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Author: Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell

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.NET Rocks! is an Internet Audio Talk Show for Microsoft .NET Developers.
383 Episodes
How do you test your Blazor app? Carl and Richard talk to Egil Hansen about bUnit, an open-source testing framework designed to work with Blazor - both the server-side Razor components and the WebAssembly client. Egil talks about building bUnit to allow for robust testing, that is, tolerant to the normal changes that come to an application without breaking all the tests. The conversation also turns to growing the bUnit project with more contributors, a wider set of features, and perhaps being part of the .NET Foundation!
What's your cross-platform development solution? Carl and Richard talk to Kenzie Whalen about the Uno Platform, where you write C# and XAML for Windows and are able to deploy via Xamarin to iOS and Android... and to browsers via WebAssembly also! The conversation digs into how UWP is evolving, and the approaches you can take to keep your codebase as common as possible between all the platforms. But there are always variations from platform-to-platform. Kenzie also talks about how some of the new hardware, like Surface Duo, will impact development - more cool stuff is coming!
How are shared APIs evolving in the new decade? From the online version of NDC Porto, Carl and Richard chatted with panelists Shawn Wildermuth, Irina Scurtu, and Heather Downing about the right things to do around APIs. Are you just exposing your database to the internet through APIs? Or do you have specific use cases? What about REST vs GraphQL? How about versioning APIS - can you ever turn the old versions off? Lots of great thoughts about the modern API!
Time for some chocolatey goodness! After seven years, Rob Reynolds is back chatting with Carl and Richard about the Windows application package manager that you want to use! Since the last show in 2013, Chocolatey has grown up, become a commercial product with a great open source free version. And there's a GUI - you can help your non-technical friends and family automate application installation and updates! But more typically, you use Chocolatey to build out your development environments in an automated way. Make paving your machines easy!
Ready for a challenge? Carl and Richard talk to Heather Wilde about her work with the Air Force on innovation projects called AFWerx. Heather talks about the different kinds of projects that the Air Force is interested in, and how anyone (who is an ally of the US) can submit projects. And if your project is successful, you can build some business around it, working with the Air Force! Check out the links in the show notes for more information.
Are there Silver Bullets in Development? Carl and Richard chat with Mark Seemann about the 1986 Fred Brooks essay No Silver Bullet. Mark argues that there are silver bullets - but do we notice them? The conversation dives into technology like the Internet (maybe you've heard of it?) changing the way we do software development: Providing rapid access to resources, answering your questions, and simplifying deployment. Mark also talks about automated testing to shorten cycle times, how modern distributed source control can help you work faster and more!
Jon Skeet is the first show recorded since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared - so its pretty far ranging! Carl and Richard discuss Carl's recovery from the virus, and then chat with Jon about what life is like for him in this new world. The conversation also digs into the Better Know a Framework around VB.NET going into maintenance, challenges with nodatime and versioning and more!
What's up with CSLA? Carl and Richard talk to Rocky Lhotka about his ubiquitous framework for managing business rules and user interfaces. Rocky talks about the latest version with support for Blazor, along with many other popular UI solutions including Web Forms, WPF even Silverlight. Rocky talks about the challenges of taking care of an open-source project for so many years, including some issues around NuGet. The conversation also dives into the power of Blazor and how CSLA makes it even easier to build great apps!
Did you know there is a separate Azure for government? Carl and Richard talk to Vishwas Lele about his work with Azure Government, specifically the version for the US Government. Vishwas explains that there are a number of data centers around the world set up as sovereign data centers for the local government. They comply with various government-related security standards and have a restricted set of features. They cost more too! But if you want to do business with certain governments, working within these specialized versions of Azure can be very lucrative!
Still using jQuery? Chris Love asks why! Carl and Richard chat with Chris Love about modern web development; and the fact that what jQuery does today is largely built into JavaScript. Chris talks about the state of JavaScript back in 2006 when jQuery first came along and how the move to HTML 5 and more mature versions of JavaScript have moved the bar far enough that you can let it go. So why is adoption still growing? Often jQuery and other libraries are included by reflex, not thought. Time to do some thinking!
