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Q: What happens when people leave their regular routine and comfort zone and find themselves far from home, in foreign places and cultures unknown to them?

A: Life. Changing. Stories.

Each week, 22.33 delivers stories of people finding their way in new surroundings. With a combination of travel tales, innovation, empathy, and even survival at times, 22.33 delivers unforgettable first-person stories from people whose lives were changed by international exchange.

New episodes are released every Friday, along with regular bonus episodes. For more information please visit: eca.state.gov/2233
34 Episodes
Sometimes opportunities present themselves in mysterious ways.  When many expats evacuated during a time of political turmoil in Indonesia, this Fulbright professor not only stayed, she found herself in the middle of a group of journalists that would help lead the country into the future and, during the course of those intense days, change the trajectory of her life. Send in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/2233/message
Looking up from the foot of a rainforest is overwhelming.  Imagine what the world looks like from way up there.  Our storyteller today doesn’t have to.  He spends his time in the rainforest canopy, researching and communing with creatures whose entire lives are spent without touching the ground.  Send in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/2233/message
Too cute to eat? Plus, the relationships created and the ethical issues that arise during an excavation at an ancient historical site in Peru. Send in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/2233/message
This U.S. filmmaker wasn't sure how her topical documentaries--one about unconscious bias, another about the gender gap in the tech industry--would play to foreign audiences in dramatically different cultures, but found an even more elemental thread bound them even closer. Send in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/2233/message
Observing Ramadan (Bonus)

Observing Ramadan (Bonus)


What’s it like for Americans living abroad during Ramadan, or international exchange participants in the U.S. during Ramadan? Listen to ECA exchange alumni share their experiences in this bonus episode. Send in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/2233/message
From the deserts of Jordan to the pine forests of Washington State, everything in America should have seemed radically different to this one high school international exchange student. But with his enthusiasm and willingness to try new things, the experience turned out to be a perfect match, right down to playing American football and vying to be Prom king! Send in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/2233/message
22.33’s fourth mash-up of unique, scary, strange, and sometimes delicious food stories from around the world. Send in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/2233/message
The talented sibling trio recount their amazement at hearing their own musical compositions performed for them halfway across the world, while on an ambitious tour that constantly underscored how music can bring people closer together. This episode features original music and an exclusive “little nook” live performance. Send in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/2233/message
She was a perfectionist, successful and with her future mapped out. But traveling alone in Ecuador proved full of unexpected challenges—not least of which was answering the question about what kind of person she was deep down. The longer she was there, the more her life slowed down, until one day she found herself immovably in the present. Send in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/2233/message
Please enjoy our 6th bonus episode of the year: an interview with Dr. Bernadett Szél, a Hungarian economist, politician, and member of the National Assembly. Send in a voice message:https://anchor.fm/2233/message
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