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Sit down with Viewpoints each week as we report on social issues, the environment, history, food – you name it. What’s it like to give birth in prison? Could the plague resurface with climate change? How has politics been permanently reshaped by the Trump era? Candid stories on topics you should know, plus Culture Crash – a three-minute recap on a timely topic in media to keep you up-to-date on all things music, TV and film.

Hosted by Marty Peterson, Gary Price, Evan Rook and produced by Amirah Zaveri. New shows posted each Sunday by 5 a.m. EST. Subscribe and listen, and find out more info at Also, follow us on Twitter & Instagram at ViewpointsRadio.
352 Episodes
Coronavirus has affected nearly every industry across the globe, including the entertainment biz. We discuss how several facets of Hollywood, from production to movie theaters, have adapted to the new reality.
Everyone remembers little Gertie from the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and the actress who played the part: Drew Barrymore. However, a lot has changed since then. Today, Barrymore is mother of two, accomplished actress, businesswoman and now, author. In her new memoir she opens up about growing up in Hollywood, fending for herself at age 14 and what she’s learned over the years.
With many unknowns hanging above our heads during this global pandemic, it’s vital to stay present and positive. We discuss small steps you can take each day to find structure and the importance of looking at the long-term picture.
We discuss some of the best selections now streaming on Netflix as millions turn to movies right now for evening entertainment.
In a moment where many are practicing ‘social distancing’ it can be a good opportunity to put down your phones and pick up a stress-relieving solo hobby. We speak with Shannon Downey, creator of Badass Cross Stitch, about the simplicity and art of cross-stitching as well as how she’s used it to channel local and national social issues.
Human use of cannabis dates back to tens of thousands of years ago. And the drug wasn’t just used in medicinal or recreational settings, but also part of religious ceremonies or used by warriors before wartime battle. We speak with pharmacology expert Dr. Richard Miller about the drugs global history and its prohibition in the U.S. over the last 70 years.
Devs has only released a handful of episodes on Hulu so far, but the sci-fi thriller has already generated a lot of buzz for its gripping plot and eerie feels. We dive into the limited series featuring leads Nick Offerman and newcomer, Sonoya Mizuno.
Ever feel like each morning you look at your closet, and despite the large number of clothes, never really have anything to wear? This abundance of extra fabric not only takes up space but also can be a burden to your headspace. We speak with two experts about how to shop and consume less as well as best organize the items you already have.
In a moment where many are practicing ‘social distancing’, it can be a good opportunity to put down your phones and pick up a stress-relieving solo hobby. We speak with Shannon Downey, creator of Badass Cross Stitch, about the simplicity and art of cross-stitching as well as how she’s used it to channel social issues.
From the classic 1985 film, Clue to the more recent release, Knives Out, the mystery genre can be just the right pick-me-up when you fall into a post-Oscar season movie slump. Viewpoints’ discusses some of our favorites from this genre.
The white hair, rosy cheeks and stark complexion are what we often picture when we think of our first president. But behind his looks and historic accomplishments, what are some facts that are not as well publicized? Viewpoints’ speaks with history buff and author, Alexis Coe to learn more about the man, the myth: George Washington.
Does it ever seem like the more you try to finish, the less you accomplish? It may be that you’re expending too much energy on mindlessly doing rather than planning and prioritizing. Viewpoints’ speaks to two experts in the field about some simple strategies you can employ to get things done in a more efficient manner.
Better Call Saul is the show we never knew we needed after the hit show Breaking Bad came to a close. Season 5 of the show is now airing on AMC.
If you take a look at some of the newer brands that are shaking up retail – from Dollar Shave Club to Casper mattresses – all of these ideas are based off traditional products rather than new inventions. How are some of these startups outperforming the big-name, traditional brands that have ruled the consumer market for decades?
What exactly classifies a person as a genius? Are there biological differences between male and female geniuses? Viewpoints’ explores these questions and highlights a few overlooked female scientists throughout history.
The hit drama, This Is Us has led its viewers down a puzzling, sometimes draining series of twists and turns throughout the last four seasons – but is the show finally fizzling out?
1,000,000 animal and plant species now face the threat of extinction. As more than 80 percent of all global biodiversity lives on private land, what is the role of corporations when it comes to protecting these endangered species? Viewpoints speaks with Margaret O’ Gorman, president of the Wildlife Habitat Council, about the creative and adaptive policies companies can take to make a difference.
Today, body-worn cameras are a mainstay in many police departments across the country. While the new technology increases transparency, is it leading to better relationships between the public and police? How are innovations in the field - including the incorporation of artificial intelligence - changing officers’ day-to-day duties?
Sometimes you don’t want a critically acclaimed show or Oscar-worthy movie, but rather something funny like a cheesy rom-com or a bit of classic stand-up. We discuss two Bo Burnham comedy specials that are now streaming on Netflix.
From sugary lattes to grocery staples like yogurt and bread, sugar still seems to be lurking everywhere. Even with greater awareness, it can still be hard to avoid the cookies and cake if you’re craving something sweet. Viewpoints speaks with baking blogger, Elif Yamangil and cookbook author, Jennifer Tyler Lee about the importance of limiting sugar in your diet and how to do so while still indulging in some healthier sweets.
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