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We hosted Kausambi Manjita, Founder & CEO at Mason, in this episode. She was a guest on the S4E5 of the show previously. Mason is the no-code automation engine - made for commerce. In the episode, Kaus talks about tapping on the no-code wave focusing on the eCommerce vertical. She also shares their exciting experience in pivoting from Kubric to Mason. Connect with Kaus on LinkedIn - Check out Mason -
In this episode, we hosted Ruchin Kulkarni, Co-founder of to talk about product-led growth. Toplyne helps sales teams at product-led companies convert their freemium users! Prior to this, Ruchin was with Sequoia overlooking the growth stage investing in SaaS, dev tools, and enterprise software. While at Sequoia, he worked with a bunch of PLG companies. Ruchin shared about the opportunities he saw in the PLG space in India and later created Toplyne. He also shares why NOW is the time for PLG companies to shine. All this and more in this episode with Ruchin. Connect with Ruchin on LinkedIn - Check out -
In this episode, we hosted Praveen Das, Co-founder of, to answer frequent questions about marketing data and analytics. We start with discussing how B2B marketing has changed over the years, and how the change has affected data capturing. Also, how new types of GTM influence analyzing the data. Are we in the Data 3.0 world? Data 1.0 was about capturing; Data 2.0 was about stitching it and building relationships. Is Data 3.0 all about delivery? Know more about it in this episode. Learn more about - Connect with Praveen on LinkedIn -
In this episode, we hosted Arjun Pillai, former Founder & CEO at and currently SVP Products and Growth at ZoomInfo, to talk about Insent's exit to ZoomInfo. is Arjun's second exit. He exited his first company, Profoundis, to FullContact back in 2016. Post which, he went on to build, which got acquired within three years. We talked about the entire journey of the acquisition, right from the initial reach out to finalizing the exit. Arjun shared the deciding factors behind the exit. He also shares how Insent's product will fit into ZoomInfo's suite of products and what's the future of Insent (now ZoomInfo Chat). All this and more in this episode with Arjun. Connect with Arjun on LinkedIn - Check out SaaS Jobs here -
In this episode, we invited Sairam Krishnan, Marketer in Residence at Accel, to talk about Storytelling. Sairam has over a decade of experience in Marketing with companies like Freshworks, Wingify, iMocha, and currently Accel. We start by talking about what got Sairam interested in storytelling when he joined Freshworks back in 2011. Sairam talks about how to tell a story for each audience. Whether you're an investor, founder, or executive, you have different needs of listening to stories. And he also talks about how he's educating people via his newsletter - All this and more with Sairam in this episode. Connect with Sairam on LinkedIn - Check out SaaS jobs here -
In this episode, we hosted Sreedhar Peddineni, Co-founder at GTM Buddy. Sreedhar has been in the SaaS industry for over 2 decades now. He started his first company, Host Analytics back in 2001. In 2011, he cofounded Gainsight (previously JBara Software) along with Jim Eberlin. After a great exit with Gainsight, Sreedhar is currently building GTM Buddy where they are enabling the sales team achieve their true potential. With Sreedhar, we discussed how the SaaS industry has shaped over the past two decades. And his view of how the SaaS ecosystem is growing especially in India. Additionally we also talked about the story behind Gainsight and the Customer Success function. All this and more with Sreedhar in this episode. Connect with Sreedhar on LinkedIn - Check out SaaS jobs here -
In this episode, we hosted Shilpa Singh, Head of GTM/Commercial Strategy at Amazon to talk about creating a GTM playbook for targeting the enterprise segment. We discuss how a SaaS company can enter the enterprise segment and what are the best practices companies can follow. Shilpa also shares the building blocks of a GTM strategy required to target the enterprise segment. Moving upmarket means a lot of change, we discussed all the changes that a company goes through during the process. All this and more with Shilpa in this episode. Connect with Shilpa on LinkedIn - Check out SaaS jobs here -
In this episode, we hosted Arundhati Balachandran, Senior Director, Customer Success at Chargebee, to discuss being data-driven in the customer success world.  Arundhati made the shift from Sales to Customer Success at Chargebee and is now leading the team.  She talks about the imp metrics for CS teams and the less popular but critical metrics they track at Chargebee. She also emphasizes the Net Retention Rate and its importance. All this and more with Arundhati in this episode. Connect with Arundhati on LinkedIn - Check out SaaS jobs here -
In this episode, we hosted Ashwin Krishna, Marketing Director at We talked about building a locally relevant and globally scalable GTM strategy. Ashwin is a B2B marketing and growth leader with strong commercial acumen and a 15-year track record inspiring teams to deliver hyper-growth in SaaS companies across the Middle East, APAC, and the USA. We discussed getting to know the marketing before entering, picking the right persona, setting up GTM goals, and more. Ashwin also shares his best practices to follow while creating a GTM strategy while going behind a particular market. Connect with Ashwin on LinkedIn - Check out -
