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Benjamin and Sami are two journalists who take a weekly look at the funnier side of the automotive industry and the cars they drive.
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The weather is warming up and that means its time to talk about some fun summer cars and topics! If you're asking "What does that mean?" then consider this week's episode as a primer. First up, Benjamin revisits the 2023 Toyota GR Supra, but this time its equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. After a lukewarm reception a few years ago, Benjamin finds out if the three-pedalled variant changes things for the better, and whether the Supra is in a precarious position due to its pricing and performance. Then Sami chimes in with some sports-car stories of his own, describing his time in the 2024 Jaguar F-Type 75. A celebration of Jaguar's coupe and convertible, this model boasts plenty of power, but carries around the British brands legacy. Our hosts talk about what that means, and how the brand will continue without a two-door in the road map. Then Benjamin has some news to share about his Grand Wagoneer. Having used it as a tow vehicle for his Datsun, he experiences the ups and downs of using an older vehicle for heavy-duty work. Be sure to visit the website, send us your comments, and check out Benjamin's kickstarter for his cool new book!
What's in a plug? First up Benjamin describes his time with the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning EV, a fully electric pickup truck with a number of handy features than he had to test out. Can the Lightning power up a stranded EV? Sami begs Benjamin to tell us if the future of electric trucks bleak or promising. Then Sami talks about a pair of plug-in hybrid crossovers. The 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has been a face in this segment for a long long long time, and has been renewed with Nissan bones. The 2023 Kia Sportage PHEV is a bit less familiar, but has a few interesting changes compared to the similar Hyundai Tucson PHEV. Weight, seating, and other charging gimmicks help differentiate these two, but Sami comes down with an interesting verdict when it comes to summing these rides up. Thanks for listening, don't forget to subscribe or get in touch with the guys on our website or through social!
What's waiting for drivers 10 years down the road as the automotive market increasingly leans into EVs? Guest host Chad Kirchner is here to provide his expert opinion of what the all-EV future really means for most drivers, and to reassure enthusiasts that gas-powered vehicles aren't going anywhere anytime soon. He also gives us the scoop on the 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6.
Hybrid crossovers seem to be everywhere, including the 2023 Honda CR-V lineup. While the gas-powered CR-V had some awful fuel consumption in our last test drive, we have some important notes about the new hybrid model. Additionally, Sami brought out the 2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid for much needed context. His tester was the charming Woodlands edition, with a tree-themed cabin and campy features. Hear how the Toyota fares on the market after many years on the market, and if its still a leader. If you liked what you hear, don't hesitate to review and rate us on your favorite podcatcher. Thanks!
You'll want to check into this week's episode where both Sami and Benjamin test out the 2023 Kia Telluride. Refreshed and updated for 2023, the Telluride goes through some important changes, which may place it among the best in the class. Not only that, the guys got their hands on the two new Telluride trim levels, the X-Line and X-Pro, which boast some rugged appeal and extra ground clearance. Then we ask about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and why GM is planning to omit these handy features from its next generation EVs. We discuss why they'd take such an easy loss here and what it means for car buyers. Thanks for listening!
Did you miss us last week? Well we have a very interesting and entertaining reason as Benjamin relates his experience in the 2023 BMW i7 electric flagship sedan. Dealing with a long-lasting electricity outage seems like a nightmare scenario for EV owners, but Benjamin's time in the dark shows that it's not all bad, as long as you have a six-figure budget for your electric sedan. The two talk about charging, road-tripping, and chilling out in the lounge-like rear-seats of the i7. Then the guys dive into an important question from one of their listeners. Thanks for all the messages and comments, we always love to hear from you all, so don't hesitate to reach out on social media or on our website
This week the guys dive into a pair of Korean luxury cars in this "oops, all Genesis" episode! First up, Benjamin finally captures his White Whale, the 2023 Genesis G90. This large luxury sedan squares off against some of the most well-known cars in history. With its sleek yet stately design, Benjamin has some bold things to say about this land yacht, and you may be surprised! Then Sami keeps the Genesis conversation going with his impressions of the 2023 Genesis electrified GV70. Many want to know if the popular crossover can successfully make the transition from ICE to EV, even though it doesn't ride on a dedicated electric platform, and Sami is here to answer all the questions you may have about it. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this weeks episode, don't forget to chime in and send the guys a note at, or drop them a tip on their Ko-Fi page.
