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Lurk on Twitter – Tick  Attend a BushBash – Tick  Wearing the Bitcoin Alive T-Shirt – Tick  What next - Maybe it’s time for you to cross the ditch?    We sit down Paul and Dan (2/3 of the Bit Kiwi movement) to find out exactly how things are in New Zealand (Paraparaumu) at grass roots level, the projects they are involved in and hear just how loose meetups are in Auckland. We also discuss:  Getting children to buy beer to gain KYC free sats ;-)  Remembering Anon's names in real life  Getting into Bitcoin with your childhood friends and becoming a maximalist within a few months  Showing up at a CRYpTocurrEnCy shit show, showed them the need to create a Bitcoin only alternative  The secrets to being a “professional” podcaster  Attending their first meetup in Auckland inspiring the creation of Bit Kiwi, which started in Wellington, then Christchurch but is now going national and becoming an event  Using lightning to engage new bitcoiners  A meetup library and a lightning ATM  Orange-pilling your family  Running an S19 in your house and heating your swimming pool with immersion mining, and using 0% government loans to pay for it  Being accused of being in a cult in work meetings  The Wellington Elbow and the Sleeve of Shame  Cost of living in NZ  Contact if you want a copy of Bitcoin Magazine in New Zealand or Australia (issues 27 and 28).    Bit Kiwi Meetup Schedule  VI: 22nd Jul 2023. Fork and Brewer. Wellington. 2pm  VII: 28th Oct 2023. Brothers Beer. Mt Eden, Auckland. 2pm  VIII: 17th Feb 2024. Venue TBC. Queenstown.     Pod Shout-outs   And go eat at the Khmer restaurant in Christchurch    Link to the Beer tweet      Book Recommendations  The Little Bitcoin Book by The Bitcoin Collective  Sovereignty Through Mathematics by @knutsvanholm  The Bullish Case for Bitcoin by @real_vijay  The Bitcoin Standard by @saifedean  B is for Bitcoin by @dazbea1 and @sebbunney    Dick of the Day  Npubs   Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp  Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9    Contact Us
Paul is a husband, dad, business owner and now bitcoiner, based in Victoria, Australia.     We first met at a BitcoinBushBash (are you noticing a theme) in 2022, again at Bitcoin Alive in 2023 and now he joins us on the pod to tell his story.     This one will resonate with business owner/operators who have had to navigate through a difficult few years, since that thing which we cannot mention and the government overreach in response to the thing that we cannot mention. You know the thing. THE THING.     But more importantly, as we come out the other side, the hope we all feel thanks to the positive changes and outcomes we see in our move towards a Bitcoin Standard.    We discuss:    Brendo selling his chairs  Why are Bitcoin conversations more comfortable  Surviving the business turmoil caused by the hardest lockdown in the world  Burning through the rainy-day account  The “recession we had to have”  The inevitability of our high inflation environment  Working on a 200-year plan   The manipulation of the system against everyday people  Operating in both the Bitcoin and Fiat systems  Personal responsibility  Estate planning  Government poor decision-making forcing individuals to find answers elsewhere  The Bitcoin safety net  Interest rate rises and black swan events  Spending less than you earn and living frugally  Giving yourself choices in life  Families attending Bitcoin meetups, and allowing kids to learn by being in the room  Art by Pixel  Being the example for your children and creating learning experiences  The difficulties incorporating Bitcoin payments into your business  Australians not appreciating the hardships being felt in other countries      Pod Shout-outs       Npubs   Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp  Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9    Contact Us 
