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Millennial Motivation & Inspiration: Millennial Motivation Podcast

Millennial Motivation & Inspiration: Millennial Motivation Podcast

Author: Millennial Motivation & Inspiration: Millennial Motivation Podcast

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Number #1 Millennial motivation podcast on iTunes. After suffering a number of setbacks in life and refusing to settle for the average 9 to 5, I am on a mission to help millennials create huge momentum in their life, side hustle and business through the power of their mindset. These short to the point episodes are designed for you – the ordinary millennial looking to achieve extraordinary results. Focusing on how to overcome internal doubts, bridge the gap between starting and moving forward, master your mindset and get you working harder outside the 9 to 5 to get away from the 9 to 5 to create wealth, opportunity and a life of freedom. The goal - to stop millennials dying at the age of 25 for it to then take 50 years to bury them.
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Jason is back and in this podcast we open up and talk through the troubles we face everyday of building a side hustle while looking to change the outlook of our future and how you can/will be facing these when you take action. From eliminating regret, trusting your process and confused with which options you … Challenges You Face Everyday With Jason Badu Read More »
What Are You Feeding?

What Are You Feeding?


When you feed something it gets bigger and the bigger it gets, the more difficult it becomes to stop. In this podcast we focus on if you are feeding fear or faith either subconsciously or unconsciously and how to recognise which on you are feeding! When you feed fear you feed un confidence, non action, … What Are You Feeding? Read More »
Todays podcast is all about that little thing called momentum and how to simply bring it into your life. A key ingredient in your over cake of success is all about moving forward and in todays episode, James touches on how he was able to create momentum towards a big goal and how you can … The Momentum Of Just Showing Up Read More »
Pain = Motivation

Pain = Motivation


Struggling for motivation can be very common, we all face it! In todays episode James looks into how you can create motivation to take action and change your life by looking into what the future can hold for you and the evidence is all around you. No crystal ball needed! Schedule your 30 minute free … Pain = Motivation Read More »
In this incredible interview Alex talks through how you need to create your WHY and the importance of using it for motivation, how you can work outside the 9 to 5 for your future self and to find the extra time in your day to work on your goals. YouTube – Alexander Thomas Property Instagram @alexthomasproperty Facebook … How To Create Momentum On Your Side Hustle Outside Your 9 To 5 – Alex Thomas Read More »
Straight to the point in this podcast with 5 mental conversations and battles you will have faced and will always face and how to overcome them using simple mindset techniques. If you let these get in the way and continue to stop you then you will be held back in your journey to creating the … 5 Mental Battles You Will Face When Starting Your Movement And Dream And How To Overcome Them | Mindset Read More »
Who is responsible for the problems and challenges you are facing currently? The decisions you made 1 year ago, 1 week ago and 1 day ago have all lead up to this present moment. Todays podcast comes from a frustrating story of the attitude and mindset that people have towards life and their own circumstances … You And Your Situation Are A Product Of Your Best Decisions | Motivation Read More »
WAIT WHAT…If the learning is pointless how do I learn how to do anything? In this episode of the Millennial Motivation Podcast James will be talking through one of the biggest challenges when it comes to taking action and it is about how we want to learn everything we possibly can about what we want … All The Learning You Are Doing Is Pointless, Unless… Read More »
What is business bipolar I hear you ask?! What an amazing interview with Carissa Hill in which we talk about how it is okay for you motivation to drop in and drop out, how you can make the most of your most productive times and how you can be your perfect customer! Connect with Carissa … Business Bipolar And It Is Okay For Your Motivation To Not Always Be Present – Carissa Hill Read More »
Questions are so powerful and the different types of questions you ask your self can trigger a positive and motivational response. In this podcast James talks through a one worded question you can start asking yourself to achieve better results internally. Schedule your 30 minute free coaching call Free eBook download  SUBSCRIBE TO … By Asking Yourself Better Questions, You Will Get Better Solutions | Motivation Read More »
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