Sami jumps into the 2023 Nissan Ariya e-4orce, and explains how this EV will take on the tough competition, despite coming to the market relatively late. With nearly a dozen trim levels, is the Nissan's biggest asset choice or experience? Then Benjamin chimes in with his recent 2023 Subaru WRX experience, which was dulled by the implementation of the a fun-sapping CVT. CVTs are generally used for fuel savings, and Benjamin is unclear why the new Subaru offers such an option given that it actually uses more fuel than the standard manual gearbox. Given Subaru's performance-car history, does this new WRX measure up? Don't forget to subscribe, review and message our hosts! Thanks for listening!
This week on the Unnamed Automotive Podcast, our hosts ask "What's good and what's merely adequate?" as they discuss two Lexuses...or is that Lexii? Whatever the plural, the conversation starts with the 2023 Lexus RZ450e, an all-electric crossover with the same platform as the Toyota bZ4x. With polarizing looks, uninspired specs and an unnecessary steering gimmick, our hosts have plenty to talk about, specifically regarding if Lexus put its best effort forward with its first EV. Then the conversation shifts to the brand's first plug-in hybrid, the 2023 Lexus NX450h+, which cribs much of the mechanicals from the Toyota RAV4 Prime, and puts it all into a sexy, high-end body from Lexus. Benjamin suggests that this what it Lexus wants to actually make0151rather than its boring, bland EV offerings—and has many reasons to prove his point. Thanks for listening, and don't forget to subscribe, rate and message us on social media or our website!
When you've got over 300 episodes under your belt, you get the chance to see how things have changed in the industry, and this week at the Unnamed Automotive Podcast, the guys are applying a bit of hindsight to the cars they've been testing. First up Benjamin grabs the keys to the new 2023 Hyundai Palisade, and wonders if the industry has caught up to the standard set by the three-row back when it launched in 2019. Or is Hyundai just sitting back and waiting for its rivals to arrive? While discussing the latest updates to the crossover, Sami and Benjamin also reminisce about what the world was like when the SUV first dropped, whether things are any better in this segment, and shout out a few ideas about what automakers are following in Hyundai's footprints. Then Sami brings up the high-performance 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT. Having driven multiple EVs and even the standard Mach-E, the guys talk about whether the GT is special at all, and what it can do, if anything, that others can't. With so many EVs on the market boasting impressive straight-line speed, can the Mach-E still justify its $60k pricetag even with its lacking interior and frustrating user interface? Be sure to check out the website and don't hesitate to contact our hosts if you have any questions or comments! Thanks for listening
These guys went and did it again: an accidental "oops, all Toyota!" edition of the Unnamed Automotive Podcast flies out of the web and into your ears this week. First, Ben drives the 2023 Toyota Mirai so he can discuss the feasability of the hydrogen powered future that Toyota is harping on. With sleek styling, and harsh limitations and middling performance, is this really what Toyota sees as the future? Then the guys talk about the brands unwavering position against ZEV mandates, and whether they're just sour about being on the wrong side of the "EVs vs everything" fight. Finally, Sami talks about his recent experience in Europe and talks about the coolest Toyota vehicles he saw at their TWO museums in Cologne, Germany. Don't forget to rate, review, subscribe and get in touch with us through the website or social media. And if you had fun this week, consider leaving us a tip on Ko-Fi!
