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Author: Deandra Dey

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I Have My Reasons is a podcast highlighting stories of human innovation, resiliency, and resourcefulness hosted by mom, clinical counsellor, and singer-songwriter, Deandra Dey.
16 Episodes
The new episode of I Have My Reasons is with Entrepreneur, photographer, birth educator, mother, doula(and honestly so much more) Julie McCoppen. Julie is an advocate and absolute powerhouse when it comes to supporting women and birth. Her company Moga Moms trains yoga instructors in pre and post natal yoga making yoga more accessible to the mothering community.  This is Julie’s second time on I Have My Reasons but his time she is accompanying Deandra in sharing her two birth stories, both of which Julie attended as a Doula. In addition to sharing the birth stories this episode covers:The transition into second time motherhoodMotherhoodHomebirth hypnobirthing doula’s and more   Resources:Deandra’s Instagram deandra.dey.creativeDeandra's Website www.deandradeytherapy.comMoga Moms @mogayogatrainings Video of the Episode:
In this episode of I HAVE MY REASONS Deandra Dey sits down with midwife Lee Janzen.  Lee is a midwife with Sage Hill Community Midwives in Kamloops BC.  Deandra had the experience of working with Lee in her first pregnancy and it was in her care that Deandra learned what it was like to be supported through pregnancy and birth from a model that values relationship, education, and empowerment.  In this episode you will hear about:Lee’s personal journey into midwiferyThe midwifery care model, history and stigmaHomebirth and hospital birth with a midwife Birth Trauma and the importance of support in labor Challenges that midwifery is currently facingAnd more! 
Staying connected to our inner experience or our outer experience is difficult at the best of times, but when we get into social situations or in a chaotic environment, it can be even more difficult to connect with what's happening for us(how we feel, what we need, what we want to say etc. ) and what's happening around us.  This meditation is a practise that helps to strengthen the ability to have awareness of what's happening in yourself and your environment. For the full blog post on the meditation CLICK HERE.
In this episode of I Have My Reasons Mental Health Counsellor Deandra Dey sits down with British Columbia based Nervous system consultant,  Somatic Experiencing practitioner and Adventure guide Verdell Jessup. In this podcast episode they discuss:How Verdell came to this workTrauma and healing through the nervous systemPanic attacksSpiritual bypassing      Why meditation and breathwork can cause more harm,  An embodied path to healing, and more!  Episode Resources:Website: Verdell's Jessup  Instagram: @VerdellJessupSomatic Experiencing Resources Gordon NeufeldResearch on the Adverse Impacts of Meditation 
 In this episode Deandra is interviewed by  friend and fellow podcaster Robyn McLean. Deandra is a counsellor, singer-song writer, yoga instructor, podcaster and mother. In this episode you will hear about:people pleasing and passivity and its impact on relationship motherhood and empowermentthe importance of rest for counselling and creative practiseIntellectualized self healing verses embodied self healing  the nervous system and natureand more! To learn more about Deandra check her out here:
Robyn has been working in the field of evaluation, applied research and strategy for more than fifteen years. She is the leader of her company Tapestry Evaluation and has a passion and focus for systems-level change meaningful impact and community collaboration. Robyn is the host of her new podcast Weaving The Future, a guide to transforming the world inside and out.In this episode:Community healing through self-healing Pleasure and joy as key components of change Community transformation and what can we do The current climate of social activismResources:Weaving the Future:“Weaving the future is a how-to guide for transforming the world inside and out. So many of us feel the need for major changes in how we are living. And many of us also question - what can we do? Where do we start?  The goal of this project is to clarify those questions at a deep level. We will also talk about practical next steps for transformation at all levels
Stephanie Patsula is a Canadian Visual Artist, MFA candidate in New Media at the Unversity of Alberta, program director of Parallel Space and an Art Educator for the City of Edmonton. Stephanie is an artist is all that she does and a natural community builder. In this episode, we talk about the impacts of Covid-19 on: Creativity Personal Art practiseThe somatic bodyTrauma response Communityand more! Resources: @S_Patsula 
In this episode of I Have My Reasons, I speak with Patricia Neufeld, Academic, Educator and Counsellor. Pat was my professor and clinical supervisor during my Masters of Education Counselling program at Thomspon Rivers University. This conversation is thoughtful heartfelt and I am been very excited to share. Together we discuss:The habit of people-pleasing The journey of personal inquiry and growth The role of a counsellor and the counselling field And much more!Resources from the episodeBliss and Grit Podcast
Mike Erickson is a musician, vlogger, content creator, husband, father of three and life enthusiast! Over the last few years, I have seen Mike shift and change to better honour the needs of himself and his family. Watching this process, along with his fearless drive to create content has been inspiring!In this Episode with Mike Erikson we talk about:Mikes experience with anxiety and anxiety management Video and content creationSocial Media and how it can hinder the creative process and more!INSTAGRAM: @beatmikmediaYOUTUBE:
The body scan meditation is a core practise of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn. This meditation is done laying down in a comfortable position. With this meditation, you will be guided to systematically attune to the sensations in your body while trying to maintain a sense of openness and self-compassion. This type of meditation can support mental wellness, help us to relax, and assist in chronic pain management. In fact, after doing the body scan meditation many people report feeling that their pain is more manageable. Further to that, some people find that after doing the body scan meditation, they are able to relax and fall asleep. 