What are GitHub Actions, and why should you care? Carl and Richard talk to Enrico Campidoglio about how GitHub evolves under Microsoft and the addition of GitHub Actions to expand CI/CD capabilities directly in GitHub. Enrico talks about how typically build services of continuous integration with GitHub have to be set up elsewhere - but GitHub Actions solves that, and adds some new capabilities. The discussion turns to building Docker containers as part of GitHub Actions and the power that represents - use it wisely!
What is pair programming like in 2020? While at SWETUGG in Stockholm, Carl and Richard chatted with Stacy Cashmore about her experiences using pair programming to build quality software - and a stronger team in the process! The conversation digs into the idea that the goal of programming is not typing, but rather thinking hard about understanding a problem and building an efficient way to solve it. The best way to do that is to talk it out with someone else!
It's 2020, and AI technology is all around us. What are the consequences? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard hosted a panel discussion with Tess Ferrandez, Brandon Satrom and Evelina Gabasova about the state of AI today and the ethical considerations we have to think about, including bias in data, impact on work and decision making. As it was recorded in front of an audience, there are questions from the audience toward the end of the show!
How and why would you mix Angular and Reactive Extensions? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard chatted with Sandi Barr about her work building reactive applications where the front-end is Angular. Sandi talks about how Angular has ReactiveJS built-in and why you want to use reactive in your applications where you have streams of data you need to look at, but not capture every bite of. Reactive is a cool pattern of development, you should add it to your repertoire!
How do you implement multifactor authentication in your application? While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard chatted with Christine Seeman about what it takes to add multifactor authentication support to your application. Christine talks about all of the great tools that exist today to make it easier to put authentication tools to work. But then the tricky part comes - how do you get your users to take advantage of them!
How do you get started with vue JS? While at NDC London, Carl and Richard talked to Gwendolyn Faraday about how she teaches people to develop with vue. Gwen breaks down what makes vue distinct as a development framework, and how you go about building, testing and deploying web apps. Want to build a native mobile app? Vue does that too!
Technology doing good! While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard sat down with Carmel Eve and Jess Panni to talk about a project with OceanMind to use machine learning technology to track ships committing illegal acts. The conversation explores the nature of illegal fishing, but also how ships are used to smuggle drugs, human smuggling and slavery. OceanMind has worked on these problems for years, and the Endjin team has moved them onto Azure to increase their capabilities - an exciting story of AI!
What if Visual Studio could help you write better code? Carl and Richard talk to Danny Simmons and Gustavo Soares about Program Synthesis Using Examples - aka, PROSE. PROSE uses machine learning to understand how you are changing your code and finds ways to help with those changes. Originally a part of Microsoft Research, PROSE has moved to the developer division at Microsoft and is part of the Intellicode extensions in Visual Studio. There are also examples and code on GitHub - check it out!
It's 2020 - how do you build client-side applications? Carl and Richard talk to Brian Lagunas about his work in client-side development, largely around XAML (don't worry WinForms, we still love you!) - WPF, UWP and Xamarin.Forms. Brian leads the Prism open-source project that helps to build XAML-based applications, specifically WPF and Xamarin.Forms. The conversation digs into the problems around UWP and even a mention of Silverlight - and then the challenges of the other client-side platform, mobile!
What does the perfect developer education look like? Carl and Richard talk to Thomas Betts about how he learned about software development, and how he has taught others. The conversation dives into the diversity of education, including the power of a liberal arts education to provide key skills like communication, teamwork and communication. Oh, and also, communication! This wide-ranging conversation also dives into the differences in generations of developers, adding new skills when you're an experienced developer, and more!
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Naglis Kneižys

Right right, yeah

May 17th

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

Great show! It felt like it was 5 minutes long.... lol I think it's a good sign.

Apr 13th

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

Great show. I just switch my website following that Jam stack pattern. I was planning to use Azure Functions to add a few little twist.... I'm happy to see that I not alone thinking like that!

Apr 11th

Frank Boucher (FBoucheros)

awesome episode. I'm going right away cloning the repo

Mar 4th
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