Did you know: electrons are powering the latest cars tested on the Unnamed Automotive Podcast, and also everything around you? We're slowly coming to terms with that as Benjamin and Sami try out some new EVs and hybrid vehicles. First up on the show, (beyond the food tangent that infrequently occurs on the podcast) is the 2023 Genesis GV60 and its oh so tempting BOOST button. Benjamin shares his thoughts on the Korean luxury EV, and why he hasn't gotten his E-GMP badge yet. To show that times are really changing, Benjamin even warms up to some of the biometric features found in the Genesis - a discussion you won't want to miss. Then Sami jumps into action to talk about the recently updated 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid. As large sedans lose their fun factor, Sami seems convinced that the Accord is managing the transition to comfy, family vehicle, with impressive fuel efficiency. At just over $30k this Honda should work for a lot of people, but time will tell if it maintains its popularity in this Crossover-crazy world. Speaking of crazy, if you were worried about something, would being forced to go into an escape room help? Don't miss our wacky news analysis coming straight from VW's recently concerned employees. Listen, rate, subscribe and do all that fun stuff!
Off-roading or on-roading, the Unnamed Automotive Podcast is here to help you get through your week. First up this week, Sami talks about the 2023 Honda Passport Trailsport, a somewhat MORE off-road oriented version of an SUV Honda proclaimed was already capable off-road. The Trailsport gets rugged-style tires, fun badging, and skid-plates, as well as a higher price point, but is that enough to make it recommendable over other, more off-road oriented SUVs? Plus how many times in a segment can Sami say sport? You be the judge! Then Benjamin brings up the 2023 Subaru Legacy XT, also known as the sedan counterpart of the popular and instantly recognizable Subaru Outback. Benjamin's time in the Legacy brought out many existential questions like 'is this car good?' 'why does this car matter?' and 'who is buying this car?' which could only be worked through on this week's episode of the podcast. Be sure to listen and chime in later. Finally, the guys talk about armored and bullet-proof vehicles, , what's involved in building them, and who needs such a service. Be sure to listen, review, subscribe and reach out to us on social media or our website.
It's "Special Guest Appearance" time at the Unnamed Automotive Podcast as Sami and Benjamin are joined by automotive journalist and content creator Michael Banovsky! Michael, from and is here to talk about cars, city planning, public transportation, and more! This week's episode also includes Benjamin's review of a 2023 BMW X3 M Competition, a luxury SUV with 503 horsepower, three-sport modes, a variety of transmission settings and the least winter-ready snow tires we've ever seen. At $80k, is this BMW X3 going to hit up a track on the way to the grocery store, or is it just drag racing everyone at the stop-light? Then as the guys close the podcast, we get into a deep discussion about snacks and treats, so don't stop listening to the VERY END! Thanks and see you all next week!
We hope you have a surgeon on speed-dial because this weeks episode of the Unnamed Automotive Podcast is entirely DEEP CUTS! Especially if you're familiar with the concept of GROWING UP! It's fun times in minivans here starting with Benjamin's review of the 2023 Toyota Sienna, with its funky design, hybrid powertrain and approachable pricing. In-between jokes about old vans and weird names, Benjamin explains that his time in the Toyota wasn't without incident, so be sure to listen to his whole experience to get the entire picture. Then Sami gets his fun captured by the CabinWatch camera found in the 2023 Honda Odyssey, which has lost its killer suction-related app but gained a few other weird gimmicks. With 280 VTEC ponies on tap, this minivan is a screamer, or at least its passengers were certainly making some noise! Hear how practical this minivan is and why minivans aren't getting so much love these days. If you enjoyed this weeks episode be sure to subscribe and review us using your favorite podcast client. Thanks for listening!