In Episode 6 of I Have My Reasons Kamloops Mental Health Counsellor Deandra Dey speaks with her good friend and colleague Kamloops Registered Massage Therapist Melissa West. Melissa is passionate about taking an interdisciplinary approach to healing chronic pain. This passion and experience led her to open her own pain management clinic in Kamloops.  Melissa’s team at Change Your Pain Kamloops includes Registered Massage Therapists, a Naturopath doctor, Counsellor and a Kinesiologist.In this podcast, Deandra and Melissa talk about:The autonomic nervous systemPain and the nervous systemWhat happens in our bodies when dysregulatedTrauma and how it impacts the state of our nervous system Understanding and supporting our nervous system - a helpful tool in our healing journeyResources:Deandra Dey Therapy www.deandradeytherapy.comChange Your Pain Kamloops www.changeyourpain.comNiel Person- Pain Management, M. R., Najman, J. M., Jamrozik, K., Mamun, A. A., Alati, R., & Bor, W. (2007). Cannabis and anxiety and depression in young adults: a large prospective study. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 46(3), 408-417., G., Fornari, E., Annoni, J. M., Chtioui, H., Dao, K., Fabritius, M., ... & Giroud, C. (2014). Long-term effects of cannabis on brain structure. Neuropsychopharmacology, 39(9), 2041-2048., R., Edry, J. W., Barnes, V. A., & Jerath, V. (2006). Physiology of long pranayamic breathing: neural respiratory elements may provide a mechanism that explains how slow deep breathing shifts the autonomic nervous system. Medical hypotheses, 67(3), 566-571., M. (2007). Mind does really matter: Evidence from neuroimaging studies of emotional self-regulation, psychotherapy, and placebo effect. Progress in neurobiology, 81(4), 218-236.
After starting his journey towards self-healing and having his two boys, Cory left his successful construction/excavation company to start the Breath Integration Coaching and Training Center with his business partner Lynn Aylward. In this episode Deandra and Cory talk about:Cory’s journey to where he is now spiritually and professionallyBreathwork practise and what it has brought himParenting as an opportunity for learning and spiritual growthBreaking down and destigmatizing the concept of higher-selfWorking with deeper pain, not just the symptoms Acceptance and forgiveness as the centre stone to healing Resources mentioned in this episode:Forgiveness: The Greatest Healer of All by Gerald G Jampolsky of Heaven by Eben Alexander Course in Miracles Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabury with Cory:Instagram Integration Coaching and Training Centre
In this episode, Deandra sits down with influencer, coach and entrepreneur Jennifer Campbell. Jennifer is co-founder of Balance365life a program dedicated to helping women deprogram from the pressures of diet culture and gain autonomy over their health and wellness journey. In this episode, we talk about:Jenn's company Balance365Body Neutrality VS Body PositivityHow Jenn became inspired to do this work Body autonomy and weight loss for overall quality of life Intergenerational impacts of diet culture The importance of understanding our needs and listening to ourselves/bodies   Resources:Balance 365life Radio 365life Daughters and Body Image- Hillary McBride
In this episode, Deandra chats with her friend and music mentor Michael Turner. Mike has owned Turners Music Studio for over 20 years, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and mentor/teacher.In this episode, we talk about:Mike's experience as a creative and entrepreneurChallenges and opportunities of the current music economy Artist development Persistence, autonomy and diversification in your art practise
I Have My Reasons is a podcast highlighting stories of human innovation, resiliency, and resourcefulness hosted by mom, clinical counsellor, and singer-songwriter, Deandra Dey.  In this episode, Deandra chats with Entrepreneur, Mom, and friend, Julie McCoppen. Julie is passionate about supporting mothers and weaves this passion into all the work she does. Julie is co-owner and CEO of Moga Moms, a company offering pre and postnatal yoga training's. Shes also a birth educator, pre and postnatal doula and owner of Stork To Cradle Doula Care.  Lastly, Julies new found passion is photography and she does this under her business of Barelife Photography.  In this episode we talk about:The transition to MotherhoodJulies first post-partum experience and her challenges with mental healthLiving with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Toxic diet culture and its impact Resources:Moga Moms: @mogamoms or to Cradle: @storktocradle or Photography: @barelifephotography or 365:
I Have My Reasons is a podcast highlighting stories of human innovation, resiliency, and resourcefulness hosted by mom, clinical counsellor, and singer-songwriter, Deandra Dey. In the first episode, Deandra sits down for a conversation with Garet Biglow, Community Builder, Tiny-house Engineer/Resident, and DJ. In this episode, Garet openly talks about how his explorations with psychedelics accidentally helped him shift out of a difficult depressive state, his passion for community connection, nature, ecstatic dance, and men's healing. Follow Garet on Instagram: @geez.beatsFollow Deandra Dey:Instagram: 
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