We’re testing ourselves. We’ve been around this sausage-fest so long that we’re not sure if we can still talk to girls.  But we outright refuse to do it for diVersiTY’s sake. Meritocracy in all things. And quite frankly, this young woman is way ahead of most of you guys.    Once Brendo got passed his awkward giggling, we discuss:  The Scottish accent being better than the Aussie  Whilst freelance writing during a gap-year from studying Law, a client wanted to pay with Bitcoin.  The regret of selling your early Bitcoin  How you cannot be a personal finance “expert” without ever owning Bitcoin  Creating a savings plan with Bitnob, reviewing the app, interviewing the CEO and ultimately becoming the manager of their podcast.  Streaming Bitcoin games on Twitch, and creating your setup and affiliate account  Streaming Sats to viewers  Satoshi TV “Bitcoin Lifestyle”     Her understanding of Nigeria, Turkey and the Philippines (and how different cultures see, engage and adopt Bitcoin)  International trade between Nigeria and China using Bitcoin to settle   Raising children with the culture you set for yourself  Why living on a Bitcoin standard is easier in the Philippines  Adoption through gaming  Orange-pilling in a way that is relevant to the person you’re speaking to.  The parallel market for the Nigeria Naira    Twitch streaming THNDR games   Zebedee streamer   BitRefill     Streaming sats to your viewers  Bitcoin eSports  The use case for Bitcoin is better seen in developing countries    Watch Mary play Bitcoin Games     Ways to Earn Bitcoin     Pod Shout-outs       Npubs   Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp  Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9    Contact Us 
Bitcoin sends you off in directions you never dreamed you would go.  In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be helping Roger at a woman’s wellness Bitcoin chocolate making session.  A bunch of words I never thought I’d use in the same sentence! But here we are.    Roger is first and foremost a lovely guy, but he also has a unique let’s tell it:    We discuss:  The origins of his pseudonym  My Captain Pugwash facts were NOT true  Bitcoiners as constant dreamers or the most grounded people around  Imagination and creativity  Self-Identity  The pursuit of truth  His unique style of driving  Improving your eyesight  Fasting  Trust in institutions  Bitcoin’s inclusivity  Freedom of expression  Fear of acceptance as an artist  Leaning into your weird  Satoshi ‘73  Chocolate workshops  Conferences to become festivals    Links to all of Roger’s work (music, chocolate, podcast, YouTube etc) can be found @    Ways to Earn Bitcoin     Pod Shout-outs     Npubs   Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp  Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9    Contact Us 
We’re telling a story. We didn’t set out to tell a story – in fact we rarely set out with any coherent plan – but we’re telling a story, nonetheless.    This is Owen’s story.     He’s an Aussie with a background in organic farming certification. We first met at a Bitcoin Bush Bash in 2020, visited his farm in 2021 (Episode 22), spoke to him from his El Salvador scoping trip in May 2022 (Episode 43) from next door to Mrs Bukele (Episode 61) and now here we are again. It’s a fascinating progression of a doer rather than a talker, and I’d highly recommend you go back over the previous episodes to get the full picture.    We discuss:  Starting a beef business in El Salvador and partnering with pro-Bitcoin locals  Types of farming and the challenge of the wet and dry seasons  The current quality of beef and the inclusion of chemical additives (fiat incentives)  Only accepting Bitcoin in the business  Blink wallet  Hedging volatility  Residency and visa options  Brain drain starting to reverse  Opportunity everywhere with huge tax incentives  Seeking entrepreneurial influence  Bukele’s majority means that all bills pass  Muh roads in Guatemala. Government versus Private  News from El Salvador   Nostrica   General Bitcoin adoption and friction in all financial transactions  Paying almost all bills in Bitcoin    Where to Buy Beef in El Salvador     Ways to Earn Bitcoin     Pod Shout-outs     Npubs Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp  Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9    Contact Us 