This week, the guys are talking off-road-oriented SUVs, with significant redesigns. Right off the bat, Sami starts the episode by describing the all-new, totally different, completely redesigned 2023 Honda Pilot, much to Benjamin's skepticism. Sami jumps into the three-row crossover and its off-road TrailSport trim, and tells you all the ways Honda has made this family friendly vehicle more competitive and exciting. Plus they talk about Christian Slater a bit, and Benjamin admits Sami was right about one piece of obscure car history. Then Benjamin chimes in to explain his time in the 2023 Land Rover Range Rover Sport P400 SE. All new for this year, the Range Rover Sport has a lot of ground to make up in this cutthroat segment, and Benjamin has a lot of thoughts about how the European brand manages. While referencing the Defender he drove recently, Benjamin even forgets all about other pure-SUV brands like Jeep, so now we can point and laugh at him (but in a friendly way!) If you loved, or even liked this weeks episode, why not subscribe, or even review it? The guys love hearing from listeners so be sure to chime in on social media or on the Unnamed Automotive Podcast website.
With 300 or so episodes under their belt, it seems like the hosts of the Unnamed Automotive Podcast are taking things a bit more seriously... that is, after the unbelivable holiday break and other international shenanigans. While Sami keeps things light-hearted and entertaining, Benjamin dives into the new 2023 Land Rover Defender 130, which is billed as "the more family friendly rugged off-roader." After the new Defender gains a whole new standard row of seating, and 500 pounds of mass, Benjamin has plenty to say about the big SUV, and where it stands in the never-ending list of SUVs on the market. Then the guys talk about the 2023 BMW M850i Coupe, a Grand Tourer that seemingly nails the execution and sticks the landing. Powerful, attractive, comfortable and high-tech, the guys wonder what the BMW can't do, and try to figure out which other vehicles simply check all the boxes they're supposed to without trying to be everything to everyone. Finally, the guys talk about the latest news from General Motors regarding the Chevrolet C8 Corvette e-Ray. Don't forget to subscribe and review, and if you liked today's episode why not tip the team through Ko-Fi.
New year, new S-You-Vs! The the Unnamed Automotive Podcast returns with a pair of 'off-road inspired' SUVs to talk about. Benjamin gets plenty of time in the new 2023 Kia Sportage X-Line, and asks if ruggedness was standard in past iterations of the Kia cute-ute. The pair discuss the variety of options and features available in the Kia, and compare it to the recent Honda CR-V to determine which one is best destined for buyers driveways. Then Sami chimes in about his experience with the 2023 Mazda CX-50 Meridian Edition with the Apex Package. A stylish crossover with high-end, off-road aspirations, Sami and Benjamin seem a bit puzzled at its place in the lineup. Can it still be a success story despite awkward pricing, size, and infotainment? Finally, Benjamin and Sami announce the winner of last month's contest! Be sure to listen, subscribe and review the podcast, and even consider tipping on Ko-Fi.
If you want to spend your Christmas talking cars, your two favorite podcasts hosts are here for you. First Sami discusses his time in the 2023 Genesis Electrified G80, an all-electric version of the executive sedan that put the Korean luxury brand on the map. Hear Sami describe what compromises were made in this conversion, and whether the EV is a better buy over its gas-powered variant. Then Benjamin chimes in with his experience of the 2023 Honda CR-V, a car that's been thoroughly redesigned and updated, but doesn't look or feel like it has. Benjamin compares the CR-V experience to a variety of drinkable, seemingly innocuous liquids, in order to make a point that Sami struggles to make work in an audio format. The guys then talk about their favorite rides this year. Don't forget to subscribe, review and tip our hosts on Ko-Fi, we can't wait to go for another 300 episodes!
First up Benjamin grabs the 2022 Chevrolet Volt EUV, a vehicle that tries to defy established nomenclature and expectations of a crossover-fied car. Hear his thoughts on the affordable EV and how livable this former fire hazard is and wonder aloud with our hosts about the future of the Bolt nameplate. Then Sami chimes in with a recap of the 2023 Subaru Ascent, and relates it to his experience in the recently refreshed 2023 model. With more cameras, technology, and a segment leading 19 cupholders, Sami explains exactly where the Ascent stands today and whether you should buy one. Finally the guys remind listeners about the ongoing book contest and sling out a few shoutouts. Listen, review, subscribe and enjoy!
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