DiscoverSexy Pillows Podcast . Let's Sleep Together...
Sexy Pillows Podcast . Let's Sleep Together...

Sexy Pillows Podcast . Let's Sleep Together...

Author: Sleepy Olivea Lei

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Darling, do you wish you had someone to fall asleep with? Someone, to help you unwind & relax at bedtime? If so, it's the to meet Olivea, your lovely hostess on the Sexy Pillows Podcast.

Every episode of the Sexy Pillows Podcast is a like an audio love letter. End your day feeling snuggled and cared for, ready to start tomorrow on a positive note by falling asleep with Olivea.

The show usually consists of a little pillow talk, sensuous stretching, and deep breathing––all to the tune of soothing music. Sometimes Olivea will regale you with stories of her life on The Mountain, or read quotes or poetry. At times she will simply ramble on and bore you to sleep.

This show was made for you if….

~You crave a positive, sensual addition to your nightly ritual
~You are into meditation, hypnosis, or ASMR
~You experience loneliness, depression, or anxiety

Creating the Sexy Pillows Podcast is Olivea's nightly ritual, and the most peaceful part of her day. She is so excited to fall asleep with you.

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70 Episodes
Let's imagine we are outside together, breathing fresh air, and sleeping so well. 
Evening Ramblings

Evening Ramblings


Let's write some evening pages together (a la The Artist's Way) as we rest and fall asleep together. 
Breathe With Tara

Breathe With Tara


Hello My Darling... It's bedtime, so it's breathing time. Let's breathe together as I lead us through some stretching, meditation, then a bedtime story. Tonight I am reading Tara's chapter from my book, "Your Sexiest You Yet." The chapter is entitled Lavish Breath. Let's breathe in then out.
Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage


This is a little audio love letter from me to you. I'm gonna give you a you think you'll be able to feel it?
My lovely ladies and I made some sexy face masks. They may not be fully effective, but they are easy peasy and readily available. Let's stretch and I'll tell you all about it, while we focus on being safe and comfy cozy in our beds with a little soothing meditation. I love falling asleep with you. 
Sleep with Selena

Sleep with Selena


Darling let's fall asleep together. Let's stretch our bodies, meditate our minds, and read a story together.
Do you ever wish you had someone to fall asleep with? Someone to help you relax and unwind at bedtime. If you do, you may enjoy my homegrown Podcast, the Sexy Pillows Podcast. I am Olivea Lei, your lovely hostess, and every night I just want to butter you up, tuck you tightly into bed and send you sailing off into Dreamland. I like to pillow talk, stretch, meditate and remind you how very special you are to me. I can’t for you to join me on The Sexy Pillows Podcast. Until then, sleep well. 
Let's Relax

Let's Relax


Hey Darling, I'm here thinking about you like always, especially in this time of uncertainty. Sending you so much love, relaxation, and comfort.



I'm here. Coping. Coping with Corona. 
Quarantined Comfort

Quarantined Comfort


Let's get comfortable together, quarantined in comfort. I have missed you and I 'm grateful to be with you now.    corona virus pandemic sleep peacefully
Darling, you deserve a delicious tomorrow. Let's focus in on our breath, while we open our hearts to the possibility of tomorrow's potential.
With our wings we will fly off into Dreamland.
LXII. Sleepy Quotes

LXII. Sleepy Quotes


I'm still tired, still sick, and still a lover of quotes.
Darling, will you fall asleep with me tonight? It's raining, I am sick, and I would love your company.
Darling, Let's fall asleep together as I tell you a little red riding hood story that is just a smidgen erotic. 
I'm tired and just want to say good night...
Hi Darling! Let's fall asleep together as I read to you a bedtime story about the lovely morning glory and all of its persistence.
Hello Darling. This is a special bonus episode brought to you from my Patrons over at For the last few weeks I have been releasing two bonus episodes a week on this new feed, and I want you to get in on the action. If you would like to give me and the Sexy Pillows Podcast back some financial energy, please do and reap the rewards over at Also, if you haven't already signed up to be penpals, that would be an honor too. You can do that at Xoxo, Olivea
LVI. Love and Butter

LVI. Love and Butter


Darling, Let me butter you up as we drift off to sleep at bedtime.
Darling you deserve to love yourself. Sleep is especially more delicious when you go to bed wrapped in the embrace of your own affection. I love you. I love falling asleep with you. And I dream you will love yourself as much, if not more than I do... Xoxo, Olivea
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matthew bussen

Thank you for being here through all this!

Apr 5th

Pic Nz

bye-bye sweetheart all the best in your new endevours

Jan 26th

David Hudyma

Loved your podcast.... sorry to see you go....😢

Jan 20th
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Tosh Head


Nov 10th
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Pic Nz

you are goodness itself Huggs n Kisses to you

Nov 1st
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Very Relaxing.

May 22nd


Darling, you’re lovely.

Nov 9th
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