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Robert Tyndale a local entrepreneur in Edmonton, Canada highlighting his experiences in building a new marketing agency, while sharing a variety of interviews and conversations during his journey.
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In this episode, I was able to sit down with two individuals, Ivan Touko and Rochelle Ignacio who are the team leads from Edmonton's first Black-owned market in Edmonton, Alberta (BOMYEG). In this episode, we going to discuss in a little bit about both individuals, the lead up to the market and what's next for BOMYEG.About Black-Owed Marketing YEGBOM YEG is a pop-up style and community-oriented space for Black-owned businesses, entrepreneurs & creatives in Edmonton to showcase their products and/or services to the wider community. The future goal is for BOM YEG to be a spontaneously recurring event where we can all safely connect & build together whether or not we are socially distancing.The Biz-Check In ShowThe Biz Check-in is a show focused on engaging the business community in Canada to share solutions with other business operators. These conversations are live chats on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter weekdays at 11 AM.
Robert "bobby.t" Tyndale is a content creator in Canada and founder of Version Me Media. This episode of The Biz Check-In Robert sits down with the co-founder of Blindman brewery — Kirk Zembal to discuss how COVID has affected the brewery industry, how he adapted his business and the future of Blindman brewery.
A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with Tony Fehr from Victorian Grooming Co., who runs a small business operated within farmer markets. This check-in was great to hear how passion is a business owner's best friend, especially in times like now, while practicing patients!In the process of repositioning The Check-In Show, I was trying out some new equipment, so excuse some of the audio quality. 
Sometimes knowing when to hit pause is vital to protect your business.In this episode, I had the opportunity to sit down with the owner and operator of Provincial Pub Jason Yen to discuss a bit about his pub and the chalelnges facing in this new climate.What made this episode interesting was hearing about how they put his business on pause to assess this pandemic and how he started his company back. 
What's up? My name is Bobby.t, and I am a content creator here in Canada who recently been getting vocal and excited to share stories.Taking advice from one of the main leaders of marketing in the world, I bring you a new video series called What If bobby.t owned a..., where I will be sharing marketing advice as if I owned a business in specific spaces.What if bobby.t owned a Restaurant?
Hey, everyone, I was fortunate to touch base with Fadi Smaidi from Skills Trader –  a platform to measure, promote, and educate technicians in the automotive trade industry.In our chat, we talk a bit about his entrepreneurial beginnings and how he was able to build Skills Trader into an international company.
Episode 2 in the Check-In 360 Chat I had the opportunity to sit down with Dani Brun to chat about his restaurants, creating this own delivery platform, and being apart of the hospitality community in Edmonton.
This morning I sat down with Rob to chat about how he is navigating his seafood business Effing Seafood. He had a lot of great insights on partnerships, customer engagement, and the importance of still having fun even though his doors are closed to the public.Please share, this podcast with anyone that you think would benefit from video and if you would like to be featured drop us a DM!
In the midst of COVID-19 businesses have to move fast and adapt along the way. I sat down with Keenan Pascal from Token Bitters and Token Naturals in Edmonton, Canada to chat about his company is adapting to change and navigating in a remote business space.
With people across the world working from home, Gary Vaynerchuk started a new show called Tea with GaryVee, which I was able to jump on for a 10-minute one on one conversation.In this small window, I asked him what should social media agencies and content creators be doing to weather this storm. Gary shared some interesting points and insights that I am happy to share with everyone.Hit me up on Instagram and let me now what you think @justbobbyt
I had a chance to sit down with the founder of Vignettes Showcase Leigh Wright to kickoff a podcast series Live from Vignettes, I was able to produce a live show within the pop-up art festival in Edmonton.In this episode we went into details about the festival, what is Vignettes Showcase and a bit into the design community in the city
The Cariwest Parade is Edmonton's Caribbean Arts Festival that happens every year in August. This year I was able to join the festival and help run their kids corner and had the opportunity to chat in a bit more detailed about the event with a few of the event organizers and participants 
Annaliza Toledo and Trevor Peters are the creatives behind Rust Magic. Considered “graffiti royalty” in Edmonton, the two have worked tirelessly to change how Edmonton sees graffiti. And even while commissioned murals are becoming more and more celebrated, Annaliza and Trevor also love and respect the grassroots nature of tagging. They believe that all forms of street art are important as they allow for artistic expression where there may be a lack of mediums or alternatives, and they pressure the system to make room for these forms. Annaliza and Trevor have shared their art around the world, becoming two highly sought-after street artists. But they still choose to keep Edmonton as a home base, bringing more and more life to our city, one mural at a time.
Anthony Nagendraraj is a co-founder of the Edmonton-based tech startup Spontivly. Since incorporating in 2018, Spontivly has been driven by one mission: to create a world where social isolation and loneliness are nonexistent, by revolutionizing the way people connect with their communities in a meaningful way. Spontivly’s approach to tackling this ambitious goal is the launch of its app of the same name. The Spontivly app curates experiences based on users’ interests, with the goal of connecting them with like-minded individuals. Anthony’s venture into the tech startup world can be traced back to his childhood, where he first developed an “entrepreneurial itch”. During his high school years, he developed a love for technology and upon graduating, he worked for IBM, CGI, and Alberta Innovates, among other companies. Always in the back of his mind, though, was the idea that getting back into entrepreneurship was something he needed to do.
Growing up a first-generation Jamaican in Canada I have been fortunate to grow up with an understanding of my culture and heritage. I was able to chat with Coleen Neita who is the President of Jamaican Association of Northern Alberta and the Honorary Consul of Jamaica in Edmonton.We talk about the current state of the Jamaican community in Edmonton, the history of JANA, and what does the future look like of the organization.
Wanted share that season 2 will be rolling out of the podcast and this time around on top of the interviews and round table conversations I will be introducing some of my VLOG conversations into the mix.
Over the last couple of years I have had such interesting conversations with Giselle Denis about how she is running and managing her art career. She was able to provide so many awesome insights and I'm happy to finally have her as a guest on the podcast.Regardless if your an artist, entrepreneur, student, or professional I highly recommend you tune into this episode!
Continuing our series around the design community I was able to have a in depth conversations with one of the hardest working people I know, Victoria Wright who created one of the biggest design festivals in Western Canada — Vignettes Showcase. In this episode we discuss how to start & grow a festival, navigating through challenges, and how design blankets everything around us. 
I had a chance to connect with some visual artist participants from Vignettes Showcase 2018 to discuss range of topics from how do artist get their first commissions to the current state of the art community in Edmonton. 
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