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Morbius, Firestarter, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Rick and Morty, GothamShow notes at
Full Stack Geek Podcast, Proton Pump Inhibitor Withdrawal Progress, Migraineur, Passport, This Is Spinal Tap 2, Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Doctor Who's Doctor and Donna, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Based Rock and Roll, Elon Is Doing What Now?, The Minor Facebook Unlock, Podcast Statistics, Google Should Stop Copying Apple Presentations, I'm a Social Network Hypocrite, iPod Dead, SupportersShow notes at
Retractions, Pain and Strain, Star Wars Day, Moonfall, Ambulance, Halo, Star Trek: Picard, Moon Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi, New Doctor Cast in Doctor Who, The Internet Archive Reliability, The Great Facebook Lockout, Editors!, The Horus Box to be Republished, Brand Identity, Preparing to be a YouTuber, TiredShow notes at
The revisit continues!Show notes at
The revisit continues!Show notes at
A slight change.Show notes at
The revisit continues!Show notes at
The Endless, No Exit, The Batman, Uncharted, Moon KnightShow notes at
2022 update of my 2013 Iain M. Banks retrospective.Show notes at
The Wanting Mare, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Scream, Severance, The Walking Dead, Star Trek: Picard, Moon Knight, Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea DevilsShow notes at
Antlers, Firestarter, The Fear Index, Archive 81, Station Eleven, Lost in Space, Star Trek: Discovery, Rick and Morty, The SandmanShow notes at
Cruft, Ukraine, The Responder, Chloe, This is Going to Hurt, My Historic House on Google Maps, Block Google Docs and Google Drive File Shares, Health and Stress, Microphone ChoiceShow notes at
The revisit continues!Show notes at
Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Z for Zachariah, The Book of Boba Fett, Peacemaker, The Wheel of TimeShow notes at
I'm Sorry, Nightmare Alley, Time Lord Victorious: Daleks!, Star Wars Rey and Finn Romance, The Book of Boba Fett, Moon Knight Accent, Text Editors, Shure SM7B, Future Party, New Year's ResolutionsShow notes at
The revisit continues!Show notes at
CRRRaSh! 425 Eternals

CRRRaSh! 425 Eternals


Hypnogogia, My Eye, Eternals, Luther, Trigger Point, I'm Still on the SM58, Your Mic Cable Might be Noisy, DiscoShow notes at
Eye, Feet, Head, The Book of Boba Fett, The One, The Expanse, The Tourist, Hidden Assets, DBX 286s, Mic, I Wrote a Script for the BBC, Cider, HaircutShow notes at
Only in Cinemas, Army of Thieves, B: The Beginning, In Phase XLR-to-TRS Cables, Podcasting Gear UpdateShow notes at
Special guest, science fiction author Saul Garnell (AKA Doctor Mars) joins me to decode and review The Matrix Resurrections.Show notes at
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