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Author: Brian Wright

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A podcast dedicated to helping dentists, orthodontists, and alternative specialty doctors achieve their dream practice and dream life. Learn how to best grow your dental practice and best grow your orthodontic practice from the highest producing dentists, orthodontists, and most successful business executives. Business growth advice for all entrepreneurs, dentists, orthodontists, and other alternative specialty doctors. Learn how the best get the most out of their employees, increase revenue and new patients, improve systems and protocols and much more. Listen to the highest producing clinicians, industry experts and proven business and marketing executives discuss proven methods to increase revenue and much more. Learn how to best grow your dental practice and your orthodontic practice with proven methods of the top 1%. The Doctor Diamond Club podcast has changed its name to the New Patient Group Podcast. This is a dentist business podcast and an orthodontist business podcast.
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Reverse and The New Patient Group Podcast is excited to announce a new episode that focuses on convenience as it relates to your patient experience.  Today's new economy places a greater emphasis on becoming an expert at the non-clinical aspects of the practice.   Convenience is the ultimate internal marketing method to grow your dental and orthodontic practice.   Today's episode will have you forever re-thinking convenience for every aspect of your patient experience.  Learn how to become more efficient, see less while making more,  how to generate more case starts,  how to utilize the virtual appointment, see more of the right type of new patients and so much more!   In a covid economy this episode will also teach you how to future proof your practice to grow during tough times. Chris Bentson joins us to discuss the future of growing practices as Covid-19 has changed the approach you must take.  Invisalign, clear aligners, new patient virtual consults, growing revenue, cash flow and so much discussed in this great podcast for orthodontists, dentists and more!  Welcome to the first New Patient Group Podcast episode of season four.  We are excited for the future and in today's podcast Brian Wright will introduce a business and marketing philosophy that helps the most successful entrepreneurs dominate their competition.  As an orthodontist, dentist, etc. you must remember you are an entrepreneur and in a competitive marketplace you need to master what this podcast talks about.  Welcome to the final New Patient Group Podcast episode of season three.  In today's podcast Brian Wright discusses a unique mindset shift in the importance of your practice creating custom content.  Today's business and marketing podcast showcases how you can positively impact the lives of other people without even knowing you are doing it.   As an orthodontist, dentist, etc. you must remember you are an entrepreneur and in a competitive marketplace you need to master what this podcast talks about. Welcome to the New Patient Group Podcast. Today we discuss the eight second consumer attention span and how to use it to increase same day starts and overall case acceptance. We also discuss common mistakes to avoid when trying to shorten your new patient consult.  Use these lessons to grow your practice, attract more new patients and convert them into treatment. Today's new economy requires a client experience unlike ever before. This New Patient Group Podcast tells a true story about why customer service is the key to crushing the competition. Today's episode of the New Patient Group Podcast focuses on a unique way to increase new patients, case acceptance and revenue in this covid-19 new economy. Learn how to increase new patients, case acceptance and revenue while spending less on advertising. 
Welcome to the New Patient Group Podcast where today we discuss the impact culture has on practice growth.  The covid-19 new economy requires a new mindset via every aspect of the practice; especially as it relates to the business aspects of a practice.  Today we dive deep into leadership and culture topics that will positively impact your revenue growth both short and long term. Covid has really created pain for many business owners and the most recent Starbucks announcement shows that to survive in the future you must do what others won't.  Today's podcast discusses the future of practice growth and relates it to the innovation that of Starbucks. Recently our Founder & CEO, Brian Wright was a guest on the In Your Face Podcast.  He talked about growing a practice post covid, how he views the future of practice growth in the new economy and an array of other practice growth topics. Topics discussed include the following: Doctor leadership coaching, doctor ceo training, culture building, dental practice employee training, dental receptionist phone script, dental receptionist phone training, new patient virtual consultations and multiple digital marketing topics: dental practice website design, dental practice social media and the importance of youtube marketing to increase new patien
Welcome to season three, episode five of the New Patient Group Podcast.  Today we talk about the virtual consultation and three ways you can use it to grow your practice.  We will dive into the new patient virtual consultation and also the existing patient virtual consultation. Covid has presented challenges but today's podcast will teach you how to come out ahead and grow your practice into the future. 
The coronavirus has created pain for many business owners and this episode focuses on how feeling the pain can actually forever grow your business. If you want to grow your business this episode will change your mindset on how to best do it.  This business growth podcast is for entrepreneurs wanting to think differently about how to best grow their company.
The New Patient Group Podcast proudly introduces episode three of season three.  We are living in difficult times because of the Coronavirus.  Today's episode talks about how to ensure your business survives and thrives during the difficult Coronavirus times.  Today, Brian Wright discusses how to use his famous Three Pillars of Business Success to ensure your practice thrives during these challenging times.  Hello, New Patient Group Nation and welcome to episode two of season three.  Today's episode discusses how to use five experiences that Walt Disney is famous for to best grow your practice. These are essential to improving and/or increasing the patient experience, case acceptance, referrals, same-day starts and much more.
Welcome to the New Patient Group Podcast, Episode 1 of Season 3.  We launch season three with an exciting new episode that dives into the importance of telling a story that creates a brand of excellence via every aspect of the patient experience.   From patient acquisition to conversion and every step in between, there has never been a time where telling a story about your brand using the "consumer language" has been more important. Learn how to increase new patients through unique digital marketing methods, how to think differently about the internal aspects of your practice and how to run your business like an entrepreneur.  Most importantly, how you bring all of those together to create a story that creates a brand of excellence by speaking the consumer language. 
The New Patient Group Podcast proudly brings you the last episode for season 2 and teaches you how to increase patient referrals, increase five-star google reviews, increase patient video testimonials and so much more. 
The New Patient Group Podcast is proud to welcome in tax expert, Tom Gibson.  He is the owner of Tax Saving Professionals and in this podcast, he delivers the essential ways to build wealth by saving on your business and personal taxes.  He specializes in wealth building and tax savings for dental practices and other types of healthcare practices.  
We proudly welcome in New Patient Group and WrightChat client, Dr. Bob Skopek. He has been practicing for 20 years in Chicago and today we discuss the importance of getting and then remaining ahead of the competition. Topics will include digital marketing, clear aligner growth, Invisalign growth, employee training and becoming a better doctor business owner.
Online advertising is changing because people have changed how they find and choose to do business with a given organization.  This very much applies to the dental, orthodontic and other healthcare practices as well.  Pay-Per-Click advertising is a dying breed that people must understand before it is to late. This podcast discusses why it is becoming outdated and why people will no longer click on it in the future. It also discusses other methods to use instead of pay-per-click. 
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