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Perfect Afternoon (formerly known as Trademark Productions) is a full-service agency that elevates partners’ digital presence while lightening their workloads. We aim to help partners exceed their digital goals while being a partner they can rely on. Tune in as we discuss topics and have guests on giving insights on how to achieve valuable success online.
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Recorded as 301: The Redirect Podcast by Trademark Productions. As we return to a full in-house agency our founder, Dwight Zahringer, wanted to express what we are doing to be a better vendor.  What in specific are we doing, how will we be accountable, and what creative solutions we'll bring to the table.
Recorded as 301: The Redirect Podcast by Trademark Productions. TM's Dwight and Jailyn discuss the most important factor in how you can tell if your Facebook Page is in fact a Facebook Gray account. Listen in!
Google announced one of its largest updates to date: the Google BERT Update, which will affect nearly everyone, so tune in around as Jailyn and Morgan explain what BERT means for the future of search
Whether you are a startup company with a brand new website or an enterprise company with a seasoned website, learning about plugins will help to keep your website fresh and fast while keeping up with the technological wave. Join Jailyn and Morgan as they discuss the five best free & paid WordPress plugins that TM recommends for WordPress builds.
In this episode of the 301: The Redirect Podcast, TM's President, Dwight, discusses the long-term advantages of choosing a team of web developers at an agency instead of a freelance web developer.
In this week's podcast, Dwight is back to discuss the importance of doing proper research and having an abundance of data to go from before beginning new business ventures.
In this week's episode, Morgan and Jailyn discuss tips and strategies behind creating valuable website content for businesses.
Color is all around, no matter where we go. In this week’s episode, Jailyn and Morgan sit down with our Graphic Designer Lindsey to talk about all things color, including color theory and psychology. 
In this week’s episode, Jailyn and Morgan talk about market segmentation, its process, and how to incorporate it into your marketing efforts. 
In this episode of the 301: The Redirect Podcast, Jailyn and Morgan converse about two marketing elements: consumer behavior and buyer personas, and how they will help determine how to specifically target your company’s audience.
In this week's episode, Jailyn and Morgan give tips, tricks, and best practices for advertising with Google Ads.
In this week's podcast, Morgan and Jailyn go over advertising on Facebook & Instagram and give tips, tricks, and advice on how to make the most of your social media advertising campaign.
Figuring out the elements that make up your company’s marketing mix is the first step to defining your brand. In this podcast, we go over the 4 P's of Marketing and give guidance as to how to make the most of your marketing.
You've seen the effects of the Americans with Disabilities Act on sidewalks, in public buildings, and more. But how does your website need to comply with the ADA? Join Jailyn, Scott, and Josh in this episode as they discuss ADA compliance on the web.
Today's episode of 301: The Redirect brings you the latest digital marketing industry updates, including changes to Facebook Business Manager, Google's Smart Bidding, and a recent announcement from UK cosmetics company, LUSH.
Road signs, Fenty Beauty, and YouTube creators - these are just a few of the things that inspire us at TM. Join Jailyn, Morgan, and Tyler as they discuss all things inspiration and how we incorporate our inspirations into our work
What makes a brand so memorable, and how does this affect the way your customers interact with you? Learn more and Morgan and Jailyn discuss the attributes of strong branding and their effects on consumers.
On this week's podcast, the TM Project Management team discusses how they keep a business full of creatives from crashing and burning. How do you manage the creatives on your team?
Google is a complex search engine that allows you to get extremely specific with your searches. To find exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll need to use advanced Google search commands. Here are the top Google Advanced Search Operators you need to know.
301: The Redirect brings back the developer podcast in this week's episode! Learn why image compression is essential for any modern website and what services TM uses for our own image compression.
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