Are you home? Did you survive?  A huge shout out to @lungdoge, @dylanhashmurray and Jess (the @BitcoinAlive team) for putting together a fantastic first Bitcoin Only conference for Australia.  We’re yet to speak to someone who didn’t enjoy the day, and the opportunity it gave so many solid bitcoiners to be in the same city at the same time.  Many of us milked it and made it a loonnngggg weekend. Too many people to thank, but you know who you are.  For those who didn’t manage this time, here’s a glimpse into what happens in Jack’s closet.  Til next time.     PS – The language is appalling in this one. Blame Brendo.    For Jack from Brisbane    Ways to Earn Bitcoin     Pod Shout-outs     Npubs Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp  Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9    Contact Us 
It’s been all interviews the last little while, so we thought it was about time we burned our listener stats and did another Hats and Brendo.    It’s largely inane waffle, but there’s some good stuff in there too, including:    Why Brendo takes his shorts off in my house.  Bitcoin Alive  When: 15th April 2023  Where: The Roundhouse, Sydney  Tickets:   Discount: 10% off with codes HATS or BRENDO at checkout    Property debt  Fixed rate mortgage maturities  Credit card debt  Millennials versus Boomers  How long would your savings last?  Bankruptcy  Anaerobic digestion mining (if anyone can put us in touch with Tom Campbell please get in touch)  Solar power  How much Bitcoin does each country need to HODL  Microstrategy is the 27th biggest country in the world  Hash rate  Rising political tensions    Tweet of the Week    Ways to Earn Bitcoin     Pod Shout-outs       Npubs Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp  Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9    Contact Us 
(Pushing this one out quickly for those making the trek to Beechworth. Have a great weekend)    Those of you that pay attention (or those that attended the last bush bash at Murrurundi) will recognise Dale from there, but for those that don’t, we wanted to have him on the pod to give us an insight into the incentives at play in shitcoin land, working behind enemy lines for a shitcoin publication.    Dale is a South African who has lived in Australia for 5 years. His background is in law and political philosophy, which he credits with his ability to think critically. As Wiz would say, he’s “found his tribe” in Bitcoin.    We discuss:  His path to Bitcoin only  Challenges of visas in Australia, regional living and covid restrictions  The difficulties of “working in Bitcoin”  Revenue streams (adverts, affiliates, paid articles etc) and the machine behind media  Learning to think like a normie  The race to the bottom (CumRocket)  NFTs  The sophistication (or lack thereof) of readers  The dangers of AI  Commercial real estate  UFC  Gaming  The potential for a shitcoin casino sting  What is exciting us in Bitcoin right now   South Africa    Pod Shout-outs       Npubs Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp  Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9    Contact Us 
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Please listen til the end as Pete will blow your tiny mind. We spoke with Pete just a few short weeks ago (EP70) about what high-net-worth clients think of Bitcoin. You liked him. Actually, you liked him a lot. A lot of you tuned in... thank you.  We got nowhere near the end of that conversation, as we also wanted to talk to him about inheritance planning. So, he kindly agreed to go again. Settle in and pour yourself a coffee, this is a long one!  If you’re a connoisseur of bullish price valuation models, this one is also for you. He gets more bullish as we go, and we can’t fault any of his logic.    We discuss:  What is a family office. Generational wealth, legal structures, preservation of capital.  Systemic risk in “risk free” bonds.  Credit Suisse, bank runs and what’s happening in trad fi markets right now.  Interest rates and mortgage pain.  Why everyone focuses on the US.  Are US regulators starting to take a more pro Bitcoin stance.  Legal entities for holding your assets.  The importance of a will or testamentary trust.  Multi-sig security with clients  Time locking Bitcoin  Element zero at absolute zero  The first triple point quantum asset.  Solving bond duration risk with Bitcoin  Bitcoin valuations for those who love “crazy numbers”    Pod Shout-outs   Couldn’t find the timelock article, but start here for great content    Npubs – cya Twitter  Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp  Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9    Contact Us 
