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Author: Darren LaCroix, Mark Brown

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Attention experienced corporate presenters, public speakers, professional speakers and pastors.

Do you want to deliver a good, a great or an unforgettable presentation?

Get insights from behind the scenes on some of the most unforgettable presentations ever delivered.

√ What's the story behind the presentation?
√ Where did the idea come from?
√ How did they prepare it?
√ How did they execute it?

Join World Champions of Public Speaking, Mark Brown & Darren LaCroix. They have been world-class speaking coaches for over a decade and have trained presenters in over 14 countries. You'll love their chemistry and wisdom.

What will you hear?
Some episodes will be rock-solid content, some episodes will be interviews with presenters who delivered an unforgettable presentation.
119 Episodes
Today Darren and Mark address your presentation WALKTHROUGH. This isn’t a rehearsal; it’s a review of the structure of your presentation, like a storyboard in filmmaking. The walkthrough is a powerful way to ensure that your presentation is seamless…and unforgettable. Snippets: The walkthrough ensures that your presentation flows properly Clarifies when information and other details are missing Guides with correcting sequence errors Helps with moving or removing paragraphs, stories, and entire sections that are out of sequence Avoids the introduction of new characters and ideas near the end of the your presentation.
Sometimes we fail to recognize powerful stories from our lives because they don’t appear to be significant on the surface. Today Mark and Darren discuss how life lessons that you learned through the years can be reverse engineered to uncover meaningful stories which you can then insert into your presentations and make them unforgettable. Snippets: Mine the life lessons from every season of your life. Recall the characters to relive the experience Remember the emotions of the moment Rehearse the story that taught the lesson Figure out where the story will fit in your presentation
How can a presenter BECOME unforgettable? Today Darren and Mark talk with Mike Davis, Sara McGill, and Kathi Kulesza, three members of Darren’s Stage Time University (STU) Community, about their journey to becoming unforgettable. In this behind-the-scenes look at STU, Mike, Sara, and Kathi share their growth in various facets of presentations. These include preparing and presenting speeches, doing live video, serving as event emcee, and producing a podcast, all steps on their path to becoming unforgettable. Snippets: When you don’t get paid your value, you finally understand your value To become unforgettable, don’t play the short game. Think long term. Use available resources to make your presentation better Qualified coaching will elevate your presentation This strong community promotes accountability
What’s a great career move when your children grow up and move out? Leave your corporate career and become a stand-up comedian! Stephanie McHugh explains her choice to Mark and Darren, and shares the lessons she learned about uncovering the humor in our painful experiences. Stephanie clarifies how the most sensitive situations can hold the seeds of humor…if we look for them. When we find the punch lines in our pain, our stories and our presentations can be unforgettable. Snippets: If humor didn’t quite work, don’t abandon it, amend it Finding humor in pain is like a finding the right pieces to a puzzle Look for humor in EVERY situation…especially the painful ones Test every bit of humor three times Pain and humor are universal
“I never planned on a career in the world of public speaking”, says UK-based Simon Bucknall, speaker/author/trainer/consultant serving prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge as well as advising leaders of major corporations and private equity companies. Today he shares with Darren and Mark how an abysmal failure inspired him to master his craft and propelled him into the world of public speaking. He also expounds on the simple but successful techniques that have endeared him to his audiences, and which can make you unforgettable. Snippets: Be vulnerable and dig deep to tell your stories All you need is one WOW moment to be unforgettable Create a circle of trust, people whose expertise you value Talk TO your audience; don’t present AT them Never confuse the written with the spoken Revisit memorable moments and you will find the unforgettable
How does one go from being a shy child to 3-time South Africa Skateboarding Champion to the only 5-time winner of the Southern African Championship for Public Speaking? In this heart-to-heart with Mark and Darren, professional speaker, author, talk-show host, and business consultant Douglas Kruger breaks down many of the life lessons that made that life journey possible…lessons he now shares with his global audiences, readers, and listeners. A fierce audience advocate, Douglas reveals how caring deeply for your audience can help you provide excellent value and make you unforgettable. Snippets: Out-care the competition Write the speech YOU want to hear Don’t do to your audience that which you don’t want done to you Keep your mental feelers (antennae) switched on It’s about the audience and their benefit Find your audience’s struggle, and find their value    
