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The Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast brings you the best business and entrepreneurial information straight from one of the world's top Entrepreneurs -- and a man who lives one of the best lives on Earth. I will help you maximize your potential, your freedom, and happiness in business and life.
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A question I seem to be getting often, and one I have good experience in, is how to date cougars and older women when you are a younger man. My encounters were pretty great, and I'll tell you about them here. I'll also say exactly how to keep a cougar around and give them what they want. Join me on this podcast if your a man in his twenties or thirties looking to pick up hot older women!
In this podcast, I won't tell you a single thing you should do. Instead, what most men fail to realize is that it isn't that you need a new technique to get women. In most cases, you need to STOP doing the things you are currently doing. There are many fatal flaws ingrained into men these days that decrease their chances exponentially. In this podcast, here are the things you need to NOT do to pick up the woman you're after!
Anti-Aging is an important part of being an Alpha Male 2.0. You can't get new girls if you look like crap. In this video, I'll tell you how to reverse aging and make sure you look young even as you grow older. But when should you start paying attention to this? Sit back and find out how keep looking good with Metformin and HGH!
This is Alpha Male 2.0 and today, I'll go over how the 1-10 scale is complete and utter BS. Plus, I'll give you a much better alternative way of thinking. If you want common consensus, then a 1-10 scale will give you a wide range of results, with no consistency. There is a better option, and if you have a counter argument, I'll touch on it here. Of course, if there is anything you think I missed, let's here it down in the comments! 👇
I answer ALL of your questions! Join me as I don't hold anything back, and answer every single query that you, my viewers, sent in. This was a lot of fun, and turn out to be a really long video. If you have a question it's answered here in this Ask Me Anything with Caleb Jones!
In this episode of the Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast, I'll tell you what you need to know to date women in foreign countries. Especially if you have never been, you'll need to know there are some awesome pros, as well as some big cons to dating foreign women. But, if managed correctly, you simply can't beat it. It's extremely important to follow the Alpha Male 2.0 model to make sure you keep your woman life exciting and happy - especially when you're worldwide!
A lot of people start a business, but soon find this failing or going back to a job. The key to long term success? Let's discuss how creating rational goals, and taking action on them is how you can ensure that your business will always create revenue. Making money isn't about the short term. It's time to dream big and make it bigger! I'm Caleb Jones. This is Sovereign CEO & I help people create location independent income, move to a better country, or just set up an international backup plan and do all these things without spending a lot of money.
There's no excuse that validates you can't change. I've heard every story you could think of, but the answer will always be the same. This overview will show the cons of that type of thinking. Your goals and life dreams aren't far off, but it all starts with improving your mindset. Let's listen in this podcast as we discuss why to free yourself of bad habits and thinking, and how to make sustainable real-life changes!!
I refer to Five Flags a lot in my videos. But what is it? What is Five Flags, and how can you incorporate it into your life? It's a bit complex but let me lay out how you can live an international lifestyle, all while not breaking the bank and spending too much money.
Psychology says that being a dominant man or woman, it’s okay if you want to be dominated during intimacy. In this video, you’ll learn about how the dominant men & women & even Alpha Male 2.0 behave in real life vs. during intimacy.   I’m Caleb Jones. This is Alpha Male 2.0. I make a multi-six-figure location-independent international income while dating multiple attractive women and I teach men like you how to do the same thing.
There are three distinct types of women in the dating and relationship world. The more you understand these three types the better results you'll have.
What if there was a version of having "F U Money" that applied to your dating life?
A common excuse among guys when I advise to create their own Alpha 2.0 location independent business is "but I don't know how to do anything" or "but I don't have any marketable skills." If that's you, listen to this podcast.
There's a lot of confusion about weight loss in the Western world. When you get what I'm about to explain in this podcast, you won't be confused anymore. It took me about 10 years to figure this out myself.
Is social media a net negative or net positive for society? Before, I had no opinion on this. Now, I do. In this podcast I'll analyze this in terms of society, dating, and business.
Should you to learn a foreign language for your new international home, or one of your frequent flags? The answer might surprise you.  
My OLTR Marriage to Pink Firefly is more than 3 years old and we've been together for over 6 years and we're still very happy, very attracted to each other, and have low drama. Why has this worked? I will analyze (with Pink Firefly's help).
Where does spirituality fit within an Alpha Male 2.0 framework? Does religion work within an Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle? What are MY spiritual beliefs, if any? I discuss all of these topics in this podcast.
Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert and Trump sycophant, who formerly had the best blog on the entire internet (pre-Trump) got traditionally monogamously married last year, AGAIN. In this podcast I'm going to give you specific quotes he said during his last divorce in 2014 about how marriage doesn't work... quotes he completely forgot about as he made the exact same error a second time. And it won't work out this time either.
Do women cheat more than men? Do men cheat more? There's a lot of debate about this and there IS a definitive answer that explains all the disagreements. It's just one you haven't thought of.    
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Listen to this podcast. 100% chance Caleb fucked a tranny...twice.

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Christopher Maier

Any chance you could add your old 5 FREE podcasts from ~2015, Caleb? Thank you.

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Great episode. Poor guy...

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