In this episode, I hosted Smriti Chopra, Product Marketing at Zapier to talk about building the alignment between the PMM team and other teams. Smriti was previously managing APAC Partner Marketing at Hubspot and has rich experience in B2B marketing plus taking several products to market over the years. We discussed the goals of the PMM team and what makes it the catalyst for business growth? Smriti talks about how to make better-informed decisions by building a solid alignment between the PMM team and other teams. All this and more with Smriti in this episode. Connect with Smriti on LinkedIn - 
In this episode, we hosted Steffen Hedebrandt, Cofounder of to talk about B2B revenue attribution. is a B2B revenue attribution platform. We discussed how Steffen started Dreamdata and what piqued the idea in his mind. We also talked about the GTM strategies and playbooks their team is using to conquer this market. All this and more with Steffen in this episode. Connect with Steffen on LinkedIn -
In this episode, I hosted Sandhya Tomer, Director of Customer Success at Whatfix to talk about her experience in Customer Success. She explains the proactiveness of Customer Success vs the reactiveness of Customer Support. She also believes that consultants can be good at Customer Success. All this and more with Sandhya in this episode. Connect with her on LinkedIn -
In this episode, we hosted Veekshith Rai, Co-founder, and COO at Finly simplifies accounts payables for businesses. Veekshith was working on 5 ideas that they directly pitched to the investors. One of them emerged, and it was Finly. Veekshith talks about this approach and how it helped them build the company. He also talks about their objectives for 2021 and how they're expanding to middle-east market. All this and more with Veekshith in this episode.  Connect with Veekshith on LinkedIn - Follow Veekshith on Twitter - Check out Finly -
In this episode, we hosted Kausambi Manjita, Founder & CEO at Kubric to talk about her journey with Kubric. Kubric is an AI-driven automation tool for designers and marketers. How did she start Kubric? How did they hire their first few people? Kaus also talks about how is Kubric scaling up in India. All this and more with Kaus in this episode. Connect with Kaus on LinkedIn - Check out Kubric -
In this episode, we hosted Lavanya Gopinath, Director of Operations at Chargebee, to discuss various ops functions in a SaaS company. Lavanya introduces the ops functions and their roles & responsibilities. She also explains how you can set up the ops functions at your org. Connect with Lavanya on LinkedIn -
In this episode, we hosted Sowmya Moni, Director of Marketing at Incture. Incture is the largest provider of digital applications and tech solutions on various SAP platforms. Sowmya talks about how she segments their ICP to ensure high conversion rates. She also shares how to personalize the marketing activities for each of these segments.  All this and more with Sowmya in this episode as we take a deep dive into personalization. Connect with Sowmya on LinkedIn -
In this episode, I hosted Shailesh Ghorpade, Managing Partner & CIO at Exfinity Venture Partners, to discuss his thoughts on the State of SaaS in India.  Shailesh played leadership roles at companies like Birla Global Finance, Tata Finance, Infosys, and more. He’s currently the founding managing partner and CIO at Exfinity Venture Partners. Exfinity is a tech fund backing enterprise B2B companies in the India and India-US corridor. Their portfolio includes companies like Moengage, Mad Street Den, Locus, and more. We also discussed the challenges in India's SaaS ecosystem and how Shailesh and his team are helping to overcome these challenges. All this and more with Shailesh in this episode. Connect with Shailesh on LinkedIn -
In this episode, we hosted Deepesh Agarwal, co-founder & CEO of MoveInSync. MoveInSync provides a transport management platform that is used to move people or goods efficiently. We discussed how Deepesh started up 12 years ago in 2009 and scaled the company in India.  Deepesh talked about the challenges that COVID brought for the company and how they turned it into an exciting opportunity. All this and more with Deepesh in this episode. Connect with Deepesh on LinkedIn -
Hey everyone, welcome to the latest season of the SaaS Sessions podcast. Firstly, a very happy new year to you! The podcast had a great run in 2020 and we hit 10,000 listeners! I want to thank you for always tuning in, I couldn't have done it without you. We have amazing guests and intriguing topics lined up for 2021.  If you have any guest or topics suggestions, do reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter or via Email. Also, if you've heard of Clubhouse, I'm going to start a few live conversations with our guests on the platform. So keep an eye out. If you're looking for an invite to Clubhouse, let me know.  Lastly, if you have any feedback, negative or positive, although I love negative feedback, please feel free to reach out to me.
Smrithi is a product leader passionate about marrying great user experiences with technology to deliver business value. With over a decade of experience, Smrithi has spent her past 7 years with Freshworks in their product function, working on products like Freshdesk, Freshchat, and Freshcaller, Freshconnect. In this episode, we discussed how do you go about deciding what new products to build? What are the building blocks needed to make these a success? How do you measure the success of new products? When is it right for companies to start exploring multiple products? All this and more with Smrithi on this episode. Connect with Smrithi on LinkedIn -
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