime in 2022. Gerald talks about how the skill sets are similar, so the move isn't too hard - and its still worthwhile to learn and build in Xamarin Forms today!
How are you doing TDD today? Recorded online at NDC Manchester, Carl and Richard chat with Ian Cooper about his views on TDD, going back to his old talk on Where TDD Went Wrong. Ian talks about how folk struggled to understand TDD, focusing solely on writing tests, rather than understanding how people use their software. This leads to a conversation on how development approaches have evolved with the cloud and modern software - is it time for a new development methodology?
How do you test the security of your applications? Carl and Richard chat with Kim Carter about purpleteam, an open-source library for testing web applications as part of your CI/CD pipeline. Kim talks about OWASP in general and yes, SQL injection (and injection in general) is still the number one security risk - but there are plenty more. Don't be an easy victim, start making security testing part of your build and deployment process!
What is the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the environment? Carl and Richard talk to Amber McKenzie about her examination of resource consumption when creating machine learning models. As Amber explains, using ML models is not particularly resource-intensive, but creating them is - which leads to a discussion about using technologies like transfer learning to avoid making models unnecessarily. The conversation also digs into the broader thinking about resource consumption in computing - do you know how much power your apps use?
How is Visual Studio working for you? Carl and Richard chat with Mads Kristensen about his new role on the Visual Studio feedback team - not that he's ever far from VS extensions! With a dash of home automation thrown in, Mads talks about how you can provide feedback to the Visual Studio team, and how that feedback is part of the continuous development plans for improving Visual Studio!
Where would you like your Mongo? Carl and Richard chat with James Kovacs and Rachelle Palmer about the latest at MongoDB, the open-source document database. While MongoDB's origins are in open web projects, today it is very popular with the enterprise development crowd and so the libraries for Java and C# are excellent. The conversation also turns to MongoDB Atlas, which is the cloud offering that runs on AWS, Azure and GCP - so you can have MongoDB-as-a-Service in the cloud provider of your choice!
.NET 6 with Daniel Roth

.NET 6 with Daniel Roth


What's next for .NET? Carl and Richard chat with Dan Roth about all the good things coming this November for .NET. The conversation starts out with some discussion around Blazor, which is no longer an experimental project, but now a key part of .NET. Dan talks about the role of MAUI bringing together UI elements for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more. There's a lot to look forward to by the end of 2021!
How can Elasticsearch help you? Carl and Richard talk to Steve Gordon, who recently moved to Elastic to work on the .NET clients. Steve talks about how Elasticsearch can act as a data store as well as work with existing databases and non-relational data to provide awesome search capabilities to your applications. And not just for search bars - there are many cases where having an ability to see across an organization's data can provide huge value. Check it out!
Do you have apps that need to move to .NET 5? Carl and Richard talk to Mark Rendle about his work on Visual Recode, which started out as a migration tool for WCF to gRPC, but has evolved to deal with the migration to .NET 5 challenges. Mark talks about how older WCF apps can often move to gRPC pretty easily, but moving the app has other problems, like out-of-date libraries, build practices, tests, and so on. There's also the possibility of migrating WebAPI and even WebForms apps - lots of possibilities!
Teams is extensible - wanna write some code? Carl and Richard talk to Hilton Giesenow about his work building Teams extensions - and there are a lot of options! The conversation starts out focusing on what Teams can do for you, which is to be the portal into collaboration at work. Hilton talks about the huge array of extensibility options for Teams to put more of the work in the tabs of Teams - from bots to PowerApps, there are a lot of choices!
Can a chatbot make your team development process better? Carl and Richard talk to Phil Haack about his work building, a chatbot designed to work in Slack and Discord to help with building software - call it ChatOps - doing your development workflow with everyone able to see, sending commands through the bot. Phil talks about building add-ins to using C#, Python, and Javascript. ChatOps your way to an efficient team building great software!
What's a Blazor Static Web App, and why should you care? Carl and Richard talk to Jeff Fritz about how the new Azure Static Web App service can be combined with Blazor to do dynamic things on the client, without any client rendering on the server. The conversation ranges over a variety of web development technologies, including Web Forms, Angular, and more. Static doesn't mean boring!
What's new in Entity Framework Core 5? Carl and Richard chat with Julie Lerman about the latest in EF Core, stories from the trenches of data development and more! Julie talks about there not being an EF Core 4 (to avoid confusion), but that there will be an EF Core 6 which should align pretty nicely with EF 6, which is now in maintenance. Yes, there's more to do to make the ORM better, and parity is close between the versions!
How many ways can you run containers on Azure? Carl and Richard talk to Tom Kerkhove about his experiences working with Azure container solutions. The conversation starts out talking about Azure Functions, which under-the-hood are handled in containers - but you don't control those containers at all. You can run Web Apps in Containers or use the Azure Containers Instance. Azure Service Mesh also supports containers, and then there is the Azure Kubernetes Service. Tom helps sort these various options out - they each can help you in different ways!
Time for an Identity Server update! Carl and Richard talk to Dominick Baier and Brock Allen about Identity Server. The conversation starts out focused on the evolution of security over the internet in the first place, including an update to OAuth - version 2.1. Then the conversation turns to IdentityServer itself, and how to sustain and grow development on it. Dom and Brock talk about building open-source software for the long term. The answer for them is Duende Software, a company they have created to support IdentityServer into the future - check it out!
How secure is your software? Carl and Richard talk to Maya Kaczorowski of GitHub about The State of the Octoverse Security Report - one of three annual reports coming from GitHub about how software is being built. Maya talks about how software vulnerabilities are found and fixed, including the amazing statistic that vulnerabilities on average exist in code for four years before being detected! Also, the criticality of the vulnerability doesn't seem to increase the speed to fix - what does make a difference is automation. Automated build and deployment pipelines, including security analysis early in the process - those are the things that make our software safer!
Geek Out 2020

Geek Out 2020


Happy New Year! To ring in the New Year, Carl and Richard talk Geek Out for a couple of hours! Topics include the Pandemic, Renewable Energy, the latest in Space and Electric Cars. Yeah, that's right, all the hits in one show! Richard talks about how our understanding of COVID-19 has evolved, and the impact of genetic technology and new vaccine concepts are advancing our response. On the power side, the growth in wind and solar, the state of fusion power, and a look at modular nuclear reactors. And then SPACE - it's been a good year for SpaceX, flying astronauts to the space station, launching lots of Starlink satellites, and the development of Starship. But also China on the Moon, Japan on an Asteroid, and Perseverance on the way to Mars! Finally, a dig into the state of electric cars - they're coming of age and here to stay. Yeah, it's a long one, but a great listen while you recover from New Years... here's to a great 2021!
.NET 5 with Scott Hunter

.NET 5 with Scott Hunter


.NET 5 is shipped! What happens now? As part of the .BLD() Tech Talks XXL event in the Netherlands, Carl and Richard streamed interviewing Scott Hunter about .NET 5. The conversation turns to how the scope of .NET 5 focused in on how to help projects move from the standard framework onto .NET 5. Scott also dives into the ever-improving performance of .NET, the latest version of Blazor, and the adoption of WinForms in .NET 5 - and what's coming for .NET 6!
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Naglis Kneižys

Right right, yeah

May 17th

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

Great show! It felt like it was 5 minutes long.... lol I think it's a good sign.

Apr 13th

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

Great show. I just switch my website following that Jam stack pattern. I was planning to use Azure Functions to add a few little twist.... I'm happy to see that I not alone thinking like that!

Apr 11th

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

awesome episode. I'm going right away cloning the repo

Mar 4th
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