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Author: Sunil Neurgaonkar

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In this episode of State of SaaS in India, we hosted Anand Datta, VP at Nexus Venture Partners. Anand is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build high impact enterprises. He believes in the immense scope that “Bharat” presents for innovative India specific models. Connect with Anand on LinkedIn - Follow Anand on Twitter -
In this episode, we hosted Karishma Rajaratnam, Head of Growth at ChartMogul (previously Head of Growth at Chargebee) to talk about the evolution of marketing from $1m ARR to $10m ARR. We discussed the strategies that you can implement when you're on the 1-10 journey and also when you're at $10m ARR. We covered persona segmentation, determining product-channel fit, and figuring out new personas when you evolve. Connect with Karishma on LinkedIn Follow Karishma on Twitter
In this episode, we hosted Vikas Potta to talk about how he managed the impact of Covid-19. Vikas is the VP of Sales at FusionCharts. FusionCharts helps you build beautiful charts for your web and mobile apps. Started in 2003, It’s one of India’s very first SaaS company. It now serves more than 28K customers globally. Prior to FusionCharts, Vikas was a founding member at Zepo, an eCommerce platform. He explains how he and his team were impacted by Covid-19 and how they managed to sustain the growth. They also saw a rise in renewals and expansion, so the did few activities to fuel those deals. Vikas shares the strategies that worked for him during these uncertain times in this episode. Tune in now! Connect with Vikas on LinkedIn Check out FusionCharts
In this episode, we hosted Francois Kulik, Head of Global Pipeline Generation at Algolia to talk about how he manages the global B2B pipeline for Algolia. He also tells how his teams' collaboration with marketing helped them achieve more during this pandemic. Pipeline prediction is hard, but Francois tells us how he does it at Algolia.  All this and more in this episode. Connect with Francois - Check out Algolia -
In this episode, Deepika Vani from Whatfix hosted Anish Thambi, Director of Field Marketing at Automation Anywhere to talk about the status of field marketing in 2020. Anish talks about how they pivoted their events for the digital world and saw a great rise in demand and brand. He also shares different activities and campaigns that Automation Anywhere did to drive this demand, which largely impacted their revenue. How sustainable is this new model for events? Will everyone adapt to it? Find out more in this episode with Anish. Connect with Anish - Connect with Deepika -
In this episode, we hosted Aadil Bandukwala, Director APAC Field Marketing at HackerRank to talk about evangelizing your product. Aadil was previously the Chief Evangelist at Belong. He explains what is product evangelism and how it differs from branding. If you're new to this, he also tells us how can individuals/companies can get started with product evangelism.  All this and more with Aadil in this episode. Connect with Aadil - Follow on Twitter -
In this episode, we hosted Kevin White to talk about overcoming growth plateaus. Kevin is currently the Head of Marketing at Retool. Retool is a fast way to build internal tools. You can use their Drag-and-drop building blocks and connect them to your databases and APIs to build your own tools, instantly. Previously, he was heading Growth marketing function at Segment, which is one of the leading customer data platforms. To start with, Kevin explains what's a growth plateau and his experience with reaching a stagnated growth stage. He also shares tips on how he overcame those plateaus and shares a tried & tested way of foreseeing the plateau.  We also discussed, "Growth at all costs mindset" - good or bad? Connect with Kevin - Check out Retool -
In this non-saas episode, we hosted the Vaidehi Murthy, Social Media @ Dunzo, aka queen of puns. We discussed how brands should manage their social accounts. Vaidehi tells us stories about how they do it at Dunzo. We also talked about using social media for sales and accelerating your funnels too. All this and much more in this episode with Vaidehi. Follow her puns -
In this episode, we hosted Ketan Pandit, Director of Global Partner Marketing at CleverTap. We discussed what different roles the partnerships function plat at different stages of the company.  Then we talked about how CleverTap scaled up their partnerships channel. Connect with Ketan - Checkout CleverTap -
Welcome to the first episode of Season 3 of the podcast! In this episode, we hosted Yoni Solomon, Director of Product Marketing & Strategy at G2 to talk about building a winning GTM strategy. Yoni Solomon is Director of Product Marketing & Strategy at G2 (formerly G2 Crowd), the world's largest marketplace for B2B technology. He has spent a decade launching new products, partnerships, and acquisitions for Chicago's top SaaS companies, including Vibes ($45M raised in 2016), and PowerReviews (#49 on Deloitte's Fast 500, #1 in Chicago in 2018). Check out the GTM Playbook by Yoni - Product Marketing Personas - Connect with Yoni - 