There’s nothing a bitcoiner enjoys more than bursting a mainstream narrative. If we really are “bOiLinG tHE oCEans”, why is it that Simon and his colleagues at  are Bitcoin mining with renewable energy and providing stability to the electricity grid in New Zealand’s South Island.  It really is a head scratcher, isn’t it. We talk to Simon about: The abundance of energy sources the further south you go in New Zealand (Hydro, Wind, Solar and Geothermal) Flexible demand management to lift the performance of the grid Texas and power purchasing agreements Vertical integration with power producers The transition from public sector consultant to full-time degen Bitcoin miner Is NZ one of the best places to mine His progress from CPU to GPU to Shitcoins to Bitcoin mining Scaling up, building resilience and staying profitable in a bear market The current explosion in hash rate Funding Home mining Using “crypto” as a test bed for anything worth doing on Bitcoin Ethereum rugpulls Doing a PhD on the last financial crisis The duck curve Bitcoin Alive When: 15th April 2023 Where: The Roundhouse, Sydney Tickets: Discount: 10% off with codes HATS or BRENDO at checkout What Brando does when the video is switched off Pod Shout-outs Npubs – cya Twitter Hats: npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp Brendo: npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9 Contact Us
Bitcoiners branching out into other industries is great, but what I really want to see is people in other industries adopting Bitcoin. I’m particularly keen for musicians, athletes and sports teams to figure this out (shout out to Perth Heat for leading by example).  That's why I was very excited to discover Joe Martin. Joe is a singer-songwriter who is a musician first but also a bitcoiner. He gets it, and the best bit...he’s good! We want Joe to be able to take a message to his friends in the music industry, so we’re passing on all donations (streams, boosts etc) from value-for-value enabled podcasting apps. Have a listen to Joe's story and his current single / title track from his new album. If you like what you hear, please send a few sats his way. We discuss: His backstory as Country/Americana artist Crafting story-based songs and the creative process of making an album What it means to be a professional (completely independent) musician today Generating a revenue from gigs and merchandise. How many streams you need to make $1 Personal investment and risk Nashville, networking and playing at the Bluebird Cafe UK Tour – kicks off April 13th @ the Yacht Club in Teignmouth Monetising information that wants to be free Lightning and microtransactions Removing friction to value transfer Nostr Selling tickets for Bitcoin! Value 4 Value pack Links to Joe’s Music, Merch, Tour and Socials: Npub19r9qrxmckj2vyk5a5ttyt966s5qu06vmzyczuh97wj8wtyluktxqymeukr Pod Shout-outs Contact Us
When: 15th April 2023 Where: The Roundhouse, Sydney Tickets: Discount: 10% off with codes HATS or BRENDO at checkout With less than 6 weeks to go, we catch up with the boys from Bitcoin Alive (Chris and Dylan) to find out how the planning for Australia’s first big-scale, Bitcoin Only conference is going. When we last spoke in mid-December (EP67) they had just announced the event and location, but tickets hadn’t been released and speakers hadn’t been confirmed. Less than 3 months on (which I’m sure has felt like 3 days to them), we thought it was time for an update for those of you that know you’re attending and others that might still be on the fence. We discuss: Brendo wins a competition with The Bitcoin Company Not checking the price Is the next bull run the panic cycle BitRefill Spending Sats (and replacing) Real estate Speaker announcements and diversity of topics Format of the day (groups, firesides, presentations, workshops) Exhibitors, bar, break-out space and VIP Ticket pricing High and lows of organising an event on this scale Turning away shitcoiners Raising capital in a bear market Bitcoiner Events/Jobs/List Peer to peer trading Bitcoin versus CBDC’s For Twigs Pod Shout-outs
