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A comedy podcast following the trials and tribulations of a chubby workshy deadbeat and his long suffering old father.
137 Episodes
Paul has made a special bouquet and Margaret is feeling very magnanimous!
Paul can't even say reciprocity let alone know what it means. And Sir Jeremey learns a truth about Paul's wife.
Sir Jeremy Creame has a question for his brother. While Paul and Cecil take a trip with a new taxi driver.
Tony, a man of many talents is offered a job, but his job interview is a little crowded!
When you borrow someone's car, even if you've paid them for a driving lesson, you simply must refuel it and give it a full clean, esspecially if Paul is in the car!
Paul is being a helpful chap about the house, but why isn't Cecil helping?
The event everyones been waiting for. Margaret, Cecil and Sir Jeremy Creame visit Chichester for their 'special' weekend!
Cecil goes out on his first drive in a long time while a literal storm is a blowing outside!
Sir Jeremy is furious at his brother and in so writes a new hit song called ‘He’s a tw*t’. Listen to the end to hear a full demo of the song
In this highly exciting podcast we have two fascinating tales of wonder and intrigue
Paul is finally about to live the dream and have a pork pie in gravy, he just has to get home first!
Paul is being a brave boy and has signed up for some karate classes to learn how to protect himself.
Cecil, Paul and Sir Jeremy Creame try out a few possible senarios.
A quartet of gentlemen share a relaxing hot tub, Quentin is highly inappropriate at Paul.
Paul, Cecil and Sir Jeremy Cream take a trip to the garden centre, what magical wonders will befoul them?
Sir Jeremy Creame has a question for Margaret, but what will the Thaxs get in return?
A 2 part podcast, Cecil and Margaret celebrate a very special anniversary in a romantic Jacuzzi and Paul and Cecil ramble on in a kitchen while Paul makes a meal while discussing the raw sexual power of Peter Levy and Christa Ackroyd.
A 2 part podcast Sir Jeremy takes his brother Quentin for a ride around Creame Country, while talking about life, art and the benefits of equestrian wholesale. In the second part Sir Jeremy performs some guided mediation, so yoga mats on standby!
The taxi driver takes Cecil and Margaret to their new possible house, where they plan to open an B & B. But can Cecil work out a 25 year mortgage before they arrive?
Cecil and Paul go to collect Margaret after her latest hairdo at Sophisticutz.
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