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Sit down with Viewpoints each week as we report on social issues, the environment, history, food – you name it. What’s it like to give birth in prison? Could the plague resurface with climate change? How has politics been permanently reshaped by the Trump era? Candid stories on topics you should know, plus Culture Crash – a three-minute recap on a timely topic in media to keep you up-to-date on all things music, TV and film.

Hosted by Marty Peterson, Gary Price, Evan Rook and produced by Amirah Zaveri. New shows posted each Sunday by 5 a.m. EST. Subscribe and listen, and find out more info at Also, follow us on Twitter & Instagram at ViewpointsRadio.
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Before the pandemic there weren’t so many concerts, theatre performances and other arts available to watch from your living room TV. While the last eleven months have been tough on the industry, it’s allowed more people to gain access to shows that they otherwise couldn’t afford or travel to. Take Hamilton for instance. We discuss some of our favorite picks available to stream now.
Over the last two decades, Arctic melt has increased by about 60 percent. It’s estimated that if all of the glaciers and ice caps were to disappear into the ocean, sea level would rise by 230 feet, wiping out all of the coastal cities and town around the globe. Journalist and author, Andrea Pitzer shares the history of Arctic exploration and how the landscape has changed over time – but not for the better.
Congested roads. Crumbling parking lots. Vacant strip malls. These are some of the challenges that suburbs across the country are facing today. What to do with the vacant retail and office space? How do you make people less dependent on cars and more active? Architect June Williamson is a proponent of mixed-use developments that create more efficient suburbia. This vision creates a 15-minute suburb where basic amenities and activities are walkable, and spaces bring people together rather than dividing them with large, empty lawns, lots and physical structures.
In the early 1900’s, the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma was commonly referred to as the ‘Black Wall Street’. It was a predominantly African American town that was booming due to the nearby discovery of oil. It was a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family – but that all changed on May 31, 1921. In a matter of hours, the town was burnt to ashes and its estimated that up to 300 people were murdered. Historian Scott Ellsworth tells the largely untold story of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.
A Newsfeed Overload

A Newsfeed Overload


How often do you skim a headline and feel like that’s all you need to know? Or gather your daily news from a Twitter or Facebook feed? Economist & journalist Tim Harford joins Viewpoints this week to share the impacts of sensationalized or one-sided information and how we can all become more inquisitive consumers of content.
We discuss the new Hulu release, Framing Britney Spears, which follows Spears’ rise to pop stardom, the ups and downs of her life in the spotlight and the controversial conversatorship that she’s reportedly been under since 2008.
As some schools return back to in-person learning, we take a look at a few of the ways teaching has changed this year, including new safety precautions and the use of continued e-learning technology. Kelly Rigg is an eighth-grade teacher in Ephrata, Pennsylvania and shares what’s it’s been like to be back teaching in the classroom full-time during a pandemic.
The Path To Europa

The Path To Europa


The Jupiter moon, Europa is 390 million miles away from Earth. In 2025, the NASA Europa Clipper mission launches and is estimated to arrive in Jupiter’s orbit by 2031. Why Europa? Underneath its radiated surface, the icy moon is believed to host a vast ocean similar to Earth’s that has ample conditions for complex life. Author David W. Brown joins Viewpoints this week to shed some light on the Jovian moon and some of the challenges that came with the lengthy approval of this deep space mission.
Sometimes a tense, high stakes show isn’t the relaxing break we all need. We discuss our favorite lighthearted, easy-to-consume series that are entertaining and great to watch time and time again.
Today, the field of forensic science is one of the most important tools that investigators have in cracking a case. From forensic geology to DNA and ballistics analysis, analyzing the science behind each crime is crucial. To better understand the field, we go back to the twentieth century to shed a light on Edward Oscar Heinrich – an innovative man who made many contributions to early forensic science in the U.S.
Each year, thousands of troubled young adults are sent to long-term, in-patient behavioral centers that are seen as the last resort. Their parents often sign off on this treatment because they believe that this ‘tough love’ route is the only answer to turning things around. Journalist and author, Kenneth R. Rosen joins Viewpoints this week to share his own adolescent experience at three of these centers and the long-term damage this type of treatment can wreak on young minds.
HBO’s new release, Tiger chronicles the ups and downs of Tiger Wood’s golf career and personal life. We discuss if the new documentary is overhyped or worth the watch.
The field of attribution science studies extreme weather events in order to uncover what role man-made climate change plays in the severity or likelihood of each disaster. We speak to renowned climatologist Dr. Friederike Otto to better understand the reasonings behind attribution science and the implications this research has on science, global politics and climate litigation.
Between the internet, radio, podcasts and books, there’s a wide breadth of information out there on how to get your finances in order. But sometimes the mixed advice and confusing explanations can lead to complete inaction. This week, we speak to a personal finance expert about the starting key steps you can take to build your financial future and prepare for any unforeseen emergencies.
Today’s superhero storylines can sometimes feel a bit too involved if you’re looking for something more laid-back to watch. We rewind back to the 90’s to offer a few entertaining selections that don’t require much backstory and are available to stream now.
The world of youth sports can be incredibly stressful. Long practices, hefty investments and increasingly selective teams can add up to parents pushing their kids to the brink. We speak with Rich Cohen, a hockey dad, about the modern pressures of the competitive sport and why some parents end up caring more about the sport than their own kid does.
It’s been ten months since many schools across the nation shifted to online learning. Students, parents and everyone working within education have braved the many challenges of learning within a pandemic. With vaccine distribution underway, many within the field are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and the eventual return to classrooms hopefully later this year. We speak with two education experts about the changes happening in the field as technology plays a bigger role.
When scrolling through streaming sites like Netflix, Disney+ Amazon Prime or Hulu, the number of movies and shows can feel endless. But, how many of these originals are really worth the watch? Shouldn’t the focus be more on quality rather than quantity?
We know so much about the men of the Civil War, but the courageous women of this time and their contributions are seldom shown in history books. Historian Karen Abbott decided to change that. She tells the story of several women who helped their respective sides during the Civil War. These women were not just nurses and aides, but endearing female soldiers and spies disguised and embedded in the fight.
While many small, neighborhood stores are fighting to keep their doors open, e-commerce giants like Amazon are seeing staggering growth. In fact, 2020 was the most successful year-to-date for the company. The pandemic has forced millions to buy more items online or through curbside pick-up. So, how has this shift in shopping habits changed the retail game for good? Business journalist Lawrence Ingrassia joins Viewpoints this week to break down the evolving e-commerce landscape.
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