3 is the magic number.  4, and we talk all over each other (I’m probably the worst at it). But hey, we wanted to have a special guest and we got a special guest.  We just didn’t count on the crickets! This episode contains the following ramble: Non-existent pods Sydney sleeping arrangements Diet and addictions Coals versus Gas Lake Tinaroo Who is it for? Assumed knowledge Follow up courses Creating timeless content School curriculum Bitcoin for beginners Book launch Block 777,777 Nostr Protocol, Nodes, Relays, Notes, Events Clients: Damus, Amethyst, Iris, Nostrgram, Nostros, Snort Bitcoin Alive Building a node box Pod Shout-outs Npubs – cya Twitter npub1evkn6h4dgkk6ey8mqy90spv2fmfnnzgj8u3h8dgqyql32gs9tywqhdruxp npub1jsauhxc6hjyk5th86qc5z02c9f0cfc7dwszzlj7e9s8wt54w490q4kglr9 npub1jqckepsld3xn98aeq7yg72g0yrqkz92vegkv6k3prfhkzu356v5qa6akee npub1jmy8weweqzckna0amz7pn0uhhkxx693l7st23829ewmu43yvjsesfp6xcq Contact Us
I finally stepped out of Brendo’s shadow and did one of these interview thingies by myself. Turns out the tech side is way easier than he makes it sound! The problem though, is that Gary (Gaz) and I can talk the corn! I think it was 3 hours 53 minutes to be precise, but don’t worry we only recorded an hour or so. Gaz is as bullish on Bitcoin as the rest of us, but his knowledge and life experience also gives him a perspective on risk that many of those that have recently been rekt by leverage could learn from.  You don’t need to risk the farm; you just need to get off zero. We discuss: Brendo. A man on the edge. Gaz’s Bitcoin story, international work life and approach to investing Learning via books, podcasts, YouTube, Twitter and ultimately real-life humans The Bitcoin Standard: 100 Baggers: Finding your tribe Correcting “journalists” Will the mainstream turn up to Bitcoin Alive Adoption Rebel FM Contract negotiation in an inflationary environment Value investing, diversification and investing in Bitcoin companies Risk management Fidelity Debt in the system Microstrategy. Strike. Pouch. Nostr Sats for Stats Pod Shout-outs Contact Us
It’s easy to talk a big game.  Backing it up is harder.  However, what we’ve found over the last 7 years, is that the closer you align yourself with Bitcoin, the better things turn out. Look at all aspects of your life; health; work; relationships; family; education et al and apply the Bitcoin filter.  Allow it to affect your decision making and voila...things magically improve. Brendo and I talk all things Bitcoin, with tangents along the way: Stopping smoking Bitcoin Alive ticket discount 10% off.  Use code “HATS” or “BRENDO” Selling your house for Bitcoin Legionella Phillip Hammond US interest rates rise 0.25% 90% currency devaluation in Lebanon (the Bitcoin Standard pod) US debt ceiling Satsback companies The Bitcoin Company Fold Lolli The Jacks Nostr Value 4 Value Music Lightning remittances Pod Shout-outs Tweets of the Week 3rd Place 2nd Place 1st Place Dick of the Day The Jacks
Peter Dunworth, runs a multi-family office and leads The Bitcoin Adviser, offering tailored Bitcoin investment services to high-net-worth clients. Specialising in Collaborative Custody, Estate Planning, and Bitcoin Education, he's a trusted guide in the complex world of Bitcoin. Engage with Peter on Twitter @dunworth_peter or visit Our conversation touches on: Our prize winner, fraternising with the enemy and leech trauma Bitcoin custody and estate planning Bitcoin being the rational choice when considering all major asset classes Providing conservative financial/investment advice for those 60+ Being cognitive of your own biases Property Capital destruction in bonds Preservation of capital being the No.1 concern Asymmetric risk Peak debt Being a professional financial advisor when all markets move on the decision of the US Federal Reserve Hope, inspiration and your outlook on life Stupid numbers How to prevent losing Bitcoin The truest form of altruism Censorship resistance. Seizure resistance. Absolute scarcity. Immutable ledger. Timelocks Self-Actualisation and the Bitcoin Golden Age Price manipulation Volatility versus Risk Pod Shout-outs,in%2C%20that's%20where%20Bitcoin%20remains.
