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The FUGUZT FINALE is an episode you should probably not listen to. No seriously — if you like the pod or Fugazi, you should skip this one. Just skip ahead to listen to our friend Branson Reese, who shows up at 2:18:10.  Follow Branson: and check out his show Swan Boy on FX.  If you think we deserve money for what we've done, go to  
Elusive early internet music journalist Mark Prindle comes out of podcast retirement to tell us about the various pains and pleasure of having musical opinions online. Check out the full episode at  
FUGUZT REUNION PENULTIMATE. Yes it's the second last week of Fugazi talk, and we finally delve into the complex topic of merchandise. What is it? Is it evil? How do you even pronounce it? We're joined by Alex from Haus of Decline. Follow Haus of Decline here: Learn more at  
Marsden a.k.a. the Merch Pundit is here to talk Fugazi merchandise. Sign up at to experience the full episode in audio or video.
THIS IS MAH BIRTHDAY PONY!!!! That's right, we're still horsing around with Fugazi, and we've finally taken a dose of that Red Medicine with an episode about "Birthday Pony." This week, we're joined by Sam of the band PONY and the TV show My Little Pony. Sam shows up around 1:45:32. Follow PONY on Twitter:      
Have you ever wondered what Fugazi's TikTok presence is like? Maybe Ian's doing some kind of little dance on there. Well, you'll find out thanks to our dear friend Georgia, who has made a big pile of Toks for us to gawk at! Sign up at to experience this episode in audio or video format. 
It's FUGUZT REUNION as we decide to keep talking about Fugazi for another month. And this time we're joined by Jason P. Woodbury of Aquarium Drunkard Transmissions podcast and Wastoids to discuss "Argument." Jason shows up around 1:25:36. Follow Jason on Twitter:
The final episode of FUGUZT (Fugazi August) is a doozy with our special guest Chris Richards, who was a member of Q and Not U and currently serves as the pop critic for the Washington Post. Chris shows up around 1:41:17. Follow Chris on Twitter: Support us on Patreon at  
Why are so many rappers talking about Fugazi all the time? To hear the full episode, go to  
FUGUZT. Featuring Mel Lynn. Mel shows up around 2:21:19.   Follow Mel on Twitter at and check out their music at    
This is a special FREE version of our weekly sclusies (exclusive episodes). If you like what you hear, head to to sign up for more. We really appreciate you listening! Meet our new friend Shelly, a.k.a. @shellymarie19xx. Shelly is a 60-year-old Machine Gun Kelly fan, and she opens up about why she loves his music so much, and what it's like to put up with a world full of haters. She also explains her controversial MGK tattoo post and what it means to be "OG EST."
FUGUZT (Fugazi August) week three and we are already losing our minds. This week we're joined by Vish Khanna, who hosts his own indie rock and pop culture show Kreative Kontrol. Check it out here:  
Preview: WUGAZI

Preview: WUGAZI


We finally talk about Wugazi. We share a new mashup from our friend DRMC. Plus, Josiah had his first dream about Sam. Check it out at and upgrade to Gatekeeper+ for the video feed.
wouldn't it be so clever if i wrote an acrostic poem to promote the episode. this week features the excellent Babehoven. they show up around 1:44:32. watch their video for "Fugazi" here: find tour dates and more info here:
We try to reach across the aisle and understand why some people think Fugazi sucks. Only $5 at the door! (Or sign up for Gatekeeper+ if you want the video feed.)  
We kick off "Fuguzt" with an episode about the Fugazi song "Repeater." Our special guests this week are James Wilt and Josh Turner, who explain how James' new Repeater book Drinking Up the Revolution was borne out of dunking on Sam on 155.   James and Josh show up around 1:57:28.   Buy James' book: Follow James on Twitter:  Follow Repeater Books: Check out Josh's band:
Preview: Punk Vacation

Preview: Punk Vacation


Sammy and Jos went on vacation and lived to tell about it. But they're only here to talk about the punk stuff from their trips. Check out the video and audio of this episode in full at  
Good vs. Evil month closes out with an extremely cursed episode as we discuss Alkaline Trio's "Radio." Our lil buddy Ivan a.k.a. @JoannaNewSum41 also swings by to mostly talk about Haim as usual.
To close out Good vs. Evil month, brother of the pod Jonny makes his big debut to talk about his prank projects of the early 2000s. Learn about his fake record label, his fake IDM DJ, his fake hardcore band and so much more. Listen to or watch the full episode at  
In the battle of good vs. evil, we're back with another good episode! This week it's MxPx's sweet teen idealism anthem "Teenage Politics." Politics, shmolitics. It's too confusing. We're joined by our friend Brynn Nieboer, who shows up around 1:35:27. Follow Brynn on Twitter: Listen to Generation Loss podcast: Check out Stay Inside:  
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Will Shogren

Cobalt is heavy as shit, good ass band.

Apr 3rd

Will Shogren

I really like the fake Black Eyed Peas song.

Apr 3rd
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