How can you inspire the best people to work with you and collaborate with you? There’s nothing wrong with promoting your track record of achievement. However, you may have an untapped resource sitting right in front of you…or in a virtual office space in a remote location. They are the individuals on your team. In this second episode in a 2-part series, Darren and Mark focus on ‘Lucy Lawyer’s legal team and the power of THEIR stories in the recruitment process. Learn how your team tell can provide the validation that will attract top talent just by telling THEIR story. Snippets: • Your team’s stories are powerful testimonials • Promote your company culture with your team members’ stories • Team member stories are excellent 3rd-party validation
Any business owner can list their credentials and unleash their CV to promote their products and services. Many do just that on their website and in their promotional materials. How can you stand out? Tell YOUR business story. Mark and Darren share nuggets from their experience teaching ‘Lucy Lawyer’ and the legal team of her growing law firm how to use HER unforgettable story to grow her client base and expand her business. These are lessons you can use to make your business unforgettable. Snippets: • Share the WHY behind your business • Let your prospects learn about YOU • Dig deep into your past to uncover and reveal your true motivation • Use the MOMENTS in your story to connect with your audience
High-energy Las Vegas headliner Jeff Civillico is also a dynamic speaker and professional Master of Ceremonies (Emcee). He talks with Mark and Darren about the lessons he learned since he began performing at the age of 7. He also dispenses solid advice on confidence, industry and commitment…key ingredients in any formula for taking your performance to the NEXT LEVEL and becoming unforgettable.   Snippets: • Generate presence with energy shifts Presence and confidence come from repetition When you interact with your audience, slow down; don’t miss the moments To get next level performance, seek advice from other professionals Go all in; triple down on your commitment Confidence comes from knowing your stuff. KNOW YOUR STUFF!
Dr. Nido Qubein, a true speaking legend, has inspired audiences across the globe for almost 50 years. As he chats with Darren and Mark, he dispenses wisdom on a range of principles…from communication techniques to providing real value to faithful courage. Filled with ‘snippets of sagacity’, this conversation is a veritable masterclass for anyone who aspires to be an unforgettable presenter.   Snippets: • The Law of Identification: When something becomes personal it becomes important Speak from your mind, heart and soul, with kindness and love Don’t just help people out; help them up Be meaningfully distinctive Be substantive and substantial Be responsive and responsible Your communication skills are the currency of your success Be enablers of learning for your audience
Speaking, is the first Grenadian to take that stage. He gets up close with Mark and Darren, revealing the motivation behind messages. He also explains how discipline, humility and an audience focus can make a presentation unforgettable. Snippets: • Be a voice for the voiceless • Take criticism. You aren’t always as good as you think Your stories are personal; your messages must be universal Be humble and stay grounded Make your message about your audience Be disciplined; everything takes a process
Imagine believing that you lack the heart, brains and courage to take the Yellow Brick Road of public speaking, so it takes you SIX MONTHS to give your first speech in your second language…to a friendly audience. Nitay-Yair Levi has a conversation with Darren, Mark and guest host Mike Davis about his journey to the 2021 World Championship of Public Speaking, where he finished in 2nd place. He expounds on his unforgettable technique of using the video camera to transform his virtual stage, the tremendous amount of work it took to deliver his messages, and his continuing journey along his Yellow Brick Road. Snippets: • Create an emotional reset • Don’t focus on your ego • Be ‘intelligently naïve’ and question why Your Speech: Deliver what it MUST be, not what it SHOULD be Be a servant to your message Use a foundational sound and a foundational gesture Your level of success is directly linked to your level of discomfort
We all know how to use descriptive language to create scenes in the minds of our audiences. Today Mark and Darren reveal the secret to setting the MOOD of a story scene. This powerful technique will enable you to transform your visual scene into a sensory experience, establish a strong emotional connection with your audience, and make your message memorable. Snippets: • Reveal one small, relevant detail without being overly descriptive • Dialog is an excellent way to depict the mood of a scene • Setting the mood intentionally can create a sensory experience • Scenes must be emotionally relatable for your audience You don’t need the same experience, just the same emotion The audience that relates emotionally to the ‘THEN’, will want the ‘NOW’