EP69: Paging @Terla

EP69: Paging @Terla


We tried to give away 111,000 sats but Terla hasn’t got in touch!  Terla...are you out there?  Call me.  DM me. Swipe right. Anyway...Happy New Year bitcoiner.  It’s good to be back. Just Brendo and I today talking shit and helping you pass the time until hyperbitcoinisation, or at least until next week when we have a really good guest. week is important. For now, we talk: Not being able to give away sats! Price.  Is it a temporary pump? Global recession incoming Doxx jar binned Job cuts Coinbase, Blackrock, Amazon, Salesforce Blackstone Gradually then Suddenly Who or What can move the price? Fidelity Why you should only compare you with you How good is Solitaire, but you need a Sudoku! Satsback in Australia Mortgage rollovers in Australia in 2023 2022 CPI numbers Is there another bubble to blow? We are only 3 halving's in Not seeing your privilege Tweet of the Week Alan B Watts Dick of the Day Mary Daly, Federal Reserve President of San Francisco Pod Shout-outs Contact Us For Norma. Xx
The Bitcoin conversation in this one is minimal at best, but there are free sats to be won, so you might have to listen to find out if you’re the winner! Thanks to everyone that’s contributed to the podcast this year.  Guests, listeners, boosters, sat streamers, trolls, people that gave us gifts, everyone at the bush bash and all the Twitter psychopaths.  We appreciate you all. Bitcoin will fix the world.  It’s the only money.  But...IT’S ONLY MONEY.  Take some time off at Christmas with your people and enjoy life.  Otherwise, what are we doing this for? Merry Christmas and see you in 2023, Hats and Brendo Tweet of the Week Original by @0xMajinBobo but of course CZ deleted his reply. Pod Shout-outs Plus many more, including...Matt, Ben, Stephan, Parman, Ketan and Fozzz.  Go find them yourself. ;-) Contact Us
The list of large-scale Bitcoin only events is growing all over the world, but we didn’t have one in Australia.  Until now.  Quick Links Twitter @BitcoinAlive @dylanhashmurray @lungdoge Website Frustrated by the time and expense required to attend the conferences overseas, Chris, Dylan and Jess have decided to put that right. On Saturday, 15th of April 2023, Bitcoin Alive will make its debut.  A single day conference at the Roundhouse, Sydney ( ), Bitcoin Alive will “bring together Australia’s Bitcoin community for a day of the highest quality Bitcoin content from the best minds in Bitcoin from both Australia and overseas”. We sat down with Chris and Dylan to find out more about their motivations and plans for the day.  We discussed: Why we need a Bitcoin conference in Australia Who the event is pitched at Event management experience The value of meeting bitcoiners face-to-face Providing a platform for the bitcoiner talent in Australia Date, Location, Venue Capacity, 20+ Speakers 900-seat main stage, keynote presentations, VIP area, breakout rooms, panels, fireside chats and beer garden Fitting in to the circuit of global Bitcoin events and adding an Aussie spin with satellite events Risks involved and work required Timescales for announcement of Speakers and Costs (sign up for Presale Tickets) Swell reports from Coogee Beach Support from and giving back to the Bitcoin community Sponsorship and maintaining your integrity while staying Bitcoin Only Positive/negative feedback and being judged on their Proof of Work Not looking at the Bitcoin price for a year (and guessing where we are now) Pod Shout-outs Contact us:
We live in the sticks.  We’re happy living in the sticks.  You couldn’t pay us enough (even sats!) to live in the city.  The problem with living in the sticks, however, is that you may be the only bitcoiner. That was true until Brendo came along.  2 of us fighting the good fight. turns out we weren’t even the first in our part of the sticks.  Enter plebHODLBadger! We’ve found another Maxi and he has a friend too!  4 of us.  IN THE STICKS!  More Bitcoin Maxis than Post Offices.  We’re winning, and each one of you is the reason why.  Here’s his story: Running core in 2011, but turning it off to not waste his sister’s electricity Always stacking Getting burned in shitcoins and learning not to spend time thinking about them When does a scam become a scam The progress of the Lightning network and what’s still required Maintaining your passion for your fiat life and what comes next Hallucinogens and the mixing of the senses Rights, freedoms and your political opinions through a Bitcoin filter Getting paid in Bitcoin Validation Misconceptions around Bitcoin meetups What does the “fight you” stage look like Real estate. Investment or the family home SBF and FTX Working out what’s important to you The Bush Bash Tour NB: I was quiet for the first ten minutes.  Apparently, I still don’t know what I’m doing. You’re Welcome / Sorry (delete as appropriate) Tweet of the Week Pod Shout-outs Contact Us
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