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Q: What happens when people leave their regular routine and comfort zone and find themselves far from home, in foreign places and cultures unknown to them?

A: Life. Changing. Stories.

Each week, 22.33 delivers stories of people finding their way in new surroundings. With a combination of travel tales, innovation, empathy, and even survival at times, 22.33 delivers unforgettable first-person stories from people whose lives were changed by international exchange.

New episodes are released every Friday, along with regular bonus episodes. For more information please visit: eca.state.gov/2233
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The main story follows Gretchen Sanders from small-town Georgia to India and traces how her new life in a completely foreign culture helped her see her situation as an American even clearer, and how becoming closer to American colleagues helped her learn much more about her own country.  The short second story is a slice of surreality from former Yugoslavia and what happens when you get what you ask for…literally.
Fulbright Scholar from Pakistan
Recorded live at the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Conference in Washington D.C.
Freedom's Boombox

Freedom's Boombox


American Music Abroad
New Year's Wishes from ECA

New Year's Wishes from ECA


Happy New Year! -From everyone at the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA)
The Food We Eat, Part 12

The Food We Eat, Part 12


Our 12th bonus episode of crazy food stories from around the world.  It's been an amazing first season of 22.33 and we thank all our fans and loyal subscribers for supporting us!  Happy New Year and see you in 2020.
Tony Memmel has never let anyone impose limits on his dreams and he followed his passion to become a successful guitarist, despite the fact that he was born with only one hand. Now he travels the world with the Tony Memmel Band serving as a source of hope for countless others. (Featuring two exclusive “Little Nook” acoustic performances.)
When Munif Khan touched the soil in rural Iowa, it didn't seem much different than the soil in his hometown of Bangladesh. Yet, the fact that there were nearly 157 million fewer people on the same size piece of land meant making some big adjustments.
What started as a curiosity about a unique sounding instrument ultimately led Edward Nassor to the top of the United State's capital city, Washington D.C. Specifically, to the top of the Washington National Cathedral (where this episode was actually recorded) as the man behind the music in the bell tower.
Every step of Amy Avello's journey, from student activist to family court judge in the Philippines, she has had to confront and overcome stereotypes and obstacles. It wasn't easy but she did so gladly and with determination because those for whom she was fighting did not have a voice of their own.
A hospitalization abroad leads to an insight that changes the course of a participant's life and work--and all this while living overseas with a disability.
Muchas personas sueñan con terminar un maratón, pero pocas lo hacen. Increíblemente, Kathy Pico decidió competir en maratones el día en que le amputaron la pierna. (Este es un episodio especial de 22.33 en que les presentamos la versión original de la entrevista en español).
Many people dream of finishing a marathon, but few actually do it. Incredibly, Kathy Pico's decision to start racing began on the day that her leg was amputated. On this special episode of 22.33, we are also releasing the original Spanish language version of the interview as a bonus episode.
Ever wonder how an iconic image comes to be? In this bonus episode, Jen Guyton explains how she got her favorite picture, taken in Mozambique during her Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship.
Jen, a Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellow, is a photographer and ecologist with a passion for wildlife conservation and communicating nature. She believes that art -- whether it's film, photography, writing, or something else -- has the power to persuade and motivate. That makes it crucial for protecting our wild places.
A special Thanksgiving Day installment of crazy food stories features stories from Yemen, Iraq, Ukraine, Morocco, and the Philippines.
From learning to teach on the fly, to learning absolute obedience to Tajik grandmothers, to learning to adapt to ten-hour taxi rides, Chane Corp kept his wits, his sense of humor, and his love of Central Asia.
Ahmad talks about his family and life in Afghanistan, and cultural experiences he noticed as an exchange student in Kentucky.
Berlin Ghosts (Bonus)

Berlin Ghosts (Bonus)


Life as a student in Cold War Berlin
From Oakland, California to Rostock, Germany, Julia Follick remembers her pleasant and also intense conversations with her German students. She also recalls fun cultural activities that opened her perspective on cultural differences.
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