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There are more than 7,000 documented rare conditions in the world. While there is no known cure for some conditions, where there is a cure (or maintenance through medicines is possible), the cost of medication is exponentially high to bear. This podcast will focus on the status of rare conditions in India, which has been talked about very little in Indian society. It will be a one-of-its-kind attempt in India to document the gamut of challenges and achievements of people with rare conditions and will open a constructive dialogue on what can be done. This is important because an estimated 1 in 20 Indians are affected by a rare disease. The series will bring out the human face behind rare conditions – the patients, the families, caregivers, doctors, activists and geneticists working to improve life for people with rare conditions.
3 Episodes
Living Rare

Living Rare


What is it like to live with a rare condition? In this episode, Mr Vipul Goyal gives a peek into his world, the time he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, how he turned his struggle into a strength and what made him contribute to the lives of people with rare conditions. He is currently a co-founder of the Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy.
Care for a rare

Care for a rare


In this episode of 1 in 20000 Avantika speaks to Mr. Prasanna Shirol, the founder of ORDI, a rare disease patient care and advocacy organization.
1: Introducing 1 in 20000

1: Introducing 1 in 20000


An estimated 100 million Indians are said to suffer from any of the over 6000 rare diseases found in the world. So how is it that the conversation is so limited and restricted to only those who get impacted? This podcast 1 in 20,000 will answer this and many more questions. On World Rare Disease Day, we are honored to launch India’s first podcast on rare diseases hosted by Avantika Shrivastava.
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