Imagine that 25 years of your life story includes writing songs as a teenager in Cape Town, South Africa, singing professionally in Nashville, Tennessee, acting on television and in movies, building a professional speaking career, and becoming the 2021 World Champion of Public Speaking. It would be a great read…and Verity Price has lived it. She chats with Darren and Mark, elaborating on her unique journey and revealing her secrets to being unforgettable. These include getting coached, focusing on your message, seizing opportunity, and listening to your instincts. Snippets: • It’s not “Who will pay me?”; it’s “Who needs my message?” • Say “Yes” to opportunities • Your story doesn’t change, but your message can shift • Listen to your coach, but listen to your instincts as well Your STRUGGLE: you must be able to laugh about it before you can talk about it. Is your story being written FOR you, or BY you?
How do you take client customization to the next level…and beyond? Sales, Leadership and Business Expert Ryan Estis uses original, personalized research to ‘know more about the client than they know about themselves’. He reveals to Mark and Darren the value of curiosity, observation, self-inspection, and the desire to ‘skill up’. He also shares his secret to mastery, and the mindset that will make any speaker unforgettable. Snippets: • The best teachers are students • Where are you going to learn and ‘skill up’? • Your expertise lies in what you have already mastered • Use self-inspection to cultivate the stories of your life experience • Be curious, mindful, and observant •Move from something to PROVE to something to GIVE • Always give your audience an action plan
Competence at virtual presentations has become a necessity, and industry experts confirm that presenters MUST have this skill in their arsenal because as hopeful as we may be for ‘the good old days’, virtual is NOT going away. Stage Time University faculty member and Certified World Class Speaking Coach Mike Davis joins Darren and Mark as they passionately discuss simple yet powerful ways to create a professional-looking virtual studio...without breaking the bank. Snippets: • A standing desk gives great flexibility • Simple backlighting can enhance your background • Use foam padding to minimize echo from reflective surfaces • What’s in your background, and can it be a distraction •You can create a professional look for under $1,000 • If you were a meeting planner, would you hire you for a virtual presentation?
From childhood abuse to contemplating suicide to Oprah to the TEDx stage, Rena Romano has a story you won’t forget. Now a respected speaker, author and coach, Rena opens up to Mark and Darren about her journey, and the powerful lessons she learned along the way about positivity, purpose, and perspective. She also shares techniques for personal development, marketing, and audience impact…techniques that can make any speaker unforgettable. Snippets: • Coaches hire coaches • Comparison kills • It’s not about the views; it’s about the ‘THANK-YOUs’ • Use ‘News hijacking’ on social media to expand your audience reach • Delete the dirty details and leave the mess out of the message • Don’t just survive; surTHRIVE!
The lights go out in the middle of your presentation. Your tech fails right before you start. You have 15 minutes to deliver your 1-hour speech. Your audience inexplicably gives you blank stares during your entire presentation. Darren and Mark connect with Certified World Class Speaking Coach Mike Davis, and Hall of fame speaker Jim Cathcart to discuss methods for dealing with the unexpected. Knowing how to respond when it all goes wrong will help you to be unforgettable. Snippets: • Fix what you can, acknowledge what you cannot • When it all goes wrong, be the calmest person in the room • Use improv to prepare yourself to adjust in emergencies • Focus less on your inconvenience and more about serving your audience • When it all goes wrong, it may not be your fault, but it’s your responsibility
“If you want to be an unforgettable speaker, you have to be an unforgettable person.” This acorn of wisdom is one of many that Hall Of Fame Speaker Jim Cathcart reveals as he chats with Darren and Mark. He also shares timeless strategies for audience engagement, story-telling and subject matter mastery…necessary skills that will help any speaker to become unforgettable! Snippets: Say something worth hearing. We are vehicles of value. Practice your stories during regular conversations. Your story should get shorter every time you tell it. Nothing is more important than the VALUE your audience receives. Stay humble.
He started out with nothing, had multiple failures, and even slept in his car! Today, Brian Tracy is a speaking LEGEND! He sits down with Mark and Darren sharing his experiences and wisdom learned at ‘the school of example’, including the two KEY QUESTIONS every speaker must ask and answer after every presentation. Listen, and learn from a legend how any speaker can become unforgettable! Snippets Fail your way to success. Read, Read, READ! Preparation is the key. Debrief every presentation. Listen to and learn from other presenters Set high standards for yourself
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Christine Halbe-Moore

this was so helpful and powerful thank you for sharing!!!!!

May 9th


Very informative podcast on Ted Talks! Wow! Great episode! I’m inspired to apply for a Tedx talk.

May 31st
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