In this episode, we're celebrating 50 episodes on the show. Anuj Adhiya hosted me, Sunil, on the show. We discussed my journey, learnings, and failures with respect to this podcast and my career.  Tune in to this special episode and let me know if you liked it. Thank you all for supporting the podcast. :)
In this episode, I hosted Abhijeet Vijayvergiya, the former President and Managing Director at Capillary Technologies to talk more on sales productivity and his new startup, Abhijeet and his team are building a cutting edge AI-driven SaaS product, that will change the way salespeople sell today and will help more them to sell more! Connect with Abhijeet - Check out -
In this episode, I hosted Aviral Bhatnagar, Founder of A Junior VC to talk more about the state of SaaS in India. Aviral is a Senior associate at Guild Capital which focuses on early-stage or venture investments in India and the US. Along with this, Aviral also runs his blog - where he along with a group of contributors, writes about the Indian startup ecosystem, venture capital, and more. Connect with Aviral - A Junior VC -
In this episode, we hosted Nimesh Mathur who is the Head of Customer Success (India, SEA, and ANZ) at Branch. Nimesh is a veteran with over 14 years of experience in Customer Success, he has built and lead teams at HackerRank, Pluralsight, and Branch. In this episode, we learn about Customer Success why it is an integral part of SaaS businesses. How Can Customer Success collaborate better with Sales/Marketing/Product teams? How can CSM’s help customers achieve their desired outcomes, how do you think about this and act, there are some really good actionable insights here. This is a really good listen if you are a CSM, collaborate with CS teams, or are just curious about Customer Success. Connect with Nimesh on LinkedIn:
In this episode, we hosted Nikhil Kapur, Partner at Strive VC to talk more about the state of SaaS ecosystem in India. At Strive, he’s investing in local SME enablers and global SaaS startups being built out of Asia by exceptional founders with a product-led mindset. We discussed the different challenges faced by Global-focused Indian SaaS companies and India-focused SaaS companies and how to solve these challenges. Nikhil also talks about building in India, selling in India. All this and more with Nikhil in this episode. Connect with Nikhil on LinkedIn - Check out Strive VC -
Guillaume Cabane recently spoke to us about omnichannel marketing – right from devising a strategy to budgeting + answer a question that haunts every Saas marketer. After leading growth teams at big players in Saas like Segment and Drift, Guillaume is now a growth advisor for B2B Saas startups like G2, Gorgias, Metadata, and Madkudu. Dive into this episode to learn about the need for a multichannel marketing strategy for Saas brands, tips to build omnichannel expertise, essential tools in a multichannel marketer’s toolkit, and much more! If you want to join the next live AMA, reach out to us on hello[at]saassessions[dot]com Connect with G on LinkedIn -
In this epsidoe, we hosted Eli Schwartz, Growth Advisor & SEO Consultant to talk more on Product Led SEO. Eli coined the term Product Led SEO and he explains what it is in this episode. How to go beyond what everyone is already doing in SEO and get better results, faster. Eli has been into SEO since 2004, that's 16 years! And he shares his best practices with us on the show. Connect with Eli on LinkedIn - Subscribe to his newsletter -
In this episode, Deepika Vani, Whatfix hosted Nick Bennett, Head of Field Marketing at Clari to talk more about transitioning to virtual events. Nick talks about how did Clari pivots from field events to virtual events. He also shares the best practices in building a strategy for virtual events. What are the different virtual events that you can run for your business?  All this and more with Nick and Deepika in this episode. Connect with Nick - Check out Clari -
In this episode, we hosted Maneesh Sharma, Country Manager at Github to talk about what are the plans for Github in India. What is the overall GTM strategy for them and how is Maneesh setting up the operations. Connect with Maneesh here - Check out Github -
In this episode, we hosted Shay Howe, VP of Design at ActiveCampaign to talk about design data and metrics. Shay tells us how ActiveCampaign performs their UX research and how they make data-driven decisions.  We also discuss, what is data for design? What are the metrics a design team can track? Can we associate design to growth as well? All this and more with Shay in this episode. Connect with Shay on LinkedIn - Visit ActiveCampaign - Check out free tools here -
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